After reopening the escape game Chapter 67

A hill-like figure blocked the exit.

Su Xi took Ruan Qiao’s hand and protected her behind her, leaning forward slightly to make a defensive posture.

His right hand was on the hilt of the sword, and his slender fingers exerted slight force.

There is no other exit in the kitchen. The window is very high, and there are iron railings outside the window, which adults can’t pass through.

Ruan Qiao slowly retreated to the corner. She had no skills and props. She couldn’t beat the armor man in front of her just by hard work.

The airtight armor wraps each other’s body tightly, without any weakness except the head and hands.

The only thing that can hurt each other is the things in the tool slot near the door.

She clung to the wall and moved carefully.

Seeing the two people in the room, the armored man roared, clenched the sharp sword in his hand and rushed up.

Su Xi pulled out his sword and scabbard. Compared with the tall and strong armor man, he looked particularly thin and weak.

The armor man’s speed was average, but his strength was great. Su Xi avoided his vertical sword and waved his long sword. When he cut across, the hard blade collided fiercely with each other’s armor.

His wrist was hurt by the reaction, but the armor man was not hurt. The hard black armor was just a shallow mark.

The armored man was so tall that Su Xi’s sword couldn’t touch his neck.

After many ineffective attacks, Su Xi’s offensive gradually fell into the downwind. He was hit by the armor man’s gravity several times and hit the wall hard.

The armored man’s blood red eyes stared at the bodyguard in front of him, smiled grimly, raised the epee and waved it again.

At this time, a small short knife flew from his side and fiercely inserted into the armor man’s left eye.

Blood flowed from his eyes to his thick beard. The armored man roared angrily, and his other eye stared at the girl climbing on the cabinet.

Ruan Qiao greeted the armored man with a smile, waved his hand, and another knife flew over.

The armor man gave up Su Xi as the target, put his angry eyes on Ruan Qiao and ran over with a roar. Although he hid for a while, the second knife was still inserted into the armor man’s side face.

Su Xi stood up with a long sword, holding the handle of the sword in one hand to support his body.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the mighty armored man running all the way

Fell a shit.

I don’t know when, Ruan Qiao has torn the tablecloth and rolled it into a rope, which is tied to the column and table leg at the door.

How huge the body of the armored man is, how miserable the fall is.

Without enough time to talk, Su Xi made a force on his left foot, galloped to the armored man, picked up the other party’s heavy sword and cut down the fragile neck under his beard.

Fresh blood splashed all over the ground, and some fell on his pale and beautiful face. His thin lips were a little red, like a white moon with blood light.

I don’t know how much strength it took to cut off the other party’s head!

Su Xi lowered her head and raised her eyes. The corners of her lips lifted up and showed a comforting smile to Ruan Qiao. Her voice was gentle and with some subtle breathing: “it’s solved.”

He said, “come down.”

Ruan Qiao walked over carefully with his skirt, raised his head and stretched out his hand to pull Su Xi.

The volume of the armored man is too large. He just knelt on the other party’s body with his last blow. Now he wants to come down and is still a distance from the ground.

Reaching out and holding the girl’s soft hand, Su Xi jumped gently and fell on her side.

Ruan Qiao stretched out his hand to wipe the blood on the side of his face and smiled: “solve it!”

Ten minutes before the next round of cards, the dead armor man gradually disappeared, and the blood on the floor disappeared.

Ruan Qiao went to the door and found that the portrait hanging before was now blank, with only a simple background.

At dinner time, a meal was very silent.

There is a bloodstain on tiantianqing’s face. It seems that it’s not easy to chase her in the first round.

It’s not surprising to see the two people come to dinner alive.

Because of the attack of the armor man, Su Xi’s HP is only 70 / 100.

Shiva’s maid is responsible for Mrs. vitello’s food. Mrs. Jones has been asking Mrs. vitello about her plans for the property.

However, Mrs. vitello’s mental condition seemed not good. After reluctantly taking in some liquid food through a pipe, she sat in a wheelchair and closed her eyes to rest.

The housekeeper motioned the maids to come up and collect the tableware and told Mrs. Jones to have a good rest. In half an hour, the will made by the westlove people will be read out in the clock tower.

Ruan Qiao had searched the castle and kitchen on one side, so he proposed to follow Mrs. Jones to the guest’s room.

“Although the castle is gorgeous, the space is quiet. Dear Mrs. Jones, it scares me very much in my room. Can I stay with you for a while?” Ruan Qiao’s soft and weak appearance made Mrs. Jones feel a little pity – more importantly, it was only half an hour before the will was announced, and she didn’t want to make any mistakes in the fake lady she found in this last time.

When they arrived at Mrs. Jones’s room, they found that it was much more luxurious than other rooms.

“This used to be the room where ridas lived. Just now, the servant said that she was very crazy for a time and didn’t want to live in the room where the Westeros lived before. She said there were some demons there!” Mrs. Jones sat down gracefully: “this poor family has incomparable wealth, but it can’t resist the erosion of the curse. People in the family have had accidents one after another, and now only miss Bella is left.”

Ruan Qiao walked around the room casually, and the locked wardrobe attracted her attention. Before Mrs. Jones found out, she broke the lock on the wardrobe quietly.

“What happened?” Mrs. Jones came over when she heard the noise.

Ruan Qiao threw away the heavy object in his hand and pretended to be surprised: “I don’t know. The wardrobe suddenly rang and the lock fell to the ground!”

She doesn’t know. Anyway, if she sees the locked place, there must be a story.

Time is limited. What else can I do? Smash it.

Open the wardrobe. It’s empty.

An empty wardrobe, where Ritas used to live.

Ruan Qiao suddenly got in and touched the board behind the wardrobe.

With a click, the cabinet board opened.

A face as like as two peas appeared behind her. There were spots of corpse on the stiff skin.

Mrs. Jones exclaimed behind Ruanjiao, “my God!”


It can’t be Nguyen Kyo’s own body.

She withdrew from the wardrobe and turned pale. “What’s this? Mrs. Jones, it’s so scary!”

In this copy, as like as two peas.

Only miss riddas, who has been missing for three years.

She looked as if she had fallen asleep, lying in the narrow space behind the wardrobe. Her cold blue skin and pale face revealed the fact that her master had died.

Ritas is dead, and it’s in westrow castle.

Although judging by the decay of the body, she didn’t die long.

“It’s said that my poor sister will divide her inheritance in advance tonight. Anyway, you must get the inheritance!” Mrs. Jones threatened, “don’t tell anything here, and don’t let anyone know that Ritas is dead, at least not until I get the money! Remember?”

Ruan Qiao blinked and the innocent eyes flashed, “OK, Mrs. Jones, don’t worry, I will try my best to do it well.”

Mrs. Jones was satisfied. She closed the wardrobe again.

Ruan Qiao looked frightened and went to the next room to rest with Su Xi.

The reason why I left Mrs. Jones was that the third round was coming.

And she turned around and didn’t find any props here.

[time is up ~ the third round starts ~!]

[please the landlord [tiantianqing] play cards for the first time.]

[landlord [tiantianqing] playing cards: sword 3, wine cup 3, coin 3, Scepter 7]

[three with seven!]

Su Xi looked at the small cards in his hand. He had no chance to consume them alone. He might as well take advantage of this time to subdue the landlord and kill two birds with one stone.

[labor [wonton sweeping] cards: 4 (original a card), sword 4, Scepter 4, wine cup 8]

[four with eight!]

Ruan Qiao’s three same cards are 6.

You can play cards, but it’s not necessary.

[labor [soft] licensing: discard]

This round of cards is not over.

Tiantianqing obviously has a large number of cards in his hand, and there are fake cards.

[landlord [tiantianqing] playing cards: J (original a card), Scepter J, sword J, Scepter 9]

[J belt 9!]

[labor [wonton sweeping] cards: Q (original a card), sword Q, Scepter Q, sword 10]

[Q with 10!]

Ruan Qiao looked at his cards silently again.

I can’t afford it.

[labor [soft] licensing: discard]

All fake cards on the a side have been consumed.

Ruan Qiao sat on the bed and thought, elder sister, am I going to spring today??

She looked at her cards and ruled out the cards that had been consumed before and the cards in her hand. Su Xi and tiantianqing had only one 2, two K and two Q, as well as the two largest clown cards.

However, before the landlord played cards, an option appeared in front of the three players at the same time.

[whether to double the score?]

This option is not only to increase the bet of the game, but also a kind of intelligence – just like the five stallions, the filler must be a person who is extremely confident in his card.

But sometimes you can’t show timidity even if the card in your hand is not good.

[labor [wonton sweeping] choice: double! x2】

Susie doubled. Of course she can’t advise.

After all, the bottom score is only more than two million, which is not enough for her order.

[labor [soft] choice: double! x2】

The momentum of the labor side is sufficient.

But the landlord is obviously more superior.

[landlord] choice: super double! x10】

[current bottom score: 8748w]

Ruan Qiao:??

She couldn’t help Tucao: “why can we make complaints about what’s done?”

Warning! You not only make complaints about the system, but also -10.

Well, the effect is the same anyway. No one uses it badly.

[please continue playing cards!]

[landlord [tiantianqing] playing cards: discarding cards]

This is wrong

Su Xi has only two cards, but tiantianqing chooses to give up playing cards. As long as Su Xi has a pair in his hand, he can end the game in the next round.

Unless, tiantianqing is betting whether the cards in Su Xi’s hand are paired.

He deserves to be the owner of the casino.

He also used super double props at such a moment. He is a cruel man who dares to gamble.


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