After reopening the escape game Chapter 68

[the third round is over! Now inform the player of the number of remaining cards:

[sunny every day] remaining: 5

[wonton] remaining: 2

[soft] remaining: 16 sheets

Next is the visualization time. Please pay attention to safety!]

[remaining time in the next round: 29:50:15]

“The cards in tiantianqing’s hand are half good and half bad. She still uses super double high score props. Is it up?”

Xiong Ji looked at the picture on the screen: “if wonton has a pair of cards in his hand, he can directly end the game in the next round, and he will lose every sunny day. Half the chance is to bet that the cards in Su Xi’s hand are single and double, plus ten times, which is very wolf.”

She looked back at the bet interface. The bet on tiantianqing was the highest. Although it ranged from thousands to hundreds of thousands, there were a large number of people and the total amount was very high.

After all, the strength and number of cards are there.

Only one person made a bet. Although he made a million, it was very small compared with the huge bet in front.

Now the disc has been closed, and players can’t continue to bet.

Xiong Ji Click to check the information of the soft warrior.

ID: Firefly snow case.

She turned her head and looked at the man beside her, her eyes puzzled.

“It’s your turn to play cards.” The firefly window snow case sat next to her and knocked on the table with his slender fingers. “I said you didn’t have any technical content in this game because you were distracted. How many card playing opportunities did you miss?”

In his indifferent tone, there was a trace of disgust: “robot trusteeship is better than you.”

Xiong Ji was not angry, and even thought what he said was reasonable. After trusteeship, he continued to ask the snow case: “do you have so much confidence in soft

The firefly nodded, and the cross shaped earrings on his earlobes reflected the bright light, like a star: “after all, he is a player who has only two cards left in his teammates and has accumulated 16 cards in his hands.”

“I think she’s strong.”

Xiong Ji:… I believe you, ghost.

On the screen, tiantianqing has been exhausted by inhuman pursuit and killing.

Although she won in the second round, the card to hold down wonton was only a sword, so the two players only needed to face the pursuit after the visualization of a playing card. Every day Sunny is different. From the first round to the third round, every time she faces the pursuit of multiple cards.

Wonton is a soft guard to protect, but she has to take a burden that she can’t walk, and she can’t escape flexibly from the attack.

The first round of pursuit has made tiantianqing tired of coping, and even the blood volume has decreased sharply. Fortunately, the scepter shortened the pursuit time, otherwise she would lose the game in the first round.

In the interval of the second round, she took the opportunity to set some deadly traps.

Using the complex room location and things in the castle, the monster was finally solved.

After killing the last portrait, tiantianqing breathed a sigh of relief.

She’s a pig when she fights with others!

But… It’s so cool to be crazy

Mrs. westlow was in a wheelchair, leaning her head sideways and looking at the sunny day.

For these NPCs, the pursuit of the system has been generalized.

In their view, Bella did not suffer any unnatural pursuit, but walked more frequently.

Tiantianqing changed her tattered skirt from the wardrobe and pressed the bell in the room.

Each room has such a bell to summon servants.

Soon, Shiva’s maid came and changed her into a new dress as ordered by Tianqing.

The westlove people also changed their clothes because of incontinence.

The woman with countless wealth can now hear the footsteps of death.

Her life is not even as happy as the healthy servants at the bottom.

Shiva’s maid packed the changed clothes and took them away. It seemed that what she was holding was just an ordinary dirty dress, and the blood on it seemed to be nonexistent: “the will will will be read out in the bell tower later, Miss Bella, you must remember to send your wife safely.”

After getting the confirmation that it was sunny every day, the maid Shiva left.

However, the westlove in the wheelchair suddenly twitched.

Her eyes were wide open. She kept staring at the dark door, raised her hand hard and signaled to close the door.

“Uh, uh -”

Her voice is getting dry and hoarse. It’s hard to say a complete word now.

Tiantianqing went to the door, closed the door, came back and asked her, “dear mother, you can tell me what’s wrong with you.”

“Uh, uh — Bella –”

She shouted.

Tiantianqing bent down and said, “speak slowly.”

Mrs. westero’s throat was dry and painful, but she still struggled to make a sound.

“Bella — Miss –”

She said, “I, no, VI, westero, madam.”


Ruan Qiao and Su Xi have arrived at the bell tower.

The first floor of the bell tower is an ordinary place. The whole first floor is divided into two rooms. The upward spiral staircase is in the inner room.

The gatekeeper was an elderly old man, sitting in a chair by the door and keeping his eyes closed.

Ruan Qiao gave him five coins before the old man promised to open the door and let them slip in.

“It is said that there are many old things of the Westeros in the bell tower,” said Ruan Qiao, with a shy look on her pretty face.

“I want to go in and have a look. Maybe I can find some lost memories. Of course, my bodyguard needs to protect me closely, and he will go in too,” she said

“Generous lady, it’s against the rules.” The old man opened the door and looked at Su Xi’s waist: “but for your lovely and beautiful sake, I’ll open the door for you once. The husband will come in half an hour. Remember, don’t let them find out.”

Ruan Qiao nodded and went inside. Su Xi followed her and closed the door.

The old man raised his drooping eyelids, looked at the closed door and muttered: “young people today really can choose a place. Oh! The clock tower is really a good place. This tall and handsome young man looks very energetic and doesn’t look like those noble children hollowed out by wine! I don’t know if he can finish it in half an hour.”

The other side.

The right side of the bell tower is an upward staircase, and three paintings are hung on the left wall.

There are some old things in the corner.

Four diamond inlaid swords hung on the wall of the stairs in turn. Su Xi went up the stairs and took down the sword.

When he turned around, Ruan Qiao still stood and looked at the three paintings.

“My eternal treasure, diamond shining star, the only faith and light,” Susi asked softly, standing on the stairs with a gentle light in his eyes, “is there anything wrong?”

Ruan Qiao’s ears flushed with Su Xi’s pleasant voice, coughed and glanced secretly. The boy’s tall and thin body was wrapped in armor, his slender legs and thin waist.

Qingjun’s face is hidden in the dark,

His eyes were burning.

Ruan Qiao looked as if he had been scalded and suddenly turned back.

She raised her hand and pressed her chest,

The heart is beating faster and faster.

Beauty is wrong,

Beauty is wrong.

What should I do? Su Xi seems to be more and more pleasing to the eye recently.

I think he looks too good. I don’t like anything.

Ruan Qiao touched his face and felt that the temperature on the side of his face had decreased. Then he pretended that nothing had happened and stepped forward, close to the three paintings hanging on the wall.

In the first picture, the fruit basket on the table is half rotten fruit and half fresh fruits and vegetables.

The second picture, bones and swords, bones and swords are sharp.

The third picture, the back of a naked woman with long hair, has a pure red background.

Ruan Qiao said, “this picture is not quite right.”

Susie’s boots fell to the ground and stopped behind her.

To tell you the truth, it is very strange that these three paintings are hung in this place of the bell tower. The clock tower is usually locked and no one will come. Hanging decorative paintings is completely useless.

Unlike other parts of the castle, the hanging portraits have some functions of display and decoration.

The bell tower is a place for loading things. If you just find a place to pile up sundries, you just need to put them in the box below.

Hanging in this place, few people take care of it, and the portrait is easy to get gray.

“The devil is screaming,

Young skin, dark hair,

The sweet smell of blood,

Linger on the tip of the tongue.

In the blood red world,

It smiled,

Life! How beautiful!

The curse of eternal life is deeply buried! ”

——This is what round gave her before.

Now it seems that the strange hanging picture here coincides with some keywords in the prompt.

Young women, dark hair, blood red world.

Ruan Qiao stepped forward and took down the portrait of the woman’s back.

There is a small grid behind the portrait. After touching the mechanism to open it, Ruan Qiao found a black notebook in it.

She turned a few pages at random and found that it was a scrawled diary.

The first few pages show that the owner of the diary is only the daughter of a gardener, because she has been reading with Miss Ritas since childhood, so she can write some words.

She wrote this diary herself.

[overcast on March 5]

Housekeeper gray!

Miss riddas said he was a devil. Even the lady obeyed the young lady and burned steward gray cruelly!

God, that kind and enthusiastic old man encountered such a terrible thing.

I can’t believe how evil witchcraft and evil soul can be associated with such an old man!

Miss Ritas’s mental state is very unstable. I think she may have fallen into crazy imagination!

[drizzle on March 10]

Things in the garden are really hard to take care of.

The new housekeeper has a bad temper and scolds us all the time.

My God? God bless miss riddas, who has locked herself in her room since steward gray died. I seldom communicate with people. That time I met her by chance, but I was startled by her temperament!

Is this still my lovely miss Ritas?

It’s like a different person! She makes me feel strange and scared!

Is it difficult that the so-called curse really exists!

I still remember that one night before, I heard miss Ritas say some strange words: immortality, devil, price

But is there really a way to live forever in this world?

[light rain on April 8]

Why doesn’t the damn rainy season pass? The whole house is very wet. Those portraits are really difficult to take care of.

Incredible thing – miss riddas is crazy!

Mrs. westlow locked her in her room and invited a doctor to see her. She said she wanted to treat her illness well.

What kind of disease will make her suddenly crazy?

Is it related to the evil witchcraft and the devil’s soul?

[April 11 overcast]

Something terrible happened. Just yesterday, miss Ritas disappeared!

The whole westero castle is a mess.

We searched everywhere and found nothing.

Mrs. westlow, who came back from the bell tower, fainted directly when she heard the news! Poor lady, I have to face the pain of losing relatives.

However, I seem to find something more frightening. Housekeeper gray… The warm and kind-hearted old man, he… Has another side we don’t know!

Perhaps miss riddas is right! God!

[April 13 overcast]

The curse of the Westeros!

It must be!

After Miss ridas, the westlove people also fell into madness!

I can’t believe what I saw.

Originally, I thought my wife was missing the missing miss too much, so she became like this.

Until I spied and found out——

Mrs. westlow herself pulled out her teeth, scalded her vocal cords and broke her kneecap!

God, what the hell is she doing?

Is she out of her mind!

I think I should ask my aunt who works as a diviner in a small town. Maybe she knows something about the curse of the Westeros.

It can be seen that the more you go to the back, the more frightened the diary owner is, and the handwriting is also scrawled.

To the last page.

[Rainstorm on April 15]

I think I’m dying!

I know too much

It is a demon returning from the battlefield with a sword, his hands covered with the blood of countless people and trampling on white bones!

In order to get eternal life, it does not hesitate to take anyone’s life cruelly!

I know too much. It will kill me… No, no, no!

I can’t get rid of it. It’s too powerful!

If anyone knows the name of the devil, remember to read the spell I hid at the top of the clock tower. My aunt told me that the only way to drive it back to hell!

This terrible and vicious devil!

It already knows that I have found all this. I have tried the names recorded in all books, but no! No one is it!

Later, if you can see this page, good luck!

Ruan Qiao suddenly felt that the conical curve was not so annoying.

It turned out that the tips it sent her were really useful.

It’s normal for the gardener’s daughter not to guess the devil’s name

Who could have thought that it was a demon God whose name was a summation symbol!


That’s its name


The top floor of the bell tower.

Looking out from the window, it was a gray scene.

The distant bushes and dead trees were submerged in the endless darkness, and the gloomy dark clouds were dense over the whole ancient castle.

A circular Dharma array is painted on the floor. The traces are very shallow. It is difficult to find these traces in the dark bell tower.

Ruan Qiao squatted down and looked carefully at the strange Dharma array.

The bell tower is not a good place to announce a will. The only reason to choose here is that these patterns do not know their purpose.

Immortal spell, evil spell.

And the weird and crazy Westeros.

Ruan Qiao has a vague answer in his heart.

She found a spell in the mezzanine of the bell tower, a few simple words.

Now, just wait for the fourth round.

[time is up ~ the fourth round starts ~!]

[please let labor [wonton sweep] play cards for the first time.]

[labor [wonton sweeping] licensing: wine cup 2]

The two cards in his hand are single cards.


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