After reopening the escape game Chapter 56

56: Map of the Main City 1

The coffin, which entered her backpack when she didn’t know, was only the size of a palm. Although it was small, it looked exquisite. It felt a little heavy in the palm of her hand.

The dark red lines on the black coffin appear from time to time.

If there is an entity, it is not a skill card.

[ghost bride’s coffin]

Quality: unknown

Description: none.

Recommendation: none.

Get a copy: sad ghost bride

It’s like buying an electric appliance that looks super powerful. When you open the instructions, you find that there are no instructions at all.

She checked the golden cake information she got from song he.

[stolen golden cake]

Quality: SP grade

Note: when song he asked for the secret method of raising corpses from the Shen family in a remote village, he knew at a glance that the golden cake was not a common thing, so he stole it, and the Shen family, which lasted for thousands of years, was destroyed. The small golden cake was obtained by the ancestors of the Shen family from an ancient tomb. Among the many funerary objects, it is alone and beautiful.

There is a string of small characters on the golden cake, but you can’t recognize it because you don’t know the language (nor can you use a translator).

How do you use it? Maybe the staff in charge of copy management in the main city know.

Suggestion: the only thing the system can warn you is that it should come from the tomb of an ancient prince. SP props should be used with caution.

Get a copy: sad ghost bride

Even if you know that the golden cake is very powerful, it’s really good for you to steal it directly if you ask for it!

The props of SP are all neuropathic props, which may be strong enough to resist the sky or may be useless.

Some are weapons, some are armor… In short, it is not surprising that any function appears on SP items.

The audience was large, the game time was not short, and the income of the live broadcasting room was quite high, with 8200 gold coins settled down. The reason why there were not as many gold coins as in the last game was that there were shallow water and deep water in the last game. Plus the 6000 gold coins reward of the copy, the total is 14200 gold coins.

The evaluation of the copy has five levels: perfect, excellent, excellent, ordinary and poor.

Ruan Qiao not only lived to the end, but also untied all the plot tasks of the copy and successfully destroyed all the players of the enemy. Highly rated and perfect.

[power reminder] congratulations on the evolution of your [first power · mind skill]!

[upgrade reminder] congratulations on becoming a level 10 player! Your current experience value is 1500 / 1500. The main city map of the game has been unlocked. You can complete level breakthrough by using [promotion stone] in the emerald Hall of the main city.

[system mail] congratulations on obtaining 3 potential points. You will be rewarded with 5 additional potential points if you successfully complete all the hidden stories of [sad ghost bride]!

Lucky, plus!

The panel refreshes again.

The game is divided into red and white teams, and the player information of each team is listed on the left and right sides of the screen.

The red team players are Xiong Ji, mule, two-way, soft and wonton. The role identity is zombie.

White team players are moonlight, Shen Mu, lonely flying eagle, CHEN Si and plum. The role identity is water ghost.

The number of people following Ruan Qiao’s ID soared. At the same time, she also received applications from friends of muxiong and Shen Mu.

She passed them all.

The second ability can be turned on after level 10, but she has not used the promotion stone to complete the level breakthrough, so she can only turn it on after she has been to the main city.

On the three power slots, a cloud of fog floats on the left groove. Reach out and touch to read the relevant information and level of [mind skill] power.

Although the ability is constantly upgraded, it only reduces the chance of vertigo and increases the ability time. There is a colloidal ball in the middle groove, which can’t be broken even if it is poked. The right side is empty. It won’t appear until level 20.

If you remember correctly, there should be a system boot at this time.

[arc] the level 10 breakthrough of that account was a long time ago. At that time, there seemed to be a guide elf or something. Now

Ruan Qiao stared at the sudden orange in front of him for half a minute.

The fog gradually condensed into an orange cat with fat and short limbs, and dark stripes wound on the orange soft fur. A pair of small black eyes looked extremely innocent.

“Guide wizard, customer service No. 2115 serves you.” Contrary to the cute appearance, its voice is a low bass, lazy and casual: “I’m a big orange. You can contact me at the top of the friends panel.”

Ruan Qiao doesn’t have many friends in his friends panel.

On everyone’s name, there is an orange cat’s head, whose ID is extremely red and conspicuous.

Customer service 2115: big orange.

Ten minutes of communication, ten diamonds. Summon three hours, a hundred diamonds.

Big orange walked half a circle around Ruan Qiao: “price clearly, children and old people are not deceived, know everything, know everything.”

Ruan Qiao: it’s better to rob your customer service

But she was still going to ask, so she took out the coffin from her backpack.

“What is this?”

The coffin is small, like a miniature exquisite model.

Big orange grabbed Ruan Qiao’s clothes, climbed onto her shoulder and stared at the model in her hand. The cat’s face became more and more serious. After a long time, she said, “it should be a prop.”


Ruan Qiao: “I know. I mean, what is its function?”

Big orange: “there is no relevant data in the system database. The setting set is blank. You can’t view the prop description.”

Ruan Qiao listened to it around and slightly raised his eyebrows: “speak human words.”

Big orange looked up and said, “I don’t know.”

“How to activate it?”

“I don’t know.”

Ruan Qiao was silent for a moment and repeated: “price clearly, children and old people are not deceived, know everything, know everything?”

Big orange also seemed to feel a little embarrassed when he hit his face just after saying, and added: “maybe you will encounter some events in the process of your game in the future, so as to stimulate such props and turn them on.”

“Any replica event is OK? Or do you need a specific replica?”

As soon as Ruan Qiao finished asking, he heard three familiar words.

“I don’t know.”

Controlling the impulse to burst the orange cat’s head, Ruan Qiao put away the coffin and continued to check his friend information.

Turn over the friends list. Except Wen Qing, other players are online, and the status of “settlement / game / idle” is displayed behind the name.

She reached out and nodded, setting Su Xi as her “special concern”.

After setting it to special care, whether the other party opens a new copy or appears nearby, there will be a voice reminder of special care.

Big orange stretched lazily: “look at your skilled operation, you can arrange yourself clearly. If you have questions, ask me. The humanized and considerate player system will give you free calling opportunities when you need them. For example, now, if you need them at other times, just contact me and I’m welcome at any time.”

It’s so expensive once. Of course you’re welcome.

The orange cat stretched out two claws and moved. Ruan Qiao gradually saw the virtual shadow of six cities: “there are six main cities in the isolation area. The players under the jurisdiction of the main city are the players who log in within the geographical scope of the main city.”

The main city in the southwest moves to the middle. After zooming in, other cities disappear.

The word “Tianfu” hung over the main city.

There are many buildings in the whole main city. The left is dark and dark, the right is red and bright, and there is a tall and convex tower building in the middle.

Two moons hung over the main city, one red and one white.

Big orange continued: “this is the main city of Tianfu. There are functional areas in the city, which are responsible for players’ games and account problems, player exchange areas, shopping malls, etc. Although there are natural landforms outside the city, we all call this area Qingcheng.”

“In Qingcheng, the main place is the lottery pool.”

Ruan Qiao nodded. The main city of Tianfu was more perfect than when she left, but it was roughly the same as before.

Big orange was satisfied with her attitude of no longer asking questions. He stretched out his chubby claw and nodded in the air: “let’s go and show you around the main city.”

Take the cat’s paw as the point, swing a circle of ripples, and the white light covers one person and one cat.

When the light dissipated, Ruan Qiao found himself in a street.

The players coming and going around are dressed in different clothes and there is a lot of noise. Occasionally, only a few people with novelty on their faces will be followed by cats of various varieties and fur colors.

The hanging sky is densely filled with all kinds of blue information flow. The two moons emit soft moonlight, which can be touched by reaching out.

The buildings around are made of black rocks, exuding dignity and mystery.

From time to time, there are players flying by in mid air.

“You can turn on the communication channel in your view,” big orange jumped down from Ruan Qiao’s shoulder. She quickly reached out to catch it and walked down the busy street with orange cat in her arms.

After Ruan Qiao opened the communication channel, she found that the communication function was somewhat different from that before she left. In the past, there were only three channels, but now there are four communication channels: World channel, Tianfu channel, team channel and group chat channel.

The world channel needs diamonds to buy the number of speeches. Tianfu channel belongs to the full-service channel. Anyone’s news on it can be seen by others. If you release eye-catching news, you need to consume gold coins.

Players can form a team at any time and invite others to join their team, so that they can speak in the team, even if they are not in the same place. The team will be dissolved automatically after 24 hours, which is temporary.

Group chat is a fixed chat group, which is convenient for some players to contact privately for a long time.

Emerald hall is the place responsible for the function of player account. Whether it is career, upgrade or other problems, it will be solved here.

Jadeite hall is a three storey building. The hall on the first floor is very high, with a height of four floors. The second floor and the third floor are other offices.

On the roof of the building lies a huge cabbage.

Standing in front of the door and looking up at this Chinese cabbage, it seems extremely oppressive.

After entering the hall, Ruan Qiao asked, “who do you want to upgrade?”

Big orange’s black eyes blinked and pointed to a counter.

There were many people in the emerald hall. Behind the counter pointed by big orange stood a young girl in clown clothes.

Ruan Qiao walked over: “Hello, I…”

A commotion was heard before the words fell.

Following everyone in the hall, they rushed out.

“It’s too late to explain. Get in the car!”

“It’s too late to see!”

“Is it true that the owner of SS props appeared in the horror mall?”

Ruan Qiao turned around and found that the girl behind the counter was excited. She was turning off the counter lamp at a fast speed and taking the tag at one go.

Ruan Qiao was just about to speak.

Girl: “wait a minute! I’m off work! The people who change shifts will come back later! I’ll eat melons first!”

Ruan Qiao and the rest of the newcomers looked at each other blankly: ”

The hall suddenly became empty, leaving only a dozen people.

The short haired girl standing not far from Ruan Qiao’s left gave a cry, her eyes fell on her, looked at it for a while, and then came over.

Ruan Qiao also saw the girl with short hair: “Xiong Ji?”

Xiong Ji nodded.

Ruan Qiao doesn’t understand very well. Although an SS Level prop is a sensation, it’s not necessary to go to the point where everyone is excited to watch together, right?

Xiong Ji saw the doubt in her eyes and slowly explained, “it’s a long melon.”


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