After reopening the escape game Chapter 62

Jiuqu Fengtao: “we are not so poor that we only offer a reward for a head.”

The implication is to kill the cloak man here.

However, Ruan Qiao is not in a hurry. With Su Xi, it is unlikely to kill them here. To say the least, even if her fists are hard to defeat her four feet, Su Xi really told her that Ruan Qiao can finish the task ahead of time, and she won’t lose.

As for the end, there is a mirror, and the urban management team is not a vegetarian.

Ruan Qiao and yingchuanxue reached a consensus on the case. When Xiong Ji came, the four left directly.

Su Xi, wearing a cloak, lagged behind Ruan Qiao. His good-looking side face was hidden in the cloak. He didn’t speak or know what he was thinking.

Jiuqu Fengtao raised his hand and waved with his left hand. The players in front made a way out.

Looking at the cooperation of players in the hypermarket, we can know how many people here have been bought by Jiuqu Fengtao.

As the captain of wer, tall and strong, he just stood there, full of oppression and explosive force.

Things didn’t go to the best situation expected by Jiuqu Fengtao. The quantity of food shown in the commodity order made him feel a little uneasy. Firefly snow case is much more mysterious than he looks. He thought he was an ordinary player without background, but now he has to re-examine this person.

Pian guanglingyu feels bored. Although the two cloaks are mysterious, he doesn’t want to waste his time on these things.

He’s just a level 10 player. Even if he stirs up any splashes now, he’ll learn a lesson in the end. Be honest.

[group chat channel] [Pian guanglingyu] I’ll go back to training.

[group chat channel] [Jiuqu Fengtao] took the coffin for the team, not for me.

[group chat channel] [Pian guanglingyu] everyone knows what you’re doing. There’s no need to be clear.

Jiuqu Fengtao hates his teeth itching, but he can only endure the strength of the other party.

After sending the message, pianguanglingyu directly crushed the rare acceleration props, turned into a red light and rushed out of the horror mall.

No one stopped him. The white light from the wilderness flashed, and Pian Guangyu left directly.

Jiuqu Fengtao knew that it was not easy for him to call this ancestor. Although he didn’t wait until the last minute, there were so many players. Even if it was a wheel battle, they consumed them one by one.

What’s more, as a level 30 player, he won’t be afraid of these three newcomers.

Now let them out of the mall and attack outside can be effective.

Ruan Qiao walked out of the ghost’s mouth. The road ahead was blocked by countless players until the front of the array.

Jiuqu Fengtao just added two cloaks to the list of rewards. In the eyes of these players, these three people are not players, but walking diamonds and gold mines.

As long as you come up with a shovel, all that falls down is money.

The road in front is full of water, and the players who follow from the hypermarket in the back also break their way back.

Jiuqu Fengtao was the first to do it. He chose Ruan Qiao, a level 10 player, as the target from the beginning.

As long as they are caught off guard and kill the cloaker who dominates the trading order in front of them, the scene will be more inclined to wer.

Jiuqu Fengtao had a good idea, but he ignored the tall cloaked man standing on the side of Ruan Qiao.

At the same moment when his feet were moving, dozens of black metal feathers had been formed, breaking through the air like an arrow of death.

“Is that you?”

When Jiuqu Fengtao saw the familiar weapon, a trace of panic appeared in the fundus of his eyes.

With his skill, it is not difficult to avoid black feather now, but the shadow left by this thing is so big that his movements are out of rhythm with his breathing.

Although some of the black feathers escaped and flew away, three others were firmly inserted into his shoulder.

The four confidants next to him were directly cut by a feather and immediately returned to the main space.

Jiuqu Fengtao looked up and saw the black cloak moving with the wind. The cold white moon sprinkled on his dark blue enchanted pattern road, which looked mysterious and exquisite.

The short cloaker was blocked behind him, and the tall cloaker stretched out his bony fingers, pinched the edge of the brim, and gently took off his hat.

He stood on the black wilderness, with thousands of players in front of and behind him, and his dark head could not see the edge.

Ling lie’s black hair moved with the wind, the dark pupils showed bloodthirsty red light, and the cold facial features looked indifferent.

In the eyes of Jiuqu Fengtao, he dragged down his hood like the God of death returning from the abyss.

Wonton swept,

Ranking first in Tianfu strength list.

As soon as he shot, he showed the strength of second killing intermediate players. Let the players who were ready to move around take their hands and take the reward, but they also have to make an effective attack.

It’s not cost-effective to be sent back to the main space without touching other people’s clothes.

Jiuqu Fengtao’s face became cold. Judging from the feeling of the black feather just now, wonton should soon break through level 30. He thought he had the strength to deal with this man after half a year.

But just a simple fight made Jiuqu Fengtao vaguely feel that the gap between them was not as close as he thought.

Although there was no complete fight, he was not sure whether he could beat the other party. It’s not good. There are thousands of nearby players besieging. He doesn’t believe that wonton can get benefits.

But the spring game is coming. If we get into this madman again, we will be tired of coping between professional players and madman players.

For a moment, his eyes changed from eager to try to worried, then unwilling, and finally seemed to think of some creepy feeling in his memory. He fought a cold war, and finally took a step back unconsciously.

Jiuqu Fengtao pulled out the black feather on his arm and threw it away. The metal fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Xiong Ji, standing on the side of Ruan Qiao, has replaced the arrow he just bought and is ready to do a big job.

However, she found that the players around her who were originally hungry wolves began to retreat and disperse.

Looking back at the arrogant captain wer, I found that the explosive atmosphere had disappeared.

Xiong Ji opens the full service channel, and the top reward message has been removed.

[full service channel] [Jiuqu Fengtao] today’s debt, we wrote it down and settled it together after the spring game. The one surnamed Yun, wait for us.

The trend of things was completely beyond the expectation of other players. Originally, I thought there would be a battle. Unexpectedly, only a few people died, and Jiuqu Fengtao retreated.

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] I know what’s going on!

[full service channel] [pineapple stem] brother Gua, I’ll never say you’re green again! Say it!

[full service channel] [twister] 1 seek the truth!

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] everyone only knows that the cloak girl is a level 10 newcomer. I don’t know the identity of another tall cloak man! This is the real God!

[full service channel] [how koi is trained] it’s wonton!

[full service channel] [pulse pressing belt] full service first??

[full service channel] [pink fat fool] is the first in the strength list, not the first in the grade.

[full service channel] [hey, hey] it’s the same for me and other spicy chickens. Brother Gua, say it quickly. Jiuqu Fengtao’s violent temper doesn’t look like a counselor who will be scared away by the great God

Melon seeds and peanuts sped up, and a crackling message was sent out.

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] time is limited. I’ll make a long story short. Please go to the game forum to see my post later!

[full service channel] [Nanyu] look! You say it!

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] six months ago, Jiuqu Fengtao retired for a period of time. Later, it was revealed that he was not retired, but chased and killed by a madman for half a month. It was useless for him to change his clothes and run. His level directly fell from 32 to 20!

[full service channel] [melon seeds and peanuts] that madman is wonton!

[full service channel] [shallow] what do I owe so much?

[full service channel] [habitat] I seem to have heard about the loss of class. Wasn’t it lost by wer public relations later? It said it was personal resentment or something.

Even if it was later revealed that Jiuqu Fengtao was chased and killed, the information on the Internet and the information of the parties were soon deleted by wer. Before the fermentation of public opinion, the matter was strangled in the cradle. Melon seeds and peanuts have learned a little by virtue of years of experience in eating melons.

But even he didn’t know why wonton did it.

There was a lot of noise on the channel. They were wondering whether we would retaliate after the spring game. Someone guided the topic with rhythm and said that we endured it for the time being just to preserve our strength, not afraid. He said that Jiuqu Fengtao is not advice, but more mature and knows how to take the overall situation into account.

Because there are many people who agree, most players are also skeptical and think it’s really the case.

Otherwise, it’s too abnormal for wer’s usual style of behavior.

However, many players began to be interested in the name of wonton sweep. Although they have seen it in the strength list before, it is only a cold ID. Far less than the impact of the matter at hand.

Although Jiuqu Fengtao has gone, the remaining players are still waiting to see the follow-up of sky high orders. However, the combat effectiveness swept by wonton is strong enough to make Jiuqu Fengtao retreat without fighting, and they dare not come forward to try.

The reward information has been withdrawn. If you die, you have to pay for it yourself!

Many people left the horror mall, and less than half of the players stayed to see the follow-up.

The firefly looked up at the white moon in the sky and asked Ruan Qiao, “go to the casino?”

Ruan Qiao: “let’s go.”

Across the black soil, the color of the soil under your feet becomes dark red, as if you came to another world.

Red city.

The entrance of Jinguang Happy Valley is a hall beyond the horizon. Crystal chandeliers are hung under the floor made of gold at the top. There is a circular transmission array every 100 meters, which can enter the second floor.

All the way from the middle to the roof, there is a huge tetrahedral screen, similar to the central screen of the horror mall, which is used to display all kinds of information.

All kinds of playing methods are dazzling.

As Ruan Qiao entered here for the first time, a huge announcement page appeared in front of her.

[Jinguang Happy Valley] welcome!

The cradle of sudden wealth, the struggle of wisdom!

Play games in the happy valley. There are many joys.

Please note the following information:

  1. You can only stay in Happy Valley for three hours every day. Although the golden light is good, don’t indulge!
  2. Cherish life and stay away from gambling!
  3. If you want to challenge the boss [sunny every day], please be ready to lose your underwear. Of course, we will arrange the most powerful pomp for you to make you happy and decent!

After clicking read, the announcement disappeared and the party entered the hall.

The melon eating players behind him followed from a distance.

Big orange explained lazily in Ruan Qiao’s arms: “this is the golden light Happy Valley. You can exchange happy beans for games in the information interface. There are hundreds of houses, roulette, size… Information interfaces, and you can also find out where the nearest game table is.”

[WOW! This is the last moment!]

The sound of the system can be heard in the vast hall. Ruan Qiao looked up and his eyes were easily attracted by the large screen in the center.

Above the big screen, there is a square platform with a very wide table and two people sitting face to face.

There are several virtual shadows of fonts on the table and people.

——“Five Card Stud”

Because the main pictures of the large screen are broadcasting the pictures of the suspension station, and there are small screens in other parts of the hall, many players can see the situation above.

There were only two people on the stage, a fat man in blue, with his small eyes shining. Opposite him sat a young woman in her early twenties. She was dressed very well, with long brown curly hair on her shoulders, and a long cotton and hemp skirt revealing an elegant temperament.

Ruan Qiao poked the big orange, It remembered its duty as a guide ELF: “Five stallions are poker games. At the beginning of the game, each player can receive a dark card as his own bottom card. When distributing the number of subsequent cards, other players can choose to bet, raise or give up. After the five cards are sent, players judge the size by comparing the arrangement, points and colors of the five cards in their hand. The player with the largest card wins all the joy on the table Beans. ”

[last bet ~]

[player [fa cai Jin Bao] selects [show hand]]

The firefly window snow case looked at the situation in the eye field: “from the open card face, the stupid fat man has a great advantage. He is sure.”

Ruan Qiao: “then you still call people stupid and fat?”

Firefly window snow case: “although I don’t know the card game in front, looking at tiantianqing’s performance alone, it must be a win. Stupid fat man and note are a dead end. What’s more, he chose show hand.”

It’s not that he hasn’t challenged tiantianqing. With more experience of failure, he can naturally see some ways.

This is why the game can be played online, but there is a golden Happy Valley. The other party’s reaction is sometimes more important than the cards in his hand.

Although I didn’t win, I didn’t lose too ugly.

Later, the case directly crossed out the challenge to the boss from his wealth plan.

Don’t bet, bet is lose.

Sure enough, after opening the card, the fat man looked like death. After taking off his clothes and pants, he was directly dragged away by Happy Valley NPC in his underpants.

Sadness and music rang out in the audience. Even the lights turned black and white, and white flowers fell in the air.

One can’t see the collective falling flowers in the side hall. The picture is beautiful and sad.

Holographic white flowers soon disappeared, and the hall recovered its resplendent appearance.

It’s really decent to walk

[player [fa cai Jin Bao] challenge failed! What a pity ~]

The high-altitude floating platform gradually fell, and the woman clapped her hands and walked slowly to Ruan Qiao.

She said, “welcome.”

“A bet?” Ruan Qiao asked her.

“The exchange ratio between gold beans and gold coins is one to one,” tiantianqing smiled, which made people feel good and put down their guard: “little sister, but I remember you just spent all the gold coins next door?”

Ruan Qiao took out the black coffin: “this is what you can change.”

It is a common practice for players to exchange items for happy beans. At the end of the game and when leaving Happy Valley, if the players win the same happy beans as they get when they mortgage, they can take away the items.

However, the original price redemption is only valid for three days. After three days, the ownership of the goods will completely belong to Jinguang Happy Valley.

Although the origin of this mysterious coffin is unknown, Ruan Qiao estimates that it can be exchanged for at least tens of thousands of gold coins.

Tiantianqing originally had a gentle smile. After Ruan Qiao took out the small coffin, the gentle and weak breath dispersed and her eyes became sharp. She took the coffin and looked at it for half a minute before she said, “are you sure to change it?”

Ruan Qiao nodded.

Tiantianqing touched the surface of the coffin: “I’m not sure about this thing, so I’ll give you a reserve price.”

She snapped her fingers.

Immediately after that, Ruan Qiao found that there was a happy bean attribute in his account, and the subsequent number rose from 1 to 100 in an instant.



The number is still rising.


Finally, freeze frame on 300W.

Even Ruan Qiao, who had already been mentally prepared, was surprised by the price given by tiantianqing.

I didn’t expect the coffin to be so valuable, but the reserve price is high, and the time for her to win the required amount will be shorter. It’s not a bad thing for Ruan Qiao.

The boss tiantianqing is an NPC in Jinguang Happy Valley. She has advanced intelligence. Because she has to deal with players often on weekdays, tiantianqing also stores the concepts of players and games in her thinking.

Like normal players, you can even check the communication channel every sunny day.

She has long noticed the soft player.

Xiong Ji came to Ruan Qiao’s ear and whispered, “tiantianqing is not proficient in gambling. It’s absolutely no problem to win her overnight wealth, but countless players have challenged countless times in different ways and have not succeeded. See the brother who just lost with only underwear? He has his own store in area B.”

“Now, it has changed from ownership to ownership.”

There are certain restrictions in Jinguang Happy Valley, such as the anti addiction mechanism and minimum money protection that can only stay in it for up to three hours a day.

Unless it’s sunny every day, you rarely lose in happy valley.

Ruan Qiao used to play as an arc. Tiantianqing is worthy of being the gambling God of the isolation area. It is really strong. But Ruan Qiao also inadvertently found one of her weaknesses.

Tiantianqing likes a way to play, but as soon as she enters that game, the whole person is not awake, and her predictive power and thinking ability decline sharply. In other words, she is forced to drop her intelligence.

Tiantianqing likes this gambling method very much, but she always loses miserably, so she tries to hide any information about her love for it, but the more suppressed she is, the more she wants to play in her heart.

Ruan Qiao also got valuable clues from a copy. She knew Tianqing’s hobby. Only high-value challenges would be carried out in the hall. She had played with Tianqing once before, and the blocking was not big. Neither of them was poor in money, and she didn’t let other players know.

Tiantianqing’s fingers rolled the hair on her shoulders: “how about, what kind of play do you want to challenge?”

Ruan Qiao took off his hood and showed a handsome white face with a light in his curved eyes: “the game I want to play, two people can’t play.”

Anyway, her identity has been known, and wer’s people are not there. Her hat is in her sight, so she just put it down like Su Xi.

Ruan Qiao finished and turned his expectant eyes to Su Xi.

Su Xi: “I don’t gamble.”

He doesn’t like the feeling of leaving fate to illusory luck.

Ruan Qiao clicked on the game interface and sent an invitation to Su Xi and tiantianqing at the same time.

Tiantianqing originally had a indifferent expression and exquisite facial features. When she didn’t talk, she was completely quiet and good-looking.

But when she saw the game invitation, her slightly narrowed eyes suddenly opened. Under her long eyelashes, the dark pupils twinkled with excitement, as if the fish hadn’t seen water for 800 years and the hungry wolf who had eaten vegetables for 3000 years saw food.

Every day sunny face swings out beautiful dimples, and slender fingers are happy. Soon, they click to accept the invitation.

Su Xi just stood with a long, thin shadow. Under the roof made of gold, he was cut into mottled holy light through the light of white gemstones, and covered his black cloak with a thin layer of warm Phnom Penh.

He lowered his eyes: “no mood, boring, whatever you play, in short,”

Word by word, “I won’t participate.”

Ruan Qiao: ”

“If you don’t play, go to the dice area next to you. There is a cold spring and it’s cool.” The firefly window snow case went to Ruan Qiao and looked at the familiar appearance of the girl in front of him. He had a guess in his heart. But he didn’t ask. He put his hands into his pocket obliquely and looked down at Ruan Qiao: “let me come.”

The firefly window snow case is good-looking. The slender legs stand straight and look down at the delicate girl. There is a silver flash between the snow-white short hair.

Both of them have good looks, especially their height difference. Coupled with the orders of the firefly snow case just now, many people feel that he has changed from a miserable and frustrated businessman to a president with orders of hundreds of millions.

Some players began to take crazy screenshots and brush messages on the channel.

[full service channel] [the mountain is not trapped in the wind] this picture is so beautiful. You don’t know how beautiful two people are when the light comes down!

[full service channel] [genius Gatsby] brother Xue’s Earrings flash into my heart!! Don’t look too handsome when you bow your head and ask questions gently!

[full service channel] [resurrection] what filter is upstairs? Where is the gentle look of Xuejie talking with a knife?

It’s the same for another person. The firefly snow case is more shrewd. Ruan Qiao is about to nod, but he hears the news of the system.

[system] your invitation has been accepted by the player. The group game is completed and the game begins!

In front of Ruan Qiao, a triangular floating platform rose slowly. The edge of the platform was covered with golden streamer. A pile of virtual treasures and red envelopes were turned out in the middle, and the fountain generally spread around.

A circular light array appeared at the feet of Ruan Qiao, Su Xi and tiantianqing. After the light, the three were transmitted to the platform.

Yuanbao red envelope fountain has disappeared, and a virtual table covered with a triangular green tablecloth has been replaced in the middle.

Three golden characters floating on the top of the platform are shining, which can be seen by the players in the whole hall.

——”Fighting the landlord”

The sound of the system resounded through the hall.

[a new round of challenge game begins ~!]

The fourth copy is happy to fight the landlord


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