After reopening the escape game Chapter 54

Even the blood corpse stopped killing, turned around, and Su Xi died with scarlet eyes.

The pressure in front of Shen junmu suddenly weakened a lot.

Originally, it was the limit for him to fight three or four blood corpses alone. Su Xi attracted the blood corpse’s attention and gave him breathing time.

Su Xi looked around. Under the moonlight, the black windbreaker naturally hung down, outlining a strong and thin waist, with wide shoulders and narrow waist. His slender legs touched the ground slightly. The invisible pressure spread everywhere, and his left foot touched the ground gently, like stepping on the moonlight.

A pair of shadows behind him gradually became clear.

Ruan Qiao nodded: “gradually inject the soul.”

[bullet curtain] without soul injection, all this seems insipid

[barrage bear] Mianmian Mian, are you going to kill me? Ha ha ha

[barrage didn’t eat fish today] I’m sorry. It should have been a serious opening scene. Ha ha ha ha

Mu Rou also noticed his changes. Unexpectedly, he still had this level of strength. Previously, she observed on the roof for a long time and thought that the reputation of wonton sweeping was just boasting, but it was not so strong at all.

After all, he used to be very low-key, never opened a live studio, and always went alone. If it weren’t for the strength ranking of the main city, there would be no mistake. Many people wouldn’t know his name.

The more mysterious things are, the more likely they are to be overestimated.

But now it seems that she underestimated the enemy.

The shadow behind Su Xi gradually condensed into a metal black wing with cold light.

[second power · bone wing].


The bone wings on both sides suddenly unfolded, the black unknown metal bones of one meter five on each side protruded, the layers of black feathers under the skeleton trembled slightly, the bright moonlight flowed on its surface, and the sharp edge could easily cut the skin and flesh. It was frightening to look at it.

Everything happened too quickly, and the group of blood corpses were just stunned for a moment, and rushed to Su Xi under the urging of Mu Rou’s every effort.

Originally, Mu Rou planned to leave some strength to drive the blood corpse to attack muxiong two people, but Su Xi’s powerful breath made her feel extremely uneasy. Almost immediately, she decided to take the most extreme way and try her best to urge the crazy blood corpses. Even if she felt that the blood corpses had faintly exceeded her control, she didn’t stop.

But then Mu Rou saw the cloud swallowing floating under the moonlight, turned into a black shadow and swam quickly among the blood corpses. Because of his speed, no one can even see the trajectory of his attack.

In just three or four minutes, the ferocious blood corpse with rough skin and thick blood was killed like a lamb without resistance!

Mu Rou sat on the eaves, her brain blank: “?”

Are you fucking hanging up??

Human affairs officer??

Not only mu Rou, but also muxiong forgot his movements.

The only thing others can hear is the sound of metal colliding with the body of the blood corpse.

The moonlight was cold and the afterglow appeared.

[bullet screen roll powder] my baby!!

[barrage organics and fish] players continue to be confused: how can we play this??

[bullet screen Tianjiang flower moonlight night] 6666

[barrage on the third watch of the moon] 6666

Ruan Qiao’s live studio was instantly occupied by the exclamation of the full screen.

The rest of the villagers looked at all this with fear and saw that the blood corpses had been solved and all ran away. The injured were also taken away by family and friends, and the whole street suddenly became deserted.

Only the corpses and blood all over the ground showed what had just happened.

After Su Xi has solved the last blood corpse, Mu Rou is ready to run. Although she is very interested in wonton sweeping, at present, her charm doesn’t work for lonely players like wonton sweeping.

So it’s important to save your life first.

But soon she found herself surrounded by a dark shadow.

Su Xi was still below. Part of the black shadow turned into a big hand, grabbed her and fell to the ground outside the eaves!

Mu Rou’s ear heard a voice like a devil: “sister Yue, where are you going?”

Although Shen junmu has no blood corpse to deal with, he has been seriously injured just now and has little action ability at this time.

When Murou fell, he was turning his back to her to check Shen Qian’s injury.

Shen Qian pushed Shen junmu’s hand away, stood up, weakly walked to Mu Rou and looked at her coldly: “I just want to take over the luck of the Shen family, but you are smart and ruined all this.”

“You should know that it’s easy for me to deal with water ghosts.”

Mu Rou’s face was ugly.

At this time, she suddenly looked up at Ruan Qiao standing next to her, staggered a few steps forward, fell to the ground, firmly grasped the long sleeve of Ruan Qiao’s wedding dress, and her voice was crying: “Mianmian Mian, I was forced by the copy. I just released the blood corpse and did nothing else!”

She gritted her teeth and continued to explain: “I know you don’t like players like us, but I’m just a healer. I don’t have any offensive ability. If you want to win, you can only use this method. You’re different from us. If you want to win, you must win openly. You won’t let Shen Qian kill me, will you?”

Although wonton destroyed the Dharma array of the reservoir and greatly reduced their strength, as long as it was not the Shen family, she could escape from the players by pretending to be dead. If Shen Qian did it, he knew the weakness of the water ghost like the back of his hand, and she absolutely had no chance to survive.

Mule has changed from a shadow to a human: “sister Yue can really talk, but do you think we are all fools?”

Xiong Ji’s face was cold.

Although Su Xi didn’t say anything, the murderous spirit has not dissipated.

Only in front of this “soft”, look soft.

Ruan Qiao squatted down and looked at Mu Rou’s beautiful face carefully: “to tell you the truth, it’s really cruel to destroy flowers with hot hands.”

“I knew you must be a good man!” Mu Rou’s eyes are bright and soft. She looks pretty and lovely. Maybe she can move her!

She was about to continue to speak when she heard the soft and slow opening of her good man card: “under the nine springs, you must remember that the name of the person urging flowers is Shen Qian.”

Then Ruan Qiao stretched out his hand, pulled out the sleeve held by Mu Rou, and stepped back a few steps.

Mu Rou: “you!”

Shen Qian takes a step forward. Shen junmu knows that what he has decided is difficult to change, and he is not ready to plead for mu rou. They were doomed to fail in this game.

Mu Rou is finally completely killed by Shen Qian.

Shen junmu’s pale face showed a painful expression. A simple action would affect his injury. Whether it was the previous battle with Su Xi or the entanglement with the blood corpse, he was seriously injured.

However, he still asked to fight alone with Su Xi outside the village.

“If I keep fighting, some of you will die. Although they all win in the end, the evaluation will be reduced.” Shen junmu wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth: “so, only the two of us have a fight, not involving others.”

If we continue to fight and force Shen Qian, it is really bad for Ruan Qiao and his side.

Shen junmu’s request is also for the sake of the Shen family.

Although the team can’t win the final match, they can still get the reward of plot task.

Su Xi nodded, put away his bones and wings, and they walked outside the village one by one.

Ruan Qiao and muxiong take Ruan’s mother’s body back to Ruan’s house and place it well.

With Su Xi’s strength, there is no suspense in this competition.

Ruan Qiao was not worried. He was about to talk to them when he saw a message.

[system announcement] the purple Qi comes from the East, the koi falls from the sky, and the European emperor is unparalleled. He changes his life against the sky! Congratulations to the player [thick code] for drawing out the SS Level prop [Lingshu · Huangdi Neijing] in [lucky draw pool · Tianfu]!

Such an announcement appeared in the center of everyone’s vision at the same time. The color is extremely gorgeous and changeable, green, orange, blue and purple, with an abnormal high profile.

The announcement blinked for a minute before it disappeared.

In the isolation area, the quality of props increases gradually from D to A. above class a props is class s props. Generally, high-level players are equipped with class s equipment as standard. Further up is the three-level artifact called gold, silver and copper.

SS Level props are the weakest bronze ware, but they are extremely rare. Every birth will cause vibration. It is the object of contention among major forces, often with price but no market.

The second is silverware. There are only a few pieces of silverware in the whole [isolation area] up to now.

The most advanced is gold, also known as the eye of galaxies. Once there was one, but it eventually became a legend and its whereabouts were unknown.

If you can draw out SS Level props, it doesn’t mean that it’s ouhuang benou.

In order to protect the privacy of players, such announcements will code the player’s name.

At the same time, players, whether inside or outside the copy, will receive such a message.

Mule envied. Such a good thing is like winning the lottery. Except for the Emperor himself, everyone here is rubbish… Ah, no, it’s lemonade.

Ruan Qiao didn’t care much, but instead asked Xiong Ji, “where is your plot task now?”

Xiong Ji glanced at the task panel and said, “find out the truth of what happened more than ten years ago.”

Mule stalled: “the same.”

“The only mystery left more than ten years ago was the man who made Xiaoyun’s mother pregnant.” Ruan Qiao repeated his speculation that the man played tricks and forced Xiao Yun’s mother away.

Xiong Ji didn’t speak, but his face was obviously not very good.

She asked Ruan Qiao, “do you have a clue?”

Ruan Qiao nodded: “I have a guess, but I need your help.”

Xiong Ji took out his weapon and wiped the shiny crossbow: “say, how do you want to kill him.”

[bullet screen Begonia] ha ha, my little sister is so direct

[bullet curtain duet fragrance] do you want to cut that bastard directly or follow the procedure

[barrage habitat] send it directly to the crematorium


It’s getting late.

After the zombie wave, the village fell into silence again.

Few people walk in the street. After what happened tonight, a large number of funerals will be caused in the whole village.

The night wind blew through the window and made a terrible sob.

Village head Xiong is hiding at home, with everything he saw at the door of Shen’s house in his mind.

Fortunately, he runs fast, or he will die at the mouth of those zombies!

Village head Xiong’s hand trembled slightly. The power in the village had not been restored. He lit the candle. Guifang has just given birth prematurely and is weak. She is sleeping in the inner room.

He sat in a chair in the outer room, leaning against the back of the chair, behind him was the wall.

Suddenly, the door squeaked open by the wind. There was no one in front of the door. Only the dark night was thick, like viscous black liquid, fooling in the small door. It seemed to want to squeeze in desperately.

Village head Xiong’s nerves tightened.


The shadow behind him moved and the candle went out in an instant.

Village head Xiong grasped the handle of the chair, his lips trembled, and his eyes stared at the door in horror.

Then he saw a woman in red clothes and a red cap quietly appear there.

Even with the cover of the red head, he still felt that under the red cloth, a pair of resentful eyes were staring at himself.


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