After reopening the escape game Chapter 61

Seeing so much food and water, Jiuqu Fengtao’s face is not good-looking.

I’m still a man with a background.

It seems that it is not an exaggeration to say that the firefly snow case bought most of the food in several main cities. There are not only tens of thousands of high-grade food, but also millions of low-grade food. It can be predicted that the quantity of food on the market will be greatly discounted for a long time in the future.

If the other party is deliberately embarrassed and does not sell the food to the players of the wer team and the club behind it, they can only buy the food again from other channels, which undoubtedly increases unnecessary economic expenses.

Although many copies of the map of the spring competition need to consume food, the major teams are now focused on purchasing props, weapons and skill cards, and have been ignoring food that has always been greater than the saturation of the market. Food, water and other things are very scarce in the early stage of the launch of the isolation area, resulting in extremely high prices. Therefore, more and more players produce these things in their own main space.

Over time, food has far exceeded the demand, and even many high priced foods only meet the tastes of a small number of rich people, which can not be digested by the market.

On the contrary, a variety of strange props and weapons have been launched one after another, which makes the price of these scarce goods that can intuitively improve their strength rise. As long as you have strength, what can’t you grab in the copy?

Robbing NPC and players can be solved.

Therefore, the price of food will fall sharply.

However, if it is the firefly snow case, which is an almost monopolistic food trading volume, there is no doubt that it will have a severe impact on the market. As long as the buyer holds a large amount of food in the market and the new materials are not mature, the rise of food prices is bound to occur.

In fact, if it were not for the unexpected urgent need of a large number of gold coins, the firefly window snow case would not sell this batch of goods.

So, Jiuqu Fengtao, who always thought he was sure to win, began to panic.

But as captain, he has to be steady.

No problem, he comforted himself.

The girl film that came out of nowhere was impulsive. When she saw the turnover, she would be counselled.

He snorted coldly, and his voice was higher: “who do you sell so much at one time? Don’t be too naive. The food is overstocked. After the new food is put into the market, you can only sell it at a low price, and finally lose everything!”

Although there is no gang or guild system in the isolation area, there are many teams under each club, focusing on the club and cultivating a large number of players.

Although there is no official organization, many forces have been formed privately.

Those who can trade goods in large quantities are either businessmen and players specializing in business, or the clubs behind the major teams. But even large and medium-sized clubs do not have such a large trading volume at one time.

It’s more like something done by some merchant players who are bent on making money in the isolation area.

So the key point of the problem is, which merchant player power is behind this hidden little girl?

Ruan Qiao didn’t panic at all. He opened the commodity interface and took the order.

[system] you are trading in excess goods. Please pay all the payment within 24 hours, otherwise you will be placed on the blacklist of dishonest persons and banned from the market according to the unpaid amount. At the same time, you will also be warned in your credit file in real life.

[system] your total turnover is 640 million gold coins. If the payment is not paid on time, the market will be closed in 1777.

Failure is basically equivalent to a lifelong ban on orders, and even affects the credit situation in real life. The cloak man must be very careful. Jiuqu Fengtao breathed a sigh of relief and gave good advice. Maybe there is room for turning around.

So he raised his voice, repeatedly hinted that his initiative was still in his hand, and then said, “this…”

Ruan Qiao was only a little surprised to see the high amount of orders. Although the price is really high, she has not handled such a large amount of transactions before.

Although I feel like a white wolf with empty hands now, don’t counselle, just go up.

Without hesitation, she directly clicked the button to confirm the transaction, so that Jiuqu Fengtao’s words were completely blocked in her throat.

Then she turned around and continued, “I won’t sell it to anyone.”

Jiuqu Fengtao: why should I negotiate with a group of madmen

Do you know how much the order was just taken?

They cried when the goods were overstocked and could not be sold at a loss. Seeing that the order had been completed, Jiuqu Fengtao gave up persuasion and signaled that the people in the team would be ready to start later. He still asked Ruan Qiao: “no force can digest so many materials internally. Who can you buy it for?”

Melon seeds and peanuts hurry to send a message on the full service channel.

Because only he wore a hidden dress and sneaked near the parties to hear their voices.

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] cloak girl is crazy! In order to disgust, the nine winds and waves are cruel enough!

[full service channel] [Ziqing] come on! What did they say?

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] Jiuqu Fengtao asked sister cloak who she bought so much food for!

[full service channel] [Xihe] wonder which super power this cloaked girl is

[full service channel] [morning and evening face] can super forces take tens of thousands of gold coins with them when they go out?

[full service channel] [Jin Huan] brother, come on, I’m so anxious! What did sister cloak say? Did you mention your identity?

The eyes of melon seeds and peanuts are firmly fixed on the cloak man, and his ears are straight. As soon as the other party opens his mouth, the first-hand news will be passed on.

Then he heard the girl’s careless voice: “I’ll buy it and eat it myself, can’t I?”



Melon seeds and peanuts have always been proud of the speed of their hands. With a frown, they feel that the degree of sand carving of cloak people is not simple.

Just when he hesitated, someone had sent the message first.

[full service channel] [min Songyue] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The girl’s belly is not a boat, is it Noah’s Ark?

[full service channel] [a dog monster] I rely on the peak of food

[full service channel] [Lin Shen] I also want to buy 600 million food, throw it in my backpack and eat it myself

[full service channel] [a sugar] poverty makes me beyond recognition

Ruan Qiao didn’t care about the attitude of Jiuqu Fengtao and directly invited yingchuanxue case to enter the team.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] sisters, come and eat melons. There’s a devil on the central high platform. It’s crazy. I bought 600 million food and water at one go. After that, there are only 314000 in my pocket, and there are zero and whole.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] it’s said that the buyer is two cloaks. Did wonton wear a cloak today? Does the cloak have a wisdom reduction buff?

[team Channel] [wonton sweep] sisters?

Is there only three people in the team?

Xiong Ji bought some arrows. He originally wanted to see the guns, but he didn’t like it after turning around, so he ate melons while browsing the commodity page.

With the addition of the cloak man, the subsequent story continues to become magical.

Seeing the news of wonton sweeping, Xiong Ji found that there seemed to be something wrong with his words just now.

But before she could think it over, she saw

[team Channel] [snow screen case] has joined the team

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji]??

[team Channel] [soft] go out with me later and pay the balance as soon as you make money.

[team Channel] [firefly snow case] line.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji]??

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] Yes, is that what I think? Wait, you guys. Cloak man??

[team Channel] [soft] sister, don’t panic, it’s not a problem.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] do you know that the players waiting for your heads outside and inside have burst the whole horror mall station??

[team Channel] [soft] don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. You’ll quit the team and go against us.

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] no, I mean,

[team Channel] [Xiong Ji] the setting of tens of millions of people besieging and killing out with blood. It’s very interesting to think about it! Please take me with you!

Although the situation looked very serious, Xiong Ji’s eyes lit up when he typed this line.

Yes, the very excited, eager light.


The first-hand news that melon seeds and peanuts were robbed was depressing. Suddenly I remembered that I had a big explosion point.

After the order is generated, everyone is crazy clicking on the order message, resulting in page paralysis and unable to refresh the information.

However, the experience of melon seeds and peanuts mixed in area a of terrorist hypermarkets all year round has played a role at this time – just need the tips on the access path to transfer from an insignificant link to multiple information streams, and you can enter the transaction information page in advance when others are waiting to load.

So he finished the operation quickly and got the order information as expected.

However, seeing the real ID and situation of the cloak man, melon seeds and peanuts were silent again.

He bugged?

It’s refreshed again.


Are all the newcomers in the monster series now?

But in the end, the hands of melon seeds and peanuts holding cigarettes trembled slightly, but still sent a message.

Because of this news, the full service channel went crazy again.

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] buyer information ID: soft, level: level 10.

But this madness is not the madness of eating melons, but a curse.

Players are all questioning melon seeds and peanuts, sending false messages and malicious rumors, and players say that he is making fake purely to attract attention. The lake is green, and there is no professional ethics of melon sellers.

[full service channel] [ah Hui] everyone hasn’t refreshed it. Don’t tell the source of your news first. Even if it’s made up, it’s too fake, isn’t it?

[full service channel] [Ziqing] I’ve also read books. Don’t think of me!

[full service channel] [snow of snow is] brother Guazi finally embarked on this road of no return

[full service channel] [human nature] is on the scene. Sorry, hehe. Level 10 players smashed hundreds of millions of orders? If it’s true, I eat shit live

The news is all brushed out by the players of the horror mall. The players in other areas are watching the change and waiting to eat melons.

Even Jiuqu Fengtao frowned, thinking whether to catch the player running the train and kill him first.

What do you mean, a player would not hesitate to take orders for hundreds of millions of gold coins in order to hit their wer face, and then he has only level 10 and just left the novice village?

If such a rumor is revealed to the game forum, we will not become the laughing stock of all players, and our prestige will be greatly reduced.

In the warm-up stage of spring competition, the loss of popularity is not enough to compensate for 10000 times of dog death!

Jiuqu Fengtao points out the communication channel, and a top message scolding the rumor dog has not been sent out yet.

“Drop -”

“Didi didi -”


In an instant, with the high platform as the center, everyone’s white mall information page was gradually loaded, showing the order details with a blue background.

It’s like a white ocean, welcoming blue waves, rippling in circles.

The full service channel was silent for ten seconds.

Finally a man asked weakly.

[full service channel] [No. 101] what’s the matter? Brothers in the horror mall, make a noise??

Players outside the horror mall are waiting for news, and players inside the mall are quiet.

It’s not that they don’t send messages, but that they are so complicated that they don’t know what to say.

Until a minute later.

[full service channel] [human nature] is there any food that can be confused with the real and looks no different from shit?


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