After reopening the escape game Chapter 58

[system] [stop notice] since the number of people in the [terror mall Tianfu] area reaches the maximum capacity, close the inbound transmission array. Players can leave the terror mall station at any time, but no new players can enter.

[system] [stop notice] the two-way transmission will not be restarted until the number of people in this area is reduced below the ecological line.

Unexpectedly, the players who came here actually reached the point that the system was forced to close the station and start one-way transmission. They were only allowed out and not allowed in.

The disgust in Xiong Ji’s tone became more and more obvious: “Jiuqu Fengtao is really a dog, stinky team, garbage captain.”

Ruan Qiao turned and looked behind him. The 100 meter long transmission array went out in turn, and the white light band gradually narrowed, leaving only the last one in the middle.

Suddenly, the only transmission array gradually weak light suddenly sprayed on the sky again.

The dazzling light rises into the sky.

The dark wilderness was as white as day for a moment.

Xiong Ji frowned slightly: “this is a super remote transmission that needs to consume precious props to complete. Who’s here?”

The crowd in front of them also boils.

“Ah, man God!”

“Now there’s a good play!”

“No, even he’s here?! well, it’s inevitable this time?”

There was another name mixed with the discussion.


Xiong Ji also heard it and whispered, “it’s a piece of light and feather! Our team member, Jiuqu Fengtao called him too?”

The players in front of them were immediately excited.

“No matter how powerful it is, those in the same team are birds of a feather.” Xiong Ji snorted with disgust and added something. “Except arc.”

Ruan Qiao is a Buddhist on weekdays, and nothing can affect her mood. The big things should eat and drink, all rely on Xiaoqiang’s mentality. In fact, when she met the top diaphragmatic things, she packed those things and threw them into the memory warehouse to make ash.

Jiuqu Fengtao doesn’t matter, but she doesn’t want to see it.

“Feather God is so handsome!” A female player in Ruan Qiao’s ear suddenly broke out and the groundhog screamed.

“I finally saw the living feather God!”

“Help!! ah!!”

Ruan Qiao hurriedly covered her ears. She didn’t want to be deaf.

The crowd began to surge, and people were pushing in front of and behind. Ruan Qiao and Xiong Ji were suddenly pushed apart.

Because he covered his ears, Ruan Qiao released his hand holding the orange cat.

Without warning, big orange suddenly stopped covering her ears and scared the cat’s hair. Fortunately, it reacted quickly and rushed to Ruan Qiao’s shoulder. A pair of little fat claws grabbed the girl’s clothes.

At this time, Ruan Qiao wanted to avoid the man and took a few steps against the crowd. On the contrary, he was soon caught by the players around and rushed forward.

His hair was dark red, the edge was slightly cocked, his blue eyes were hidden in the shadow of broken hair, his outline was cold and clear, his hands were inserted in his black jacket, his eyes were lazy, as if he were careless.

Pian guanglingyu threw a small ball. The land in front of him seemed to be elongated by invisible hands. The players around him were still standing on the original land, but the crowd had been divided into two halves.

Repellent soil props opened up a long unmanned road in front of him, leading all the way to the entrance of the horror mall.

“Ah, feather God, look at me! Look at me!”

The female player next to Ruan Qiao is still screaming.

Thanks to her and other fans, she spared no effort to squeeze the long road and took Ruan Qiao to the front of the crowd. There were a lot of players standing next to the long blank Road, and his admirers were in the front row.

Pian guanglingyu leaned slightly and sped towards the horror mall.

The closer he gets, the louder the female player’s scream is, and it attracts more attention in the noisy sea of people. Ruan Qiao really doubts whether she has a loudspeaker on her mouth.

Even guangzero feather slightly turned his head to this side. He galloped very fast, and there was no expression on his indifferent face, but as it was, he could see the player with a loudspeaker on his mouth in less than 3:04 seconds.

Ruan Qiao is next to the female player.

You’ll see her, too.

She was embarrassed when she left. Anyone can step on it.

Don’t want to come back now, or meet in such a situation.

Whether others can recognize her or not, she just doesn’t want to.

The unspeakable emotion in her heart just makes her feel irritable.

Ruan Qiao wanted to turn around and squeeze back, but she was pushed out of balance by the crowd. Originally, the crowd wall was as close as cast iron. She forced her back, which annoyed the surrounding players, and some directly reached out to push her.

Many people can’t see their faces clearly.

Just looked at her in cold disgust, and then reached out to push her.

Push her deeper.

Just like it was.


The noise in my ears suddenly became distant. The cold white moonlight fell on the black wasteland. For a moment, the oppression from all directions disappeared completely.

The man’s tall and thin body stood in front of her. The black cloak gently caged her petite body and turned around to completely block the sight of Pian Guangyu.

Like a safe haven in the eye of the storm.

Ruan Qiao held his arm tightly, surrounded by the familiar breath of the youth, and the white roots of his ears were slightly red.

The eyes under the red hair moved slightly, and pianguanglingyu took back his eyes without taking another look.

The nine winds and waves urge us very quickly.

Pian guanglingyu looked indifferent and sped past under the attention of the crowd. His speed suddenly accelerated, and the shadow of the road was faintly pulled out behind him.

The two passed by, and there was only a thin cloak between Ruan Qiao and him.

Su Xi’s action is very simple. He protects the person on his side with one hand and throws a prop ball from his fingers with the other hand.

Before the players around them could react, they felt that the land under their feet was blinking a distance behind them.

In the dense sea of people, a circular open space suddenly appeared.

There are many rich people and more low-key rich people. Such soil exclusion props are neither practical nor extremely expensive. They have no effect except to install coercion and some forces to arrange arrangement.

The players around were just surprised. They looked at the people in the open space and found that they had no characteristics. Under the cloak was an ordinary face. Remembering that the melons in the supermarket were still waiting for him, he didn’t take care of them and hurried away.

Here comes pianguanglingyu. If you really fight, it’s not generally wonderful.

In their consciousness, it was just a vague ordinary face that couldn’t remember details later.

In fact, no one saw the face under the cloak, but their consciousness would not be surprised.

Ruan Qiao’s rapid breathing slowly stabilized.

The crowd around her was vague, but the figure and appearance of the man in front of her were extremely clear, opening up a deserted place for her on the endless wasteland.

Ruan Qiao raised his head. The flashing blue information flow in the sky was reflected in her pupils. The girl’s watery eyes were bright and could sink in at a glance.

She blinked and saw Su Xi’s beautiful jaw, firm and beautiful lines, and her thin lips gently pursed.

Only under the cloak can one see the owner’s face.

He changed into a black cloak and a wide hat half covered his beautiful face. Only because she was well protected under his robe, she could see him when she looked up.

Su Xi’s low voice was discontented: “what are you running towards where there are many people?”

Even he could see the panic at that moment.

It’s totally different from the calm she used to be.

She is a junior player. What’s the special significance of pianguanglingyu to her?

He couldn’t help asking, “is it for pianguangyu?”

The black gas condensed in the long and narrow eyes, “or do you want to add a friend when you see every advanced player?”

Although Su Xi’s strength is very strong, he has only entered the isolation zone for half a year. He is also very low-key at ordinary times. His popularity is completely different from that of some star team members. In the hearts of many players, wonton is just a mysterious and vague shadow.

Well’s players have hype behind the club. It’s hard to be famous.

What’s more, there are talented and valuable players like Pian guanglingyu.

When she met him, Pian guanglingyu was a newcomer. He grew up very fast and had a high understanding.

But now, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the people in that team.

Ruan Qiao was full of unknown fire. When she heard Su Xi say so, it seemed that she wanted to paste it upside down. She pursed her mouth and spoke impolitely: “yes, after adding you, I found that you have only level 28. There is no fluctuation in my heart. I even want to delete my friends, okay?”

She felt her eyes astringent and wanted to raise her hand and rub it.

When his slender wrist was raised, he was caught by his bony fingers. At first, he was very hard, but he touched the girl’s soft skin and loosened a little, but he still refused to let go.

His pleasant voice fell over his head, word by word, said it seriously, and seemed to have some confusion that she didn’t think she should appear: “don’t delete.”

Ruan Qiao: “what?”

Big orange looked up lazily on the girl’s shoulder and helped explain: “he thought you were going to delete your friend.”

Su Xi asked, “isn’t it?”

Ruan Qiao said in reverse, “yes.”

“What happened to my friend?”

Ruan Qiao is fierce, but her adjusted facial features are cute and soft. Even if she is fierce, she is like a milk cat without attack, “I want you to be few!”

Su Xi: ”

It’s a big deal that she doesn’t serve. She looks for a place to upgrade herself. When her level and strength are in place, she will give him a knife.

Su Xi’s fingers are very good-looking, with distinct bony joints. The prominent scratch bone at the wrist brings up pale skin. The slender fingers easily catch the girl’s slender wrist.

He was silent for a moment before he said, “whatever you want.”

Loosen your hand and drop your eyes: “delete if you like.”

I thought I was something important.

Ruan Qiao was angry and calmed down. He was still unforgiving: “it’s none of your business when I delete it.”


“Rain girl has no melon.” Big orange said.

Su Xi’s eyes were low and looked at it quietly.

Big orange’s innate keen intuition made its cat hair stand up, but it didn’t dare to continue to hide. It shriveled. Still, it couldn’t help asking, “how old are you two this year? Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to enter this game. If you hack the system, I’ll report it to customer service.”

Ruan Qiao said, “go to the side.”

The role of soil repelling props soon disappeared. Xiong Ji panted and ran over: “why did you disappear in a while, eh?”

She raised her eyes. “Who is this cloak monster?”

Ruan Qiao came out from under the cloak raised by Su Xi: “it’s wonton.”

“Oh,” Xiong Ji didn’t ask, “let’s go first.”

Although many people want to squat on the head of the firefly window snow case, they are all crowded in to eat melons.

The three entered the mouth of the huge ghost.

Horror mall.

“Class C props are on sale. Buy one and get one free!”

“Fuck you, buy a C-level prop and give a mineral water. It’s also called buy one get one free?”

“Refined iron material, thirty gold coins are cheap!”

“Little sister, look, my skill card is super useful!”

The interior of the ghost is extremely vast. A high platform rises from the ground in the center. The four sides below the platform are huge electronic screens, and the flowing information is updated all the time.

Looking up is a blue broken heart lamp. At first glance, it looks like an ocean of huge blue round glass all over the sky.

There are square black-and-white square floors floating in the air. There is a small stall on each floor. Countless spiral translucent blue stairs rotate up, and the black-and-white squares are suspended on the stairs in turn.

Big orange slowly explained: “this is area a of the horror mall, that is, the first floor. As you can see, it is a big market. Go down from the elevator on the central high platform, the first floor underground is area B, which is composed of players’ stores. The second floor underground is area C, which is a systematic mall.”

“There are usually few people going to the shopping mall of the system.” Xiong Ji added.

Although big orange is not satisfied with Xiong Ji’s questioning of the game system, it is also an indisputable fact. At first, the system mall was very busy, but after the players’ own trading market matured, there were many fewer people in the system mall.

“Although that’s true, if you want to change your space or engage in material production, you still have to go to the system mall.” Big orange said, “the third floor underground is the black market.”

The official black market is OK.

It seemed that she understood the meaning in the girl’s eyes. Big orange stretched out and followed her at her feet: “fat water doesn’t flow to outsiders.”

After several people walked in, they found that most people were crowded under the high platform except the people who set up the stall.

The high platform is only three floors high and covers an area of 100 square meters.

From the angle of Ruan Qiao, I can only see a few small figures standing above.

Su Xi stood next to her and looked at the high platform with unfriendly eyes.

Xiong Ji looked at the full service channel: “Jiuqu wind waves and fireflies are on the high platform.”

Ruan Qiao asked, “what do you do?”

Xiong Ji: “the second negotiation.”


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