After reopening the escape game Chapter 53

The originally ferocious and angry crowd suddenly became quiet.


The unknown metal with cold light collided with the ground and made a crisp sound. A thin and white hand gently picked up the accidentally dropped black feather. With Ruan Qiao’s action, the surrounding villagers shrank in fear.

When she found that the girl just picked up the black feather falling from the palm of her hand, she was relieved.

The crowd slowly retreated, and the villagers with leg injuries were dragged away from her by their families. The fear in the eyes of the villagers was greater than anger, and even the slight voice of discussion disappeared.

The whole world is very quiet.

The light was dim and it was getting darker and darker.

The villagers retreated, but one man stood in place without action.

Ruan Qiao looked up.

Ruan’s mother’s face was full of worry. Her hands were tightly held in front of her chest. She wanted to get close to her, but she felt that her feet were filled with lead.

Her voice was intermittent: “Xiao Ruan…”

“How did you become like this?”

Seeing Ruan’s mother here, Ruan Qiao was a little surprised.

Ruan’s mother has always been nice to her. Although Ruan’s mother agreed to the marriage, Ruan Qiao didn’t hate her because of her.

Ruan’s mother kept her away from Su Xi. Maybe she didn’t know that her daughter was dead. In her eyes, it was a good thing for Ruan Qiao to marry the Shen family.

One of the leaders who forced Xiaoyun’s mother more than ten years ago was her alcoholic husband. Later, Ruan’s father drowned in the reservoir. It is said in the village that Xiaoyun’s mother was pressed under the reservoir after her death. Her resentment did not dissipate. She became a water ghost, wandering under the reservoir day and night, waiting to drag everyone passing by into the water.

Father Ruan was retaliated. He was only relieved when he was watched by the water ghost!

Also because of such rumors, the people in the village have a worse and worse attitude towards Xiaoyun. They are afraid and afraid, but turn their dark emotions into resistance and exclusion.

So that the back even made the absurd thing of imprisoning Xiao Yun in the ancestral hall.

This is the retribution of their family. Although she did not actively participate in Xiaoyun’s mother’s affairs in those years, she is also one of the accomplices of inaction. Now the retribution is on Ruan Qiao. She is really afraid of Ruan Qiao’s accident.

When Ruan Qiao came back, the car accident in the mountain had frightened her. Moreover, later, Xiao Ruan came closer and closer to Xiao Yun. Later, she was found by a corpse like Chen Bo.

Ruan’s mother went to the Shen family to ask for blessing. Shen Qian put forward the proposal of marriage. This marriage is the best choice both in terms of the conditions of the Shen family and the safety of her daughter.

But everything has changed!

She can’t accept what’s happening now.

Shen Qian even announced that her daughter was a zombie in front of everyone.



Ruan’s mother’s mind was blank and she could only stand behind the crowd and watch it happen.

She didn’t even dare to take the initiative to take a step forward. She just hoped that all the previous things were just dreams.

If Xiao Ruan is a dead man, the village must not accommodate her. Ruan’s mother stood there with a pale face: “Xiao Ruan, marrying the Shen family is your only way out…”

Shen Qian has great powers. There must be a way to keep Xiao Ruan!

However, Xiao Ruan stood on the side of the man in black. He not only refused the Shen family, but even stabbed so many villagers.

In doing so, she undoubtedly put herself on the opposite side of the whole village.

Ruan’s mother was anxious and flustered, but she thought the Shen family would have a solution. As long as Ruan was soft, everything would pass. The big deal was that their mother and daughter would leave here and live in a place where no one knew them.

If the Shen family shelter, Xiao Ruan’s Zombie identity will be discovered by others sooner or later, and he will still be the same Jedi at that time.

This silly girl, why can’t you see the situation clearly?

Ruan Qiao stepped forward and sighed, “I know what you said, but now we are not people in the same world. From the moment we fell off the cliff, your daughter has died. You can treat everything as if it didn’t happen, as if there was no daughter like me.”

Ruan Qiao threw down the black feather, and a clear and continuous landing sound sounded: “you should kill me like them. I know you hate zombies. In the past, your father hated these things especially when he was still alive. You also hate me. You once told me that you would never allow any dead people to enter Ruan’s house.”

Ruan’s mother quickly explained: “little Ruan, I don’t think so of you…”

Ruan Qiao interrupted her with indifferent eyebrows and eyes and a cold voice: “I have nothing to do with you anymore. I hate you. I also know that you want to kill me like them.”

She stepped back.

[barrage corn] no, I don’t think mother Ruan is malicious

[barrage falls northward] I can’t see it upstairs. Mianmian is drawing a line with her mother! Then avoid being targeted by the villagers for revenge!

[bullet screen white] Dog Coin system, why do you always set such a plot and get beaten!

[system] the audience has been banned for 1 hour for saying rude things about the system.

[bullet screen roll powder] ha ha, it’s terrible for the brothers upstairs

[bullet screen bear] let’s go [light wax] [light wax]

Ruan Qiao’s role will have a systematic ending for her, but Ruan’s mother is different. Although her daughter is dead, she has to continue to live.

If Ruan Qiao doesn’t draw a line with her at this time, Ruan’s mother will have no place in the village in the future.

After Xiaoyun’s mother died, Xiaoyun’s situation can be described as miserable.

On their mother and daughter, too.

A series of blows made Ruan’s mother’s face extremely pale and her feet somewhat vain. She opened her mouth to explain something, but heard the startling voices in her ears.

After that, I felt a little cold in my chest.

A nail was black, and a stiff arm stained with blood penetrated through Ruan’s mother’s chest. Ruan Qiao only saw a dark shadow in front of him, followed by a smell of slight decay and strange potion.

It was a zombie who was not tall, but his face was green and dressed in the clothes of the Republic of China. It stood behind Ruan’s mother. The expression on his face was creepy and showed sharp teeth in the gray sky.

Life passed with the blood of the wound on her chest, and Ruan’s mother soon lost her life.

In addition to the terrible zombies in front of us, more than a dozen zombies dressed in different dynasties came out of the Shen family.

They are far more powerful than the weak chicken zombies with imperfect limbs in Songhe. Their dark nails are long and sharp, their terrible eyes are shining with blood, and their cyan faces emit rotten breath and bloodthirsty excitement.

The stiff corners of the mouth cracked, revealing sharp teeth.

This is a group of blood corpses.

They stared at the villagers outside the door with a terrible smile. Their eyes were hungry and excited that they had not seen their prey for a long time.

Shen Qian leaned against the door and looked at the scene of losing control in front of him. His face was very bad.

His eyes fell on the girl who came out last.

The man was wearing a cotton white coat, the lower skirt was pure white, and his face had a faint smile.

With her moving steps, a long waterway meanders all the way on the ground.

Water ghost, moonlight.

[bullet screen peach blossom crispy] shit, it’s boring to do something big in a month

[barrage] – this woman is making a big deal

[bullet screen Zhang] I thought it was a weak green tea stream, but I didn’t expect to be a good hand in making things

Shen Qian stared at her: “you’re crazy. Let them all out and everyone will die!”

He looked at the water stains on the ground: “they are blood corpses. They are crazy. They even want to eat their own people. Do you think you can escape?”

Does she think she is a water ghost, so she doesn’t have to be afraid of blood corpses?

Mu Rou shrugged indifferently: “I let them out because I knew that they could eat their own kind. Instead of putting my hope on your insincere guarantee, I’d better do it myself. Do you think I can listen to you and plant grass on my head with a few empty checks? Before I die, they can kill all of you, including several awake corpses over there.”

At that time, she will survive to the end. Even if the ending of the game is still dead, she can win the game.

She didn’t wait to die in the Shen family. During this time, she found out the secrets of the Shen family and found a way to wake up the blood corpse. The ceremony is very complex and needs her own blood as a guide.

Although she can’t completely control the blood corpses, it’s not difficult for them to attack the enemy players for the time being.

As for the lives of the villagers, she didn’t care.

With the fighting power of these blood corpses, the battle can be solved in a few hours. Even if she loses control of the blood corpses at that time, it doesn’t matter.

Just at this time, a larger white light suddenly flashed over the village, starting from a place in the north and sweeping the whole village in the form of afterwaves.

Even the dark clouds in the sky were scattered by this light, and the moonlight behind the dark clouds poured down in an instant.

The bright moon hung high in the sky, the cold moonlight fell on Ruan Qiao’s exquisite and fiery wedding dress, and the gold thread embroidery was covered with a dreamy moonlight. Ruan Qiao looked at Ruan’s mother’s body lying on the ground in front of him, and his face was as white as paper.

The battle array is broken.

However, all this just makes the blood corpse in front of us more powerful.

They seem to have opened a gluttonous feast, frantically jumping on the living people in front of them.

On the blue and white floor tiles, the scarlet blood meanders like a stream. The villagers’ screams echoed in the silent night sky.

The array was destroyed, and Shen Qian was strongly attacked again. He could hardly stand and could only sit in front of the door. Shen junmu waved a whip in front of him and kept driving away the blood corpse trying to come forward.

Mu Rou was originally a water ghost. In the moonlight, she turned into a pool of water stains, flowed back to the eaves, and turned into a human form.

She sat on the roof and smiled at the screaming crowd.

Many villagers were injured and their actions remained unchanged. Some were so stupid that they didn’t know to escape. They were so scared that they peed their pants in situ. Eventually, they became food for blood corpses. Their blood can stimulate blood corpses and greatly increase their strength.

Kill. The more you kill, the better.

Solve all the enemies in front of her.

[bullet screen forgot] it’s worthy of being a woman from the survival line champion team. How cruel

[bullet screen sect star] unexpectedly, it was moonlight who inherited song he’s legacy

[bullet screen bewitching the public] she obviously can’t completely control these blood corpses, otherwise Shen Mu won’t be attacked, but as long as mian Mian dies before the moonlight, they can win

Without the suppression of the big array, the pressure on Su Xi and Ruan Qiao is also much easier.

Although Su Xi has not recovered from his injury, he can barely cope with the two blood corpses in front of him.

But with the passage of time, the power of blood corpses has become stronger and stronger, and the villagers around have died in 7788. The two blood corpses besieging the two people have become three. If the villagers die almost, the pressure on them will increase greatly at that time.

Xiong Ji and mule arrived soon. Xiong Jijian and Ruan Qiao said that the array was broken. CHEN Si died under their siege and joined the battle.

Each of these blood corpses has the fighting power of the devil level like clouds. More than ten or twenty add up to hell on earth.

Ruan Qiao’s melee ability is very weak. His evasion is OK. He can’t help the attack at all.

She has been hiding behind Su Xi, but several times she has passed dangerously by the claws of zombies.

But she still felt something wrong: “Brother Yun, cloud God, cloud Baba, can you do it?”

As a full service first, shouldn’t it be so weak?

[barrage can’t be changed] ha ha, ha ha, you’ve had enough

[barrage heard 19] man, you can’t say no

[bullet screen ten mile Pavilion] woman, you’re playing with fire

Sure enough, the young man in front of him gave a meal, and his indifferent side face exuded a dangerous smell.

He kicked a bloody corpse with saliva: “someone might want to die with us. I’ll see how long he can last.”

Ruan Qiao looked at him with his eyes, Shen junmu?

No, Su Xi can see that the man behind Shen junmu is Shen Qian.

The four are now very close. Shen Qian also heard Su Xi’s words. The ancestral blood corpse was released and wanted his own life. His only son received the Bento, and the arranged Yin marriage was spoiled. His business foundation of hundreds of young people was destroyed by these young people. Rao is in his nature, At the moment, I was also angry: “die together, fart, I just fucking forgot. Who can remember the seal more than ten years ago!”

[bullet screen scholar Yicheng] father Shen, you’re dead, you know

[unstable heart in bullet screen track] I laughed to death and was angry

[bullet screen pig skin loses weight today] hahaha, I’m so angry that I’ve collapsed

Su Xi gave the blood corpse that rushed to Ruan Qiao a side fall. The blood corpse had great strength, rough skin and thick flesh, and even hit the ground with three cracks.

Su Xi turned back and looked at Shen Qian. His tall and thin body cast a long shadow on the ground. His side face was clear and his voice was indifferent: “untie.”

Shen Qian coughed and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

When forging the iron chain more than ten years ago, Shen Qian found that Su Xi had excellent body refining physique, so he banned him.

Not only to keep his physique, but also to suppress his power after Su Xi’s corpse change in the future.

To be exact, it is great, almost 90% suppression.

Only in this way can we ensure that after many years, if we have the opportunity to turn Su Xi into a living corpse of the Shen family, we can control him.

It has been more than ten years since the seal was laid. If Su Xi hadn’t mentioned it, Shen Qian would have forgotten it.

In the current situation, they will die if they continue.

Shen Qianqiang summoned up his spirits and read the formula in his mouth. He cut a wound with his left index finger and squeezed out blood symbols. The blood characters hit Su Xi’s body hard.

Then, a huge threat spread around with a roar centered on Su Xi.

Ruan Qiao stood behind him, his long wedding dress and dark hair suddenly fluttered behind him, rippling a beautiful arc under the moonlight.


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