Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 101

In early June, the shadow of summer has begun to appear in Nandu. At night, the breeze is blowing and the air is floating with the fragrance of vibrant flowers.

Ye Cheng parked the car in the parking space and saw that the girl who occupied his parking space yesterday put a small gift on the ground. The note said that this is her dessert. She wanted to express her apology.

Ye Cheng took the elevator upstairs with the gift box.

As soon as I opened the door, I heard the divine music of jumping Di playing in the room.

Shi Jiaxu wore a hairband and sat cross legged on the sofa to make up. When he saw him coming in, he quickly waved happily and said, “orange, you’re finally back. Change your clothes and wait for us to go out.”

Shi Jiaxu is his college roommate and a little 0.

This guy is a second-generation ancestor. He is not in a hurry to find his homework when he is about to graduate. He came from province A. he ate and drank here and said he would stay in Nandu for a while.

There are four people in their dormitory, and the other two are in charge of research and research, and one is going abroad. Only Shi Jiaxu and ye orange are close. It happens that both of them are gay and have common topics.

“Wait, I’ll sit down.” Ye orange sat down and pinched the center of his eyebrows.

They have an appointment to go to moonshine tonight.

“Did you quit that real job?” Shi Xu asked him while he was fixing his makeup.

Leaf orange nodded. “The tutor said he knew Lu’s superior. Let me push this side off first.”

Shi Jiaxu showed envious eyes: “your mentor is very kind to you. Unlike me, he doesn’t care at all.”

Ye Cheng smashed him with a pillow: “he asked you what you planned to do after graduation. You said to collect the rent. How did you let him return?”

“I was joking!” Shi Jiaxu hid, looked around and said, “it’s nice of you to be here, and it’s close to the city. I’m thinking about whether to pay your rent for one and a half.”

This suite is rented by Ye Chengshi after study. In order to facilitate commuting and writing papers, it will not be disturbed.

He got up and said coldly, “get out as soon as possible. I’m not interested in you.”

He went to the room to change his clothes. When he stayed, he praised and roared outside: “I don’t like you! Are you a 1? You’re not! Why is it so difficult to find a 1? Woo, does Nandu have a 1?”

Ye orange unbuttoned his shirt one by one and put on a T-shirt.

He knew he liked men since he was a freshman.

But because there is no love experience, it is not clear whether it is No. 1 or No. 0.

It’s time to praise him. He always asserts that he must be 0. Ye orange scoffs at this.

When he came out, the baking and makeup fixing that he praised was finally over, and he was sweeping the powder with a large brush.

When I saw him, my eyes were straight.

“Shit, do you have a heart? Every time you go to a nightclub, you cos pure male high school students, don’t give me a way to live?”

He has exaggerated makeup on his face, but I have to say that it is a style that he will like.

“It’s all right. Everyone in the nightclub likes you.” Ye orange comforted him.

He didn’t go to the nightclub to fish, but to relax after work and study.

Shi Jiaxu’s face was even more sad: “I don’t want to make an appointment. Gun! I want to find a serious 1 relationship!”

When they arrived at moonshine, it was already more than eleven o’clock.

Moonshine has a special color – normal business before 0:00 and fags gathering after 0:00.

To put it bluntly, this is a potential gay.

Shi Jiaxu and two men fought a card, and the four punched for a while. One of the men suggested playing the game of truth and adventure.

The man obviously liked it and praised it, while his friend was talking to Ye orange all the time. Ye Cheng’s reaction was relatively flat, which made him a little embarrassed. He was playing a game to ease the atmosphere.

After playing for one and a half minutes, there was a commotion near the door.

At first, no one cared. Until the voice gradually came to this side, they looked at it curiously.

A group of men came in. The light was dim, but it could be seen that each was very tall.

In this kind of gay bar, the first reaction is not to look at the face, but at the figure. In an instant, many people’s eyes are attracted.

The group of people gathered around a man and passed their seats.

The man looks close to 1.9 meters. He is wearing a black shirt with a fixed height. He is thin and straight, with slender legs. He walks like a male model.

In the confusion of music and crowd, ye orange took his sight of the car across several seats.

“Fuck, how handsome!” Shi Jiaxu screamed in a low voice.

The faces of the other two were a little ugly.

It’s really handsome. No, it should be regarded as Tiancai level.

The side face has a sharp mandibular line, a high nose, a rising eyebrow peak and a rebellious face.

It’s very wild to look at it. It’s not something that one person can win.


He looked at Ye orange, quickly frowned, looked away and looked around with incredible eyes.

Isn’t this the first time he’s been to this place?

Ye orange was amused by his idea, as if… It really looked like.

He saw that the man’s eyebrows were getting tighter and tighter, and even shrunk his arms to avoid a boy who came up to drink with him.

Poof, that’s interesting.

Shi Jiaxu excitedly suggested: “let’s continue to play a big adventure. If we lose, ask the one who just came in for wechat.”

Ye orange smiled: “are you sure you want him? The hybrid next to him looks more reliable.”

“Don’t be vain. Even if you are rejected, you can talk to him,” Shi Jiaxu’s tears are about to flow out of his mouth. “I haven’t seen this best No. 1 for a long time.”

Reluctantly, the two men played a round of dice with them.

Unexpectedly, ye orange lost.

Shi Jiaxu looked at him with envy and said, “come on, come on, remember to share if you want to arrive!”

He had to be egged on by the orange leaf.

But just as he was about to stand up, the man suddenly got up and walked towards this side.

After the group took their seats, even the manager ran over, which can be said to be the focus of the whole bar. At this time, as soon as he walked around, everyone immediately looked at him.

Ye orange was also stunned. Seeing him getting closer and closer, he finally stood in front of himself.

Whispered around.

“Excuse me, can you add a wechat?” He took out his cell phone and asked impatiently.

His voice was low and magnetic, and half the bar was quiet. He looked at them like a melon eater.

“Shit, what are you pretending to be? It’s not a gay. Just now, the old woman rubbed the card and drove me away.”

“You can save it. Do you have someone who looks good?”

“That 0 looks so handsome…”

The bar hasn’t reached the peak of the atmosphere yet, and these words have been passed into Ye orange’s ears.

He felt hot on his cheek and was surprised to see that he was a little unnatural to his side.

The man handed the mobile phone forward again and put the two-dimensional code under his eyes.

Shi Jiaxu covered his mouth and stabbed Ye orange behind him.

Ye Cheng regained consciousness and awkwardly opened his mobile phone to scan the code.

Fuck, so many people look at it, which is more embarrassing than wechat in the past.

The man also seemed to be unable to stand this kind of attention, quickly put away his mobile phone and turned away.

Shi Jiaxu shook him crazily: “ah, ah, the handsome guy asked you for wechat! Orange, you’re going to take off the order! Treat! Treat me!”

The 0 next to him cast envious, jealous and hateful eyes.

Leaf Orange: ”

He has never been accosted by people of the same sex in public. Basically, those who asked him for wechat were sneaky or obscene Zodiac asked him to open a house. Very few people have such a big house.

This feeling, I have to say, is actually pretty good.

Leaf orange like inadvertently glanced over there and happened to meet the man who was also looking here. At the moment of eye contact, both turned their heads and dodged.

The man raised the whisky in front of him and took a sip with a slight fire.

The half breed next to him laughed, “shit, it’s really you, Lu Xiao! His managers said that the child never gave wechat. Thanks to your loss in the game, you won it immediately!”

Lu Xiao looked at him and said, “Zhou minhao, are you fucking idle? Bring old man to this place. You deliberately disgust me.”

Another man smiled and said, “Mr. Lu, brother Hao is joking with you. We are regular guests of this family. We all play here before 12 o’clock, because it will become gay in the second half. Ha ha ha, he said to fix you early today.”

“Fool.” Lu Xiao scolded.

Zhou minhao laughed and fell. “Come on, I’ll wrap up the drinks tonight.”

One night in a row, Shi Jiaxu was crazy. After drinking too much, he cried out why he didn’t have 1, and even the unspeakable leaf orange found 1.

Leaf orange silently took him home. When he went out, his car passed a red Martha.

The co driver was sitting next to the man who had just been driving. He left without squinting.

Shi Jiaxu cried even more: “help! I’m still a rich second generation who drives Martha! God, can you please give me a sports student who rides a shared bike?”

After returning home, Shi Jiaxu finally fell asleep.

Leaf orange looked at his mobile phone, but the man had not passed his friend’s application.

He smiled with self mockery and felt that he cared too much about the stranger. He put away his mobile phone and took a bath to sleep.

The next morning, his mobile phone woke him up.

It was Lu’s interviewer who told him that he had successfully got the offer.

Ye Cheng received good news early in the morning. After hanging up the phone, he immediately sent a wechat to his mentor to tell him about his work, and then called Gao Qiulan to tell her that his work had been implemented.

Lu’s global ranking is less than one hundred. It is definitely a company that many college graduates dream of.

Ye Cheng hesitated and called Ye Gaoyang again.

The end rang for a minute, and no one answered as expected.

He was slightly disappointed and looked at the wechat interface.

Strangely, the man still didn’t add his friends.

There’s something wrong with it. I asked him for wechat, but he didn’t add it. It’s too embarrassing.

Originally, the affair turned into a farce. Ye orange silently went to wake him up and told him he had got the offer.

Shi Jiaxu was devastated and wailed, “you have a stable job and a boyfriend. To tell you the truth, did you secretly burn Gao Xiang behind my back?”

Ye Cheng said: “no boyfriend, the man didn’t add me.”

“What?” Shi Jiaxu jumped up and said, “I didn’t add you to the sleeping slot. Is he sick? Let’s play with others, Puxin man!”

They snapped at Lu xiaoyitong, and then ye orange invited him to dinner to celebrate his offer.

The next day, he got up early in the morning.

According to the instructions of the interviewer, go to Lu to report.

The company is located in the most prosperous area of Shanhai Road, and its internal facilities are better than his previous top 500.

ahzww. org

He followed a group of people into the elevator, and the elevator door closed slowly.

Although Ye Cheng didn’t expect this kind of work life, he thought it might make ye Gaoyang feel light on his face. When he comes home next time, he will be very happy to know the news.

At the moment when the elevator door was about to close, someone looked out and pressed the door. A tall figure came in.

“Lu zongzao.” The man who opened the door greeted enthusiastically.

Other people said to the man who came in: “good morning, President Lu.”

In the narrow space, ye orange raised his head and saw the man who played with him.

Lu Xiao was wearing a suit and stared at him with an expression of eating flies.

Leaf Orange: ”

Lu Xiao: “


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