After reopening the escape game Chapter 63

63: Happy Landlords (1)

Fighting the landlord with tiantianqing is basically a sure win.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes fell on tiantianqing. Although the other party was eager to try, Ruan Qiao did not reduce his heart’s preparedness and vigilance.

I always think there will be something unexpected.

After all, she hasn’t been to this place for a long time.

The participants of the game are standing on three sides of the triangular table. All players in the happy valley can see the process of the game at the same time through screen broadcasting in all directions.

The sound of the system has also become much more exciting than before.

[this is the first time that someone chose to fight against the landlord in the challenge, which makes people look forward to it very much!]

On the screen, the number of happy beans is displayed under each person’s ID.

Soft: 300W

Wonton: 300W

Sunny day:?? w

Su Xi exchanged the same amount of happy beans as her, and there were too many happy beans in sunny days to show.

Ruan Qiao was observing tiantianqing’s expression, but suddenly noticed a gentle look.

Under the bright light of the golden Happy Valley, the young man wearing a black cloak reflected a little starlight in his eyes. The beautiful outline crossed a soft light, and his broken black hair looked at her seriously.

The triangular gambling table is very big, and the distance between them is not close.

But he looked at her like time was frozen at this moment.

Ruan Qiao couldn’t understand the emotion in his eyes. It was too complex. It was dark into ink. It couldn’t be fully melted, and it was cherished carefully.

She was also stunned. She looked at Su Xi with some confusion. The boy’s eyes were too dark, and her heart pounded.


Suddenly there was a happy sound of music. Along with the landowner BGM, there was a gorgeous clown on the triangular table. Only half of his body was exposed on the table, connected with the table below the waist, and the red lips on his pale face were exaggerated.

The clown smiled and split into three clowns, each facing three players.

The three clowns as like as two peas are crowded together. Every clown has a stack of playing cards in his hand.

Shuffle, draw.

The three clowns act the same and draw the same cards. They are divided into three clowns to watch the cards simultaneously.

[licensing rules for happy landlords]

Please pay attention to the rules of the game

Bottom score: 1000.

Number of cards: 54 playing cards, each of which is divided into four colors: sword, coin, crutch and wine glass, as well as two clown cards.

Each player can get 17 playing cards. There are three cards before dealing. The rest can’t check the cards until the identity of the landlord is determined.

Joker will randomly select a card as a fake card, which can be changed into any [non clown] playing card when the player needs it.

The player’s camp wins if the card in his hand is consumed first.

[draw fake cards now!]

The clown showed a thoughtful expression, washed the playing cards with his white glove hand, and finally showed a suddenly realized expression. He took out a card from the playing card, raised it mysteriously, and then suddenly faced the player.

Ruan Qiao:… There are so many plays.

Joker shook his head and smiled at Ruan Qiao, raising his hand.

[fake card: a]

A card has no color. It can become a fake card on any card. After a flies back to the pile, the clown draws out three cards and puts them in front of him. Then distribute the remaining cards to the player.

[after licensing, please call points.]

After the three persons have selected, the system will report the scoring situation to the whole audience.

[player’s [soft] score: 3 points!]

[player [wonton sweep] score: 3 points!]

[players [sunny every day] call points: 3 points!]

Originally, the player who called the score behind should call the score higher than the player in front, or not. If there is a player who called three points, the player is the landlord, but tiantianqing changed this rule in order to enjoy the double pleasure of high scores.

Another thing is that she wants to be a landlord.

When the landlord has three more cards than the average player, it’s cool to smash the cards at that time.

If one-third of the landlords are landlords, the landlords are soft and can’t turn to sunny days.

After the call, Tianqing looked at Ruan Qiao and clicked the button.

[player [tiantianqing] choose: call the landlord!]

[player [wonton] choose: call the landlord!]

[player [soft] choice: call the landlord!]

Tiantianqing lowered her head and rolled her brown hair tip. When she looked up again, her eyes revealed her confidence: “the landlord is mine!”

Wonton is a soft person. It’s impossible to have a teammate who can deal with himself every day.

[player [tiantianqing] choose: rob the landlord!]

Ruan Qiao shrugged and chose to give up.

Su Xi also tacitly chose to give up robbing the landlord.

Ruan Qiao just called the landlord just to double the bottom score. At first, she didn’t plan to rob tiantianqing.

[after the role assignment, the landlord: it’s sunny every day, the labor: it’s soft, and the labor: it’s swept by the clouds.]

[current bottom score: 218.7w]

Calling points and calling landlords will double the bottom score. At the final settlement, the bottom score here is the number of happy beans that players get / lose.

The labor is divided equally, and the landlord is a family.

[announcement of cards: A, sword 9, wine cup 9.]

[game starts!]

As the sound of the system disappeared, the clown on the desktop rotated and integrated with the green tablecloth, and finally became a flat clown pattern tablecloth. Tianqing stood up every day: “lucky for you, I got a copy of SP game. I’m worried that no one can play with me.”

“I may have little advantage over fighting landlords, but in SP copy.” Tiantianqing smiled with curved eyes: “but not necessarily.”

As soon as the voice came to an end, Ruan Qiao felt a large black curtain falling from the top of his head, enveloping himself in it. The original bright light suddenly disappeared, and even the noisy voice stopped suddenly.

The whole world is like someone pressing the pause button.

Ruan Qiao was the only one left.

After the suspension platform of the golden light happy field was shrouded in black crystals, the people below could not see the situation inside.

Soon, a picture appeared on the big screen.

The screen is divided into four parts. The first three parts are the semi God perspective of three players. The fourth part displays the game information such as the player’s ID, bottom score, number of remaining cards and so on.

In the dark world, Ruan Qiao heard the familiar prompt sound.

[welcome the intermediate player “ruanmianmian” to enter the SP copy [happy fighting the landlord], and open the game scene in 3 seconds. I wish you a happy game!]

Three seconds later, the darkness receded like a tide.

The thick dark clouds were extracted after soaking in the depths of the swamp for many days, and were placed on this land by the devil. Unknown creatures were hidden in the teeth waving bushes on the black land, and the thin branches painfully extended to the sky where there was no sunshine all day.

The huge ancient castle stands here, the hard walls are full of mottled marks, and the triangular towers rise into the clouds.

When the wind blows through here, you can hear terrible sobs.

The whole world is a monotonous color.

Pale, monotonous, terrible

This is a death castle.

There were 17 cards below Ruan Qiao’s line of sight.

No clown cards, no fake cards. The biggest cards are sword 2 and coin 2.

I haven’t seen you for many days. It’s sunny every day. I’m smart again. I know I have weaknesses in fighting the landlord. If you don’t know where to get this clue like the previous arc and be known by others, the casino that is sunny every day doesn’t have to open.

Just call the free ATM.

Tiantianqing collected copies related to fighting the landlord and added them to the gambling table. If the player challenges fighting the landlord with her, she may not lose.

Although it is reckless to play cards every day, it is common for players to fail and die in advance once their basic quality does not pass in the copy.

It is estimated that tiantianqing is also for the sake of soft level 10, so I dare to accept this challenge at ease.

But even if Ruan Qiao has only level 10, she doesn’t think she will die easily in this copy.

Sure enough, the next systematic explanation of the rules of the game confirmed Ruan Qiao’s idea.

[Rules for happy landlords victory]

Please read the player’s victory conditions carefully:

  1. If one of the landlords or laborers dies, the enemy camp wins.
  2. Any player who consumes the playing cards in his hand first wins the player’s camp.

[rules of the game of happy landlords]

Copy notice:

  1. In the SP copy, you will get your own character card. It is forbidden to leave the castle and behave like a broken man during the game.
  2. Please always pay attention to your number of playing cards and HP. Violating the rules of the game will reduce your HP. If your HP is zero, the player will die.
  3. It is forbidden to open special forms such as combat state in the process of SP copy game. Skills and backpacks have been locked.
  4. There are a lot of swords, coins, scepters and wine glasses in the castle. Please explore the specific effects yourself.
  5. Every half an hour, players have a chance to play cards. After the three players have selected the cards, the player with the largest face will visualize the playing cards, and pursue the enemy players in the next half an hour. The visualized cards will not disappear until the second round of playing opportunities come. Please pay attention to reasonably arranging the order of the cards.

This SP copy is more inclined to the setting class. At the beginning, the game rules are explained to the players in detail. The rest is to see their luck and strength.

After Ruan Qiao finished reading, the system’s reminder disappeared again.

There is an information playback button at the bottom left of her viewing angle. After clicking it, a virtual screen will appear.

It records her number of cards, information, bottom score, and her own blood volume. A long blood bar says 100 / 100.

And the time before the next game.


It’s a countdown.


Dudu Dudu.

The scene changed again. The coachman drove in front, leaving Ruan Qiao with an indifferent figure.

The black castle I saw before was getting closer and closer to them, and the sound of horse hoofs in my ears was particularly clear in the silent environment.

Although it is not night yet, the thick clouds always cover the sky here. The whole world is gray, with only simple black and white tones. The huge castle in front of us is like a death trap, but because of its wealth and power, it continues to attract people outside to fly moths to the fire.

“Thank God you finally woke up!”

Ruan Qiao turned his head and saw a woman in her early forties next to her in the carriage. She was wearing a medieval silk dress, noble hair and exquisite makeup on her face.

“Look at your bones. You’re weaker than little jasmine in dak’s house. We’ve only been in a hurry for a few days, but you fainted again!” The woman chatter without stop as like as two peas, “Oh, it’s disappointing, and you know that you saved your dirty and stinking stables, and I didn’t want to keep a charming lady! If you hadn’t looked like reda, you would have died in the famine with your stupid father.”

“When you enter the castle later, don’t forget what I taught you!”

Ruan Qiao looked down at his dress and finally couldn’t help saying, “why, suddenly?”

Hearing this, the woman seemed to have heard something terrible, and her face showed a very surprised expression: “God, my miss, what are you talking about?”

[warning: you are on the verge of collapse. Your HP is – 10.]

Ruan Qiao’s face stiffened for three seconds, then she raised her slender hand with white lace embroidered gloves, covered her face, and her voice was weak.

“Oh!” Ruan Qiao said.

“I think I must be crazy. This damn disease has confused my mind. Please give me some time and let me recall what you said.”

The woman nodded and recovered her satisfied expression.


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