After reopening the escape game Chapter 60

Ruan Qiao coughed, turned and walked forward a few steps, turned and saw that Su Xi didn’t follow up.

She sent a team invitation.

The boy’s eyes under his cloak and hat moved slightly, the corners of his mouth slightly curved, and soon sipped.

[team Channel] [wonton sweep] has joined the team.

[team Channel] [soft] I’ll go to the next floor.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] the basement is a high-level trading area. Most of them are stores opened by players themselves. Things are also very expensive. You may not have enough money.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji]? Wait a minute.

Xiong Ji didn’t speak. Ruan Qiao continued to walk towards the central platform. Su Xi followed her. The two were separated by three or four people.

The closer you get to the central tower, the greater the density of players.

Su Xi looked at the small figure in front of him and hesitated for a while. The message was typed out and deleted. Finally, he sent a message in the team.

[team Channel] [wonton sweep] I have money in my account. What do you want to buy?

Because I can’t hear the news, and I can’t see the expression of the party.

So this message reads like

How does it feel to go shopping with Mr. Ba?

Ruan Qiao smiled and took another look.

Because the key words such as money and account are mentioned, the team channel automatically jumps out a red message.

[team Channel] [safety reminder] risk reminder! Please pay attention to fraud, do not trust remittance, winning and other information, and do not send verification code and other information to the other party!

[team Channel] [wonton sweep]

[team Channel] [wonton sweep] I’m not a liar, and I won’t let you remit money to me

Ruan Qiao stopped, his mouth bent again and again, and finally stabilized his expression.

No, the man explained it seriously. It’s so cute!

Su Xi also walked to her side and asked her with a little doubt, “what are you laughing at?”

Ruan Qiao smiled: “nothing.”

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] you don’t have to go. Area B has been upgraded in recent days and the entrance has been closed temporarily.

Ruan Qiao was a little surprised, but he was almost in front of the elevator. He really couldn’t. He had to buy a garbage backpack in area a to make do with it.

She turned and was about to leave, but she heard a cry all around.

Looking up, several figures fell from the sky and became clearer and clearer.

Their speed is average. They obviously use props.

There was an elevator from the central platform, but all the parties in this group of opinion centers took an unusual road.

The players below spread out automatically, revealing a circular open space. Only Ruan Qiao and Su Xi stood still.

She’s watching the team channel and he’s watching her.

So different from the people around who ate melons quickly, it was too late for them to come back.

The first person to land was as white as snow, but his skin was more white and did not appear abrupt. The cross shaped dark silver ear nail flashed on the earlobe on the side facing Ruan Qiao.

Immediately after, seven or eight black figures fell one after another, vaguely forming an encirclement circle to surround the white haired youth.

It also includes Ruan Qiao and Su Xi.

Pian guanglingyu looks at the two cloaked people next to him and finds that he can’t spy on each other’s appearance. Although he can see their existence, he will forget it as soon as his attention is removed.

They are clearly there, but they just can’t form a clear image in their own heart.

He was a little curious, his eyes fixed on the man in the cloak. Try to use other abilities and props to inquire about each other’s appearance, but they all fail.

The tall man in the cloak seemed to be very sensitive to his eyes. He took a few steps forward and just blocked his eyes from looking at the short man in the cloak.

Jiuqu Fengtao has been staring at the firefly window snow case. He is muscular, wearing combat clothes, tall and strong, murderous and full of momentum.

The man’s voice was loud and resounded through the audience: “this is your last chance. As long as you sell the coffin to us, you will have endless benefits in the future. Think about it, there is no good end against us! As long as we are in the isolation area for one day, your goods will never be sold.”

After landing, the firefly stood up straight, with a straight back and a nice voice with some sarcasm: “no one sells the garbage team.”

Jiuqu Fengtao was angry: “who the fuck do you say is rubbish?”

The narrow eyes of the firefly window snow case looked at the past: “I don’t have a number of B in my heart?”

Ruan Qiao felt too comfortable listening to this, and silently praised it in his heart.

It is worthy of being a snowstorm case she knows.

In the current situation, it’s inconvenient for her to tell him her true identity, but it doesn’t prevent her from joining the disgusting wer team.

Jiuqu Fengtao suppressed his anger: “think about your goods, are you sure?”

The firefly window snow case looked at his eyes. If the other party really turned out his coffin, it’s really hard to say.

The red haired boy looked indifferent and didn’t say anything.

Jiuqu Fengtao saw that the other party was still hard spoken and thought that he could only be hard. When he was about to speak, he heard a girl’s voice suddenly ring out: “who said he couldn’t sell?”

Fengtao in zone 9 noticed that there were two strange players shrouded in black cloaks.

The short cloaked man said, “I’ll take it.”

Jiuqu Fengtao: “?”

Not to mention that the firefly snow case is a friend she knows. She’s very happy that the wer team can’t achieve its goal.

Don’t you want to force people to sell SS props and press goods?

Then she’ll buy it all.

Ruan Qiao happens to be the kind of person who doesn’t bother to run many times. These foods are enough for all her copy expenses in the future. It’s really not good. If she changes hands in the past, she can make a little money.

She won’t lose money on both sides.

As for the cruel pursuit released by wer, if she was afraid, it would not be Ruan Qiao.

There was some accident that someone would help him, but after looking at the list of friends, there were not many people alive. They were all in the game.

He didn’t have many friends at first. Now a stranger suddenly came out and wanted to fight with wer. He guessed that it was sent by other teams.

Since what happened six months ago, the peak period when the weir family alone crushed the whole isolation area has passed.

Now they are still very strong, but their position is not so solid. Many new teams have gradually developed.

Therefore, Jiuqu Fengtao is eager to master the resources of the peak, not only to improve themselves, but also to avoid these powerful props falling into the hands of others and threatening their status.

They used to behave like this, and now they just take it for granted.

If you have a hard bone, let the other party suffer a little, and you will have a long memory in the future.

Although the two people in front of them used hidden cloaks, their information can still be found on the mall information screen as long as the transaction is successful.

The voice of the person who spoke was a sister. He admired the case, but he was in a hurry to use the money and didn’t care too much about the purpose for which she took over the goods.

Of course, if the other party is suppressed too much by wer in the later stage, he will not stand idly by.

He doesn’t like wer anyway.

The firefly window snow case directly asked, “are you sure you want to buy them all?”

This is all the food accumulated in several main cities recently. Even if there are more gold coins, it is impossible to swallow all the goods in one bite. Those who can have such strength will not hide their body shape like the person in front of them. Each one has its own power support behind it.

His goods, the other party can win up to one tenth, is the best result.

After accepting his goods, the other party will inevitably be chased by wer, and the end of being excluded everywhere in the future has been scheduled.

So he turned his head and said in awe of the strong man, “how many gold coins do you have now?”

Ruan Qiao turned over his account.

Then he stretched out three fingers.

The slender fingers stretched out from the cloak. Although it could be seen that she was a delicate sister, it made everyone present feel that she could not be ignored.

Under the broken snow colored hair, the eyes narrowed slightly: “three million gold coins?”

Although it’s far from enough, it’s better than nothing.

As much as you can.

Ruan Qiao shook his head.

The firefly’s eyes moved: “30 million?”

Ruan Qiao continued to shake his head.

Now, even Jiuqu Fengtao’s face became serious. If the mysterious cloak man in front of him really had 300 million, it would be no problem to pack the goods of the firefly window snow case, and the effect of his pressure plan would be weakened by more than half.

“All the money in my account is on me.” Ruan Qiao said that she lowered her head to confirm the quantity and said definitely, “31800 gold coins.”

Firefly window snow case: ”

It’s over. I met a psychopath.

Jiuqu Fengtao almost laughed.

Fortunately, his cultivation as a strong team captain made him stable.

Ruan Qiao said, “I don’t have so much money now. I can get more than 30000 gold coins later. You can take a deposit and make an order transaction first. No matter how many goods you have, I want all of them.”

The big orange in her arms looked up at Ruan Qiao in surprise.

She also knows the order transaction of deposit type?

“There are 20 gold coins for ordinary food such as steamed bread and flour bread, and 15 gold coins for the most common bottle of mineral water. If it is a luxury food, the price is almost doubled.” this price is much higher than the usual price in other main cities, but it is much lower than the recent price in Tianfu. It is impossible to sell at the cost price. This price is already his bottom line.

Maybe the cloaked man in front of him is not normal, but he seems to be a friendly army at present. He has a patient attitude.

After explaining, he said, “I have a lot of goods. You have figured it out.”

Ruan Qiao said, “you forgot what’s next to the mall?”

The firefly looked at her, “golden Happy Valley?”

She happens to know a way to get rich quickly.

Although I can’t go to area B, I can’t find the humanoid ATM in the mirror, but as long as I go to Happy Valley for a fight, I can turn a bicycle into a motorcycle.

“Do you believe me?” She asked.

Anyone would not believe a player who has only tens of thousands of gold coins in his pocket and hides his appearance.

But the firefly smiled, went to the cloak man and held out his hand: “happy cooperation.”

Ruan Qiao was about to stretch out his hand, so he was mentioned behind him by Su Xi holding his cloak. His pleasant voice was low and dumb: “just deal directly.”

Originally, the tall and thin cloaked man stood behind the sister without talking or moving. Many people didn’t pay attention and thought he was a valet.

But now he spoke in a commanding tone, with the power not to allow anyone to refuse.

One can’t help but wonder whether the courage of the short cloak man was given by him.

Firefly quickly entered the information and submitted the order.

There was an uproar.

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] it’s crazy trading. The seller is crazy and the buyer is crazy!

[full service channel] [Ji Yu] only has 318000 in his pocket. He dares to accept the goods that we put out cruel words. Who gave this sister the courage, Liang Jingru?

[full service channel] [let me hear your dog barking] brother upstairs’s archaeological song list of the last century. Let me share it in private!

[full service channel] [wennian] how much is the transaction volume of firefly snow case? I’m curious! Guage, broadcast it!

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] I’ve touched the party’s circle. Don’t worry!

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] orders have been generated! Oh, shit! God has no fucking background, no backers, poor poor weak chicken businessman on the verge of bankruptcy and forced to sell, I rely on!!

[full service channel] [whatever] brother Gua, don’t be busy. Roll the keyboard. Say it, say it!

Among the screens under the central platform, a blue order page is particularly eye-catching, because the quantity of goods is very large and the total price is extremely high, so it occupies more page space than other information.

In the cargo information, the number in tens of thousands is dazzling, but in summary, it is all kinds of food and water.

From low-grade food to high-grade food, from steamed bread and steamed bread to barbecue hot pot.

The final price says: [total order price] 640 million gold coins.


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