Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 100

Don’t worry about it for a while. But his eyes were full of grievances and sadness, as if he was not the one who should be happy.

He said everything and said frankly: “two days ago, you were drunk and said to me, ‘husband, this wine looks like the one we drank in Bordeaux before’. Except for the honeymoon, I haven’t traveled abroad with you at all. Who’s your name of ‘husband’?”

Lu Xiaoyue said that he felt more and more uncomfortable. He almost lost golden beans with him.

At the thought of Ye orange calling someone else’s husband, he wants to smash things! Miss Shark! Want to set fire!

How can he call someone else’s husband?!

Ye Cheng remembered in a trance. He seemed, probably, to have said such a sentence after drinking.

In the last life, he did go to Bordeaux with Lu Xiao because he liked the red wine there. Lu Xiao almost wanted to buy the whole winery.

He suddenly felt bewildered. He spent a long time eating his own vinegar.

Lu Xiao noticed the change of his expression with sharp eyes and immediately said angrily: “did you hesitate? Did you hesitate? Ye orange, this is a matter of principle! Yes, I will be soft hearted when you cry, but I will never allow…”

Halfway through his words, leaf orange walked around the bed and wrapped his arms around his neck.

Lu Xiao’s voice choked in his throat and looked straight into his eyes.

“That sound ‘husband’, is to call you.” The tears in Ye orange’s eyes have not faded, and the shallow water light is overflowing, “if I say I had a dream, I went to Bordeaux with you in the dream, and I have experienced many things, do you believe it?”

When he said these words, his voice was soft and fragile.

This reminds Lu Xiao of the first time he met and looked at him. At that time, he felt that there was an unspeakable feeling in Ye Cheng’s eyes, which made him want to protect himself.

Now I understand that it is this sense of fragmentation, as if he would disappear in place the next second.

Obviously he spoke with a smile, but Lu Xiao was not happy.

There was an inexplicable tingling in his heart, as if he felt some emotion at the bottom of Ye orange’s heart.

He looked down at Ye orange and couldn’t help saying, “I believe you, wife.”

As long as you explain, I’ll believe it.

I believe you’re calling me. I believe you had such a dream.

Ye orange suddenly exerted a little force, pulled down his head and kissed it.

The lingering and fiery kiss was as delicate and passionate as rose petals, which ignited the two people’s breathing.

Lu Xiao was slightly stunned, and then responded to him more warmly.

He couldn’t wait to ask for everything about leaf orange and wanted to tear this man down and eat him into his stomach, so that he could always integrate into his own blood and bone.

To old age, to death, to his heart no longer continue, to his body temperature gradually cold.

This night, Lu Xiao completely lost control. He just wanted to tie people firmly to his side.

Even in the end, ye orange cried and stopped, and he continued in silence.

The hot spring water splashed all over the floor, and rose petals were scattered everywhere, just like his messy love.

He held Ye orange in his arms and kissed his sweaty forehead. He felt his beating heart slowly calm down.

Landing outside the window, the moon quietly climbed into the sky.

The silvery moonlight fell on the ground, with a trace of affection in the cold.

“Do you want to take a bath? I’ll hold you.” Lu Xiao peeled off his wet hair and his voice was vertical The unique husky and satiety after desire.

Leaf orange shook his head, “just stay like this.”

Lu Xiao blushed. They didn’t use a set just now. Naturally, he knew what leaf orange meant.

“I’d better wash it. I’m afraid you have a fever.” He tried the temperature of his forehead with the back of his hand. Fortunately, it was normal.

Ye orange lowered his eyelashes and shook his head stubbornly.

His skin is redder, tears are still on his face, and traces are all under his clavicle. He looks miserable to be bullied.

Lu Xiao couldn’t see him like this. He quickly coaxed people. “OK, don’t wash until you fall asleep. I’ll hold you again.”

Leaf orange leaned against him, thought for a while and asked, “you’re not curious. What did I dream about you?”

Lu Xiao smiled and said carelessly, “anyway, it’s about me. You can have any dream. Spring is the best dream.”

Ye Cheng didn’t seem to expect him to say so. Originally, he looked more dignified. When he heard this, he burst into laughter.

“You want to be beautiful, but you have to take advantage of your dreams.” He said angrily, “it’s like another world where we don’t meet each other in high.”

Lu Xiao was attracted by his last sentence, and immediately frowned and said, “how can you do that? This is a nightmare.”

Leaf orange looked at him and said, “maybe it is. I dreamed that you dropped out of high school and had a bad time with your family… Later, we were together by mistake, but we hid much from each other. There was no mother, no Jiang Jin, no many, many people.”

“Pooh, Pooh, Pooh!” Lu Xiao quickly interrupted him, rubbed the back of his head and said, “so we have no good memories except going to Bordeaux? Don’t think about this nightmare.”

Leaf orange shook his head: “as long as there is your place, it is not a nightmare.”

Lu Xiao was moved and said seriously, “wife, you love me. With you, I swear I won’t doubt you any more.”

He is much more mature than he was a few years ago. If this matter was put aside for the first two years, according to his violent temper, he might have made a mess with a private detective.

However, there are still childishness in some times, such as the look of low brow at the moment.

Lu Xiaozheng straightened up, knelt on the bed and said, “I apologize to you. I’ve had a good reflection. Anyway, I shouldn’t ask someone to pose for a pat to stimulate you. Sorry, forgive me, wife?”

He carefully held up Ye orange’s left hand, gently kissed the back of his hand like holding a rare treasure, and then pressed his hand on his heart.

This action is like taking an ancient oath.

The knight looked at the person he wanted to protect, and told him that I would protect you all my life.

Lu Xiao told him when he got married.

That day is the day to pick up the groom.

Huang Shengan, Chen Zhen, Jiang Yirong and others, as Ye Cheng’s friends, stopped him from picking up the groom.

They set up several checkpoints, including finding the one with the door key hidden in 50 balloons, asking the best man group to recite the preface to Tengwang Pavilion while doing push ups, and so on State games.

Finally, let Lu Xiao make a five minute speech close to the door to explain how he will abide by male virtue after marriage and bring ye orange happiness.

The host said that as long as ye orange is satisfied, he can open the door.

So Lu Xiao took out a small note prepared in advance and read a pile of quotations praising love, all of which were the poets Ye orange liked. After a long time, ye orange snickered inside and didn’t open the door for him.

Lu Xiao is in a hurry.

He forgot the content of the note on the spot and swore with four fingers to the sky: “ah orange, I promise I will protect you all my life. That… I will love you only forever.”

Seeing that ye orange still couldn’t open the door, he said in a soft voice:

“Ah Cheng, just open the door. I can’t do well in the future. As long as you mention it to me, I will change it.”

Later, he really did it.

When he went out to socialize, his mobile phone ran out of power, which worried Ye orange all night. The second time, he asked his secretary to charge up and keep the phone on at any time.

On Halloween, he deliberately cut off power at home. As a result, he really scared Ye orange. After that, he reluctantly hugged him and comforted him all night. Later, he never deliberately scared him again.


And today, the circle of friends made Ye orange sad. He solemnly promised that he would not do such a thing even if he was angry again next time.

Ye Cheng always felt that Lu Xiao was not as calm as he was many years later.

But he found more and more that the promotion of the two people was mutual.

Perhaps because he was not honest enough in his previous life, Lu Xiao had many concerns and could not show his love wholeheartedly.

When he cut himself open and put it in front of Lu Xiao, the man would take out all his excitement Love him unreservedly with affection and enthusiasm.

With tears in his eyes, Ye Cheng pinched his face as before and said softly, “OK, I forgive you.”


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