After reopening the escape game Chapter 50

Black smoke blocked the sight of the villagers. Xiong Ji’s arrow destroyed the array that trapped mule.

“We’ll destroy the array. Be careful.”

Mule stuffed a pamphlet into Ruan Qiao’s hand, stepped back a few steps, and the whole person suddenly disappeared into the smoke.

Ruan Qiao hid the booklet, and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of a black shadow on the ground flying under the eaves. It was probably mule’s power.

It’s best for him to escape successfully. Although Shen Qian did something for Ruan Qiao, she can still feel an invisible pressure in the whole village, and this pressure is slowly increasing, which makes her feel a little palpitating.

In contrast, Mu Rou and others did not seem to be affected.

This big array was made by the Shen family. Naturally, they will choose a kind of array that is not aimed at water ghosts but only has a strong effect on zombies.

Ruan Qiao lost Mu Le’s grip and was not bound by the yellow line. He staggered back a few steps, his face turned white, and his white skin gradually became cold.

Shen junmu caught her and felt the sharp drop in the body temperature of the petite person in his arms. His face changed slightly and soon returned to normal: “are you okay?”

Ruan Qiao pressed down his discomfort and didn’t answer. Since the bracelet broke away from her body, the pressure of the big array became more and more powerful.

But if mule wants to destroy the array, he must approach the more powerful array eye. They need this thing more than she does.

Shen Qian gave her the bracelet so that she wouldn’t be easily hurt by the big array. Now, although Ruan Qiao gave something to mule, Shen Qian would not watch her die. He would certainly think of other ways.

Village head Xiong opened master Mu and Shen Qian: “what else do you fight? Everyone has run away!”

Shen Qian’s face was rarely angry: “muwangcai, you are deliberately shielding!”

Master Mu wiped the dust on his face: “rice can be eaten indiscriminately, words can’t be spoken indiscriminately.”

Village head Xiong was also worried: “let go of the zombies. What if they come back to eat people! Master mu, you’re wrong!”

Master Mu glared at him: “it’s your daughter who fired the arrow! Why don’t you catch her? If you catch someone, can you do it?”

Village head Xiong hesitated and said, “who knows she’s not my daughter? If she becomes a zombie who eats people without blinking, it’s better to kill her! Master mu, don’t be soft at that time!”

Master Mu snorted coldly and was not talking.

Village head Xiong asked again, “what should I do now? People have run away…”

Shen Qian looked at Ruan Qiao and said, “what can you do? There’s a big array. They’re just throwing themselves into the net when they come back. What’s your panic?”

Master Mu shouted, “I’m tired! You’re tossing this old bone away. If you need anything, go to old dog Shen!”

After the two tore their faces, master Mu simply broke the cans. No matter what Shen Qian and the villagers said, he just covered his ears and left.

Shen Qian wants to marry Ruan Qiao for Shen junmu today. Mu Rou originally didn’t agree, but Shen Qian privately promised to have a strong prop with her in order to appease her.

Mu Rou is not a person who wants to lose face. Although she feels she has some color in this copy, she agrees to the terms set out by Shen Qian.

As long as mule and Xiong Ji appear, not only their players, but also the villagers have to deal with them. The only tricky thing is soft. When she gets the props, she’s looking for a chance to get rid of soft.

So she just stood by and was surprisingly honest.

Other villagers have also dispersed. Mu Rou asks CHEN Si to hunt down mule and Xiong Ji. Only the Shen family and Ruan Qiao are left along the way.

Shen junmu followed Shen Qian and was silent.

Shen Qian regained his former calm: “if you have no opinion, let’s get married tonight. The family is ready.”

He looked at Ruan Qiao and said, “you should know your identity. Even if you have any opinions, it’s useless. If you don’t marry Xiaomu, I’ll disclose your identity.”

At that time, it will be a death.

Only when the two of them get married and cover up with Shen’s means can they keep mu’er.

Otherwise, it will be a bad thing named Mu sooner or later.

Ruan Qiao is not afraid of Shen Qian’s threat, but at present, the battle array has not been broken, and Su Xi has not returned. There is no need for her to conflict with the Shen family alone.

What’s more, she has to find out the secrets of the Shen family by herself.

What does the mysterious family in this remote village do for a living.

She looked at Shen junmu and thought she had a bad relationship with him.

Seeing that Ruan Qiao didn’t refuse, Shen qiancai nodded with satisfaction: “you two get ready. Time is tight. Xiao Ruan, you’ll go back with us now. You won’t go from the Ruan family to greet the wedding. You can start directly from the Shen family and go around the village.”

[calm down] married so soon??

[bullet screen relies on milk tea to continue life] if wonton doesn’t come back, his daughter-in-law will be abducted and run away

[bullet screen roll powder] ah, the daughter-in-law is getting married. The groom is not a cub!

Shen Qian gave Ruan Qiao a black jade pendant: “it’s very generous of you to give the jade bracelet to others.”

Ruan Qiao was not polite. He took the jade pendant and put it in the backpack space. He felt that the pressure on his body was reduced a lot.

The effect is not as good as the previous jade bracelet, but it is better than nothing.


It was dark and the village was quiet again.

The news of the Shen family’s rush to get married soon spread. At that time, red packets and firecrackers will be lit on the road. Every family has opened their doors and moved stools at the intersection, waiting for the local tyrant to spread money.

As soon as Su Xi, who had just bombed the reservoir, approached the village, he felt a huge repulsive force.

But without much hesitation, he went on.

From the North came a Taoist robe boy and a short haired girl. After seeing Su Xi, Mu Le’s eyes lit up and rushed directly over: “Brother Yun, you’re back!”

Su Xi looked at the two people for a few turns before he said faintly, “just you two?”

Mule: “why, look down on us?”

Xiong Ji stepped back: “please don’t connect me with him, thank you.”

Xiong Ji simply told Su Xi about the matter.

But from the beginning, I heard that the two people left first to destroy the battle array and then ended. Su Xi’s face didn’t get better, but it became more and more cloudy.

Xiong Ji:?? She made everything very clear. What’s the matter with the expression that wonton didn’t hear what she wanted?

Mule: “brother, what do you want to know?”

Su Xi’s voice was indifferent: “nothing.”

Then he added, “what about her?”

Mule frowned: “who?”

Su Xi’s thin lips moved slightly and his eyes were faint: “that little cotton.”

Xiong Ji was surprised: “now you can’t remember your teammate’s ID? Her name is ruanmianmian…”

Su Xi: ”

Su Xi: “it all means the same.”

Mule hesitated and said, “I don’t know. I think the Shen family should protect her. She told me before that Shen Qian wanted her to marry the Shen family.”

Xiong Ji also asked him, “mule and I can destroy the array. Do you want to see soft?”

Su Xi’s eyes fell on the sky outside the village, and his voice was agitated: “no, destroy the big array first.”

Mule said “Oh” and looked at Su Xi suspiciously. The three talents continued to look at the array.

The large array envelops the whole village. The array eyes are divided into four parts: Southeast and northwest. The one in the north is the most powerful. What they have to do is to destroy the array eyes one by one in the other three directions.

The East eye.

Mule pulled the hole in his clothes: “Brother Yun, I asked you to attack the array eye. If I didn’t hide fast, would you open a hole in my stomach?”

Su Xi: “hand sliding.”

Mule: ”

In three minutes.

Xiong Ji raised his hand silently: “cloud God, don’t you let us go? I also want to live a little longer. Why don’t you help soft Mian first?”

Su Xi pinched his white fingertips and made a sound of bone friction: “then I’ll try my best to see her.”

At the same time, they were relieved: “please, please, go all the way southeast. The most luxurious house is…”

Before the words were finished, people had no shadow.


“The child of the Shen family is really a talent!”

“That’s not true. If Xiao Ruan can marry her, he doesn’t know how lucky he has saved his life!”

Aunt Chen came out with a stool and joined the middle-aged women’s group: “I’ll tell you. The girl brought back by Xiao Shen can’t do it at first sight. It’s the most suitable person in our village. The city people are black hearted! Xiao Ruan and Xiao Shen stand together. Oh, that’s a natural couple! I can’t miss the wedding tonight!”

“You don’t want to miss the big red envelope of the Shen family, ha ha!”

As soon as the voice fell, Aunt Chen felt a cold look on her side.

She turned her head and saw a fierce young man staring at herself.

When Su Xi stared at the group chat group, it was like instantly opening the forbidden speech mode of all members.

“Xiao, Xiao Yun, why are you here…” although Aunt Chen heard about zombies, no one said whether Xiao Yun was right or not. She was not sure for a moment.

Su Xi’s expression was indifferent and his voice had no temperature: “go to the wedding banquet tonight?”

Aunt Chen remembered that Xiao Yun had a good time with Xiao Ruan since childhood. This time, Xiao Ruan saved Xiao Yun from the ancestral hall. She was emotionally rich. She didn’t know what the situation was now, but she didn’t want the disaster star to stand at her door. Bad luck!

Aunt Chen coughed and said directly, “yes, yes, the bride is already in the Shen family now. The sedan chair comes out of their house and goes around the village. The wedding banquet of the Shen family is in the evening…”

“If you want to find Xiao Ruan, you have to hurry up!”

Su Xi smiled lightly. The black fog at the bottom of his eyes was thicker, and he was full of terrible danger.

“Shen family?” He turned. “I’ll see what you want.”

Until Su Xi’s tall and thin figure disappeared, Aunt Chen was relieved: “today’s young people, eating vinegar is almost suffocating me.”


As soon as she got back to Shen’s house, Ruan Qiao separated from Shen junmu. Zhang’s mother led several servants to bathe, change clothes, make-up, and toss her for most of the day.

Everything was ready, the wedding clothes were changed, and the group of talents went out.

At the same time, Su Xi also sneaked into the Shen family.

When Ruan Qiao was changing clothes, Su Xi looked in the yard. He found that the rooms in the backyard were strange. Most of the doors and windows were nailed. He pried open the door lock of a room without a wooden door. Su Xi went in.


The inner room on the other side.

Ruan Qiao took off the cover, pushed the door quietly and went out.

Others are busy in the front yard and the bride is in the backyard, so Shen Qian doesn’t allow others to disturb. It’s just convenient for Ruan Qiao to move.

She had been here once before. Except for a few rooms, the doors of other rooms were nailed with boards.

She broke a corner of one of the windows and looked inside.

[unknown bullet screen digital gentleman] these rooms are terrible

[bullet screen Nana Xing] this angle is frightening

[bullet screen cheese is plain strength] I’m afraid something will pop out suddenly

Through the broken wood, Ruan Qiao scanned the room.

The light was very dark and it was dark inside. Fortunately, as a shooter, Ruan Qiao had excellent eyesight. After adapting to the darkness, he could vaguely see some tables and chairs inside.

And rows of shadows.

She looked carefully and found that it was all standing people.

The people inside are motionless, and the clothes on them are not like modern times. On the contrary, there are several styles like the late Qing Dynasty

[super cute ice falling with bullet screen] the sleeping slot is terrible

[barrage kindergarten] are these all the rooms in the Shen family’s backyard

[barrage again and again] ah, ah, barrage protection!!


Ruan Qiao heard the shaking sound of the door panel on his side and turned to look. It turned out that it was from the door of a room nearby that had not been sealed.

A big lock had been hung on the door, but now it fell to the ground. The door of the room was not closed tightly, and it would make a sound when the wind blew.

At the moment she pushed the door into the room, the people in the room quickly hid in the only place in the room where they could hide.

Ruan Qiao came in.

The windows of this room are not nailed, so they are not as dark as those next to them. The furnishings of the whole house are very normal. Many wedding utensils are thrown around. In the middle of the house, there is a gorgeous and beautiful sedan chair with fiery red sedan body, exquisite dragon and Phoenix embroidery, and the red ears under the sedan chair shake slightly.

On the right wall is a bookshelf on which various ancient books are placed.

Ruan Qiao walked over, looked for the least dusty place on the bookshelf, and took out a yellow paper handwritten book.

Are the characters written in traditional Chinese or vertical.

Ruan Qiao looked and found that the handwritten book seemed to be the record of an ancestor of the Shen family.

The previous pages record the secret of the Shen family’s continuous prosperity and wealth.

Raise a corpse to continue life.

They use the unique geological magnetic field and materials of ultra remote villages to raise corpses for those dignitaries.

Some relatives die and want to keep each other forever. Some need to raise corpses for transportation, just as the Shen family did. Others need to be used for curiosity and fun as entertainment

In short, with this skill, the Shen family gradually became the richest family in the region.

Ultra remote village is the easiest place to raise living corpses, so they have never left here for thousands of years.

[system] the plot task has been updated!

[plot task] find out the secret of Shen family (1 / 1)

[the mysterious veil of the ultra remote village is gradually unraveling. All the mysteries are coming to an end. There is only one last doubt left in your heart, that is… Who was the ungrateful man who killed Xiaoyun’s mother in those years.]

[plot task] find Xiao Yun’s biological father (0 / 1)

Ruan Qiao continued to turn back, almost some records and events of raising corpses.

In the notes, you can also find the records of the black jade pendant and bracelet, together with the small golden cake given to her by song he, which was found by the ancestors of the Shen family from a mysterious underground tomb.

In particular, the golden cake seems to have a rare luck. As long as the golden cake is there, the luck of the Shen family will be prosperous.

Because song he stole the golden cake, the only son of the Shen family not only received the Bento, but also the Shen family has been restrained by master mu.

As early as more than 20 years ago, master Mu and other Taoists discovered the secret of the Shen family. The Taoists stopped after Shen Qian repeatedly promised not to touch these magic tricks, destroyed all the bodies and donated nearly half of the Shen family’s property to charity.

But looking at these things in the Shen family’s backyard, I’m afraid the “destruction” in those years was just a cover up.

The gold cake was engraved with small and dense words. Before Ruan Qiao could see it, he heard mother Zhang’s voice outside the door.

“Girl, are you in there?”

She still held the note in her hand. Looking around, there was only a flower sedan chair where she could hide. At the next moment, before Zhang Ma pushed the door open, she took the note and entered the flower sedan.

When she got time, she put the book into the backpack space. She took a few steps inside with her skirt in hand. Ruan Qiao suddenly looked up.

This look, is facing a pair of familiar and dark eyes.

[the barrage of bullets is like wood] ah, ah, my cloud is finally back!!

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] I thought it would be snatched from the road, but I was caught off guard

[bullet screen small money what cute ghost] what a surprise

Mother Zhang pushed the door in and asked outside the sedan chair, “girl, are you here?”

Ruan Qiao made a shush at Su Xi and replied, “I’m in the sedan chair.”

“You went in yourself?” Mother Zhang smiled, followed by the sound of footsteps. It seemed that someone was around the whole sedan.

The sedan chair was suddenly lifted up. Ruan Qiao, bent over and carrying a red wedding dress, suddenly lost his center of gravity, fell forward and knocked down a hard and wide chest.

“The girl is ready to go out.” Mother Zhang’s voice sounded again.

But in the sedan chair is another picture.

Ruan Qiao put one hand on Su Xi and instinctively wrapped his neck with the other. After stabilizing his body, he looked up at him.

The girl’s little palm is soft. Although her skin is pale and cold, it has an eye-catching frost color. The touch from the hard chest was real and dreamy. In front of him was her breath, which made his eyes sink into an impenetrable darkness.

The faint light shone in through the red girl, and the light turned into a red color. With her red wedding dress and the fiery radian between her lips, it was very beautiful.

Below the curly eyelashes are a pair of autumn eyes. The startled ripples have just swung open, leaving only a layer of mist with sunset glow.

Su Xi subconsciously took people into her arms when she fell.

He is very tall and has a big skeleton. The girl sits on his slender legs, and he can completely trap her in his arms with a gentle hug.

Ruan Qiao looked up and saw the light red light draw a dreamy red edge on his firm and good-looking face, and her slightly surprised face reflected in her cold eyebrows.

His hand rested on her waist.

Ruan Qiao’s waist is very thin. She just needs to hold it gently. The soft wedding dress covers him. She is like a broken wicker, but sometimes she is so strong that it hurts.

Ruan Qiao looked at him.

Like that night’s dream.

In a trance, I even felt that the person in front of me was dressed in red and looked like white jade.

She heard her heartbeat again.

Bang, bang, bang.


Obviously, both of them were cold and pale, but she felt her breath burning in the narrow sedan chair.

[bullet screen cloud merchant] this ambiguous light!!

[bullet screen habitat] what kind of fairy looks are they

[bullet screen roll powder] give it to me! Lock it! Die!


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