After reopening the escape game Chapter 66

[landlord [tiantianqing] playing cards: 4, 5, 6 (original a card), 7, 8, 9]

[shunzi ~]

Tiantianqing threw out six cards at the beginning. It is estimated that she is afraid of no chance to play cards in the later stage.

With such a long shunzi, the labor may not be able to catch it.

[labor [wonton sweeping] licensing: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J]

[shunzi ~]

After playing cards for the first time, the players behind must the arrangement and combination of the above families.

Su Xi caught tiantianqing’s card and didn’t use his fake card.

Ruan Qiao looked at the cards in his hand.

Not counting the decors, they are 2, 2, K, K, J, 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4 and 3 from large to small.

A burning face

[please choose to play cards.]

Su Xi was her family, holding the landlord’s card, not to mention that she didn’t have a shunzi bigger than Su Xi. Even if she did, she wouldn’t play a card to hold him down.

Ruan Qiao chose to give up playing cards.

[the first round is over! Now inform the player of the number of remaining cards:

[sunny every day] remaining: 14

[wonton] remaining: 11

[soft] remaining: 17 sheets

Next is the visualization time. Please pay attention to safety!]

[remaining time in the next round: 29:58:22]

Ruan Qiao waited for a few minutes and determined that there was no abnormality here before opening the door: “the representational pursuit should only be for the losers with smaller cards after each round of playing cards. Let’s go to the kitchen to find other props first.”

Su Xi had no opinion. They went down the stairs and went to the first floor in the middle of the castle.

Even on the first floor, portraits of people can be seen everywhere.

It looks very strange in the gloomy castle.

Everyone in the kitchen was busy and seldom heard the voice of conversation. Ruan Qiao stepped lightly, like a creepy little rabbit, holding his skirt and raking the door to look inside.

Su Xi followed her: ”

He looked at her reluctantly: “they shouldn’t stop you.”

Ruan Qiao looked back and booed him: “when sangsha, who was lonely and helpless, wandered in the castle, she was also very afraid.”

The young maid who cleaned up the dishes looked up and saw the young lady standing at the door. She saluted in some panic. The news of miss riddas’s return had already spread to every corner of the castle. I just didn’t expect the young lady to come to a place like the kitchen.

Ruan Qiao motioned her to keep her voice down.

The maid nodded, put the fork into the basket in her hand, and couldn’t help looking up at miss riddas.

To be exact, I looked more at the handsome and tall bodyguard behind her.

It’s really the moonlight of Andean. It’s really beautiful and makes people blush and heartbeat.

It was good luck for miss ridas to return not only to her family, but also to be protected by such a beauty.

Ruan Qiao was puzzled when she saw the maid’s suddenly red cheeks, but she didn’t pay much attention because she saw a pile of red wine glasses on the edge of the kitchen wall.

A normal glass is not this color.

She opened the door and pretended to be surprised when she accidentally entered the kitchen. “Are you preparing dinner?”

The young maid stepped back a few steps, and a black skirt maid in her forties came up: “Dear Miss, this will stain your beautiful skirt. I’m Shiva, the maid. If you need anything, you can call me at any time.”

Ruan Qiao smiled shyly: “I’m very curious. Take a look. You prepare dinner first. Don’t let my sister wait.”

The kitchen is very large. There are several small rooms inside. The outermost is a large room. The food has been almost prepared. Several young maids are preparing tableware and candles outside.

Ruan Qiao seemed to walk around casually in the kitchen. When he came to the red wine glass, he carefully touched it, and the wine glass became a small model the size of a thumb.

She quietly put the wine glass into the bag on the side of her skirt.

The quiet restaurant was no longer quiet because of her arrival. The young maids couldn’t help whispering, looked at Ruan Qiao with envy, and from time to time focused on the bodyguard who followed her at any time and silently protected the girl.

Andean moonlight, the eldest son of the dak family.

How handsome!!!

The young lady protected by the handsome bodyguard seemed not to notice the gentle eyes behind her, and was immersed in the process of searching the props.

The young maid sighed to herself.

Those broken cups don’t have the face of the bodyguard behind them. Miss riddas is so simple!

Ruan Qiao was as excited as a maid. After turning around in the kitchen, he got 20 red wine glasses!

It seems that tiantianqing has been chased down and has not found the props here in the kitchen.

Bang Dang——

Behind him came the sound of glass falling and breaking. Ruan Qiao turned and saw the young maid he had just met standing in front of the broken instrument at a loss: “this, I, I didn’t mean it.”

All blame the beautiful moonlight in Andia, which made her go away for a while

The door of the kitchen was pushed open by the housekeeper. Seeing the scene inside, the housekeeper’s face darkened: “my God! Look what you have done. If you disturb your wife and miss, you’ll all go away! And you fool, it’s your honor to work here. Even if you break a cup, you can’t afford to let your family continue to work for ten years!”

After the housekeeper scolded severely, he noticed that Ruan Qiao was also in the kitchen, and his face softened immediately: “miss ridas, this is not suitable for noble people like you. Look at these clumsy inferior people. How sad the lady would be if glass fragments hurt your fragile skin!”

Ruan Qiao said a few words casually to fool the housekeeper, but the housekeeper was still very angry about the accident. He called out Shiva’s maid and said he would rectify the group of servants. Before leaving, he told Ruan Qiao to leave the kitchen early.

Ruan Qiao nodded obediently: “don’t worry, I’ll go right away.”

The rest of the maids quickly picked up the pieces and whispered something.

Ruan Qiaofei, who had just finished and left immediately, did not leave, but consciously stayed to ask the maid about the castle.

With her last experience, she now passes the past eight coins straight.

Sure enough, the maids are much more satisfied than Tianqing’s confidants, One man took one and began to chatter to Ruanjiao: “housekeeper Robert is really strict! Look at his old face, his eyes are as cold as an eagle! Generous lady, you may not know that the last housekeeper, gray, the enthusiastic old man, was very friendly to us lower class people!” Speaking of the former housekeeper, the maids said they were a good man.

“If steward gray were to do this today, he would never scold us loudly. On the contrary, he would ask us to clean up the pieces carefully.”

Ruan Qiao asked, “so why, now I have a housekeeper?”

The maids were still excited, and a trace of fear suddenly appeared on their faces.

He faltered when he spoke.

“God, this has become a taboo in Westeros castle!”

The others shut up.

Ruan Qiao took one of the maids by the hand and handed over two coins.

When the young maid saw the coin, her eyes were shining. She immediately put the “unspeakable taboo” behind her head and whispered to Ruan Qiao; “It’s a terrible thing! Mrs. westlow forbids us to mention anything about it, generous lady. Don’t you remember that you also experienced these things at that time?”

Ruan Qiao said simply, “I have lost my memory.”

Without doubt, the young maid continued, “curse! They say so. Steward gray brought a dark curse. I heard that it is the evil magic of the devil brought out from the evil hell, and the secret of immortality.”

“But such a dark spell needs to pay a huge price. No one can tolerate a person who believes in demons to live in the castle! This will pollute our pure soul! Miss riddas, have you forgotten? Or did you first find out and tell Mrs. westero about it? At your insistence, housekeeper Gray was…”

She lowered her voice: “burned alive.”

“His body is still hanging on the dense forest cliff behind the ancient castle,” the young maid said with a cold war: “since then, you have become a person, and then, you, you have disappeared!”

The maid looked carefully at Ruan Qiao. Seeing that the other party didn’t speak, she went on working tremblingly.

The other maids also took things out of the kitchen to decorate the restaurant.

Ruan Qiao is not interested in the dark past of the family, but thinks it may be helpful to the later game. For her, finding props is the first thing.

The outer room has been searched. She goes to the inner room.

Before Su Xi could catch up, the door of the room suddenly closed.

There was a sword hanging on the wall in the kitchen. Ruan Qiao looked back and saw that the originally open door had been tightly closed. No matter how she tried to open the door, the closed door remained motionless.

She couldn’t even hear the sound outside.

Because she was separated from Su Xi, her blood volume fell visibly with the naked eye.

Inside, it became a black-and-white world, a magic array appeared on the floor, and round strange creatures appeared again from the light array.

“Meet again ~” round jumped and landed in front of Ruan Qiao. “Daily question, after so long, do you have a strong desire to do business with me?”

Ruan Qiao looked at it and didn’t speak.

“I didn’t expect you to be in the devil’s copy. The sigma guy has coveted you for a long time ~” round’s huge eyeball body floats on the floor. “However, you are the first person I like.”

Ruan Qiao: “you’re talking about strange settings.”


“The conversation with you is always so interesting ~ in that case, do I mind telling you more, sigma is one of the five gods representing death and fear. This is its territory. If I didn’t have deep love for you, I wouldn’t have had such a hard time trying to squeeze in.”

Ruan Qiao’s blood volume is still slowly declining.

She can’t figure out what round is, but “making a deal” doesn’t sound like a good thing.

Listening to round rambling on about something she thought was nonsense, Ruan Qiao couldn’t help interrupting it: “deep love or something. Come back when you have a human shape. Maybe I’ll think about it if you have a good face.”

She said seriously, “I won’t accept the courtship of a conical curve.”

The blood volume has gradually dropped below 10.

Ruan Qiao’s vision gradually turned red, and the whole room looked very strange.

Round is still floating around on the floor, turning around with its electric sound: “in short, what I want to remind you is that sigma is a shameless liar. Don’t be fooled by it.”

Ruan Qiao: “I will call you when I need you. The things delivered to the door are very cheap. Don’t you know?”

Round nodded: “it makes sense, but I’m afraid you’ll forget me if you don’t brush the sense of existence in front of you more times.”

Ruan Qiao took down the sword on the wall. Her low blood volume had made her feel weak: “so you came to pit me and make me lose blood crazily?”

“I just came to see you ~”

Ruan Qiao was still indifferent: “goodbye, my eyes are full of aunt color.”

Round smiled and said, “as compensation, I’ll give you a hint.”

After that, round disappeared.

A blank playing card appeared in front of Ruan Qiao. The back was a geometric pattern of a round inscribed diamond, and the front was blank.

After three seconds, it shows a paragraph.

“The devil is screaming,

Young skin, dark hair,

The sweet smell of blood,

Linger on the tip of the tongue.

In the blood red world,

It smiled,

Life! How beautiful!

The curse of eternal life is deeply buried! ”

Another mindless remark.

And she didn’t think there was any useful hint in it.

Demons, eternal spells, are all the information she has learned from the maid.

Half a minute later, the playing cards spontaneously ignited from bottom to top.

The black ashes that had floated and fallen in the air condensed into five small red wine glasses and crashed to the ground.

Ruan Qiao picked it up. The size and material of the wine cup are the same as coins, scepters and swords.

However, coins and swords are harder, and scepters and wine glasses feel a little brittle.

She tried to squeeze the glass hard.

The glass is broken.

[you use props to prolong your life!]

Open the information interface, and the blood bar has been increased from 5 / 100 to 10 / 100

She was trapped in residual blood and gave five wine glasses.

The conic is too tight.

After round disappeared, the barrier of the room dissipated. The door slammed and was cut in half. It shook fragile twice and was kicked open.

The sharp edge of the sword has curled, and the originally fragile door has become indestructible under the promotion of round. Su Xi’s every blow was extremely hard, and the reaction shook his palm, but he was cold and waved his knife again and again.

Bang bang——

Finally, the door opened.

At the first sight of the girl’s paler face inside, Su Xi’s eyes seemed to gather storm waves. Ruan Qiao didn’t pay attention to her weakness, but in other people’s eyes, the delicate girl’s face was as pale as paper, her slender waist was not full, and her slightly red eyes looked like a poor little rabbit.

Even his action of breaking through the door seemed to disturb her.

Ruan Qiao looked at Su Xi blankly.

I don’t understand why the evil spirit on him is as strong as that he has just washed a zombie community.

Was there a fierce battle outside during the short time she was trapped here?

Ruan Qiao’s face became serious.

It seems that this copy is much more dangerous than she thought.

Su Xi’s legs were long and her steps were wide. She came to her in a few steps.

The two men looked at each other. Ruan Qiao’s face was serious and pale, and Su Xi’s face was dark and gloomy.

They said in unison, “what’s the matter with you?”

Ruan Qiao shook her head. The weak state brought by low blood volume made her feet weak. She stood and shook for a moment. Su Xi was close to her, reached out and took the girl, grabbed her slender waist with one hand and pressed her shoulder with the other hand.

Someone helped her, but she didn’t care too much. She reached out and took out 10 wine glass props from the bag to increase her blood volume to 55 / 100.

Just out of the weak state, the girl’s voice was still a little hoarse and inconvenient to speak, so she stretched out her hand and pulled Su Xi’s palm on her shoulder, and put the wine cup in his palm.

Su Xi lowered his head, and the girl’s slender fingertips crossed the skin of his palm.

His eyes fell on her face and watched her lips move. There were several wisps of fine hair on the side of her pale face. His serious eyes were dark and smart, and the tip of his small nose was sweating.

She seems to be saying something,

But he couldn’t hear a word.

Ruan Qiao racked his brains to explain the function of the wine cup to Su Xi with words that were in line with the design: “sweet wine can restore people’s energy. Only a small cup can clear your fatigue…”

When she finished, she looked up suspiciously when she saw that Su Xi was still quiet.

I don’t know when that beautiful face was close to her, but he was looking down at her just now, and she focused on the props in their palms and didn’t find it.

As soon as the girl looked up, she almost had a close contact.

Even the hand wrapped around her waist for fear of her weakness and falling down was hot at the moment.

Crisp and numb, it spread from her waist to her heart.

Ruan Xiaoqiao, who has been pure as a young pioneer for more than ten years, blushed again.

His low voice was very close, and even his breath was burning. His good-looking eyes were distracted, and seemed to be caught off guard by her sudden rise.

Ruan Qiao thought he didn’t understand his words, so he simply bowed his head and shifted his mood with his movements. His small palm was pasted on Su Xi’s slender fingers and closed with force.

The wine cup was broken in his palm and instantly increased Su Xi’s 90 HP to 95

Ruan qiaosong opened his hand, looked up and asked him, “do you understand?”

Su Xi still looked at her with deep eyes: “I don’t understand.”

Ruan Qiao “ah?” A cry.

Su Xi’s outline and body shape between the youth and the youth made her feel a little oppressive. His breath surrounded her and wrapped her up. Different from the tenderness before, his breath at the moment seemed a little overbearing and fierce.

“My eternal treasure, diamond shining star, only faith and light,” he asked her in a low voice.

“I still have a lot of things I don’t understand. Would you like to teach me slowly?”

His shoulders were wide, and his arms around her waist were strong, not as thin as they looked. His jade like face, coupled with close fitting armor, reflects his perfect figure incisively and vividly.

Ruan Qiao was almost about to export a “I do” fooled by the beauty of the current prosperous age, but he suddenly heard the prompt of the system.

[the voice of the scepter is calling,

Why so long!

Time, you go quickly,

You know,

I’m waiting for the flowers to thank me!]

Ruan Qiao:

Why does this copy feel strange?

[the landlord [tiantianqing] used the scepter * 2 to shorten the visualization time successfully.]

[friendly reminder to all players, remaining time before the next round of playing cards: 2:12:55]

Ruan Qiao lowered his head and broke free from Su Xi’s arms: “I’m fine.”

She has been opening the information panel, which is translucent and occupies a small field of vision. So Ruan Qiao still remembers that there are more than ten minutes before the next round.

Two scepters shorten the time by ten minutes, that is, the scepter representing power has the effect of reducing the time of being pursued.

A scepter can shorten five minutes.

[time is up ~ the second round starts ~!]

[please let labor [wonton sweep] play cards for the first time.]

Su Xi looked down at the cards in his hand and threw out a coin 5.

[labor [wonton sweep] card: coin 5]

[labor [soft] card: coin 10]

[landlord [tiantianqing] playing cards: Sword 2]

2 card is the largest of all non clown cards. Tiantianqing cannot be defeated unless clown card or bomb.

Ruan Qiao has no clown card in her hand. She looks forward to Su Xi.

[labor [wonton sweep] card: discard the card.]

[labor [soft] card: discard the card.]

Ruan Qiao fell into silence.

Su Xi abandons the card, which means that the two clown cards are in the hands of the same person, either sunny every day or Su Xi.

[the second round is over! Now inform the player of the number of remaining cards:

[sunny every day] remaining: 13

[wonton] remaining: 10

[soft] remaining: 16 sheets

Next is the visualization time. Please pay attention to safety!]

[remaining time in the next round: 29:58:35]

At this time, heavy footsteps suddenly appeared in the originally quiet corridor.

Dong Dong Dong.

A tall figure appeared in front of the damaged door.

A pair of crazy and bloodthirsty eyes stared at the two people in the room.

Ruan Qiao recognized that the presence of a hill at the door was just the character in the huge portrait hanging at the kitchen door.

He was tall and strong, almost the weight of four Su mats, wearing a bloody armor, a thick beard and a pair of blood red eyes.

The sword in his hand glittered with cold light.

Portrait, come alive.


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