After reopening the escape game Chapter 65

“My eternal treasure, diamond shining star, only faith and light,”

He looked up at the girl in front of him and said softly, “what can I do for you?”

Su Xi’s eyes were too affectionate. The narrow tail of her eyes rose slightly. Under her dense and curly eyelashes, there was a complex emotion, like the deep sea in a stormy night, which kept her firmly in mind.

The good-looking lip corner has a slightly undetectable upward arc. He should be happy, but she always feels that there is a strong sadness behind her, which can not be dispersed.

Joy and sadness,

Can appear in the eyes of one person at the same time.

The soft light beam fell on him, a white armor tailored for him. The broken black hair is pasted on the side of the face, and the angular facial features with a touch of indifference and alienation, indifferently repel the contact of the surrounding world.

Only when he saw the girl in front of him, there was light in the bottom of his eyes. It seemed that there was a shallow bright galaxy that continued to her.

As if he had just returned from the battle in Lianyuan, with dust and fatigue, his eyes firmly knelt in front of the girl he cherished and pursued all his life.

Lift your eyes and bow your head, your eyes are affectionate.

Their eyes met,

The castle is quiet and the sun is pale.

The ancient and exquisite chandelier hung on the high ceiling, and the sound of candle burning was very clear.

The boy’s beautiful voice still lingers in his ears and makes his heart beat faster.

Ruan Qiao lowered his head and bit his lips. A cloud like blush appeared on Bai temporary’s face. His lips opened gently, and his voice was like a Nightingale: “if you can speak, speak more.”.

Mrs Jones: “?”

Tiantianqing was shown a face, and her face was a little unhappy. She came here to fight the landlord, not to watch them play the game of Knight princess.

Although she was introduced by an unreliable copy, tiantianqing was not depressed. She had been psychologically prepared since she chose the copy identity. The landlord has only one person, but he can have three more cards. These three cards not only delay her from consuming the cards in her hand, but also bring her more card combinations and advantages.

There are two labourers who have joined forces to deal with her.

One more player means that they are more successful in playing cards, but in the concrete pursuit of playing cards, two people are more dangerous than her alone.

“As long as any player dies, the player’s camp fails.”—— With this rule of the game, tiantianqing only needs to kill any one of the two people to win the game.

The copy said “the moonlight of antiya, the bodyguard from the weak dak family”. Even if the system opened its mouth, it was nonsense. Looking at the waist and legs, it was not a problem to dress up ten at a time. Tiantianqing felt that she had been fooled by the SP copy. She also heard about the strength of wonton. It’s not easy to start. But fortunately, this copy prohibits props and combat status. Without the blessing of combat status, these players are just physically better than ordinary people.

Even many people in this state completely become weak chickens and let her attack.

The level 10 player named soft is delicate and easy to push down.

Although wonton swept around to protect her, it was not without a chance.

Tiantianqing tilted her head and looked at Ruan Qiao: “since you are so satisfied with this bodyguard, let him protect you closely in the future.”

She pushed Mrs. westlow in her wheelchair to the window: “What’s your name? Mndak? From now on, please protect this delicate lady from dying in this cold castle. The Westeros have nothing but money. No one can stand the environment of this ancient castle. If it weren’t for my poor mother, I wouldn’t stay here.”

Tiantianqing is also the essence of drama. While people are distracted, they still don’t forget the soft pit.

With these words, Ruan Qiao’s people set a limit on the card.

Character traits (please pay attention to maintaining personal settings):

  1. The lonely and helpless Miss Sansa has a personal bodyguard, Munn, who can help the poor girl live longer in this gloomy and terrible ancient castle. Of course, for the sake of Sansa’s safety, she must always be in the same room with the MNE guard.

Ruan Qiao looked at this extra restriction and thought about it. There is no doubt that he can win a great advantage for himself as long as he can make use of the rules of the copy and not be set up by others. Does that mean she can set up people?

The extra fourth person set limits their movement, so that the two people can’t search for props separately. In the subsequent possible pursuit links, the restriction that two people must be in the same room will also make it more difficult to escape.

It’s sunny every day. I won’t eat at all.

Ruan Qiao motioned Su Xi to stand up and looked innocently at the sunny day with dark eyes.

“My God! Fear gripped my heart like a magic claw!” Ruan Qiao’s innocent eyes blinked, “The head injury made me forget the good memory of being with my family. I can’t remember what kind of place I went and what kind of days I spent in the past three years! Thank God, I can be reunited with you thanks to Mrs. Jones. Bella, my good sister, thanks to you taking care of our mother these days, you are the embodiment of an angel!”

Ruan Qiao’s lips were slightly raised. She was restricted. The weather was not much better that day: “I think mother has been used to your care. You will stay with her and meet all her requirements?”

She deliberately bit the word “never leave”.

Tiantianqing looks at the restrictions on the human card and scolds the little fox. She looks at the simple and lovely appearance. In fact, she is full of bad water and can learn faster than anyone.

But no matter how angry she was, people couldn’t collapse, so she squeezed out a smile: “of course.”

The housekeeper came forward: “dinner time will be in an hour. Do you want me to take miss Ritas to her room?”

It’s sunny every day.

There are a large number of decor props in the copy. Even if someone pushes Mrs. westero to follow him, you have to find the props as soon as possible every sunny day.

Su Xi followed Ruan Qiao, docile and silent. Just standing there, there was an inexplicable sense of security.

Mrs. Jones was very satisfied with him: “my poor little nightingale finally doesn’t have to worry.”

The housekeeper asked the maid to take Ruan Qiao to his room, so he went back to the kitchen to urge dinner.

There are countless rooms on both sides of the castle. In the middle is the activity area such as the hall and restaurant. On the left is the place where the Westeros live, and on the right is the guest’s room. The castle is divided into three floors with a tall tower in the middle.

Mrs. westlow’s room is at the end of the third floor on the left. It is the most gorgeous room in the castle. Coming out of the room, the long corridor was very depressed.

On one side of the corridor are windows, and on the other side of the wall are full of portraits.

Those cold portraits stood still at a moment when they were painted and hung on the empty corridor of the castle.

The characters in the picture look in different directions. When someone passes in front of the portrait, they will have a strange feeling of being watched.

Mrs. Jones frowned slightly when she talked about Mrs. westlow’s illness: “look at the grumpy lady. Mrs. westlow’s personal doctor was scolded by her. Does she respect her mother so much? I think it’s just for fear that her inheritance will be robbed by others.”

Ruanjiao tried to ask her, “what’s wrong with westlove?”

Mrs. Jones showed a puzzled expression: “I don’t know. Her illness… God! It’s not too much to say a curse. Did you see her legs? What a beautiful dancer my poor sister used to be, and now she can only live in a wheelchair. The loss of her teeth makes her unable to eat normally, her face becomes increasingly haggard, and even her vocal cords have problems.”

“Just now she can say such a few words, which is the limit. Even if you stand in front of her, my poor sister’s eyes can’t see your face clearly. Can you see it? She accepted you as her missing daughter almost without any doubt! I think her mind is not very clear.” Mrs. Jones wanted to go to the other side of the castle to have a rest. Before parting with Ruan Qiao, she praised her with satisfaction: “your reaction just now was really great! Lose your memory, my God, why didn’t I think of such a good reason!”

She walked forward a few steps and looked back at Ruan Qiao: “I heard that people in your small village liked to make wine. Before the great famine, the wine there was famous. As a reward, I can tell you that you can find tableware and wine glasses in the kitchen. If you are still afraid, go there and have a drink for yourself.”

Because Ruan Qiao has just completed an important plot and performed well in people’s design, she got Mrs. Jones’s hint that there are wine glasses in the kitchen.

Sword, coin, scepter and wine glass are the four props that appear in the prompt at the beginning of the copy.

Ruan Qiao went to her room under the guidance of the maid. She had nothing to tidy up and separated the servants. Only Su Xi and her were left in the whole room.

Ruan Qiao rolled on the soft bed, then lay on the bed and looked up at Su Xi standing by the table.

The girl’s hair is only half braided. The action just now makes her hair slightly cocked. The beautiful long skirt outlines a thin waist, and the fluffy skirt surface is scattered on the bed.

The shadow hit her slap big face, the cherry lips on her white face were moist, the slender neck was like white jade, and under the small clavicle

Su Xi lowered her head, looked away at her, leaned over, gently raised her hand and pressed it on her chest.

The heartbeat is not normal.

Ruan Qiao didn’t notice the suspicious blush on the young guard’s face. He just rolled and enjoyed the soft bed. He looked up and asked him, “how’s your card?”

[warning: poor Miss Sansa can’t play games like fighting landlords, nor can she play cards with her friends. HP – 10]

Ruan Qiao: ”

Well, at least she knows that even if there are no outsiders around, she can’t do anything beyond human design.

Ruan Qiao jumped out of bed and straightened the folds on the side of his skirt. “It’s sunny every day. Even if we start searching now, we only have time to find the area on the third floor on the left. We’re on the second floor. We’ll search the second floor first. The first floor is the servant’s room. Mrs. Jones said that ladies are not allowed to go down there.”

Su Xi nodded and said in a low voice, “then, my eternal treasure, diamond shining star, the only faith and light.”

He went to Ruan Qiao and looked down at her with a smile: “shall we start here first?”

Su Xi was much taller than her. When standing in front of her Ruan Qiao, she gave people a sense of oppression, but she didn’t feel excluded and hated it. On the contrary, I feel like a big tree that I can rely on. A flying eagle with broad wings can easily protect her in my arms.

What on earth is he supposed to be, loyal dog bodyguard or something… It’s too, too provocative

Ruan Qiao lifted his skirt, turned his back to him, and his small face flushed again.


Golden Happy Valley hall.

The firefly window snow case was originally read with interest, but after Su Xi appeared, he frowned and felt that something was wrong.

Several laps of seats were raised around the central screen, so that players can carry out some simple game activities while watching the progress of the copy. Happy valley also opened the bet on the result of the copy.

Let players know who will win.

Tiantianqing has the highest number of bets, followed by wonton.

Soft… Basically no one bet.

The firefly came up to Xiong Ji to see what she was playing.

——Run fast.

Firefly snow case:… Excuse me.

Xiong Ji looked at the screen, gave another card, turned his head and asked him, “what are you doing?”

Firefly window snow case considered for a moment: “that wonton is sweeping, why is there such a big gap in cash before and after entering the copy?”

That look in his eyes clearly wanted to rob Ruan Qiao home.

Our own cabbage, even if it will be arched by pigs one day, can’t be a fine pig with inconsistent words and deeds.

Xiong Ji glanced at him, then looked at the two people on the screen searching for props on the second floor, and briefly explained the split personality swept by wonton: “he’s mentally ill.”

The snowstorm case fell into silence again.

After a while, he looked at the knight on the screen. His eyes narrowed slightly under the broken snow hair and agreed: “I think so, too.”

When Ruan Qiao came out of the copy, he felt it necessary to talk to her.


Wittslough castle.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi have searched the rooms on the second floor.

Maybe it’s for the convenience of players. All the rooms are unlocked and can be opened by twisting the door handle.

The room was arranged as like as two peas, and two people found 50 coins, 6 black small sceptres and 2 small diamond inserting swords.

These props become small items of uniform shape when they are touched by players.

Originally, during the search, Ruan Qiao met a serious servant who seemed to be tiantianqing’s confidant and ordered them not to walk around the ancient castle at will.

Ruan Qiao had planned to flatter in public but disobey in private. As a result, the other party saw the coin she held in her hand and started a crazy hint.

After the servant got the bribe of ten coins, he kindly pointed out to her where the two swords might appear.

“Generous lady, I feel very guilty about your spending so much. I once saw the trace of the sword under the mezzanine of the third and fourth rooms from the bottom at the end of the corridor. According to what you said just now, it seems to be what you want to find. The rest? Oh, maybe it’s in the bell tower. I can’t remember clearly.”

Just sell your master for ten coins, really!

When Ruan Qiao marveled at each other’s integrity, the servant had left with a coin in his face.

In this way, the role of coins representing wealth is to change the NPC’s attitude towards themselves in the copy.

[time is up ~ the first round begins ~!]

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi had just returned to her resting room when they heard the system prompt ring.

[please play cards for the first time.]


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