After reopening the escape game Chapter 64

[character card]

Player: soft

Status: Labor

Copy persona: Sansa

The daughter of a groom in a rural town in Andia often caused unnecessary trouble because of her rose like appearance. In order to protect her daughter, the poor and timid groom had to keep her daughter in a dirty and sloppy stable all day and cover her beautiful face with soil.

After the sudden famine, Sansa, who had lost her family, was found by Mrs. Jones and brought back to wittslough castle.

Character traits (please pay attention to maintaining personal settings):

  1. After the famine, the delicate girl’s physique dropped sharply, and she would feel weak even if she took two steps.
  2. The simple girl has never left the small town in the countryside. Everything outside is novel and charming to her.
  3. When she came to a completely strange place, Sansha was very afraid and helpless.

[other traits will appear randomly with the expansion process of the copy.]

Ruan Qiao sorted it out. At present, what she wants to show is these characteristics, a weak, timid and helpless country girl who has never seen the world.

The other woman in the carriage should be Mrs. Jones mentioned in the character card.

“Oh! This damned weather is really terrible. My lovely lady, have you seen the tall ancient castle in front? My God! My poor sister, marrying the vitsnow family may be her luck or her misfortune!” After seeing Ruanjiao wake up, Mrs. Jones’s nagging constitution opened again: “what a beautiful, lively and happy girl she used to be! Although the vicksnoel family has endless money, all this has not brought her happiness. You know, this is not the first time I have received the news that her physical condition has deteriorated sharply!”

“What a misfortune!” Mrs Jones sighed again.

With that, she looked at Ruan Qiao, as if waiting for her to answer.

Ruan Qiao looked at his bad hand. Since tiantianqing has been mixed in the casino for a long time, his luck will not be bad, but he didn’t expect that everyone’s cards are so different.

Now I can only pray. Susie has a good card in his hand.

Ruan Qiao sighed, and a deep worry appeared on his good-looking face: “can you tell me more about Miss Ritas, kind lady?”

The carriage had entered the garden in front of the castle. The servants in the garden closed the iron door slowly after the carriage entered.

The mottled walls of the castle are wrapped with dead vines. Although there are many servants in the castle, they all wear uniform and monotonous black and gray clothes and look extremely depressed.

Mrs Jones fell into memory: “Of course, naive and poor little oriole, even if you don’t make this request, I’ll emphasize it with you again. Mrs. vitello, oh, that’s my poor sister, has rarely contacted us since she married here, and she and I rarely come and go. Remember, Mrs. vitello has two daughters, Ritas and Bella.”

“Three years ago, ridas disappeared, which made Mrs. vitello heartbroken. Up to now, I think her body has become unsustainable. Her husband died four years ago, and she is the only one left in the vitello family. Now, my lonely and poor sister and her little daughter Bella live alone in this isolated place It’s too tragic! ”

With that, Mrs. Jones’s eyes flashed a light, and her eyes were tightly locked on Ruan Qiao, as if she wasn’t looking at a person, But a golden mountain: “Mrs. wittsnow’s personal doctor told me that her body can only last for two or three days at most. Bella takes good care of her during these days. Of course, the last property will fall into the hands of this inexperienced little girl, my God! I can’t imagine that if she gets such a large property, she will be taken by those greedy misers and hypocritical vampires Cheated! How can I watch these tragedies happen! ”

“So, in the last few days, you must play the role of ridas well and let my sister go without regret.” Mrs. Jones nodded after saying that, extremely satisfied with her kindness.

On the surface, what Mrs. Jones said was good to fulfill Mrs. vitello’s last wish before she left, but in fact, she came for the inheritance.

Mrs. Jones repeatedly told Ruanjiao not to forget her kindness to him, and frequently hinted that she should not do anything out of line after she got the inheritance.

The implication is that “you are a fake, I can expose you with me, but as long as you listen to me, the final benefit will not be less”.

The copy just started. Of course, Ruan Qiao would not confront her. He nodded skillfully, and a light blush appeared on her white face, A pair of smart eyes with helplessness and fear: “of course I know this is doing good, but I, I’m afraid I’ll screw it up! God knows how scared I am now, in case I’m recognized by others… God, I don’t have the appearance that little sister Ritas should have in my mind.”

Ruan Qiao’s current role has delicate and lovely facial features, and a pair of eyes seem to be able to speak. It’s pathetic. She was wearing a long medieval dress with thin pleats at her waist, which made the girl’s waist not full. She looked like a person walking out of an oil painting.

With a poor and delicate expression, Ruan Qiaodun sprouted the hearts of a group of players when it was broadcast live in the happy valley hall.

“Oh! She is really a poor and beautiful little yellow warbler. I really want to hold her in my arms and love her hard. God! Look at this poor thing!” A player looked at it and suddenly made a heart holding action and wailed.

The player next to him was aroused by this sigh.

“Shit! You talk to me well, and then I’ll kick your ass with my boots!”

The hall of happy valley was suddenly filled with one translation cavity after another. Looking at the girl who had entered the hall of the ancient castle on the screen, she showed such a smile.

Xiong Ji stood in front of the snow case and blocked his sight.

Firefly snow case: ”

Xiong Ji: “you’re not a good man at first sight. Don’t look at my house.”

For the first time, the firefly window snow case was suspected to be an obscene man. He forcibly tolerated the retort, turned his head, called out a small screen next to him and continued to watch it.


There is a rotten atmosphere in the interior of the whole wittslough castle. It should be possible to see the magnificence and wealth of that year. There are exquisite sculptures and ornaments everywhere. Oil painting portraits of various characters are hung on the corridor.

Mrs. Jones led Ruanjiao to Mrs. vitello’s room. Along the way, they were followed by four maids.

“Don’t be alarmed, my little oriole, Mrs. veteslow’s personal doctor told me that she has now reached the last moment of her life, just like a candle without oil. As long as you are careful in your words and deeds, she can’t tell the difference between you and the long lost little sister Ritas, not to mention that you have a face so similar to her.” Mrs. Jones smiled and said, “of course, Miss Bella may have some words against you, but it doesn’t matter.”

“What is what?” “no,” said Ruan Qiao, who just opened her mouth and pressed down the Tucao, which was not so familiar with Mrs. wittsnow, and why she was so familiar with her private doctor. When he spoke again, he took care to make complaints about it: “is not this the largest and most magnificent castle in all of Asia? Why does it look so gloomy?”

“You just need a good rest and don’t ask about anything else. I’ve heard that Mrs. vitello has found a bodyguard for you. You don’t have to be afraid.” Mrs. Jones stopped and they came to the door of a tall room: “I think Miss Bella may have a fierce attitude towards you, which is normal. After all, any normal person who suddenly sees a family member who has been missing for three years will be so excited that he will be incoherent.”

The servant opened the door. Before Ruan Qiao saw the people inside, he had to hear a beautiful female voice with mania and dissatisfaction, Echoed in the whole huge and luxurious room: “my sister has long died. I will never admit the unidentified woman from outside! As long as she dares to step into vitello castle, I will peel off her hypocritical human skin, water the roses in the garden with her fresh blood, and scatter her bones on the stone road to be trampled by wild dogs!”

Ruan Qiao:

It seems that this is not a normal performance of people who suddenly see their relatives who have been missing for many years and are emotionally excited.

Mrs. Jones did not change her face and turned to comfort Ruanjiao: “don’t be afraid. Miss Bella must have thought of seeing you before she couldn’t control her excitement.”

Ruan Qiao hid behind Mrs. Jones, his big eyes filled with fear, and his voice trembled: “I’m afraid…”

Mrs. Jones took Ruanjiao’s hand in her backhand and patted her hands on the back. When he took Ruan Qiao into the room, Ruan Qiao saw that in front of the huge French window, there was a wheelchair with a haggard lady sitting on it.

Next to wittslough’s wife stood a teenage girl. The girl was wearing the same exquisite and beautiful long skirt, her long brown hair was curled up, and her hair was dotted with several small flowers carved of gold.

Miss Bella turned, her face as sunny as every day, with strong hostility and crazy excitement.

Mrs. vitello coughed a few times, her pale face was bloodless, her eyelids were powerless, and she spoke with great effort: “the world is always full of danger, Bella, cough, cough, I, where is the bodyguard I asked you to find for your sister to protect her safety? She finally returned to my arms and couldn’t let her have an accident again.”

Tiantianqing raised her face: “of course, the housekeeper has brought people outside the door. This is the most outstanding bodyguard of the dak family.”

Mrs. Jones doesn’t look very well. The people of the dak family are a group of sick children who are delicate and walk weakly. More sea breeze will kill them. Just because she drank an extra glass of wine at the party, little Molly of the dak family fainted on the spot!

In fact, tiantianqing got the world introduction setting when she first entered the copy, which made her reassure the housekeeper to let people in.

Dong Dong Dong.

The housekeeper was knocking at the door: “Miss Bella, the moonlight of andea, the eldest son of the dak family has arrived.”

Mrs. vitello’s mental condition was not very good. She took the initiative to say, “come in every sunny day.”

Mrs. Jones took Ruanjiao’s hand and said in a low voice, “what protection is this? The daks have no advantages except that face. The moonlight in antiya is a famous weak beauty. How can such a person protect you? Miss Bella is humiliating you and me! How can this little girl treat her elders like this!”

The housekeeper who got the approval walked into the room with the people behind him.

Tiantianqing is still staring at Ruan Qiao, trying to see how the cards are in her hand from her face, but after looking at them for a long time, the delicate girl’s face is only young when she first arrived, and lonely and helpless when she came to a strange environment. Her good-looking eyes seem to say “will there be props in this room”.

Yes, I found it long ago, okay!

Drama essence level 10, sunny every day.

I met my opponent.

The housekeeper bowed back and let the people who followed him come out.

In front of the huge French window, light light is refracted through the glass. The light black armor wrapped his body, and the vicissitudes of life on the armor revealed the owner’s experience.

His slender legs stood straight, his figure was perfectly proportioned, his waist was thin and his shoulders were wide, and his shoulders were covered in brown leather.

The cold face is integrated with the desolate castle, the thin lips are slightly pursed, and the face is so beautiful that people can’t move their eyes. Like the moonlight on a cold night, the most perfect work of the gods.

When his eyes fell on the girl in the long skirt in front of him, his deep eyes were like the black ice that had been melted for thousands of years, and gradually appeared little by little light.

The boots fell to the ground and the sound was crisp.

Su Xi went to Ruan Qiao and knelt down on one knee.

His hoarse voice was perfect. His thin lips opened slightly. He raised his eyes and looked at her. The dust jumped in the light beam. The girl’s shadow was reflected in the dark eyes.

“The morning is brilliant. Your bright eyes cross the mountains,

The moonlight fell to the ground, dimple side cheeks,

Plating you with silver,

Your eyes are your shadow,

In the wind is your song,

You are my treasure, life and the only light. ”

His voice was low and his eyes were soft: “finally I found you, my miss.”


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