After reopening the escape game Chapter 69

After Su Xi, the next player is tiantianqing.

Bigger than 2 cards, only clown cards.

The two clown cards are in the hand of the same person. Su Xi has only one card left in his hand, so the clown card must be in tiantianqing’s hand.

She still had five cards in her hand, and Ruan Qiao secretly calculated each other’s cards.

Two K’s, two Q’s, two clowns.

A total of six cards.

This is what Su Xi and tiantianqing have in their hands.

One Su Xi and five sunny days.

Now the advantage of labor is that Su Xi has only one card in his hand and dare not take risks with a single card every day. Ruan Qiao has 16 cards in her hand, which was originally her disadvantage, but now it has become the best smoke bomb – tiantianqing. I don’t know that the biggest card in Su Xi’s hand is K.

Because Ruan Qiao still has two 2 in his hand.

From the perspective of tiantianqing, if the single card in Su Xi’s hand is 2, when she plays a single card, Su Xi follows, the game ends and the landlord loses.

If tiantianqing has a strong memory, she can rule out the possibility that Ruan Qiao has four bomb cards with the same card face through the previous card face – the bomb card can hold down the card face of any combination.

According to the experience of tiantianqing vertical and horizontal casino, her card recording ability is not bad.

But it’s hard to say that this is a fight against the landlord and the home of her mental decline.

In the fourth round, Su Xi gave 2.

Ruan Qiao calculated,

If you play clown cards every day, the winner in the fourth round.

In the fifth round, assuming that the card in Su Xi’s hand is K / Q and the landlord gives a single card K / Q, Su Xi can only discard the card because the card surface is the same as that given by the landlord and there is no greater card suppression.

Ruan Qiao 2 down K / Q, the landlord out of the last clown card, then the fifth round of the main winner

In the sixth round, the landlord can directly consume the last pair of cards in his hand and end the game. The final winner of this sky high gambling game is the landlord tiantianqing.

In other words, as long as tiantianqing plays a clown card at this time, she will win.

However, the current situation is only clear to Ruan Qiao and the players in the happy valley hall.

Because Ruan Qiao has too many cards in his hand, Su Xi and tiantianqing are unable to determine what cards are in each other’s hand.

Xiong Ji found that Ruan Qiao was really the same as what the firefly window snow case said. Even if she had 16 cards, her role was still “very strong”: “there were many cards, and she could play auxiliary and smoke bombs for her teammates.”

Xiong Ji looked up at the screen: “but even so, most people will not be optimistic about soft Mianmian. They think she can finish the card first. Moreover, once tiantianqing chooses a single clown card, the labor side will lose.”

The firefly window snow case leaned back on the chair, and his good-looking face was indifferent. Instead of worrying about Ruan Qiao’s situation, he smiled.

“There are two kings in hand. If you don’t fry, it won’t be sunny every day.” He said firmly.


Ruan Qiao is also gambling.

Tiantianqing doesn’t know the details of Su Xi. In her calculation results, the probability that Su Xi has 2 is 11.76%, that is, the probability of victory after she gives a single card is 88.24%.

The combination of two clown cards, that is, the double king combination, is the existence of all bomb cards.

If the two kings are sunny every day and face the attack of the strongest card, the labor side has a great chance of death.

Once someone dies, the landlord can win.

At this time, choose the combination of two clown cards. For tiantianqing, the winning rate is close to 90%.

But in Ruan Qiao’s opinion, as long as tiantianqing chooses a single clown card, the winning rate of tiantianqing is 100%.

Only when the two kings come out every day can the labor find a chance to survive from the two kings.

As long as he can survive, Ruan Qiao is 100% sure of winning back the situation.

This time, it’s sunny every day. I don’t play cards soon. I seem to be thinking.

Double kings,

Super double happiness.

How exciting it is to play cards without doubling!

Sure enough, tiantianqing was dazzled by the double pleasure of madness. He was so reckless when he fought against the landlord.

[the landlord [tiantianqing] plays cards: black and white clowns and color clowns.]

The huge rocket took off, and the thick smoke gushing from the inverted mushroom occupied the sight of all players.

In the middle of the picture, two large gold characters glitter.

At the same time, happy music sounded in every corner of Jinguang Happy Valley. Red envelopes and Yuanbao fell from the sky, causing many players to loot.

Inside and outside the copy, a system of cheerful sounds sounded at the same time, accompanied by the sound of rocket gushing.

[Wang fried!]

[double the bottom score X10!]

[current bottom score: 874.8 million!]

Players of Jinguang Happy Valley: “crazy…”

“The terrorist mall next door has only made 600 million orders, and now happy valley has made nearly 900 million bets.”

“What is the season of madmen recently?”

[congratulations on the player’s high achievement! SP super props have been unlocked. Players who obtain SP props in the replica can take them out of the replica!]

No card can be bigger than Wang fried. Su Xi and Ruan Qiao can only choose to give up playing cards.

[the fourth round is over! Now inform the player of the number of remaining cards:

[sunny every day] remaining: 3

[wonton] remaining: 1

[soft] remaining: 16 sheets

Next is the figurative time. The two kings appear and disappear in front. Please pay attention to the safety of the workers. God bless you!]

As soon as Wang exploded, even the system’s reminder changed.

[remaining time in the next round: 25:40:02]

On the dark clock tower, the candle light moved.

There was a slight change in the air in front of Ruan Qiao.

The two clowns gradually condensed out of the air. The clown on the left was only black and white, with a dark mouth to his earlobe, and a pair of dark eyes with a crazy smile on his pale cheek. The clown on the right is colorful, but the blood red paint on his face looks shocking.

With sharp machetes in their hands and a strange smile, the two clowns slowly approached them.

Ruan Qiao took out six scepters from the bag on the side of his skirt. He just crushed two. As soon as the color clown raised his hand, the remaining four scepters floated up, flew rapidly to the color clown, and finally fell into his hand.


The four scepters were crushed by him, but they did not bring any effect of accelerating attack time.

[remaining time in the next round: 15:51:49]

The double kings are different from the previous ordinary cards. Without combat state, props and abilities, it is impossible to defeat them.

Ruan Qiao stepped back and looked up at Su Xi. The profile of the young Qingjun was clearly defined. The bridge of his nose cast a shadow on his white face. His narrow eyes stared at the two clowns in front of him, and his right hand was already on the hilt of the sword.

She felt somehow at ease.

It’s a little ironic. I approached Su Xi to kill him.

But every time, it seems that he is protecting her.

Since I’m not sure to persuade him or kill him now, I’ll leave the future to myself.

After figuring it out, Ruan Qiao no longer hesitated. The girl slightly lifted her lips and her eyes fell on the two clowns in front who exuded the smell of madness and death.

“Are you afraid?” She asked.

The young man’s voice was gentle and firm.

“Afraid.” He said, “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Su Xi clenched the handle and pulled out half of the blade with a slight force: “but I won’t let this happen.”

As soon as the voice fell, the four figures in the bell tower moved at the same time.

The clown waved the death sickle and rushed up, while Su Xi met him head-on!


The sickle and the long sword were connected, making a crisp impact.

In the dark attic, there were dangerous sparks.


Every sunny day, he opened the door and pushed the woman in the wheelchair out. Housekeeper Robert and maid Shiva were already waiting in the corridor.

When Mrs. Jones and the lawyer arrived, the party walked towards the clock tower.

What the westerov people said just now made tiantianqing wary. There may be other dangers in this copy, perhaps not just for them to fight the landlord here.

She did find a space SP prop here, which looked very useful. Just the specific functions still need to be out of the copy in careful study.

Bella doesn’t have any information in her memory that Mrs. westero was replaced by a counterfeiter. In her opinion, even if her mother was haggard to the present point, she never admitted her mistake.

Well, there is only one reason – it is not Mrs. westero’s soul in this crippled body.

Where is the soul of the real Mrs. vitello?

Tiantianqing’s suspicion points directly to Robert housekeeper and Shiva maid.

The reason is simple,

Only two of them have names in this copy.

Mrs. Jones’s motive was straightforward and simple – she came for the great wealth of the Westeros. She had never been to the ancient castle before. Let’s rule out the suspicion for the time being. Of course, Mrs. Jones is not completely innocent. She secretly bribed Mrs. westlow’s personal doctor, and the two often exchanged letters.

Unfortunately, after the woman in the wheelchair said those words, her vocal cords were completely damaged and she can’t make a sound at all now.

Moreover, the people in the wheelchair now dare not directly identify the person who placed her soul in a mutilated body and occupied her own body.

Every sunny day can only guard against housekeepers and maids at the same time.

On the first floor of the clock tower, the sleepy old man was awakened to open the door. He looked at the upstairs with concern. Now half an hour has passed. Sure enough, the young guard won’t end so soon. They must forget his instructions.

Well, who hasn’t been young?

The old man sighed in his heart, saying that he could understand the feelings of young people who had first tasted love.

The old man deliberately made a loud noise when opening the door to remind the two young people upstairs.

Mrs. Jones was dissatisfied: “you’re too noisy.”

The old man nodded quickly: “God, have mercy on the old man of my age! The miserable old John has bad ears and has brought trouble to the distinguished guests. I’m very sorry.”

Shiva’s maid said impatiently, “open the door.”

Half an hour had already passed. Tiantianqing didn’t receive the reminder to end the game. Looking at the rotating stairs, she was very curious about how the two players survived under the pursuit of the double kings.

If they are not dead, why does the system reminder of the next round of cards not appear.


Twenty minutes ago.

All players in Happy Valley hall have been surprised.

In order to protect Ruan Qiao, Su Xi was covered with frightening wounds, and even bones could be seen in some places.

But he was like a robot without pain. Every time he just frowned slightly, his pale face was sweating with pain, his thin lips were tight, but he refused to say more.

Ruan Qiao was also injured, and his blood volume was only 15 / 100.

Susie is worse than her.

She used all her wine glasses on Su Xi and survived the attack of two crazy clowns for five minutes.

The remaining ten minutes are extraordinarily long.

Ruan Qiao can let the clown kill Su Xi directly, so that her task is completed.

But her heart resisted it.

At first, Ruanjiao comforted herself that she was trying to win the adverse bet. She can’t lose. Once she loses, she will be blackened by the game and her credit will be blocked in reality. And the list of the firefly window snow case will also be lost. She is not the only one who lost her family.

The exchange ratio between game and real currency is not low. Although the family has money, it can’t stand such a big injury.

But with more and more injuries on Su Xi’s body, every time he did not hesitate to block in front of her and tried to protect her.

She wavered.

Ruan Qiao didn’t know why he was so kind to herself, but she also wanted to stand in front of the person she wanted to protect, bear all the harm and pain, and leave a safe world for the people behind.

She wants to

Protect him.

So, at the last minute.

When Su Xi didn’t even have the ability to stand, the petite girl stood up without hesitation.

She turned her head and looked at two clowns waving sickles.

There was no fear on the pale little face.

She wants to try. If this can’t stop the clown’s attack, she can only make a deal with the annoying conic.

Then, all players in the hall of Jinguang Happy Valley saw such a picture at the same time

In front of the approaching God of death, the girl half kneeling in front of the bloody Knight turned her head and said in a shallow voice, “you are a spirit, right?”

The knives she collected could not hurt the clown at all. They were different from those portraits and had no substance. But it can cause damage to players with the power of spirit.

Ruan Qiao reached out and took out all the remaining coins from the bag: “here’s all my money. Here you are.”

She asked, “can you disappear from my eyes at once?”


The player who said he would hold the soft in his arms was shocked.

“Although the little Oriole who said ‘I’ll give you all my money, don’t hit me’ was so cute that she cried…” he stammered, “but is the little girl stupid?”

“Double kings are really too strong. There’s no way.” Other players are also very sorry.

It can be seen that the two workers have persisted to the end.

Xiong Ji lowered his head and couldn’t bear to see the * * scene of his teammate being separated by Shuangwang, but he couldn’t help turning on the screen recording function and glanced at it quietly with Yu Guang.

She has figured out the title.

——Sad and beautiful love, the loss of knights and princesses.

However, the next moment, the picture that surprised everyone off their chin appeared.

The colored clown tilted his head and looked at Ruan Qiao. He put away his sickle and grabbed the coin.

“Twenty five coins, good,” he went to the black and white clown and turned his neck 180 degrees. “But that’s not enough. We’ll get the rest back later.”

It grinned, turned into white smoke and disappeared with the black-and-white clown.

The firefly snow case was also a little surprised, but he soon recovered his indifferent expression.

“Good.” He nodded. “Just as I thought.”

Xiong Ji: “what?”

Firefly window snow case: “money can make ghosts grind.”

So it’s always right to try to make money.


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