After reopening the escape game Chapter 9

Ruan Qiao was once very afraid of staying alone in an empty house. After turning off the lights, the whole world would fall into darkness. She curled up in such a large and lonely bed with a doll.

She can’t sleep with the light on, and she will be afraid when the light is off. Later, she began to force herself to accept the darkness and repeatedly told herself that there were no terrible monsters in every creepy shadow corner.

The more frightened she was, the more she wanted to see.

From the little girl who dared not even listen to the horror sound effect at the beginning to becoming the best newcomer to the horror survival game, she has firmly engraved this feeling of darkness in her heart.

Ruan Qiao began to like adventure and horror stories. When her peers were playing at home in beautiful skirts, she and boys rolled in the mud and explored in the haunted house.

Later, this hobby became her career.

But fate always likes to joke with people. When Ruan Qiao flew into the sky, she was stabbed by the most trusted person, her future was ruined, and she fell from the cloud.

She left the [isolation zone] and chose to play in the [survival line].

If it weren’t for saving Su Xi, she might never come back to play this game all her life.

After getting used to the darkness, Ruan Qiao found that it was still very dark, with no candles and no natural light.

Su Xi was pressed down by her. Neither of them could see each other clearly, but she could hear his breathing.

Su Xi: “slippery feet?”

Although he couldn’t see his expression clearly, Ruan Qiao could imagine Su Xi’s slightly narrowed eyes and a faint smile around his mouth.

It’s like watching a play out of town.

[barrage] online slide

[barrage] repeated slips

[bullet screen] it’s too dark to see the beauty of our cloud God. It’s bad.

[barrage] when I have money, I must buy a simulation cabin with high brightness.

Ruan Qiao just wanted to give him a wall thump and let Su Xi find the wrong wall behind him. Unexpectedly, his body was so strong that he directly knocked the door open.

She couldn’t hold her focus, and the two talents overwhelmed.

Her hand rested on his chest, as if she could feel Su Xi’s powerful heartbeat, bang bang——

Ruan Qiao regretted that he didn’t bring a knife.

Just poke it in this position and insert it directly into the heart. It must be very thorough.

The girl’s soft palm pressed on him, and the fragrance was fascinating. Su Xi’s heart jumped heavily. Before he could distinguish the feelings, he felt a sense of killing.

He raised his hand reflexively and grabbed each other’s neck.

The girl’s white skin feels soft, and her fragile neck seems to break with a slight movement, like a beautiful and fragile handicraft.

He pressed his emotions close to her ear and whispered, “next time, you have to say goodbye to the world.”

Ruan Qiao was stunned and noticed that the hand tightening his neck was slightly loose. Without fear, she smiled excitedly, reached out and slowly scratched Su Xi’s neck from the clavicle: “next time, I don’t know who threatened who.”

Su Xi’s eyes rolled with emotion, suddenly released her and stood up.

[barrage] I’m beginning to like the anchor!

[barrage] CP reservation!!

[barrage] do you love and kill each other? It’s a little emotional. What’s going on!!


Ruan Qiao rubbed his neck. It should be red there.

She glanced at the tall and thin shadow in front of her, and her evaluation of Su Xi was higher in her heart. Just now she just had a little idea, which could be noticed by him.

You have to be more careful next time.

This is a room about the size of a game room. There are five small beds and pictures on the wall. Because the light is too dark, we can’t see the details clearly.

Ruan Qiao went to the opposite side in the dark and opened the curtain. However, he found that the two windows behind the curtain had been nailed to death by the board, and the light could only penetrate through the gap of the board.

“I envy them so many partners.” Ruan Qiao looked for clues in the room and talked to Su Xi as if nothing had happened: “I want to have a brother and sister as an only child.”

“This means that from the moment you have memory, you must start competing.” Susi turned over on the table next to her, with crayons of various colors scattered on it. “One more person is just one more competitor.”

Ruan Qiao retorted, “you seem to have experienced it yourself.”

She met Su’s father and mother. Su’s father is a shareholder of a large group and a vigorous businessman. Su’s mother is the president of the highest University in China. Many people can’t envy such a family.

Su Xi didn’t speak. Ruan Qiao checked five small beds one by one. The quilts on them were very old. Under the pillows were crayons, small balls and other small toys.

When she reached the innermost small bed, she found a knife and pencil under the pillow. Ruan Qiao squatted down and touched the wooden bed. She felt a bump on the side of the bed.

The light was too dark to see what was engraved, but she touched it, closed her eyes and could roughly know what it was.

[hate eating fruit, hate rainy days, hate drinking milk, disobedient, punished, don’t.]

It seems that some child went up at the moment of venting.

The whole orphanage has been explored by players except the attic. Half of the first floor is the lobby, the other half is the storage room on the left, the restaurant on the right, and the kitchen on the left.

On the second floor, there are four rooms on the side facing the yard. 201 to 203 are players’ accommodation and 204 are single bed vacant rooms. There are only two large rooms on the other side, namely the game room and the orphans’ room.

After they went downstairs, it was dark outside. The flow rate during the day was very fast. Everyone was seizing the time to look for clues. At dinner time, everyone came to the restaurant.

Little white rabbit: “I found some bacon and ribs in the kitchen cabinet, but I can’t make them. We can only continue to eat these vegetables and bread.”

Eating is a necessary process to supplement physical strength. No one complains about having food.

Players communicate their search while eating.

Wen Qing still maintains a noble, cold and gorgeous temperament: “204 won’t list an empty room alone. It must work. I found a place, but I need a six digit password to open it.”

Ruan Qiao is not surprised that Wen Qing can find the password lock. She is different from the vase outside. Ordinary stars often play more shows and hype in this game, or set up by people. But when she joined the game, she didn’t have a commercial purpose. She always wanted to play a few games. At most, she gave a notice in advance on her microblog.

The participation of stars drives the popularity of these holographic horror games, but [survival line] is generally not the best choice for the marketing companies behind these stars because of its strong competitiveness and professionalism. [isolation area] on the contrary, there are many interesting copies.

The strong HENGQIANG took out a carton and put it on the table: “this is a box of puzzles I found in the storage room. It feels a little like the one you found before.”

Just a few people had almost eaten. Clouds and little white rabbit came to help with the puzzle. There were not many pieces of the puzzle. After more than an hour, they all put together a complete picture and found that there was indeed a piece missing in the middle.

Wen Qing took out the separate puzzle and put it on it. She found that it was the advertising phone of the puzzle seller: 665138.

“Six digits, is the password of the password lock upstairs?” Wen Qing stood up and was about to go upstairs to unlock it, but she heard a familiar sound outside the restaurant.

The bell rang nine times, each time sinking the player’s heart.

The long bell echoed in the empty orphanage. At last, the bell dissipated and everything was dead.

9 o’clock.

The game begins.

The little girl’s tender and empty voice came from upstairs. It had no feelings, but it was creepy: “one hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight…”

The candles on the table went out, and the dark red light filled the whole restaurant instantly. Blood flowed down the white wall. Finally, three distorted blood words appeared on the wall in front of the player:


“Seventy five, seventy-four, seventy-three…”

The counting upstairs continued.


Wen Qing and Su Xi went out of the restaurant for the first time. Yu Xing saw that the rest of the people occupied a favorable position in the restaurant and kitchen. After hesitating, they also went out and went to other places to find a hiding place.

[bullet screen] hide and seek childhood shadow

[barrage] it’s good to play with people and ghosts… Emmmm Hi, I feel like I’ve reached the peak of my life

[barrage] there are few places to hide. Find the anchor quickly!

When Ruan Qiao walked out of the restaurant, he couldn’t see the figure of several others. Instead, a tall and thin shadow flashed by on the stairs.

The little girl’s voice came from the second floor. Players were looking for a place to hide on the first floor.

As soon as Yu Xing hid into the wall crack behind a cabinet, he saw the young group a new female player standing in front of the stairs hesitating for a moment, as if considering where to hide.

But to his surprise, the other party finally went up the stairs!

Is this the initiative to send heads to evil spirits?

He is a little appreciative of the newcomer who has sacrificed himself to others. At the end of the game, you must add a friend and take her to play more games.

With Yu Guang’s sympathetic and admiring eyes, Ruan Qiao came to the second floor.

“Sixty one, sixty…”

The little girl’s voice became louder and louder. It seemed that the voice came from the game room. The first room after Ruan Qiao came up the stairs was the game room. The door was half closed. She walked slowly to the door.

Suddenly he opened the door and went in, but there was no one inside.

“Forty five, forty-four.”

Ruan Qiao turned back and heard the voice coming out from 204 diagonally opposite again. She continued to walk forward. The black shadow was very long in the dark red world. The door of 204 was open. A tall and thin man was facing her side. The red light was reflected on his well-defined face. The side face was firm, with a tall nose and long eyelashes covering his eyes.

The black windbreaker swung slightly with his movements.

An axe in his hand, which she had seen in the storage room.

Facing the wall where the code lock was located, Su Xi waved his sharp axe and smashed it down. For a moment, it seemed that the whole room was shaking.

He pulled out his axe and cut it up again and again. His movements were smooth and explosive.

Rough and terrible sharp tools and tall and thin men have formed a strange and harmonious scene.

Ruan Qiao stood at the door. The bullet screen had been painted all over the screen.

[barrage] ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha!

[barrage] captain, what are we going to dismantle today

[barrage] cloud God means where we chop!!

Finally, the wall in front of Su Xi collapsed with a gap. At the same time, Ruan Qiao also heard the girl’s voice ringing in her ear.

“Three, two, one.”

“It’s time.”


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