After reopening the escape game Chapter 7

When she looked at Suxi’s windbreaker before, she felt a little big. Su Xi was tall, but very thin. When walking, his black windbreaker raised slightly, like the tail of a swallow.

Now, she was in his windbreaker. When she looked up, she could see Su Xi’s white face, clear side face and thin lips gently raising a good-looking arc.

The slender fingers had distinct joints and gently rested on her shoulder.

At the moment when his voice fell, the red light around Ruan Qiao disappeared.

The little boy who had been angry in the room disappeared in an instant.

Su Xi let her go, with a little disappointment in her tone: “ran away again.”

“All skills are locked. Can you scare away the evil spirit?” Ruan Qiao said curiously.

“Evil spirit?” His long eyelashes moved and his tone was careless: “you mean the little loach that I chased for a long time after I pierced his body just now?”

“Great, if wonton is not afraid of ghosts, we can spend tonight safely!” The cloud said in surprise, “sister Mianmian, come and save me.”

CHEN Si is silent. Now the other three in the room are from group A. not to mention that she just cheated Ruan Qiao. It would be nice if the other party didn’t retaliate against her.

Ruan Qiao shook his head: “clouds, wait first. There are many people with miscellaneous hands. It’s not convenient to play games.”

The cloud was puzzled: “what? Who are you going to play games with?”

Ruan Qiao turned to look at Su Xi and smiled. Her facial features were small. When she smiled, her eyes were curved with cunning and naughty.

For a moment, the smiling face of the little girl in front of him coincided with someone in his memory.

But each person can only register one account in the [isolation zone] game. It can’t be her.

Ruan Qiao approached Su Xi and asked him mysteriously, “do you want to play a ghost game?”

Su Xi immediately restrained his emotions and smiled: “do you know what my title is?”

He also lowered his head close to her and said, “kill evil spirits.”


The corridor on the second floor is still full of faint blue light, but the whole wall has changed its appearance.

White paint covered the lower half of the wall, painted with various black and distorted ghost patterns, like ghosts crawling all over the wall.

Although staying with Su Xi is equivalent to a death free gold medal, it’s a waste of time to spend five days in the copy.

During this time, in addition to approaching Su Xi, she also had to use all the rewards of the copy to improve her strength.

“Creak -”

The only door across the corridor opened automatically.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi looked at each other and went in.

This is an extremely spacious room, about the size of the two bedrooms opposite. Riotous with colour, the floor is as like as two peas, and the colorful coloured balls are scattered everywhere.

On one wall hung a Pinyin diagram, on the other wall was a blackboard with the names of five children and simple strokes of the orphanage house.

The toys on the floor are broken and scattered.

Su Xi walked into the game room and stood in front of the window: “what do you want to do?”

Ruan Qiao turned his back to him and looked at the blackboard.

“This time, I’ll be the ghost.” She reached out and tapped on the blackboard: “red, green and white.”

“Cross the road, be careful, small, heart.”

With these words, she turned her head sharply.

Su Xi stood by the bed, and the long shadow fell all the way to the opposite door. He lowered his head and played with the colored ball on his hand. His handsome face was bright and dark, with a clear outline.

The door of the game room was only one third open when they came in, and the scattered balls on the ground were still in their original position.

Ruan Qiao turned back and continued to knock on the blackboard: “red, green and white. Be careful when crossing the road.”

She suddenly turned back.

The dirty dolls on the ground still lie next to the colored balls, and there are only two of them in the empty game room.

However, most of the originally closed door opened.

[barrage]!! coming!

[barrage] soul summoning?

Ruan Qiao slightly bent his mouth, turned his head and continued to knock on the blackboard. Then turning back, she saw the dark shadow at the door.

It was the shadow of an eight or nine year old boy, who could not be seen even in a room full of dark blue light. He stood motionless at the door with his head down.

Ruan Qiao looked at the blackboard: “red, green and white. Be careful when crossing the road.”

Looking back again, this time, the little boy’s shadow was only two meters away from her.

Ruan Qiao looked away and looked at the blackboard again. Put your hands up and breathe deeply.

[barrage] high energy!!!

[barrage] I dare not look back

“Red, green, white.”

A little red black hand reached over her shoulder.

“Cross the road, be careful, small, heart.”

While looking back, Ruan Qiao reached out and grabbed a small black hand only three centimeters away from his shoulder.

She looked at the ghost that kept struggling and screaming, and her voice was a little excited: “I caught you, oh, you, lost.”

The ghost constantly twisted, screamed in pain and despair, and the dark red flesh and blood dissipated like dust. Finally, it turned into a black card. The card was dark all over, and only five silver words of the terrorist orphanage were printed on the lower left side.

Su Xi raised his head and lifted a picture album from the cabinet by the window: “solved?”

Ruan Qiao nodded and handed him the black card in his hand: “get a meal card from the orphanage.”

Su Xi: ”

“It’s not a meal card, it’s a skill card.” As a newcomer, she did well, and he didn’t mind explaining. “Skill cards can be copied or circulated among players. You’d better keep it.”

[barrage] it is worthy of being the first in full service. This kind of low-level external belongings can’t be looked down upon at all.

[barrage] ha ha, ha ha, God TM meal card

[barrage] it’s very difficult to get a skill card. I played more than ten games before I got one. The newcomer’s first game… I got a lemon.

Su Xi saw that she still kept the posture of handing over the skill card: “I’m not going to grab the skill card with a new person.”

“I’m not going to give it to you.” Ruan Qiao wondered, “I want you to help me see how to use it.”

[barrage] this is the most brazen party I have ever seen.

[barrage] hahaha, the anchor is too conscious!

Su Xi lowered her head, looked at her carefully, and then raised her left hand. The white slender fingers drew a circle in front of Ruan Qiao and connected with a diamond inside.

“Draw this pattern on the card.”

[barrage] my wonton is so good tempered, patient and gentle. That’s right!

[barrage] return my evil spirit, crazy, cold-blooded and ruthless cloud God!!

[barrage] children make choices. I want both.

Ruan Qiao nodded and put the skill card in his pocket: “I’ll try later. What did you take?”

Su Xi opened: “a picture album.”

Ruan Qiao came up to have a look. The painting style was very similar to the white skirt girl named Xiao er. The picture shows five children happily holding hands in a circle, next to which is written “we are all a family”.

On the second page, there were only three children with depressed expressions.

On the third page, the whole picture is full of three words.

Where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where.

At the same time, everyone’s task panel jumps out of the new task.

[branch mission] explore the truth of the events in the orphanage and find the dead child’s body. Any player triggers a hidden plot, and all members of the player’s group will be rewarded.

Current branch plot quantity (0 / 4)

[barrage] now we know that the dead child is Xiao Hui. It’s over when we find his body.

[barrage] it’s not that easy. I search here all over during the day. The doors that haven’t been opened are also opened. The second floor is a game room, and the first floor is a restaurant and storage room.

Ruan Qiao looked at the album. If she guessed right, the album should always provide her with important clues.

This book shows that two children are missing, one of them is Xiaohui.

Covered with dirt and reptiles, rotten body… Will he be buried in the yard? That’s why he can only kill players in that place!

Standing on the stairs, Yu Guang watched Ruan Qiao and Su Xi come down, and his eyes lit up: “are you two okay? Help me! Did you see the ghost? The red light on me hasn’t dissipated, and the game is still going on. Be careful! Hey, what’s the matter with the branch line…”

The two men ignored the endless glistening lights and picked up the shovel at the door and went out.

Wen Qing also saw their actions, but the branch task just refreshed made her regret that she used the red light in advance.

Now she can only stand where she is and watch others complete the task.

Little white rabbit needless to say, before the game is over, she wants no one to save herself, so as to keep herself safe.

The Trojan horse in the yard shook, and the wind blew through the tree and made a whimper. The whole yard looked gloomy and terrible.

Ruan Qiao looked at the big yard and his eyes fell on the flower garden on the right. The blood colored roses looked very strange in the dark, as if the red ones could bleed.

Album… Apart from the album in the game room, she has seen the painting of little ear twice.

The first time was in the lobby on the first night. She stood on the stairs with her picture album. The second time was in the yard during the day. She sat on the grass drawing while other children played games.

Xiao Er painted a villain at that time. There was a rose on the villain’s head and a word “Hun” was written beside it.

The whole orphanage, only one place has roses.

Ruan Qiao: “let’s dig the flowers over there.”

Susie looked at the rose garden.

“Don’t you want to try the pleasure of destroying flowers?” Ruan Qiao is serious.

[barrage] hand: No, you don’t want to.

[barrage] what treasure is this? Anchor ha ha ha ha

After digging for more than ten minutes, they found a black plastic bag in the soil and untied the bag. Inside was a highly rotten child’s body.

The faint blue light in the whole orphanage went out at this moment, and the red light at the feet of other players also disappeared.

Ruan Qiao’s eyes were dark, and the environment around him changed instantly.


“Twenty five, twenty-four, twenty-three…”

The little girl’s childish counting voice came from far away. It should be somewhere upstairs.

With the sound of counting, there were bursts of thunder overhead, and the occasional lightning lit up the scene in front of us.

Ruan Qiao found himself curled up in a narrow cabinet. Through the gap between the boards of the cabinet, he could see that there should be a room outside.

Dada dada.

The sound of footsteps when someone came in was louder because the door was opened.

“Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen…”

Ruan Qiao was close to the gap in the board. He saw the man outside with his back to himself, picked up a bottle of milk from the ground, opened it, and poured something in.

“Boom -” another blast of thunder.

Ruan Qiao’s body trembled uncontrollably. She immediately put her hand over her mouth to prevent her from making any noise.


It’s not her own hand.


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