Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 10

This sound was not too small, and it attracted the attention of the few people in front.

Before Ye Cheng could react, he felt the hand next to him suddenly slid away.

The pen fell on the table with a crisp sound.

It’s okay that Lu Xiao didn’t move. Several people turned their heads and looked at him when he moved like this.

Jiang Jin scratched his head for unknown reasons, in exchange for an eye knife from Lu Xiao.

“Brother Xiao, are you alright?” he asked incredulously.

This blushing face has a thick neck, and there is still a hostility between his brows, as if he is perfectly aligned with his head down.

“Are you doing your shit?” Lu Xiao said angrily, stretched out his legs and kicked his chair from under the table.

Jiang Jin was kicked like this, a little sober, and turned his head sullenly.

Lu Xiao threw the pen back to Ye Cheng and said, “I know this question.”

“I haven’t finished it yet, but you will?” Ye Cheng doubted, he felt that Lu Xiao was a little absent-minded.

“Yes.” Lu Xiao’s final voice was crisp.

Ye Cheng didn’t say anything else, took back the pen and continued to do the question.

The people watching the fun all turned back and whispered.

Ye Cheng stared intently at the scratch paper. There were several solutions to this problem, and he always liked to draw inferences from other facts, so he took out his mobile phone and searched for other solutions.

As soon as I opened the little ape search topic, a new WeChat message popped up above.

Huang Sheng’an: [Orange, have you transferred? ? 】

Seeing this familiar note, Ye Cheng’s hand stopped.

Huang Sheng’an was his primary school classmate. The two had known each other since childhood and were admitted to the same university later.

But as soon as Ye Cheng got Lu’s offer, he went to study abroad for graduate school, and by the way found a mixed-race girlfriend.

He actually forgot that Huang Shengan transferred back to the Affiliated High School in his second year of high school.

Sure enough, this kid was bombarded with crazy news as soon as he came.

Huang Sheng’an: [No, you are too boring, you don’t tell me about such a big thing. 】

Huang Sheng’an: [I heard that you turned to the other side, what’s the situation? It’s not them donkey me, right? 】

Ye Cheng typed: [You have already arrived at the Affiliated High School? 】

Huang Sheng’an: [I just arrived! I wanted to surprise you, but who knew you weren’t there! 】

Ye Cheng: [I can’t tell on WeChat, are you free at noon? Come out for a meal. 】

Lu Xiao caught a glimpse of him typing out of the corner of his eye, and couldn’t help but glance at him. He rarely chats with others while studying.

Huang Sheng’an: [That’s a must! You have to invite me, I was played with feelings by you [cry]]

Ye Cheng: [==You didn’t say you were going to turn around. 】

Huang Sheng’an: [It’s not because of my dad, Jiulong was suddenly transferred. 】

After Huang Shengan went to junior high school, he went to S City next door.

This time, his father was transferred back to Nandu to serve as the director of Qingshan Mental Hospital.

Yes, it is indeed the director of a mental hospital. When Ye Cheng first learned about his dad’s job, he thought he was joking.

As school approached at noon, Ye Cheng told Junxiao that he would not eat lunch with them.

Lu Xiao watched him walk out without looking back, his expression a little probing.

After leaving No. 13 Middle School, the whole street of Shanhai Road was full of restaurants, and many students poured in at mealtimes.

Ye Cheng stood waiting under the lush phoenix tree, and it didn’t take long for him to see Huang Shengan, who had not seen him for a long time, and ran over from the opposite side with a wave of his hand.

“Orange!” He shaved his head very short, revealing handsome brows.

He ran across the road to Ye Cheng and shoved him as soon as they met.

“Damn it, did you really transfer to No. 13 Middle School?” He looked at Ye Cheng’s school uniform in disbelief.

As we all know, No. 13 Middle School is famous all over the city.

Not only is the admission rate worrying, but the style of study is also very different from the attached middle school.

Since he settled abroad, Ye Cheng seldom saw him again, and his eyes stayed on him for a while.

“My God, are you crazy or I’m crazy!” Huang Shengan looked like it was difficult to accept reality.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Let’s go, go to dinner, and chat while eating.”

They walked along the boulevard and turned into the next alley.

Huang Shengan chatted along the way, telling him about his current situation.

His father was promoted from vice-president to dean. He just took over the Qingshan side and was very busy. Throw him at school, and nothing will matter.

There is a crayfish in this alley that is delicious. Ye Cheng knew that he liked it, so he ordered a few side dishes and a pot of crayfish.

While waiting for the dishes, Huang Shengan couldn’t help but said, “Tell me, why did you transfer to another school?”

Ye Cheng clasped the glass lightly and looked at the orange juice inside, “The pressure is too much, I can’t stand the atmosphere of the attached middle school.”

This was also his speech to Ye Gaoyang.

Huang Sheng’an widened his eyes and said, “You fooling the ghost, you are still under pressure from your grades? Who has overpowered you, you are a pressure cooker yourself.”

Ye Cheng paused and lied without changing his face, “The main reason is that I don’t like the environment there, I always feel depressed.”

Huang Shengan’s eyes gradually changed, he looked at him carefully and said, “You can’t be…”

Ye Cheng: “?”

“Don’t you have any psychological problems, do you need me to ask my dad to reserve a bed for you?” Huang Shengan said seriously.

Ye Cheng rolled his eyes: “Keep the bed for yourself, I don’t need it.”

“Brother, we have been together for so many years. If you have anything to help, you must tell me.” Huang Shengan said nervously.

He has been immersed in his eyes and ears since he was a child, and he has seen many patients with mental problems. He is really worried about his buddies.

Seeing that this topic couldn’t be avoided, Ye Cheng picked up his chopsticks while the dishes came up one after another and said, “Can’t stop your mouth when you eat?”

ding ding dong,

The doorbell rang, and someone pushed in.

The proprietress greeted warmly: “Classmates, what would you like to eat? Would you like to pot thirteen incense?”

Jiang Jin found a seat, sat down and started ordering.

“Brother Xiao, you don’t want to eat spicy food, I’ll give you some garlic…” Halfway through he said, he suddenly got stuck, “Hey, isn’t that Brother Orange?”

Lu Xiao followed his line of sight and saw the back of Ye Cheng’s head sitting in the corner of the hall.

Opposite him was an unfamiliar boy in the school uniform of the attached high school.

The two were talking and laughing, the boy peeled the crayfish with gloves, and put the peeled shrimp tail into Yecheng’s bowl.

Jiang Jin only glanced at it, then lowered his head and continued to order: “Will it be good with garlic, don’t you hate eating garlic?”

There was no response from the side.

He raised his head in confusion, only to find that Lu Xiao was looking straight at the corner of the hall.

“Brother Xiao, Brother Xiao?” He called out twice before Lu Xiao looked away.

“Is Garlic Crayfish ok?” Jiang Jin asked him, raising the menu on his phone.

“If you don’t want to eat crayfish, you can do anything else.” Lu Xiao replied in a deep voice, his face a little stinky.

The name of this restaurant is “Yipin Crayfish”.

Don’t eat crayfish, so why come in…

Jiang Jin was choked for a moment, so he had to order other dishes according to Yan.

another table.

Ye Cheng said, “You can eat it yourself, you don’t have to peel it for me.”

It’s not that he is troublesome, but he is simply not interested in crayfish.

Nandu people can’t do without beer and crayfish in summer. After so many years, they are tired of it.

Huang Sheng’an was not polite to him either. He peeled the shell and asked, “Is grandma in good health recently? I’ll go to your house to see her on the weekend.”

“It’s good, if my dad isn’t angry with her.” Ye Cheng said lightly.

Huang Shengan looked at him: “Your dad has returned to Nandu? Oh, yes, he must come back for such a big thing as your transfer.”

When he was young, he often went to Ye Cheng’s house to eat, so he knew a lot about his family.

“By the way, what about your mother’s inheritance, your stepmother won’t rob you?” Huang Shengan asked worriedly.

He always speaks straight, which is the main reason why Ye Cheng played well with him.

“I don’t know, I haven’t turned eighteen yet, so I can’t inherit for the time being.” Ye Cheng shook his head.

In fact, as Huang Shengan said, Qu Tian was moved by the inheritance later.

It’s just that he was too simple back then and didn’t think so much.

Ye Cheng’s eyes flashed.

He would never let Qu Tian take away anything that belonged to him.

Huang Shengan took a sip of Coke and said with emotion: “I always thought that you are a carefree young master. Who knows that every family has a hard-to-read scripture.”

Ye Cheng stared at him and wiped the corner of his mouth gracefully,

“So, after knowing my difficulty, you want to put an end to this?”

“…” Huang Shengan immediately scolded, “Are all of you rich people so stingy, people come all the way here, and you don’t know where you live, you’re so embarrassed…”

Ye Cheng interrupted him mercilessly: “You have been eating at my house for four or five years.”

The two stared at each other, and finally decided to roll the dice, and whoever lost would get a treat.

Huang Shengan’s face was black, he tossed a 1, and was so angry that he threw the table to pay the bill.

After coming out of the hotel, the two found a Starbucks for a lunch break, preparing to go back to school after class in the afternoon.

Huang Shengan’s phone was about to run out of power, so he asked Ye Cheng to borrow his phone to play games.

Ye Cheng gave him the phone, asked the clerk for a blanket, and fell asleep on the table.

Huang Sheng’an suddenly said: “Oops, your account number is automatically logged in, it seems that you have knocked someone down, is it the one you are looking for?”

Ye Cheng was about to fall asleep, and said in a daze, “It’s okay, you can play.”

The sun was shining outside the window, and many high school students like them gathered here, most of them young couples.

Ye Cheng slept for half an hour, and woke up rubbing her shoulders until the alarm clock rang.

Huang Shengan returned the phone to him and said angrily, “I don’t know why just now, you were kicked by your team. Damn, that captain is definitely seriously ill.”

“What?” Ye Cheng hadn’t signed up for a while, and he didn’t know when he joined the team.

Huang Shengan patted him comfortably and said, “It’s okay, I’ve pulled you into my team, and I’ll take you to play in the future.”

The two separated at the intersection and went back to their own schools.

The first lesson in the afternoon was physics class. As soon as Ye Cheng sat down, Lu Xiao walked in.

There was a gust of wind blowing in his face, with a very faint smell of tobacco, brushing his cheeks.

He frowned involuntarily.

Smoking again.

After they made that agreement last time, he took advantage of the situation to ask Lu Xiao not to go to bars and drink before the next exam, and Lu Xiao agreed under his aggressive tactics.

However, he still smokes occasionally, and this habit must be corrected as soon as possible.

When the bell rang, physics teacher Xu Jie walked in with a book.

Everyone lazily got up from the table, drinking water, and flipping books.

Because of his loud lecturing voice, Xu Jie is also known as the “big speaker”, the kind that can be awakened by him across two classrooms.

“Wake up, wake up.” As soon as he came in, he began to pat the table. “The midterm will be in a few weeks. You are all one by one, and you are still thinking about dozing off.”

There was no response from the class, there was silence.

“Every time the first class in the afternoon is this kind of virtue, I really convinced you.” Xu Jie shook his head in disgust.

Ye Cheng turned to the place where he was talking in the last class, but caught a glimpse of Lu Xiao lying down next to him.

As a nail in physics class, he slept in nine out of ten classes.

Seeing this, Ye Cheng poked him with his elbow.

Lu Xiao ignored him.

Xu Jie shook the exercise book and said, “Let’s skip yesterday’s big question first, save it for the last talk, and then look at the 13th question ahead.”

Ye Cheng turned his head.

Lu Xiao turned his back to him, bent his long arms to support his head, and pretended to hold the pen in his right hand.

From this angle, you can see the broad right-angled shoulders under his school uniform, and the butterfly bones that rise and fall with his breathing.

Still sleeping, what do you want to do?

Ye Cheng touched him again.

Who knows, Lu Xiao actually moved aside a little, as if avoiding him.

Xu Jie glanced at the back row and said, “It is known that the wave source S1 and the wave source S2 are the same. Solve… ahem.”

He cleared his throat as a reminder, but it didn’t attract the attention of the two of them at all.

Ye Cheng felt strange in his heart, so he simply reached out and shook him, and said in a low voice, “It’s class, get up.”

Lu Xiao took a deep breath, put down his hand in annoyance and looked up.

Xu Jie lowered his face and said, “Ye Cheng, answer this question and tell me which knowledge point to use to solve it.”

Ye Cheng groaned in his heart, and stood up slowly while supporting the table.

He didn’t listen at all just now, he only vaguely remembered what Xu Jie said before skipping, but he didn’t hear which question he was talking about.

The people in the front row didn’t hear his answer, and they all looked back in confusion.

Ye Cheng bit the bullet and quietly tapped the desk at the same table with his index finger, meaning to remind him if he could.

As a result, Lu Xiao looked at the exercise book without looking at him as if he had not received his signal at all.

Well, he was sleeping just now, so he must not have listened.

Ye Cheng was helpless.

Jiang Jin in front hurriedly hid the game console, burying his head low, for fear that Xu Jie would implicate the innocent.

Xu Jie said solemnly: “Don’t think that if you did well in the exam last time, you can just get distracted in class.”

“The one next to you, get up and answer, I see that you made a lot of small moves just now.”

Sure enough, it started to spread.

A few rows in front of them all lowered their heads.

Lu Xiao stood up unhurriedly and answered clearly, “Bo’s interference.”

Ye Cheng suddenly turned to look at him.

Xu Jie stared at him for a moment, then snorted coldly, “Sit down, listen to the class carefully, and don’t talk too much.”

Ye Cheng sat down and was a little unhappy: “Do you know the answer?”

The implication is that I know it doesn’t remind me.

“Fuck.” Lu Xiao said succinctly, as if refusing to communicate.

His face didn’t look very good, Ye Cheng didn’t know who provoked this kid again.

Really moody.

The next section is gym class.

As the sports committee, Lu Xiao went to the playground first after class.

He played with the basketball team as always.

Ye Cheng and Li Junxiao walked to the tennis court. When they passed the basketball court, they saw a girl with curly hair who was passing a bottle of water to Lu Xiao.

Ye Cheng’s footsteps slowed down, and she recognized that she was Lu Xiao who was standing beside him that day when he was drunk.

“What’s wrong?” Li Junxiao noticed his change and asked.

Ye Cheng’s face turned cold, “Who is that girl?”

Li Junxiao glanced at it and said casually, “The one that gave water to the first brother? If I remember correctly, it was Jiang Yirong from the basketball cheerleading team, class 9.”

Lu Xiao took the water from her hand, and his movements were skillful and natural.

Ye Cheng’s eyes became colder.

“Why, do you think she is beautiful?” Li Junxiao turned around, only to find that he had strode into the tennis court.

He hurriedly shouted: “What are you doing walking so fast, wait for me.”

On the court, Lu Xiao threw the water bottle in his hand to Jiang Jin, his face speechless: “If you catch it, remember to give me a red envelope, I really don’t understand what you like about her.”

Jiang Jin smiled: “Thank you, Brother Xiao, I like this kind of violent sweetheart. Don’t look at her temper as bad as you, it’s actually pure.”

Lu Xiao: “Wang Lili is also quite pure. If you didn’t do well in English, you would even give you chestnuts to eat. Why don’t you like her.”

“I thank you, let me go.” Jiang Jin was almost told by him about Yang Wei.

He flattered Lu Xiao again: “It’s up to you tonight, Brother Xiao.”

Lu Xiao sneered disdainfully.

After school in the afternoon, Ye Cheng went to have dinner and came back to find that the seat next to him was empty.

The seats in front were also empty, and the two of them escaped the evening self-study together.

Li Junxiao asked him with his math homework, glanced at the two vacancies, and said to himself, “They both really went.”

“Where?” Ye Cheng asked.

Li Junxiao said: “Jiang Yirong organized a game today, and was talking about it in the group just now.”

Ye Cheng’s hand on the homework exerted a little force, and the paper instantly crumpled into a ball.

“The bar’s bureau?” he asked.

“Yes, it seems to be in the newly opened moonshine.” Li Junxiao took out his mobile phone and showed him, Ye Cheng’s pupils shrank slightly.

Sure enough, there was a lively chat in the melon group.

Little Candy Chuan’er: [[Picture] [Picture] Sister Rong is doing a great job today, and she’s a magician when she comes up. 】

Jiulong Wu Yanzu: [Are you all here? We still have ten minutes. 】

Live strong: [Come on, the atmosphere team is in place, just waiting for you. 】

Tiga is the light: [Ah, ah, you are setting up the game behind my back! where is where? I also need to go! 】

Suspect X: [[Location]]

Diga is light: [Fuck, brother one went too? 】

Ye Cheng took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down.

-Very good, let him dry for an afternoon, then turned around and ran for a drink.

—It really has you, Lu Xiao.

Li Junxiao clicked on the location and said, “This bar is newly opened. There is a discount for measuring the length of the legs. Brother Orange, let’s go and play next time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Ye Cheng start packing his schoolbag.

“…Let’s go now? Don’t be in a hurry, they have discounts until…” Li Junxiao was a little dumbfounded.

Ye Cheng threw his math homework to him, picked up his schoolbag and said, “If the teacher asks, he will say that I have a fever and ask for leave.”

After speaking, he quickly disappeared from the back door.

Li Junxiao stayed where he was and murmured, “The two of them also told the squad leader that they had a fever and asked for leave. Three consecutive fevers. Is our squad going to be quarantined?”



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