After reopening the escape game Chapter 59

“What are your plans?” Xiong Ji looked at the two shadows standing on the high platform in the distance. Many melon eating players on the full service channel were broadcasting the live news. Jiuqu Fengtao blocked the snow case on the high platform. The atmosphere between the two was very bad.

Pian guanglingyu came. As long as he wanted to win the head, he couldn’t run away.

In fact, Pian guanglingyu doesn’t agree with Jiuqu Fengtao, but Jiuqu says it’s for the team. Let Pian guanglingyu come and support a field. The interests of the team outweigh everything. He has no reason to refuse.

“You don’t have to do it, just stand next to it.” Jiuqu Fengtao has a good idea. While putting pressure on the yingchuanxue case, he uses his full strength to crush the other party.

Pian guanglingyu said in the team channel: I don’t do it. You can do the rest.

Sure enough, after Pian guanglingyu came, the yingchuanxue case, which had always been arrogant, converged and began to seriously consider his future.

The firefly window snow case is in urgent need of money and is selling a batch of goods, but no one dares to start with this batch of things.

Other players called by Jiuqu Fengtao are also filled with every corner of area A. as long as the firefly snow case leaves the terror mall, they can immediately follow up and start.

Although the work of Jiuqu Fengtao disgusts Xiong Ji, it is not something they ordinary players can manage.

“I want to buy a space pocket. The backpack is too small to be used to.” Ruan Qiao said.

Xiong Ji also has his own things to do. He created a team and invited Ruan Qiao to join the team before saying, “send a message on the team channel when you leave. I’ll go shopping first. You can see more by yourself.”

Ruan Qiao nodded and looked back to see Su Xi still following him. Then he asked him, “what’s up?”

Su Xi’s face was hidden in his hood: “look around.”

That’s what he said, but he followed Ruan Qiao wherever he went.

Ruan Qiao doesn’t care about him. She wants to go to the central high platform and buy some props that can change her appearance, so as not to meet wer’s people at that time.

There are many strange props on the second stall of the spiral staircase. Ruan Qiao stepped up the stairs and went to the stall to turn around.

“Are there any props and space items that can change the appearance?” She asked.

Only half of the stalls have hired employees to look at the stalls. There are men and women, but they all look the same and wear a unified system uniform. Hiring employees requires money, and some stall owners will choose to set up their own stalls.

The stall owner in front of him was a 30-year-old man dressed in punk style. He burned his explosive head and wiped his clip on his chair.

“This mask can cover your face and ten gold coins.”

Ruan Qiao asked, “what is the principle?”

The explosion head raised his eyelids: “physical shielding, in short, is to use the objective existence of the mask itself to cruelly deprive the other party of the opportunity to see your face, understand?”

Ruan Qiao: ”

Ruan Qiao: “do you have anything more advanced. With some hiding effect or anti prop snooping.”

The explosion head threw another ghost hood with blue light: “this belt can’t be pulled off by ordinary people. There is no dead angle at 365 degrees. 100 gold coins.”

Ruan Qiao frowned slightly. The quality of the booth in area a was worse than she thought. It was not soft at all to kill people: “what about the space props?”

The explosive head reached out and pulled: “a backpack with 20 spaces, 5000 gold coins. This, a necklace with 20 spaces, 15000. The biggest space is this ring. You can’t find a better space prop than it in area a with 50 spaces. The price is a little more expensive, 80000 gold coins.”

Space props are normal prices. Generally speaking, the larger the space, the smaller the appearance volume, and the more expensive the price. But fifty spaces

Ruan Qiao hesitated and said, “is there no space for a bigger one?”

The explosion head looked up at her. The little girl in front of her was a newcomer who had just been upgraded. She didn’t have a few good equipment. There are hundreds of gold coins all over the body, but your eyes are higher than the sky. Who doesn’t want good props? Can you afford them?

The explosive head leaned behind the chair: “go down, the first floor underground, area B, there are some good things. I’m already the best booth for space props and hidden props in area A. if you can’t see it, go to area B.”

On the ground floor are stores opened by powerful players, and behind each is a huge force.

Go in and increase your knowledge. You won’t look like a new person when you go shopping in the future.

Ruan Qiao was about to speak when Su Xi suddenly took her arm and turned around. He stretched out his hand to hold her shoulder and looked up and down.

He lowered his head, took out a black robe from his space, put it on around the girl’s shoulder, and the loose cloak automatically adjusted with the girl’s body shape to cover her tightly. The dark blue patterns were distributed on the soft cloth surface, and a small red rope passed through the coat and hat and extended from the collar in front of his chest.

Su Xi lowered her head close to her face and seriously tied the red rope for her.

“With a hat, you can completely hide your appearance.” His fingertips turned, the red rope tied a beautiful knot, and his voice was a little low: “others can’t see our faces, and they won’t find anything wrong in their consciousness, unless they are under a cloak or wear the same cloak.”

The long and dense eyelashes moved slightly, and his dark eyes looked like a dark night. Ruan Qiao remembered that he could only see his blood pupil when he was in a combat state.

The explosive head was put on a face by the couple: “come to my stall to see a fart with such good equipment!”

I thought I was a poor and rich newcomer who didn’t know the greatness of heaven and earth. I didn’t expect her boyfriend to be so superior.

This cloak was wearing and didn’t speak. The explosive head didn’t notice a man behind the little girl.

The dark blue pattern is a legendary enchant?!

The exploding head opens the shopping mall interface depressed. The interface is the same as the screen under the central platform.

In addition to the system mall, it is other transaction information in area a of the hypermarket.

After one look, the explosion head’s eyes were straight.

This price, still lower?!

The explosion head was distressed and bleeding: “shit, this big brother is a werewolf!”

“If Jiuqu Fengtao does this, even the price of luxury food is oppressed. I really want to buy some copies to improve my life… Wocao fried chicken and roast duck can’t envy others if they are taken out in copies such as desert islands.” The explosion head was immersed in the grief of missing the windfall, and even Ruan Qiao in front of the booth was too lazy to deal with it.

However, Jiuqu Fengtao said that whoever dares to buy this batch of goods will be on his blacklist.

The transaction information in area a is transparent. Everyone can find buyers, sellers and trading volume.

If you want to keep it secret, you have to go to the black market in area B or area D.

To go to the lower level, not only the handling fee is higher, but also the price will be depressed, and it takes time. Moreover, even the forces in area B did not dare to fight against wer and the club behind it.

Even if the goods are shipped from area B or area D, the movement of such a large number of goods is not small. It is found out by interested people. It is said that they are centralized materials transferred from several main cities.

This is a case of losing everything!

Hearing the exclamation of the stall owner, Ruan Qiao also looked at the full service channel curiously.

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] the firefly window snow case has traveled to several main cities. The goods brought over at a high cost are because Tianfu city needs more copies of food recently, the demand is large, and the price is higher than that of the surrounding main cities.

[full service channel] [how Koi are trained] there are several goods from the main city. If you sell them all, it’s not a problem to get rich overnight.

[full service channel] [No. 101] that’s what it says, but now it’s hard to say whether it can recover the cost price.

[full service channel] [Ziqing] brothers of the horror store, please broadcast! I’m late. I can’t get in at all!

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] eat melons with brother, first-hand information, quality and quantity!

She then opened the trading information page of the mall. The most prominent place was the selling information of the firefly snow case. Ruan Qiao looked at it. Most of the goods were low-grade food and water, as well as a small part of high-grade food.

The commodity page does not indicate the quantity. I’m afraid I’m afraid to find out my situation by Jiuqu Fengtao. It’s just that it’s not capped. It’s rich in inventory and can be completed in any quantity.

But the successful transaction volume is still zero.

Ruan Qiao tightened his cloak and shrouded himself in the effect of fuzzy data. Big orange turned around her left foot, opened his mouth and bit the mop cloak.

The black cloak hung down from her shoulder, revealing only a pair of shoes to wrap the petite girl.

Ruan Qiao bent down and picked up the big orange, turned and asked Su Xi, “how much is it?”

Su Xi’s eyelashes moved: “No.”

“I’d better not,” said Ruan Qiao. “Don’t let some people think I’m holding my thigh again.”

She goes to the high platform. If she wants to go to other areas below, she must take the elevator of the central high platform.

Su Xi followed her slowly, her lips pursed.

Two people shuttle through the crowd, one front and one back.

The girl is petite and wearing a black cloak. The edge of the cloak rises slightly with the pace. The cloak hanging from her shoulder has smooth lines, and her small face is shrouded in the shadow. Other players occasionally glance at it, and can only see the girl’s soft long hair exposed from her hat and put it in front of her.

The people behind her couldn’t see her appearance, but she was tall and thin, and even her back was very good-looking.

As Ruan Qiao walked, he turned back and asked him, “how much is it?”

Su Xi was silent for a few seconds before he said, “No.”

“Yes, I apologize.”

No matter how slow he was, he knew how hurtful the sentence he had just asked was to others.

In the early stage of the launch of the isolation zone, many female players came with the mentality of lying and winning, and made use of their gender and appearance advantages to let male players lead them through customs.

After all, there is a 30% appearance adjustment range. As long as it is a qualified female player, 30% can also be a past beauty.

Later, the game adjusted the appearance system. The up and down range of 30% is not a free cosmetic function. The higher the appearance value, the deeper and more amazing the facial features. The downward adjustment is not intended to vilify, but to change the facial features style and tend to the public.

The game atmosphere was once very bad. It was not until several senior female players appeared that this unhealthy atmosphere was changed.

No wonder Ruan Qiao was angry.

Su Xi followed her. She shouldn’t have felt guilty, but she strangely didn’t want her to misunderstand.

He then said, “this cloak is for you as an apology.”

Ruan Qiao slowed down and was surprised that Su Xi would apologize to her.

Then I heard him say, “don’t delete your friends, delete the words…”

“Wonton, maybe I can’t find you.”

As soon as he said it, he felt he didn’t know what to say.

There is a vast sea of people. Every parting may be the last meeting.

Once missed, you may never see each other again.

Ruan Qiao looked back at the boy standing in place. She went out only three or four steps. There were countless players coming and going. No one could see their appearance and expression.

Except for each other.

Su Xi’s last words were very light, but she still saw his tall hat on the bangs, his face was clear and good-looking, and his eyes looked at her with broken black hair.

His thin lips moved slightly, his eyes were dark and his expression was serious.

He walked all the way, still worried about being deleted.

Touching the girl’s eyes, Su Xi repeated: “delete it, you may never see it again.”

Her heart suddenly felt blocked.

Big orange meow.

Ruan Qiao came back and asked him, “what’s the matter?”

Big orange said, “I’m a cat.”

“Don’t eat dog food.”


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