After reopening the escape game Chapter 55

55: Sad Ghost Bride (27) [end of copy]

The woman’s height is slightly higher, which reminds him of a person who has been dusty for a long time in his memory.

Ruan Qiao walked out of the shadow and looked at village head Xiong.

Open [first power · mind skill].

Village head Xiong’s attention was all on the sudden appearance of the woman in red. Although Ruan Qiao appeared next to the woman, village head Xiong was sweating in a cold sweat and only the woman who was getting closer and closer in his eyes.

Ruan Qiao’s plan is to change Xiong Ji into red clothes and put on a cap.

This copy is called the sad ghost bride. Although Qin Yue is also related to the bride, she guesses that the truth more than ten years ago must also have something to do with it.

That scum man cheated Xiaoyun’s mother. Maybe he promised to marry Xiaoyun’s mother, but he finally changed his mind.

Ruan Qiao stimulates village head Xiong with the image of ghost bride. When using his powers, he can know whether his guess is correct.

She needs to have eye contact with village head Xiong. It’s inconvenient to wear a red cap. In addition, Xiong Ji is taller and more in line with her figure.

Ruan Qiao asked Ruan’s mother about Xiaoyun’s mother before. Although Xiaoyun’s mother’s EQ is not high and is regarded as a fool by the people in the village, she is tall and thin.

Shen Qian doesn’t seem to be able to do things like this. Although village head Xiong is a little greasy in his middle age, he “wanted to marry the girl to his handsome guy in all parts of the country”, and the girls in the city with good conditions rushed to get married one by one. And from his attitude towards Xiong Ji, he is indeed a very selfish person.

Village head Xiong can’t take the initiative to tell the truth of that year, but he is also confused in the current environment and impact, with panic and fear on his face.

Ruan Qiao stood next to Xiong Ji in a veil and asked him coldly, “are you Xiao Yun’s biological father?”

“Not me!”

No, you can’t let others know it’s me

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

[even if you know, more than ten years have passed, what else can you do?!]

“Don’t come here! You are all evil spirits and unlucky! Stay away from me!”

[I’m not wrong. What’s wrong with me? If you don’t do it for yourself, you can only blame your own life!]

Ruan Qiao asked him, “you’ve been playing with other people’s feelings from beginning to end. Do you have a heart? It’s your own flesh and blood, and you can do it?”

Village head Xiong suddenly stood up, kept retreating, hit the table behind him with his waist, and sat on the ground as soon as his legs were soft.

“I’m sincere to them. It’s their own business for them to like me!”

[it’s useless to be a fart! Can you be a meal? Those stupid women can’t get things done and lose things. They can’t get rid of them. They die faster than anyone. It’s really unlucky! If she is willing to kill that child, nothing will happen in the end!]

Fortunately, the power time is over, otherwise Ruan Qiao will be unable to control his impulse to blow his head if he continues to listen to this scum man.

[system] the plot task has been updated!

[plot task] find Xiao Yun’s biological father (1 / 1)

In terms of gene chain, village head Xiong is not as good as Shen Qian, but in terms of personality, it is really what the village head did.

Xiong Ji looked at his flustered appearance. When he received the system reminder, he also knew that village head Xiong was the ungrateful and cruel man in those years. Her eyes were like a knife and stabbed village head Xiong. He was the one who killed Xiaoyun’s mother. He took Xiaoyun’s mother’s body to suppress the reservoir in exchange for his future promotion.

She took off her red cap, took out her bow and crossbow, and approached the man in front of her slowly.

Village head Xiong’s voice became more and more frightened: “stay away from me! Don’t look at me with such eyes!”

Xiong Ji’s appearance coincided with Guifang’s, and soon became a red moon in his eyes. Finally, he changed again and again and became Xiaoyun’s mother’s face.

The faces of three women staggered before his eyes, with a ferocious expression.

Village head Xiong finally couldn’t bear it. He fell to the ground with psychological collapse and kept twitching. His mouth was crazy talking about illogical words.

He’s crazy.

[more than ten years ago, village head Xiong was a young talent in the village. After the simple fool was with him, they had a good time. The fool was very simple. Village head Xiong promised to marry her. She was very happy.]

[the fool is pregnant, but village head Xiong meets another woman, Yuehong.]

[married Yuehong, transferred to the county and promoted all the way – a broad road opens up in front of village head Xiong. Without the pregnant woman, he can throw himself into a bright future. Village head Xiong knows that he can’t let the people in the village know that he is the one who makes the fool pregnant before marriage. The fool doesn’t know anything, but he still has a bright future. He just needs to kill that woman A child is good for everyone.]

Ruan Qiao:

Ruan Qiao: “the system is too economical this time. I didn’t make a recall of CG, but directly put the text ending.”

[system] game player make complaints about 1 hours.

Ruan Qiao was silent.

Authority dog! I want all the moonstones for you!

[bullet curtain I Qinghuan] haha, haha, I’m going to break away from the copy anyway. Just ban it

[barrage habitat] Orange explosion system comes out again, and there is a sense of existence

[barrage didn’t eat fish today] the authority dog is right ha ha

After the system banned, he continued to tell the story to himself.

[Yuehong helped village head Xiong create a strange event in the village, and it was reported that the fool was pregnant with a ghost… Later, the fool finally died, the body was used to suppress the reservoir, and the child was locked up, and everything became a secret. But Yuehong had trouble sleeping and eating. She was afraid that the fool would turn into a fierce ghost to retaliate against herself, especially after she was pregnant—— Finally, Yuehong drove herself crazy. After her death, she became a ghost.]

[village head Xiong, however, didn’t get the bright future he dreamed of, so he could only place his hope on his next wife…]

This village head Xiong is really a scum. It’s hard to say.

Ruan Qiao looked at the bullet screen and scolded the village head slag. He was preparing to leave the copy, but found that the settlement of the system had not appeared.

The scene in front of me began to flower again.

She entered the memory picture again.

Super remote village, ancestral temple.

Then, in her previously interrupted memory, the little girl with sugar in Chen Bo’s hand gave one to Xiao Yun and turned around to see the woman standing in the shadow.

The woman waved, but Ruan Qiao stepped back warily.

The woman came out of the shadow and showed a beautiful and kind face. She went to Ruan Qiao, picked up the sugar on the ground and gently put it in Ruan Qiao’s palm: “delicious.”

Her speech is very simple and her voice is very clean. Even after so many unfair treatment, she still has a clean and clear smile, like a blooming white rose.

“Very expensive.” She said seriously.

“This, don’t drop it.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the sugar in his palm and was stunned. He felt his little step forward, grabbed the woman’s hand and spread out the woman’s palm.

She heard her tender voice say, “you eat.”

The woman smiled, a very simple smile. Then she carefully smelled the square sugar in her palm, blinked and put the sugar into her mouth.

In an instant, the stars in her eyes lit up and slightly bent the corners of her mouth.

Ruan Qiao asked her, “do you like it?”

The woman continued to laugh, “I like it.”

The woman walked over again, brought Xiaoyun and held the two children’s hands together. A smile appeared on her pale face: “they don’t play with Xiaoyun.”

She said, “don’t despise him. He’s not a disaster. He’s fine.”

Xiaoyun turned his face, his soft broken hair tilted slightly, and his ears were flushed, but he didn’t speak.

Ruan Qiao looked at him and burst into laughter.

The originally gloomy ancestral hall became bright. Uncle Chen lit a row of candles in front of the memorial tablet, and the air was filled with a good smell of incense.


The picture gradually dissipated, and finally the environment around Ruan Qiao became the home of village head Xiong.

Ruan Qiao’s ear seemed to hear a woman’s voice with a touch of gratitude: “thank you…”

That song is still singing.

“Her eyes, her eyes,

As if the stars were shining. ”

“See, see, see, see,

Flustered. ”

The song dissipated in the night sky.

Never hear again.

[bullet screen gentleman’s journey] wuwuwuwuwuxiaoyun’s mother is so pathetic

[the bullet curtain is about to die] little cloud, poor QAQ

Ruan Qiao didn’t speak and soon heard the announcement of the system.

[system] all players of the white team are dead. The red team wins the team competition! The red team is currently alive. Players who pass the customs can get higher rewards.

It seems that Su Xi has solved Shen junmu.

[bullet screen roll powder] sprinkle flowers at the end~

[bullet screen Taosu] this copy is so long! It’s over~

[barrage bear] ah, I’m so reluctant to give up everyone in the copy!

[barrage didn’t eat fish today] same 1!

[barrage organics and fish] the truth goes too far, Mrs. QAQ

At the end, Ruan Qiao’s live studio received another wave of rewards.

She thanked the audience of the barrage and received the follow-up prompt of the system.

[system] since the scenario of this replica has been explored, you will directly leave the replica and end the game.

Soon, she saw the final outcome in the next scene.

Village head Xiong went crazy and talked crazy everywhere in the village. The people in the village knew the truth from his piecemeal narration.

It turned out that he was the one who made the village so noisy and abandoned his wife and son.

Guifang couldn’t stand the gossip of the villagers. She divorced village head Xiong and returned to the city. Village head Xiong is also beaten by people. He can only wander outside and look for food in the garbage dump in the city.

He is crazy and always speaks strange words. He is excluded by local beggars and tramps. It is daily to be beaten. Sometimes he can’t even grab food from the garbage.

Later, he mistakenly entered a begging organization and was made disabled. He sat begging at the intersection every day.

But every night, he couldn’t sleep. The face of the woman he demonized haunted him forever like a ghost.

“Xiaoruan” and muxiong left the ultra remote village. She returned to the University, tried to avoid the routine physical examination and successfully completed the University.

Su Xi worked in a milk tea shop near her university. She is known as the most handsome milk tea brother in the University City (no).

“Mule” and “Xiong Ji” found jobs in a small city, and “Xiao Ruan” and “Xiao Yun” who finished college also went to that city.

Muxiong opened a shop together to start a self-employed business, specializing in selling fruit. The name of the store is “fruit ninja”.

Because of their physique, the four couldn’t apply for the job of the unit. Fortunately, the business was good. We helped each other and it wasn’t a problem to support ourselves.

Master Mu began to travel north and south again. Later, when he got old, he retired directly and went to their fruit shop to be a shop master.

Shen Qian left the super remote village, and no one knows where he went.

Perhaps somewhere, he is still continuing his ancestral law.

In this way, the copy is completely over.

[system] congratulations to junior players [soft and continuous] customs clearance game [sad ghost bride], have a good game!

[system] in system settlement

Ruan Qiao appears in the default space when he first logs in to the game.

The space with light blue light is filled with reassuring solid color, simple and clear.

The data panel in front of her refreshes the relevant information of the game.

[customs clearance copy: sad ghost bride]

Replica level: S

Copy mode: team confrontation mode

Player performance evaluation: perfect

Replica reward: gold coin * 6000, diamond * 60, experience value * 600.

Replica gains: Card [ghost] * 1, card [blood paste ghost] * 1, prop [coffin of ghost bride] * 1, prop [stolen golden cake] * 1.

There were other things in her backpack, such as the booklet given by Mu Le, the black jade pendant, the notes of the Shen family, etc. they didn’t bring a copy, because there are very few props that can become the property of the player after settlement. Many powerful props can only be used in the copy.

It was beyond her expectation that the golden cake could be brought out.

But what is this coffin?

Main city map


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