After reopening the escape game Chapter 51

The sedan went out of the backyard and passed through the front door. The sound outside became lively.

“Is there anything I can do for you, miss?” Zhang’s mother asked outside.

Seeing that she wanted to lift the curtain, Ruan Qiao hurriedly said, “no, let’s go first.”

Zhang Ma gave a cry, let the firecrackers in front open the way, and shouted, “young master, you get on the horse.”

Ruan Qiao wanted to stand up. The sedan chair had just passed through the door of the Shen family, but the sedan chair man behind him had an accident, and the whole sedan chair fell back.

The sedan was bumpy. Ruan Qiao had already loosened her hand holding Su Xi’s neck. There was not much space in the sedan. The two people were very close. She suddenly fell back again.

The cold lips fell on Su Xi’s side face, and Ruan Qiao quickly turned his head. It was only the touch between his cheeks.

He was still sitting there, dark, but his pupils widened slightly.

Like a dragonfly skimming the water and birds skimming.

Her lips gently brushed his cheek, and the residual touch remained for a long time.

For a moment, the sound of firecrackers set off outside was thundering, but it seemed to come from far away, far away from them.

Noisy voices, crackling firecrackers.

The light in the sedan chair fell on the body like an exciting thin red fog.

Ruan Qiao’s Xia Phi was like fire, which set off her palm sized little face, which was particularly pitiful.

The copper fire under the seat was burning charcoal, and the delicate velvet fragrance lingered on their sides.

The light and shadow of his side face is clear, the bridge of his nose is high, and his thin lips are as good as ever.

Soon, he sipped again as if he was aware of something.

Inside and outside the car, there are like two worlds.

The body returned to his arms. Ruan Qiao’s jaw rested on Su Xi’s shoulder, and the whole man fell into the arms of the young man again.

The two even stick together.

There was slight surprise and amazement in her eyes. Su Xi blocked her. She didn’t bump into other places just now. She even thought he… Was very comfortable to hold up?

His body suddenly became stiff.

The originally pleasant voice also dyed a low dumb color: “you, don’t you want to get up?”

The voice was dumb, and the last voice rose slightly, as if trying to restrain something.

It was in her ear, very close, as if it had been said close to her heart.

[bullet screen roll powder] my God, this kind of dumb voice is very good!! ears are pregnant!!

[barrage wants to suck cats today] screenshot! Screenshot!

[bullet screen Yin Huan] ah, ah, rounding is kissing!

[barrage again] wonton is crazy to make candy as soon as he comes back!! please keep this speed!

Ruan Qiao listened to his voice and thought.

Wonton was fierce, like a hedgehog, but when I really approached him, I found that the thorns and stabs on his side were all false things.

“Lift the sedan chair well! Disturb the girl. There will be no reward at that time!” Zhang’s mother yelled outside.

“Yes, my shoulder is not very good these days…”

“I might as well invite someone else.”

The sedan bearer muttered, “I didn’t know the bride was so heavy…”

Seeing that the sedan chair gradually stabilized, Ruan Qiao carefully stood up again. Although the seat was narrow, Su Xi moved aside, and the two could barely squeeze.

She turned her head, gently touched her lips, quickly put down her hands and sat down. After a while, she looked up at his beautiful side face, but suddenly burst into laughter.

Su Xi turned his head slightly, his thick eyelashes trembled suspiciously, and his voice was still low: “what are you laughing at?”

Ruan Qiao suddenly reached out to wipe his face.

Su Xi used to hide conditionally on the other side, but the space was narrow. He had no place to retreat. He could only let Ruan qiaosu’s thin finger belly wipe his cheek.

His face was pale, his skin was cold, and her body temperature was no better. The two places were soft and touched each other. There was no excessive temperature feeling, but his cheeks itched.

Su Xi is very tall even if she sits. She can only raise her hand if she wants to wipe his face.

The plain white arm is exposed from the broad and gorgeous purplish red wedding sleeve, like a section of delicate and moist white jade. It is small and thin, which makes people unable to move their eyes.

She held back a smile: “rouge is on her face.”

The red on the white face is very cute.

[bullet screen peach blossom crispy] it’s lovely for two people to sit in a sedan chair!!

[bullet screen likes to write comments] I’m going to faint!!

[barrage Lin’an] would you please carry the sedan chair directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau!!

Su Xi’s eyelashes hang down to cover the emotional changes in her eyes.

He suddenly asked her, “why did you promise to get married?”

Ruan Qiao thought he wouldn’t care about these unimportant things, but since he asked, she honestly replied: “it’s just a matter of delaying time. As long as the big array is destroyed, their water ghost side has no support from the reservoir and can’t consume us. Your corpse degree is the highest, and the big array has a serious suppression on you.”

Su Xi didn’t have any props to protect herself. She had been awake from the beginning. When she wiped his face just now, she felt that Su Xi’s skin temperature was very cold, and even his lip color revealed weak pallor.

Ruan Qiao has felt the pressure of the big array. Although Su Xi didn’t say anything, he is under great pressure all the time.

Su Xi resumed his indifferent look, and his thin eyelids fell down to cover his dark eyes: “OK.”

Ruan Qiao chased after the victory: “this book has been playing for so long, and we have super fate. We have lined up several books together. Let’s be friends?”

“Friends?” The corners of his mouth rose slightly, but it seemed to contain ridicule.

Su Xi’s answer was not friendly at all. His low voice even took some imperceptible displeasure: “I don’t need friends.”

Ruan Qiao heard his unkind answer. He was used to wonton’s speaking attitude and didn’t care much. There was no wonton cute and gentle, and he always had a straight face.

But now I don’t know why. Hearing what he said, she was inexplicably gloomy. She turned her head and stopped talking.

Fingers slightly curled up, grabbed the wide sleeves and pulled them around.

What he said just now was just a reflective answer. Seeing the little girl turn her head and look down at her red dress, his intuition made him want to say something to explain.

But the thin lips moved and didn’t say anything after all.

Without expectation, there will be no attachment. When leaving, there will be no pain.

Will not be abandoned once.

It’s good to be alone.

——His firm heart, which had been thinking like this, suddenly wavered when he looked at the girl’s side face with her head down and light red light.

Drooping his eyes to cover up his irritability, Su Xi turned his head and stared at the mottled car curtain.

Isn’t that enough?

[bullet screen cheese on vegetable power] wonton: what I need is not a friend, but a daughter-in-law

[barrage falls northward] hahaha, you need a daughter-in-law’s brother. He’s a talent

[bullet screen flower drunk guest] die proud and charming, just keep talking hard

[bullet screen habitat] is today’s super fierce duplicity again

[barrage Lin’an] if it was Tian Tian, she would have won it now!!

Neither of them spoke.

The flower sedan went out of the door of the Shen family. It was noisy all the way. The villagers were very happy to know that the zombies were removed. Although there are still two missing fish, under the protection of the big array, they are just remnant parties.

As long as those zombies appear, there are many of them, and they won’t be afraid of the dead. Just kill one at a time.

The Shen family sprinkles money all the way. No, it’s red envelopes. Plus, the young master of the Shen family can cheer for the village when he gets married. Naturally, they are all loved.

Many villagers followed the procession, waiting to go to Shen’s house for wedding wine.

It didn’t take much time to walk around the village and soon returned to the door of Shen’s house.

The ground is full of firecrackers and broken paper. If you have money, you have labor. The Shen family has long arranged a festive scene.

Shen Qian stood at the door and watched almost all the people in the village come.

Shen junmu rode a tall horse, dressed in beautiful clothes and as warm as jade. He got off his horse at the door and turned to the sedan.

“What a beautiful couple!” The eyes of the onlookers also showed envy.

“Xiao Shen looks really good in this dress. If my daughter were older, I would have kissed her!”

“With your daughter’s appearance, the Shen family can’t see it. Save it!”

There was a lot of noise at the door of the Shen family. Almost the whole village came. There were red envelopes at the wedding banquet. Naturally, everyone in the village called people with their families and grabbed more red envelopes with more hands!

Shen junmu’s pretty face was a little nervous.

What does his Joe look like in his wedding dress?

He was very curious. He remembered that beautiful face, and the smile on the corners of his mouth was deeper.

Shen junmu always felt that Ruan Qiao, who met in the copy of [isolation area], was very different from her when she was peaceful. She was a lot lively and liked to laugh a lot.

No matter what kind of girl she is, whether she is cold or charming, with a phoenix crown and gorgeous red makeup, she must be the best looking girl.

But he didn’t see her for a while. He even felt that he wanted to smile at her.

Imagine her Fengxia in the body, imagine her smiling, imagine her walking behind and kicking stones with her head down.

All these shadows coincided with the cold bow girl in his memory and became more vivid.

The bony fingers lifted the car curtain embroidered with Danfeng Chaoyang, and Shen junmu gently called her: “Joe…”

Before he finished, he saw a black windbreaker in the flower sedan. His face was almost transparent, but his eyes were cold and gloomy. Su Xi stared at himself coldly.

The young man’s eyes were like a knife made of solid ice, which stabbed Shen junmu hard.

The atmosphere was once very embarrassing.

Shen junmu: “?”

[barrage learning kindergarten] ha ha, ha ha, the sun is stupid

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] Xiao Shen: why is there a big brother inside

[bullet screen fish Dan salt] ha ha ha ha ha, this embarrassing situation is killing me

Then a black shadow flew out of the flower sedan.

Shen junmu retreated quickly and pulled out the whip haunted by electric flowers in an instant. With one hand, the whip and metal black feather made a clanging collision sound.

Feiyu was beaten away, and his hand holding the whip was numb.

At the next moment, Su Xi rushed out of the sedan chair with a black metal feather in his left hand and a girl in a wedding dress in his right hand.

The warm clothes and skirts like sunset rose in the air, and the dark hair intersected with the fiery wedding dress.

And he looked coldly at the whole village in front of her.

Shen junmu’s eyes fell on Ruan Qiao. Seeing that she had nothing to do, he gritted his teeth and asked, “do you want to steal a marriage?”

Su Xi tilted his head slightly and clenched the palm of the girl behind him. His voice was faint: “so what?”


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