After reopening the escape game Chapter 52

As soon as the voice fell, Shen junmu’s whip flew over.

There was a slight sound of electric sparks in the air. Black metal feathers suddenly condensed in front of Su Xi and attacked Shen junmu in groups.

Ruan Qiao was blocked behind by Su Xi. He wanted to take out his hand, but he found that he held it tightly.

The young man’s serious side face has a firm outline, and his eyebrows and eyes are still cold, but they look good and can’t be moved.

Ruan Qiao looked up at him.

[bullet screen peach blossom crispy] kiss! Kiss! Make trouble! Make trouble!

[bullet screen Hanshan] ah, ah, ah, it’s so handsome to protect the bride in front of the sedan chair and rob the bride. I’m so fierce!

[bullet screen big white rabbit sesame candy] it is definitely one of the top ten scenes of the year in the isolation area

[barrage blue Yi]!! you look so fierce and serious that you are the only one in your eyes!!

The audience in the live broadcasting room was crying, and then Ruan Qiao whispered.

“It was originally a copy of the rural strange talk style. Now the painting style has become fantastic.”

She also had a mind to think of it: “the villagers around make complaints about the two supernatural way of fighting.

[bullet screen Dai Xuan] tactical blindness

[bullet screen Yuntong] selective blindness HHH

[bullet screen tree spoon] the painting style is really fantastic

[bullet screen dimensional storm pill] that’s enough. Ha ha, ha Lao Mu is still fighting badly

Under the influence of the system, the villagers around did not feel strange about the weapons in their hands. Instead, they gathered together and whispered. Their faces were no longer filled with the joy of robbing red envelopes, but put on an expression of doubt and fear.

After Ruan Qiao got mule’s book, he took the opportunity to see the contents of the forbidden art in the back.

There are not many forbidden techniques recorded. The reservoir in Yishi town is a kind of reservoir. Most of them bind the corpses under the buildings with a special Dharma array. The sacrificed dead often become the land bound spirit, but Xiaoyun’s mother is underwater by the Shen family’s unique method, which is different from the general land bound spirit, and finally becomes a water ghost.

Su Xi destroyed the Dharma array of the reservoir and buried the corpse, which greatly weakened the power of the water ghost side.

In addition, Ruan Qiao also saw the records of Yin marriage.

In the Song Dynasty, Yin marriage had been popular for a while. If an unmarried man or woman dies, the parents will invite a ghost matchmaker to intercede, make a dark suit, and bury the man and woman together after the wedding ceremony. Since the beginning, the ancestors of the Shen family have been in frequent contact with the corpses. Through the Yin marriage ceremony, they gather vitality, continue the appearance of the corpses, and continue the Qi luck of the Shen family.

The day-to-day wedding banquet only fooled the villagers. When Ruan Qiao searched the room, he saw several boxes with paper clothes and jewelry. Only at night will the real Yin marriage ceremony begin.

Anyway, she refused to let her get married in the middle of the night in her wedding clothes and complete the wedding ceremony in the coffin.

Su Xi’s behavior undoubtedly touched the bottom line of the Shen family. Shen Qian stood at the door with a black mist on his face: “Xiao Ruan, you can think clearly.”

Although his voice was calm, it was chilling, like the sea before the storm, which could set off startling waves at any time.

This is Shen Qian’s ability. When he converges his temperament, he can have no edge. Once he gets angry, he can exude the pressure of suppressing the whole audience.

It seems that only Su Xi can stand against the pressure.

He stood in front of Ruan Qiao, his slim windbreaker swinging slightly, and his fiery red wedding dress behind him was black and red.

Shen Qian took out a bell from his sleeve, Soft channel: “The whole array was set up by me and the one surnamed mu. The old fox ran away, but it was still the most dangerous trapped corpse array. Even if you have a jade pendant, you can’t carry it, let alone the person next to you. Think clearly. Whether it’s for yourself or the people around you, it’s the best choice to marry into the Shen family. You’re still young. Think about your mother. She’ll come right away.”

Shen Qian continued; “Impulse will only harm yourself. Don’t you want to live?”

Su Xi unconsciously tightened her palm and looked at her.

The girl’s wedding dress is like fire, with a weak pallor on her palm big face, the gorgeous Rouge between her lips is as hot as sunset, the crescent eyebrow, apricot eyes are bright, and the waterfall like long hair is soft and delicate. It is spread on the exquisite gold thread embroidery of the wedding dress.

Ruan Qiao looked at him with no fear in his eyes: “of course I want to live. It’s really not easy to survive, but I’ll get what I want, not by marrying another man.”

[a fish in the barrage] ah, how handsome!

[barrage Jiang Yungui] my Mian Qi field is 2.8 meters!

[bullet screen Yuntong] although, you usually look like an old man, okay, hahaha

The black fog in Shen Qian’s eyes dispersed, with some regret and relief: “overestimate.”

He turned around and announced their zombie identity to the villagers.

There was an uproar.

Shen Qian turned his head and wanted to see the expression of panic or regret on Ruan Qiao’s face, and then he saw

Ruan Qiao yawned.

Su Xi looked around at the crowd and his eyes finally fell on Shen junmu: “do you come first or do you go together?”

Shen junmu answered him with the whip in his hand.

Shen Qian is not a person who has a nose in a bull’s corner. There is nothing he wants to do that is unsuccessful. Obviously, when he meets the girl in front of him, he turns over the car again and again. But since she wants to give up, let her know the consequences of refusing him.

He was not afraid of Ruan Qiao’s revenge and said that his son was not a living person. Over the years, he had established a strong prestige in the ultra remote village, and even many people had received benefits and money from the Shen family. Whether it was prestige or to get more money from the Shen family in the future, the villagers would not believe the words of a “dead man”.

Shen junmu’s attack is fast and fierce, his movement is smooth, and the black whip has great strength.

Su Xi has been attacking with black feather. He rubbed Shen junmu’s key several times, but he was hit by his protective ability.

But Ruan Qiao can also see that Shen junmu’s protective ability is getting weaker and weaker, and Heiyu is getting closer and closer to his body.

Ruan Qiao stood behind Su Xi and fought for a while. The villagers around him gathered more and more. Even many people went back to get weapons and stared at the two people in front of the sedan.

Shen Qian stood at the door, saying something. The bell rang occasionally. Ruan Qiao thought he was opening up.

Ruan Qiao: “this singing time is a little long…”

[bullet screen author’s crazy code hand] God TM singing time ha ha ha

[barrage habitat] father Shen is the best mage in the array

[bullet screen wants strawberry boo] that’s enough. I really think I’m in the fantasy copy. Ha ha ha

CHEN Si goes after mule and Xiong Ji, but mu Rou is not here, which makes Ruan Qiao care.

The present situation is against them.

Su Xi’s eyebrows frowned tightly, his face became more and more pale, his thin lips had no blood color, and his action was not as smooth as before. It was obvious that the prestige of the big array had increased.

Ruan Qiao heard a slight crack and took out the jade pendant. There were small cracks on it.

Susie was stunned by the increasing pressure, but she soon stabilized her figure.

His inhumane constitution suppressed him greatly, and almost most of the damage came from Shen Qian’s array.

Su Xi’s pale lips faintly had dark blood, which blended with her pale skin color and looked shocking. The pupils with blood light looked like the devil of hell

With a wave of his left hand, more than ten pieces of metal black feathers were condensed in an instant, arranged in a curved arc and flew straight to Shen junmu.

Black feathers cut through the air with a more fierce attack.

He turned and ran one hand around Ruan Qiao’s waist. The girl was very light and almost weightless. Surrounded by packed villagers with weapons, Su Xi took her to the air.

Ruan Qiao firmly grasped his arm: “don’t worry, I’ll hold down Newton’s coffin board.”

[bullet screen Xianyu] hahaha, is Xiuer you

[the barrage feels a little abusive] can’t hold it, can’t hold it

[bullet screen demon spirit] when can Mian Mian say what a normal sister should say? Ha ha

[bullet screen cold mountain] it’s extremely fierce. Don’t worry about flying. It’s always with you

Shen Qian looked at the two people rising from the sky, his eyes became more sharp, and his words spoke faster.

He quickly cut open his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the bell.


Ruan Qiao’s ears suddenly sounded a dull sound. A white light flashed over their heads. The dark sky was like a dirty rag, which severely pressed the whole village.

She looked up and saw Su Xi’s knife cut jaw, black blood flowing from the corners of his mouth and dripping on her fiery red wedding dress.

The next moment, the two men seemed to be hit by a huge stone mill at the same time, and fell to the ground like shells.

Su Xi moved quickly and moved himself under Ruan Qiao. They hit the ground and raised a piece of dust.

Ruan Qiao held him.

He secretly estimated Su Xi’s combat effectiveness.

The opening of the Lord state requires a lot of diamonds and experience. It is almost burning its own level. Therefore, Su Xi will not use it easily. And he has been strong enough to stick to it in a combat state.

Just like her now, the world level of this body is only level 9. In the face of the threat of the big array, even normal actions are very difficult, and she is always affected by dizziness and nausea.

What’s more, she has a jade pendant to resist.

Su Xi’s black feather also made Shen junmu suffer a lot. There was no terrible spark on the whip. His clothes were cut and ragged, and blood even seeped from several wounds, but they could not be distinguished because of the close color.

Five meters away, he knelt on one knee and gasped slightly.

On his side was a pile of twisted black metal feathers that had been hit.

Even Shen Qian’s state is not very good. Urging the array consumes his blood essence. At the moment, he can only lean on the door of the Shen family and look coldly at the people in front of the door.

More and more villagers gathered around Ruan Qiao and Su Xi. Some threw stones at them and some kept abusing them. Seeing that the two people on the ground became weak and would not continue to attack, the villagers’ actions became more and more bold.

Only when they bully the weak will they become more unscrupulous and crazy.

Because I know I won’t be hit back and hurt, and I can vent my anger and panic as much as I can.

Even sometimes, this vent is unreasonable, just driven by others.

As if he were doing something just.

Eliminate ghosts and zombies and restore peace in the village.

It’s their feather token.

The anger of being bullied, the resentment of not making money, the poverty of the family, the incompetent men beaten and scolded by their daughter-in-law, and the women who always fall behind in comparison… All joined the vent.

Just like more than ten years ago.

Su Xi raised his arm, and Ruan Qiao held him to sit on the ground. The gorgeous wedding dress was stained with stains. She could see that his movements were very difficult, and his pale fingertips trembled slightly.

Twenty three black feathers condensed out in front of the two people one after another, and the sharp side of the feathers pointed directly at the surrounding crowd.

If you look closely, you can see that these feathers are also slightly trembling.

Under the dark clouds and above the village, the dazzling white light shone again.

Wow, Lala.

All the black feathers fell to the ground.

Su Xi coughed up another piece of dark blood.

The dark red blood contrasted with his pale face, showing a weak abusive beauty.

Su Xi is madly participating in the game to improve his strength and level, as is Ruan Qiao. Only after level 30 can he be qualified to kill him. Although it requires burning level and experience to open a higher level of form, Su Xi will open the Lord state sooner or later in front of death. Now he has not started yet, which shows that he doesn’t feel he must die.

Sue fox is a thief. She doesn’t know how many cards she has hidden behind her back.

Ruan Qiao saw it thoroughly. Naturally, he was not in a hurry. Instead, the audience in the live broadcasting room had long been distressed.

[bullet screen roll powder] wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu!

[bullet screen butterfly clothes] it’s cruel to have blood on your lips, QAQ

[bullet screen Begonia] I just finished eating sugar. Is it going to be so miserable!!

“Calm down!”

A man’s voice suddenly sounded.

Ruan Qiao landed on her knees with a straight back. The soft wedding clothes poured down and scattered around her. From the air, it was like a red rose in full bloom.

She held Su Xi from behind with one hand and put the other hand in front of his knee. She turned her head and looked at the man squeezed out of the crowd.

The speaker had a dark complexion and a strong voice, with a trace of anxiety: “even if they are not living, they have not done anything to us!”

“Daniel, you can’t be fascinated by zombies! Why do you still talk to them! Have you forgotten the inexplicable disappearance of your chicken? I think these zombies stole it!” A thin man like a telegraph pole replied.

Ruan Qiao: “it’s like you didn’t steal your neighbor’s chicken when you were a child.”

The tall and thin man wanted to refute, but he was speechless and couldn’t find anything to say.

All the boys in the village are naughty. Who didn’t sneak around when he was a child and was chased and beaten by adults?

[bullet screen Luyu] haha, haha, my soft mouth gun full score

[barrage of bullets makes a forest of trees] a speechless question

[barrage Lin’an] I really stole chicken by this brother, hahaha

Daniel continued to persuade: “little Ruan, they really didn’t do anything and helped us. Since they won’t hurt us, why do we have to kill them?”

There are no tall and thin men, and there are other villagers: “zombies don’t eat people, or zombies? Daniel, if you help them talk like this, are you also zombies?”

“Yes, it must be!”

The leading man took a hoe and stepped forward: “so much nonsense? Just kill them!”

Daniel tried to stop it, but he was beaten by the crazy villagers. Daniel’s daughter-in-law Cuihua was also behind. When she saw that her man was beaten black and blue, and even hit his calf with a hoe, she rushed up to help.

But the villagers with red eyes couldn’t control so much. In the crowd, Cuihua was also pushed to the ground, covering her stomach and making a painful sound.

Ruan Qiao didn’t expect this group of people to go crazy, even the villagers who had lived together for many years were so cruel.

Is completely venting their usual gloom.

She smiled angrily. Dai Mei raised her eyebrows slightly. Her eyes were like a curved moon, but there was a dangerous smell in them.

Su Xi noticed the change in the temperament of the people around her and looked at her slightly.

The girl let go, stood up, bent down and picked up the metal flying feathers on the ground.

“What is she doing?”

“Look, the zombie is up!”

“Kill her, kill them!”

More villagers rushed up shouting.

However, before they reached their eyes, they felt a deep pain somewhere in their body. There was a sound of metal piercing into the body. When you looked up, you could see the girl in a wedding dress holding a stack of metal feathers in her hand, twisting the cold metal in her other hand, and her wrist turned slightly. A black feather turned into a residual shadow in the air and shot at the surrounding villagers.

The black metal plumes fell into the meat and stabbed them on their legs and hands. The blood flowed out. The pain made them wake up gradually, and the fear on their faces replaced the excitement. The villagers in the front row fell down and lost their ability to move.

There were not many black feathers in the girl’s hand, only seven or eight left, but no one dared to come forward.

Instead, she took a step forward and the crowd slowly retreated.


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