After reopening the escape game Chapter 8

This hand is very small.

Ruan Qiao found that his control over his body was very weak.

People outside stopped, their voices blurred and distorted, and they couldn’t distinguish between men and women: “come and deliver a batch tonight. Yes, the previous ones will be finished.”

“I didn’t mean to kill TA. I’m so bored. If you don’t tell me, who can know?”

Ruan Qiao’s heart showed a sense of fear and panic. This emotion came not from her consciousness, but from her body.

There were a lot of sundries in the cabinet, and her body made a noise when she bumped into something.

Through the crack in the wooden cabinet, Ruan Qiao saw that the people outside stopped. The other party turned around and seemed to be judging the source of the noise.

She couldn’t see each other’s appearance. She only saw an apron painted with sheep. After a moment, the apron became bigger and bigger.

Coming towards her.

She instinctively wanted to run away, and a voice in her heart kept repeating in a panic: tell it, tell it, tell it

But the narrow cabinet could not be retreated. The man stood in front of the cabinet for half a minute, suddenly squatted down and opened the cabinet door.

Ruan Qiao’s body instinctively hid behind. Originally, she thought she would hit the board behind, but unexpectedly, the scene around her changed instantly. The board became a gate. At this time, she knocked open the gate and fell on the steps outside the yard.

It was late at night outside. The storm showed the anger of lightning. The big trees in the yard made a huge noise in the wind. White Lightning crossed. The huge thunder shook the whole world upside down.

Ruan Qiao’s body got up and looked in horror at the situation in the lobby. He caught a glimpse of a figure. The sharp kitchen knife in each other’s hand showed a dazzling reflection at the moment of lightning.

She ran to the gate of the orphanage.

“Beep -” the sound of vehicle whistle.

The next picture flashed very quickly. The door of the orphanage opened and drove into a minivan in the rainstorm. In a moment of panic, she rolled under the wheels.

The blood mixed with muddy water meandered all over the ground. The pain she lost instantly made her lie on the grass. She watched the truck stop, the door opened and a tall man came down.

“What if you are found…”

“That’s it“

”To the outside world… I know… What can I do? ”

“Nothing will happen… Money…”

The intermittent conversation was farther and farther away, and the rain blurred her sight. Ruan Qiao felt that he had been carried, and soon fell into a pit. The wet and heavy soil fell on her, and her blood dyed the soil red.

The last picture the eyes can see is the gloomy sky, the heavy rain, and the dark red roses in the night.

She’s dead.

[branch quest] the progress of the branch quest has been updated. Congratulations to group a players for successfully finding the body of a dead child. Trigger the hidden plot [secret heard], and all members of the group will be rewarded after the game.

Number of current branch line scenarios (1 / 4)

The next moment, Ruan Qiao regained his vision.

She was still standing outside in the yard. There was no rain, no hunting, and no truck. There was only a messy Rose Garden excavated and a child’s body in a black pocket.

Su Xi stood nearby, frowning slightly.

[barrage] death retrospective?

[barrage] what did the plot just now mean

[barrage] @ class representative

Ruan Qiao squatted down and the pungent smell of putrefaction filled all around. She looked at the body carefully. It looked like a little boy, rotting and unable to see clearly. The clothes he wore as like as two peas were turned into dark yellow instead of clothes, but rotted in the soil.

Wen Qing was the first person to come. She was informed by the system just now that she also received it, but only group a saw the pre death memory.

Ruan Qiao just told me about his experience.

“In other words, the little boy heard the secret of the mysterious man’s murder, was hit by a truck while running away, and then was buried here by the other party.” Wen Qing squatted down and faced the rotten body, but she looked for clues as usual, “he has a puzzle in his hand.”

On the puzzle is half an eye and the number 13.

“That’s cruel.” The little white rabbit looked back and retched.

“According to the information at that time, there was another dead person.” Yu Guang stood by and analyzed: “the branch mission let us find the child’s body, so another victim is also a child in the orphanage? They became evil spirits after they died and stayed in this house all the time.”

“Then… What about the murderer who killed the child?” The cloud fought a cold war: “is the murderer a man or a ghost now?”

“If it’s a ghost, it means there’s a difficult evil spirit in the house. If it’s a man.” Yu Guang paused and said in a dignified tone: “that is, there is still a person around us… And so far, we have no awareness of his existence.”

The strong HENGQIANG and Chen sicai rushed to the yard and saw several players with bad faces. The strong and weak asked: “… Did I miss anything?”

Wen Qing stood up and raised a key: “what was found in the pocket of the body’s clothes should be the key to open a place.”

“It’s only been a day and a night now, so many things have happened. How can the time pass later…” the little white rabbit was about to cry: “I didn’t play this game if I knew it was so terrible.”

“So sleepy.” Ruan Qiao threw the shovel to Yu Guang. “I go back to bed and rest. You can get it right. Tomorrow, we need to continue to find clues. Maybe we’ll have to play with it.”

She looked at the attic window and seemed to complain casually: “it’s too hard to find so many windows and so many rooms.”

Hearing this, Wen Qing instinctively looked at the window of the orphanage.

Then after that, she was suddenly stunned. There are so many windows, and behind each is a room.

What’s behind the lonely window at the top?


When the day came, the orphanage returned to its clean and tidy appearance, as if the terrible change last night was just a dream.

The two children were playing puzzles in the yard, while Xiao Er sat under the tree with the picture in his arms, looking depressed.

Wen Qing is not good at dealing with children. The little white rabbit doesn’t dare to approach them when he thinks of their terrible appearance at night. Fortunately, the cloud came forward and asked, and Xiao er said a few words with concern.

“I haven’t seen a whale for a long time.” Little ear said sadly, “I haven’t seen her since I played hide and seek last time.”

The little whale is a disabled child without hands.

And it’s probably the next target they’re looking for.

There are many rooms and sundries in the orphanage, and anything can be a clue. The flow rate is faster and faster during the day, and the orphanage will enter a state of terror at night. In order to improve efficiency, we search separately.

As soon as Su Xi stepped up the stairs, he looked back and saw the girl with a big smiling face.

Ruan Qiao followed, saw Su Xi turn back, and immediately showed a smile that he thought he was full of kindness: “you go first.”

[barrage] hold your thighs to the end.

[barrage] it’s up to others to play a game. If you’re drunk and rely on yourself as a sister, is that it?

[barrage] people not only didn’t hold back, but also completed the hidden plot. Besides, group a just wanted to help each other? What’s the acid upstairs?

[barrage] the new live studio can be torn up

The barrage was so noisy that Ruan Qiao couldn’t see it. They walked in the corridor on the second floor and searched everyone’s bedroom and game room again.

A cabinet with a six digit code lock was found in 204, an uninhabited single room. The cabinet was blocked by several pots of green plants and painted with the same color as the wall. It was not found before.

Ruan Qiao came out of the game room and measured the space of the game room. He thought it was wrong.

Opposite is four rooms, while the length of the game room is only two rooms, indicating that there is still an undetected space next to the game room.

Su Xi saw her staring at the wall and came over.

The narrow dark eyes looked at the girl. Different from the publicity of the man in the memory, Ruan Qiao’s facial features were not amazing at first, but they were very durable.

Especially when she smiled, her curved eyes seemed to contain the night river that broke the reflection of the stars. The sparkling stars burned on people’s hearts out of guard.

Susie’s face cooled down.

He seems to be paying too much attention to her.

A newcomer who looks like her is not bad at all, and even approaches herself intentionally or unintentionally.

He gathered the cold that had just spread around him and regained his indifferent appearance.

Maybe you have to give the new couple a warning to let her know how dangerous it is to get close to herself.

Ruan Qiao’s sensitive intuition naturally captured Su Xi’s changes just now, but she was not afraid of him. She had seen no matter how terrible and powerful she was when playing [isolation zone] before.

Although Su Xi is very strong, at present, he is normal compared with some crazy killers.

Just now she saw that the color and position of the wall in front of her were slightly different from those next to her, at least one centimeter concave.

Ruan Qiao’s chosen career in [survival line] is Archer, and the sharpest thing is her eyesight.

But as a newcomer, I seem to have a little fun before.

It seems unreasonable to directly find the wrong here, so she stepped back and chose an appropriate stress angle.

Then the foot slipped.

When the girl suddenly threw herself down with an unstable center of gravity, Su Xi was unprepared.

Ruan Qiao looked very thin to him, but he fell with great strength. So that two people lost their center of gravity at the same time. Behind him was the wall, and his back hit it hard.

Su Xi’s body strength is much stronger than that of ordinary players. When he fights, his body is a deadly weapon.

So this time, he directly knocked open the wall behind him – or, to be exact, a door hidden in the wall.

They suddenly fell into darkness.

Bullet screens were painted again in the dark live studio.

[barrage] count your business

[barrage] foot sliding * 3

[barrage] the network has been interrupted

[barrage] out of sync

[barrage] to tell you the truth, foot sliding is also part of the plan [dog head] [dog head]



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