Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 102

Lu Xiao quickly calmed down, pretended not to know him, turned and stood up, and looked up at the floor with ease.

If ye orange’s previous impression of him can be given nine points, which fell to four points after wechat was arced, then there are only two points left now.

This can hold it. Is he a plastic bag?

When the elevator reached the 8th floor, the door opened.

The personnel department is located at this level.

The people behind him were motionless, and the elevator was very quiet.

A hand stretched out from Lu Xiao’s oblique rear and pushed him aside.

With a cold voice: “excuse me.”

The man who just opened the door for Lu Xiao looked at him in shock. He didn’t seem to understand why someone dared to push Mr. Lu to the side of the door, and it was like crossing an obstacle.

Lu Xiao probably hasn’t experienced such a thing, and subconsciously looks down at her hand.

The phalanges are slender and slender, and the cold white skin color is in sharp contrast to his dark gray coat. The nails are trimmed clean and neat, and the light cyan blood vessels on the back of the hand are staggered.

Just one hand, there is an unspeakable prohibition Lust.

He looked at Ye orange along his hand. He didn’t look at it carefully at the nightclub that night. It was just too embarrassing and didn’t look at it much.

That pair of clear light brown eyes bumped into the eye curtain, with a bit of alienation and dignity.

The next tear mole in the eye adds a bright color to Sujing.

It’s a rare beauty. It’s just that it’s too clear. No wonder Zhou minhao said it’s difficult to get his wechat.

Lu Xiao’s eyes flashed a trace of mockery.

Leaf orange’s face sank instantly, passed him directly and walked out of the elevator.

The man who pressed the elevator looked silly. Another girl squeezed out of the crowd, blushed and said sorry to the person she pushed into, and then hurried out.

Ye Cheng is looking for someone to ask where the personnel department is, so he hears someone calling him behind him.

“Hello, are you here to report?”

He turned his head and saw the girl who also came from the elevator. She had short hair with bangs and was wearing a goose yellow suit. She looked very cute.

“Hello, yes.” He nodded and saw her with her employee ID card hanging on her chest.

“My name is Yu Xiaowei. I’m from the personnel department. Let me take you there.” She said slightly shyly.

Leaf orange thanked and briefly introduced himself.

Yu Xiaowei frequently peeked at him and said with a smile, “I know you. The master said you came to report today. You are a big a, aren’t you? You’re so powerful.”

“I studied in province a, but I’m a native of Nandu.” Leaf orange said cleverly.

“Wow, I’ve only been here for a year.” Yu Xiaowei immediately said, “next time there is something delicious and interesting, you have to recommend it to me.”

The two chatted and added wechat to each other.

Yu Xiaowei felt closer to him and kindly reminded him, “Ye Cheng, who was just in the elevator, is the chief financial officer of your department, Mr. Luo Ming and Mr. Luo.”

Ye Cheng said Lu Xiao with the words “for her”, and his heart thumped.

No, so unlucky?

“Is the financial director so young?” He asked implicitly.

The head office is different from the branch office. Those who can do this post are basically up to the age of 40.

Yu Xiaowei knew he had misunderstood and waved his hand to explain, “it’s not him, it’s the one with a little bald hair. The one you pushed away… It’s the deputy general manager…”

Leaf Orange: ”

Yu Xiaowei showed pity and said, “I was stuck inside and didn’t dare to squeeze out. I’m going to take the elevator later. Who knows you’re so brave, President Lu is famous for his bad temper and…”

She paused, as if she were more pitiful to Ye orange. “He is the eldest grandson of the founder of Lu group.”

Leaf orange’s body shook.

Fuck, that’s the real bad luck.

He remembered that his tutor said that he would invite Lu’s to dinner next month in Nandu and say hello to him to take care of himself. Now he has offended the eldest grandson of the big boss. Although it is true that President Lu was the first to disrespect, he doesn’t want to embarrass his mentor.

Yu Xiaowei saw that his eyes were dim, so he quickly comforted him: “don’t worry too much. There should be no intersection between you and Mr. Lu. He rarely runs to the finance department in person. Moreover, he just met you in the elevator once, and he won’t remember you.”

Ye Cheng secretly said that he not only remembered me, but estimated that after knowing that I was his employee, the first one wanted to fire me.

There’s no way to get fired. I can only plead with my mentor.

He reluctantly completed the report and went to the finance department on the 10th floor as Yu Xiaowei said.

Fortunately, Luo Ming is not his immediate superior.

His boss is financial manager Zhou Haiqin, a middle-aged woman in her 40s.

Ye orange is always liked by women, and Zhou Haiqin is very kind to him. He took him to the offices of other departments for a walk and introduced the new employees to everyone.

Because many projects flow through finance, other departments are very polite to her.

In particular, seeing the handsome leaf orange, they enthusiastically stuffed him with snacks and candy.

The office environment on this floor is very good. The scenery outside the window is open, with coffee machines and food racks. During the morning break, a group of people gathered around the table to gossip and drink coffee.

Ye Cheng is a graduate student from a foreign university. His name is Peng Gushu. A house man who is half bald at a young age has practiced here for ten days. They all call him “president Luo”.

At lunch, Zhou Haiqin said that a welcome party would be held the night after tomorrow to welcome the two new people during this period.

Everyone was very happy when the boss invited him to drink. He raised his hand and cheered “I love sister Zhou”.

After being familiar with the company for two days, ye orange gradually found out the relationship network.

His work is not very difficult, but if he wants to gain a firm foothold in a company, learning to observe his words and deeds is as important as working hard.

Zhou Haiqin has a small confidant who is also the news radar of the office. Her name is Tao Juan. She has worked here for five years and knows almost everything. The best skill is to curry favor with the collar Guide and spread gossip.

As Yu Xiaowei said, Ye Cheng never met Lu Xiao again in the next two days. But if you don’t encounter it for the time being, it doesn’t mean you’ll never encounter it. Only by knowing your friend and your enemy can you not be in a passive position.

Zhou Haiqin and Tao Juan both like to ask him to have lunch together, so ye orange silently captures some important information on the table.

——The man’s name is Lu Xiao. He just came back from a pheasant university abroad last year.

Since childhood, he has been notorious for his bad deeds and fights, which is a negative teaching material for many parents.

His grandfather is the friend of mentor Ye Cheng, Lu Jinnan.

He is the vice president who has just been promoted this year. At present, he is in a position where male employees refuse to accept but dare not force, female employees are obsessed with marriage all day, and old employees bow and bow.

Ye Cheng heard all praise from her friends and all slander from those boys.

xiashuba. com

He couldn’t help laughing.

At the same time, I also put a new label on the rich N-generation brother: a common rascal with business ability.

After work, Zhou Haiqin called everyone to the welcome banquet.

She has always been generous to the people under her. She chose a very famous club for dinner and entertainment.

Ye Cheng was the second batch of people who arrived in the city. He and Tao Juan took a taxi together. As soon as they got to the gate of the city, they saw a familiar Maserati.

Lu Xiao got out of the car and the doorman drove away.

Because they got off very close, there was only a few meters between them.

Leaf orange’s scalp exploded with a buzzing sound. This is a narrow road for his mother’s enemies.

He lowered his head conditionally, ready to pass quickly when he went in.

Who knows, Tao Juan around him had an outbreak of social obsessive-compulsive disorder and shouted with a smile: “President Lu, what a coincidence. Are you here for dinner?”

Lu Xiao turned around and his eyes darkened when he saw the leaf orange.

“Well, meet a client with Lao Luo,” he said critically, looking at Ye orange thoughtfully. “Who is this, the new one? Don’t you introduce me, sister Tao?”

Ye Chengyan watched his nose, nose and mouth, thinking that you would continue to install his mother.

plastic bag.


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