After reopening the escape game Chapter 6

The light in the corridor flashed and went out, and the whole room was groaning in pain. The walls are covered with mottled marks, which makes the whole second floor look particularly penetrating.

Every time the faint blue light flashes, the ghost boy in front of the corridor gets closer.

Wen Qing came out of the room: “what’s going on? What game?”

“Ah –!” The scream of the little white rabbit echoed in the whole corridor. She stood at the door, watched the terrible ghost child getting closer and closer, and hurried to hide behind Wen Qing.

“What’s the matter with the sound just now?! who’s that? It’s a ghost barking outside at night!” Captain justice also came out and looked at the little white rabbit screaming and pointing behind him. Captain justice looked back in doubt.

Just at this moment, the corridor fell into darkness. About two seconds later, when the faint blue light filled the whole corridor again, the ghost child who was still seven or eight meters away suddenly appeared in front of him.

The dark eyes were big and strange, and the eyes turned inside. A white maggot climbed out of his left face, moved and drilled back into the rotten meat on his face.

He opened his mouth, and the rotten breath rushed on the face of Captain justice. His voice was like a screaming black cat and a harsh sound made by the friction of gears, accompanied by distorted Laughter: “red light, green light, white light, be careful when crossing the road.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

The scream of Captain justice shocked the ears of others: “shit!! don’t come here!”

He sat on the ground with his eyes wide open. Seeing the ghost baby getting closer and closer to himself, Captain justice suddenly got up and rushed out towards the stairs.

When the dim light went out and lit up again, there was no ghost doll in the whole corridor, and several players looked at each other.

CHEN Si’s face changed slightly: “he’s going to have an accident alone.”

Captain justice is a member of their group C. if they die now, their group C customs clearance reward will be less.

What’s more, although others are dead now, no one knows whether it will be his turn next.

All the players have gathered in the corridor on the second floor. Down the stairs, Ruan Qiao found that the whole lobby is also full of dark blue light. Reflected on everyone’s face, it looked gloomy and terrible.

Captain justice screamed in panic, knocked open the gate and ran into the yard.

“Don’t come here! Don’t come here!” He looked around in horror, but he couldn’t see any ghost children.

Seeing the player standing at the door, Captain justice relaxed. Then he felt a little embarrassed. He controlled his expression. He was ready to explain.

Before he opened his mouth, he caught a glimpse of a child with his back to himself under a nearby tree.

Dark yellow clothes, small body facing the tree trunk.

A twisted and sharp voice pierced into his ear: “red, green and white.”

“Cross the road, be careful, small, heart.” The last three words lengthen the sound, and the tone is distorted, like a deteriorated sound after slow playback.

With the last word, the little boy’s head suddenly turned 180 degrees.

Captain justice’s legs softened and he was so frightened that he trembled and fell down on the grass. But when he looked again, there was nothing under the tree.

There was a cold touch on the shoulder, as if someone had beaten him on the shoulder. Before Captain justice could react, he felt the pain of being crushed everywhere in his body.

The bones make a misplaced sound, and the limbs twist to the bone and puncture the bleeding flesh.

Yu Xing hurried over, but when other players rushed to captain justice, he had been lying twisted in a pool of blood, and his frightened face was full of pain.

Yu Xing touched his breath and pulse: “he’s dead.”

Wen Qing looked back at the orphanage standing in the dark: “the blue light in the house has disappeared. It seems that as long as one person dies, the game will end.”

No one else noticed, but Ruan Qiao looked at the house for a while. The windows on the first and second floors were indeed dark, but there was a window on the second floor.

More importantly, behind the only dark window above, there is a darker figure. It doesn’t look like a child.

Everyone is here. Who is the figure in the pavilion?


The remaining eight players returned to the hall at eleven o’clock. Ruan Qiao told the others to the store, and after getting the shovel, the game player helped to bury the body of the captain in the yard.

“I remember at the beginning of the game, a strange voice mentioned the game during the day.” Wen Qing looked at Ruan Qiao: “do you know what’s going on in this game? Why do you die when you’re patted on the shoulder? What does the child mean by the lamp?”

“The big clock didn’t tell the time last night, and it didn’t ring at ten or eleven tonight.” Su Xi leaned on the sofa with his slender legs beside him. His expression looked a little leisurely: “it seems that the ring of nine o’clock is the sign of the beginning of the game.”

“It’s a game we used to play when we were young.” Ruan Qiao did not hide: “the red light stops, the green light goes, the ghost will come and pat people on the shoulder. If you are photographed, you will die. You can’t move or be photographed under the red light.”

“Everyone goes into a static state, and the last person who turns into a red light dies.” She said the way to save people again. “The person with the green light patted the person with the red light on the shoulder and said save, you can turn the person with the red light back to the green light.”

“Now that we know the rules, there should be no problem.” The little white rabbit breathed a sigh of relief.

The cloud said anxiously, “but we don’t know when the next game will start. At that time, another person will die.”

“Dong -”

“Ah!” The bell suddenly sounded in the lobby and frightened the little white rabbit into a whisper.

The clock strikes twelve, which means it’s midnight. As the last sound dissipated in the terrible haunted house, the faint blue light shrouded the lobby again, and the candles on the table went out.

The boy’s harsh voice echoed in the lobby again: “red, green and white.”

“Cross the road, be careful, small, heart.”


Captain justice’s death was so tragic that no one wanted to be the next out.

But at the rate of one death in three hours, nine people can only die for three nights.

Wen Qing looked at the little boy who suddenly appeared and stepped forward: “red light.”

The red light climbed from the soles of his feet to Wen Qing’s face. The little boy really stopped moving in front of her.

After a while, he turned around. Because of this action, one arm fell to the ground.

Flesh and bones wriggle at the break.

“Red is safe… Is it safe?” The little white rabbit, who was watched by the little boy, said tremblingly, “don’t kill me, don’t come here! I… I also said! Red light! I said red light!

The little white rabbit’s body was also covered with a sudden red light. She was so scared that her legs were soft. She wanted to sit down, but she remembered that the red light was stationary and could not move, so she could only resist it.

The little boy turned his head and continued to look for the next target.

Ruan Qiao immediately ran upstairs from the other side of the stairs, and the clouds followed her. Seeing Ruan Qiao go upstairs and keep searching everyone’s room, she was a little strange: “what are you looking for? Shouldn’t we run now?”

Ruan Qiao explained while looking for it: “there is an attic in this room, but so far we haven’t found any access to it. There must be some places that haven’t been found. If we sit and wait to die and die, we won’t live for the fourth day.”

They always found the fourth room that no one lived in. There was only one empty bed, but the space was half smaller than the other rooms.

The occasional noise downstairs has stopped.

CHEN Si pushed open the door of the room and ran in, panting slightly: “everyone else has entered a static state. Now there are only three of us. Yu Guang and the waste wood man can’t hold up on the stairs.”

The cloud turned around and saw the little boy standing by the wall staring at herself. She was so frightened that she blurted out: “red light!”

As soon as the voice fell, her face turned white and looked at Ruan Qiao with her back to the door of the room: “sister Mianmian, i… I didn’t mean to. You two must hold on. If everyone is still, they will die again.”

“Sorry, I can’t be the last person to go into a state of stillness.” CHEN Si took a step back, stood in front of the window without expression, looked at Ruan Qiao’s eyes, as if looking at a dead man again: “red light.”

The next moment, the blood red light enveloped her whole body.

“Chen Si! How can you be so selfish? Didn’t you hurt others?” The cloud said angrily.

CHEN Si sneered: “don’t say how noble you seem. Are you really so afraid? You don’t want to keep yourself early.”

[barrage] is that too much? It could have been delayed a little longer.

[barrage] it’s a survival game. No one is the virgin. What’s the matter with some tricks?

[barrage] survival of the fittest. Although it’s not good to pit teammates, there’s no way.

Cloud’s face changed slightly: “sister Mian Mian, don’t listen to her stirring up discord. We are a group. Run quickly, as long as you can survive these three hours.”

Ruan Qiao looked at the corner where the little boy appeared before. Now it is empty.

She looked back and found the little boy standing in front of her.

Xiaohui raised his rotten face, dragged his body up with his wrist, and his bones made an unpleasant friction sound.

Ruan Qiao could even smell rotten meat on him.

[barrage] run!!!

[barrage] it’s over

Ruan Qiao just looked at the little boy, because he rose too slowly, she also took the initiative to bend over: “in the yard, your speed is obviously very fast, and you can appear behind others at any time. What do you want to do now?”

“Constantly frighten people with flash skills, and show yourself as gaudy.” She touched the little boy’s head and touched his hair: “hey… It’s not cute at all. Let me guess. You can’t kill people outside the yard, so you’ve been threatening us and forcing us into the yard, right?”

[barrage] does the anchor have any misunderstanding about flowery?

[barrage] the first ghost to be touched by the player

[barrage] I’m stronger and bald.

Xiao Hui’s long arm stopped. He raised his terrible face and hoarse voice: “you found it.”

“But so what? Sister, if you don’t run away, you will feel great pain when I pat you on the shoulder. Oh, suffocation, fear, countless insects devour your flesh and blood… That pain can make you want to die immediately!” The twisted little face was full of venom and ruthlessness. Xiao Hui’s voice was sharp and harsh: “death is the happiest thing.”

Ruan Qiao sighed and saw Xiao Hui’s rotten right hand raised again and immediately fell on her shoulder.

“Red -” Ruan Qiao spit out a word.

“Sister Mianmian!”

The cloud shouted, “don’t say it! The last person who said it will die!”

“Lamp -”

At the moment before his little hand fell on her shoulder, the blood colored light staggered from the soles of her feet and filled every place of her body. The little boy’s hand stopped abruptly, and the eye with the white insect bounced out of the dark eye socket and fell on the floor.

“You know — you know –” he trembled with anger.

Ruan Qiao covered his stomach and smiled: “of course I know. I also know that with the nature of wonton wonton, I will neither escape nor use the fixed rules to escape in the face of a spirit like you. Therefore, I will not be the last person to enter a static state.”

“By the way, remind me,” Ruan Qiao smiled and pointed to his eyes on the ground: “you lost something.”

[barrage] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[barrage] no, who’s wonton?

[barrage] upstairs, it probably refers to Yunshen? Wait, isn’t my name yuntun swept? Shentm yuntun wonton.

[barrage] it’s wonton, not wonton!

[barrage]… I’m hungry

Xiaohui picked up his eyeball and stuffed it back. More blood extended around his eyes. His skin and flesh fell down one by one. His cracked mouth pulled out an ugly smile: “in a static state, his feet can’t move.”

As soon as the voice fell, the floor at the door suddenly shook violently, and only the floor under Ruan Qiao’s feet was shaking.

[barrage]… The anchor took off

[barrage] this wave of hatred is steady.

Although she tried to keep her balance, the floor shook so much that she finally didn’t stand firm and fell back.

The next moment, Ruan Qiao fell into a embrace.

The powerful arm was around her waist, and the other hand ran over her from in front of her and fell on her small shoulder. It gently raised and fell again, like shooting something precious, carefully and very gentle.

The man behind had little strength, but he firmly caught her.

The boy’s low voice sounded in her ear and passed along her auricle into the brain sea. The body was touched, and her ears were itchy, and the cold breath surrounded her.

Su Xi: “help.”

【 bullet screen 】!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sound is so good that you can hear pregnancy!

[barrage] ah, this hero’s beauty saving wonton, love.

[barrage] there are more stems from a game than my pink cloud God in the past six months


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