After reopening the escape game Chapter 70

There were several servants who went up the clock tower together. They carried up the “Mrs. westlow” who couldn’t walk.

Walk behind with others every day.

The bell tower is very spacious. There is a small compartment in front of it, where a small clock is placed.

The light of the whole attic was not bright, and the servants lit a few more oil lamps.

The blood stains on the ground and the dark floor tiles fused together and did not attract other people’s attention.

Tiantianqing saw blood and knew that there had been a fierce battle here.

In this way, she can survive. The strength of wonton has exceeded her expectations.

But others are clearly more concerned about wills.

Ruan Qiao and Su Xi hid by the stairs and blocked the sight of others with prominent stone walls.

When everyone entered the top floor of the clock tower, the two of them pretended to be late and came in.

“My God, my poor little oriole.” Mrs. Jones saw Ruanjiao at a glance. “I’m afraid I can’t find you. It’s a relief to see you come on time. My poor sister can’t see you. She even looks worse than ever!”

Su Xi stood behind Ruan Qiao. Although he didn’t speak, he was impressive.

In particular, the blood and evil spirit on her body made Mrs. Jones look more.

When can people of the dak family have such temperament.

However, as long as we can protect her little Jinshan.

Before they came to the bell tower, Ruan Qiao went to the room downstairs and searched every corner, perhaps because of her good luck. Five coins and some wine glasses hidden in a crack in the wall were also accidentally found.

Su Xi’s injury was cured with a wine glass. Now he can move normally.

After putting the westerov on the chair on the top floor, the housekeeper immediately let the other servants leave.

Housekeeper robek held a black box in his hand. He opened the box and took out the will inside.

The lawyer stood up and read out the will.

Apart from Mandarin, there is only one central idea,

——All the property of the Westeros was left to Bella alone.

“My God!”

Mrs. Jones made a sharp voice: “my God! Did I hear wrong? Otherwise – this is a false will! Look at my poor sister!”

She pulled Ruanjiao standing next to her: “this is ridas, your favorite eldest daughter! If you leave all your property to Bella, what will ridas do? Don’t you have her in your heart?”

Ruan Qiao cooperatively squeezed out two tears.

The lawyer sealed the will in a black box and stood by.

The housekeeper ignored Mrs. Jones’s complaint and stood at the stairs with the lawyer.

Tiantianqing had a bad feeling in her heart: “what do you want to do?”

The Shiva maid, who had been respectful to follow behind everyone, swept away her previous docile appearance, with an indifferent look on her ordinary face.

She lowered her head and whispered incomprehensible language, and the dark Dharma array on the floor lit up.

In front of the same enemy, players are unexpectedly United.

Tiantianqing stared at the maid and walked slowly to Ruan Qiao and them to form an external defense posture.

Tiantianqing has a hunch that her name is on the will, and she is also the person who has stayed in westlot for the longest time – it’s very convenient if the devil wants to use any means on her.

Mrs. Jones didn’t seem to be aware of anything wrong. She was very angry. The maid’s disregard made her feel that her face was damaged as a superior.

“God, how can the Westeros have servants like you!” Mrs. Jones went up and tried to teach the unkind maid a lesson, but before she slapped each other in the face, the maid Shiva suddenly raised her head.

“Hiss -!”

Her eyes were dark and white, and her mouth made a deafening scream.

A gust of wind centered on her rose her hair. Mrs. westlow, in her wheelchair, cried with a frightened expression, but could not speak.

The Dharma array under everyone’s feet began to get hot, and the temperature in the bell tower gradually increased.

When Mrs. Jones was nearest, the Shiva maid suddenly raised her hand and put a hard squeeze on her neck.


The human neck is so fragile that it only needs a strong external force to twist it gently, and the bones can break into several pieces and pierce the flesh and blood.

Shiva’s maid did not feel the slightest fluctuation about Mrs. Jones’s death, and her indifferent face was full of contempt for life.

She threw the middle-aged woman who had lost her life on the ground, and her black eyes looked at the sunny day.

It’s sunny every day. There’s a cold war.

It doesn’t feel good to be watched.

Especially when one of the five gods is involved in the SP copy.

Tiantianqing even has an intuition that if she is occupied by the devil, her soul will be trapped here forever.

Although she is a pile of data, she doesn’t have what humans call “soul”.

But the data also has a family business to inherit, okay! Her golden Happy Valley is still waiting for her to go back and fight gold every day!

Tiantianqing feels that this is the power of the five gods, but both she and the players outside only know that there are the shadows of the five gods in the world view of the isolation area. They are mysterious and powerful, and there is a God behind each copy.

However, few specific information about these demons and gods has been circulated.

Recently, a large number of copies have appeared the information of the five gods. Although they are fragmented, they are much better than before. The topic of the five gods is hot again. It can be seen that the isolation area is improving this setting.

The housekeeper and the lawyer are demons and are now guarding the door.

The whole space was blocked by the devil’s power, and they couldn’t escape.

Tiantianqing turned her head and looked at Ruan Qiao. There was no fear on the girl’s small facial features. It seemed that she had a winning ticket.

The big husband can bend and stretch. Tiantianqing has no psychological pressure to ask for help from his opponent: “soft, do you know anything?”

Ruan Qiao tilted his head and knocked his fingers on his side face: “no more, no less, just find a diary more than you.”

Tiantianqing: “if I die, the devil will not let you go.”

Only the dead can keep secrets. The devil has planned for so long that he won’t let Ruan Qiao, a “fake” out to reveal secrets.

Ruan Qiao looked at the blackened maid standing in the center of the Dharma array. The other party seemed to be determined that his name was unknown. He was not in a hurry to kill them immediately. Instead, he looked at the three quietly with a cat and mouse joking attitude.

Evil taste of Demons – enjoy the fear and fear before human death.

However, the powerful and terrible devil probably didn’t know that the whole world should know its name after today.

Ruan Qiao: “I can help you.”

That’s the condition.

Sunny every day is very direct: “say it, what do you want me to do.”

Ruan Qiao said, “you should reflect first.”

“Why was it sold…”

“Ah, no, it’s why they are watched by demons.”

Tiantianqing has made the opportunity to be slaughtered, but she finds that Ruan Qiao rarely takes advantage of others’ danger. She secretly doubts whether she has read the wrong person before. In fact, this soft player is still very kind-hearted.

Only because people are too stupid to play off, they will be desperate. Come to the casino for a fight.

She looked at Ruan Qiao and began to appreciate and regret.

Otherwise, if she loses later, she’d better leave more clothes for the other party in addition to her pants.

The devil who won a blood at the beginning waited for a long time, but he didn’t wait for the scream.

“Can -!”

It looked up and screamed again. The ten second sound wave attack made Ruan Qiao and others unconsciously cover their ears.

The sound wave dispersed, and its floating hair fell down, however——

The selected body covered his ears, stepped back a few steps, narrowed his eyes slightly, and seemed dissatisfied.

The young lady beside her turned pale, but there was no movement.

The tall and handsome bodyguard frowned and said, “it’s so noisy.”


At least it is also a powerful existence with several planes washed with blood. In front of this pile of mole ants without eyesight

What a disappointment!

However, due to face loss, it can’t say anything like “let me hear your screams”. The devil can only make strange laughter and hoarse and low voice. It is difficult to distinguish between male and female: “do you know that you are going to die?”

“Ah!” Ruan Qiao exclaimed.

The weak lady twisted her feet and almost fell. Fortunately, the bodyguard next to her helped her.

It turned out that I was not afraid just now, but I was scared and softened my legs. Now I move and show my true colors.

The devil narrowed his eyes with satisfaction, prepared to deliver the villain’s speech, and sent all the people in front of him into the abyss.

Then he heard the little girl’s voice like a nightingale.

Ruan Qiao: “these shoes sprain.”

Demon: ”

That’s too much!! It wants to wash the whole Antioch with blood to vent its anger!!

——After you recover your full strength!

The devil’s anger was obvious. His whole face was twisted, his dark eyes were burning with anger, and the temperature around him rose again.

Ruan Qiao coughed and seemed to remember the existence of the devil: “I guess you lived in the body of steward gray from the beginning.”

The devil sneered: “what can you do if you know? Soon, you will know what despair, pain and life are better than death!”

Ruan Qiao continued: “the secret of immortality is to change a living body. You use witchcraft to exchange your soul with that of ridas, and then report to housekeeper gray. Although it is the old man’s body, it is ridas’s soul inside.”

“It’s easier later, but it’s just to make your plan according to the law. You exchange your soul with Mrs. Westeros in the bell tower. You change and become the owner of the castle, while the real Westeros are in riddas’s body.” She slowly said her speculation: “you can’t let Ritas say all this, so you imprisoned her and claimed that she was missing. However, you took your next step – to get a younger body.”

Tiantianqing also understood: “so you tossed the body of ‘Mrs. Westeros’ like this, making her on the verge of death. In order to facilitate action, you exchanged souls with the maid again. Under your deterrence, the maid had to play the role of’ Mrs. Westeros’.”

The light of the Dharma array suddenly darkened.

“Wonderful inference.”

The devil laughed and said in a hoarse voice, “Miss Bella’s body is fit, young and full of vitality.”

“But why do you think I’m here to listen to your story?”

It looked up at the sunny sky: “it takes time for the soul Dharma array to take effect. Now – it’s time!”

The obscure spell came out of its mouth. It didn’t open its hands until it finished reading the last word: “exchange, great soul Lord!”

No movement.

The devil put down his arm and raised it again. His voice was louder: “exchange, great soul Lord!”

Still nothing.

The scene began to embarrass.

Ruan Qiao couldn’t help laughing: “all right, stop yelling.”

Before they came up, Ruan Qiao had modified the whole Dharma array according to the information that the gardener’s daughter had left on the clock tower. The gardener’s daughter is very smart. The bell tower is the territory of the devil. It never thought that the information to deal with itself is hidden here.

The Dharma array for exchanging souls has been changed into the Dharma array of the abyss gate by her.

The devil is right. It takes time to open the Dharma array.


She whispered.

The next moment, the dark floor tiles under the devil’s feet suddenly became like hot red iron, and a vortex door emitting a terrible smell gradually opened.

Demons scream; “Woman, you have successfully angered me! You can’t send me here without knowing my name. Soon, I will let you experience endless fear!!”

The whirlpool wind swirled and spread from the demon’s side again,

The candles on the wall went out one by one.

“Sigma, alanedo.” Ruan Qiao’s voice was not loud, but it was like sentencing the devil to death.

“No –!!!”

In the red light masterpiece, the hell gate swallowed up the whole devil, and the Dharma array immediately closed and disappeared without a trace.

The whole attic returned to its original silence.


Happy Valley hall.


Although justice conquers evil, why do we all have a feeling——

OK, what a terrible devil.

The occurrence of SP replica gambling in Happy Valley has spread all over the server.

Even melon seeds and peanuts came and gathered in the front row to broadcast live to all players in Tianfu.

After going offline, go to the game forum and send a post, which will cause a sensation!

Melon seeds and peanuts rubbed their hands excitedly.

Xiong Ji has gradually become numb to the soft Sao operation. He is like a hero with a halo. He can counter attack the Jedi every time, oppressing the villains and doubting the devil.

Even in the face of an extremely powerful enemy among the Jedi, that sentence is very suitable for soft.

——Hold on, it’s no problem.

When round appeared, Ruan Qiao’s live screen was covered by the previous normal screen, so the players in the hall didn’t know her conversation with round.

Say the devil’s name and beat it back to hell, beyond everyone’s expectation.

The firefly snow case seems to pay special attention to Sigma’s information and has been writing there with a small book.

Xiong Ji: “do you write a press release?”

The firefly window snow case gently raised his eyes. I don’t know where the black pen turned around at his fingertips and knocked on the notebook: “don’t you understand?”

“Information is wealth,” he said


Solve the boss of the copy, and the prompt of the system finally arrives.

[it’s time ~! The fifth round starts ~!]

[please the landlord [tiantianqing] play cards for the first time.]

With Wang fried, tiantianqing still has three cards in his hand, a single pair, and must be q and K.

Su Xi has only one single card, q or K.

Ruan Qiao

There are still sixteen cards in hand.

[landlord [tiantianqing] playing cards: wine cup Q, coin q]

[to Q ~]

It’s a pair that takes Qing out every day. If Su Xi wants to hold her down, she must also have two cards.

But he had only one card and finally chose to abandon it.

Soft hands, whether for K or 2, can easily take this round.

[labor [soft] licensing: wine cup K, Scepter k]

[to K ~]

Feng Shui turns in turn, and the same embarrassing situation falls on tiantianqing.

She has only one card in her hand and can’t take a soft pair.

However, as long as the combination in Ruan Qiao’s hand has a single card, she can immediately throw the K in her hand.

Looking at tiantianqing’s expectant and nervous eyes.

Ruan Qiao looked at his cards again.

She gently licked her lower lip with a lazy smile in her voice: “I say you two -”

“It’s really miserable to have an orphan card in one’s hand.”

The 14 cards in Ruan Qiao’s hand——


It happens to be the big nemesis of orphan card.

The fifth copy is the return of the old God


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