After reopening the escape game Chapter 57

Ruan Qiao: “well, you have a long melon and a short say.”

“Watch the full service channel.” Xiong Ji said.

Ruan Qiao opened the channel, and the news in the high price news area at the top was extremely conspicuous.

[Tianfu Channel] [topping] [Jiuqu Fengtao] horror mall area a, click me to apply for joining the team. Effective attack: 2W gold coins per person, take 100W gold coins and 2K diamonds

[Tianfu Channel] [summit] [Jiuqu Fengtao] the more people, the better

[Tianfu Channel] [top] [Jiuqu Fengtao] firefly window snow case, set him.

There is not much news about the top of talent channel. It is all contracted by Jiuqu Fengtao.

Xiong Ji was surprised at the bottom of her eyes and asked, “see?”

“You can’t attack players in the terror mall, but you can attack each other outside the buildings in the main city, but you need to pay some price, and you may be caught by the urban management.” Xiong Ji explained: “after entering the main city from his own space, he will randomly appear anywhere in the main city, but if you want to leave the main city, there are two possibilities.”

“First, in order to enter the replica. Before level 10, you entered the replica in your own space, but now after opening the main city, you need to enter the replica in the Replica Management Office of the emerald hall.” Xiong Ji pointed to another counter: “the second possibility is that you want to go back to the space. You can go offline only in your own space. To go back to the space, you need to go to the central tower, go back to your own space through the transmission array there, or go to the space of others. If you don’t go through the central tower, only death can go back.”

Big orange saw the two people chatting. He suddenly felt that he had been ignored and meowed discontentedly: “this, you are customer service, and I am customer service?”

Xiong Ji: “then why don’t you explain?”

Big orange was satisfied, and his small black eyes were shining: “whether you die in the copy or in the main city, you will suffer a level-1 punishment. At the same time, there are items and equipment falling randomly. Resurrection needs to consume gold coins and diamonds. If not, use the level discount.”

After the competition, big orange explained in detail: “if you return to your own space by death, the next time you log in to the main city, you will not appear randomly, but enter the main city where you die.”

“This is also the positive energy concept instilled in our game – get up wherever you fall! Meow!”

Therefore, Jiuqu Fengtao is going to find someone to solve the man called yingchuanxue case.

As long as he wants to continue playing the game, he must enter the main city.

Moreover, he can’t stay in the horror mall forever.

If you can kill people outside the terror mall and squat at the same refresh point later, you can turn people into skeptics of life again and again.

This setting is not positive energy at all. It is especially convenient for enemies to seek revenge.

Killing people in the main city will be severely punished in the later stage, but it’s worth changing the opponent’s level 1 and random equipment and disgusting the opponent. Jiuqu Fengtao uses the sea of people tactics to deal with the firefly snow case, which is completely rolling.

Ruan Qiao was not surprised at this kind of meticulous retaliation, but at the fact that the melon’s party knew him.

Jiuqu Fengtao was the captain of her team when she was in the isolation area.

Before the teller came to work, Ruan Qiao simply leaned against the counter and continued to eat melons with his face: “so what does this have to do with SS props? No one cares if we are so arrogant and openly bully other players?”

If it’s about ss props, people in other teams can’t be quiet.

Xiong Ji observed Ruan Qiao’s expression: “our team has always been strong. Jiuqu Fengtao, as the captain, has always been a vigorous and resolute style of action.”

Ruan Qiao’s expression did not change, just the expression of the people eating melons.

Xiong Ji thinks she’s thinking too much. She hides a lot of secret information about the arc. Now she can’t find it on the Internet. She often studies the battle mode of the arc, which makes her habit close to the arc. To say that it is similar to an arc, Xiong Ji is more like a soft one.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

After all, there are many differences between soft character and game style.

If she is really an arc, she can’t have no reaction to hear wer.

Xiong Ji added: “I just learned about it. We didn’t know where we got the news, so we took out the bronze ware, that is, the SS Level prop. The owner was a man named yingchuanxue case. Jiuqu Fengtao wanted to buy it, but yingchuanxue case didn’t agree. Jiuqu Fengtao threatened to disclose the news that he owned SS tools. At that time, he, an ordinary player without backers and background, will be killed People are watching. ”

Jiuqu’s profession was a murderer. At that time, Ruan Qiao’s system announcement showed that the name of the bronze ware was [coffin · Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic], which was a prop of the healer. Jiuqu wants this prop for the healer in the team.

The spring race is coming.

Various large copies are about to open, and all forces are preparing.

Xiong Ji had some appreciation in his eyes: “the firefly snow case was very powerful. Instead of counseling, he directly sent a message on the world channel that the bronze coffin was with him. After sending it, he refuted Jiuqu Fengtao’s invitation to join the team and rich conditions.”

Ruan Qiao: “we were still in the game at that time. How did you know so clearly?”

Xiong Ji glanced at her: “eat melons and eat a whole set. I’m all real melon material.”

Ruan Qiao finally understood that when those people thought they were the flowers of old age, they couldn’t accept their own mood of collapse.

High cold doesn’t exist. It’s impossible to be high cold in this life. It’s all the illusion of slow heat. When it’s cooked, it’s all exposed.

Ruan Qiao smiled and said, “Jiuqu Fengtao is really good.”

It can not only retaliate against the snowstorm case, but also have the chance to turn out the props and earn back face.

Xiong Ji looked at the full service channel and asked Ruan Qiao, “are you here to transfer?”

Ruan Qiao shrugged: “since everyone is going to eat melons, it’s just that I’m going to the mall to buy something and have fun. Maybe the teller will go to work when I come back later.”

Xiong Ji nodded: “I also want to buy some more powerful arrows, together?”

There was no expression on her face. It seemed that she was just making comments, but there was a slight temptation in her eyes.

If Mianmian refuses to go with her, she is not the kind of person to follow up. Her suspicions about soft Mianmian come from the way black feather attacked the villagers in the copy of [sad ghost bride].

Some familiar.

After level 10, you will not only open the shopping mall, but also have the ability to enter the professional copy, so as to obtain the professional qualification.

The difficulty of professional copy is not low. Not everyone can pass. Players who can have a profession must not be too weak. If Ruanmian is really what she guessed, she will choose sniper as a profession now.

Although Xiong Ji felt that his idea was a little crazy, he couldn’t help thinking there.

With the ability of arc, you may really have a chance to do it again.

Just in the last copy, she had a good impression of soft.

Even if the newcomer is not an arc, Xiong Ji doesn’t mind taking her for a walk.

The novice guides the customer service’s temper. She knows that the service price is one to one, and she often asks three questions. She doesn’t take the initiative to ask many things, and the customer service won’t kindly remind her at all.

When she first entered the game, she was cheated by customer service several times and missed a lot of information.

Ruan Qiao also had a good impression of her. After accepting the invitation, they left the emerald hall.

The busy streets that used to be when they came are now cold, the double moon is hanging in the air, and a third of them are hidden in the dark. The red moon in the distance emits a light red light, gently enveloping the red city, and the bright white moon nearby brings light to the night of the black city.

The tall street lamps on the street are dark, and the blazing white light is like a small sun.

The blue information flow converges to a distant place at a high speed, which means that a large number of players appear there and countless information exchanges are taking place there.

Now that the mall has been opened, Ruan Qiao plans to change himself to a larger storage space. Ten compartments of the backpack are not enough, and it is too troublesome to broaden it with diamonds. A space needs to consume a lot of diamonds. When the number of compartments widened in the back increases, the price will increase.

It’s better to buy a bigger space prop.

Tianfu server accommodates all players in the southwest, and the city is much larger than a provincial capital in reality. Players can choose to walk or transfer in the transfer area of each building.

The transmission will not directly enter a building, but into the transmission array where the functional area is located.

The transmission array of the emerald hall is one kilometer outside the building.

Some are similar to the real subway station, but obviously its transmission speed is many times faster than the subway.

Coming out of the emerald hall, the building behind him is extremely huge, especially a cabbage on it, which is shaky, but perfectly embedded in the wall.

Entering the transmission array, you can see a circular line in front of you, and the stations on the line are everywhere.

The terror mall is in the middle of the black city, very close to the two people, and the transmission time only takes two minutes.

When Ruan Qiao and Xiong Ji appeared again from the transmission array, they saw a wilderness of black land, surrounded by trees and branches. The place that should have seemed gloomy and terrible is now very lively. There are a lot of black heads in front, which is comparable to the national day tourism scene.

The light of hundreds of transmission arrays kept shining. An endless stream of players came out from behind them and hurried to a huge ghost like building in the distance.

The flow of information flashes blue light overhead, like a flowing blue galaxy, converging above the huge ghost.

The Black Ghost Building stands on the wilderness with open teeth and claws. The ghost’s two empty eyes look into the distance and his mouth opens, which is the entrance to the horror mall.

But looking to the East, it is a red land, on which there is only a magnificent Yuanbao shaped building adjacent to the horror mall.

Big orange is a little fat. She can only lie on Ruan Qiao’s shoulder occasionally. Most of the time, she holds her in her arms.

Xiong Ji walks next to Ruan Qiao and they go to the horror mall.

Xiong Ji continued to explain: “the biggest casino in Tianfu is next to the horror mall [golden light Happy Valley]. Opening a casino next to the mall is the most profitable thing. Many hot headed players who have just finished reading the shopping mall will be tempted to go to happy valley. But often such people will lose, and even the space will become a whiteboard.”

“Of course, occasionally there will be some people who counter attack the sudden wealth.”

Different from the gloomy and terrible huge Ghost Building on the left, the casino gate on the right is magnificent, glittering with the light of wealth and neon lights, which makes people can’t help immersing themselves in it.

“From here, a curve like the eight trigrams dividing line divides the main city of Tianfu into two parts: black city and red city. Together with the towering central tower, it is the structure of the whole Tianfu.”

Big orange explained, his beard trembled and concluded, “that’s the so-called,”

“Mandarin duck pot.”

Ruan Qiao:??

She left for half a year and this place was built into a hot pot city?


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