Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 103

Tao Juan, unaware of him, quickly and enthusiastically introduced him: “this is Ye orange and Xiao Ye newly recruited by our department. This is president Lu.”

She winked at Ye orange. She didn’t avoid him for chatting gossip these days. She thought the boy should have some eyesight. When you meet this kind of superior, you should at least say a few nice words.

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But ye Cheng didn’t seem to understand her hint. He just said “Lu Zonghao” faintly, so he didn’t write down the article.

Lu Xiao looked at him from head to toe and said with a sneer, “don’t you say that the financial people are very smart, sister Tao, aren’t you out of your sight? Also, how can I know about the new recruitment?”

He suddenly got into trouble and couldn’t fix sister Tao.

She thought to herself that the HR department said that she had reported to you, but you didn’t read it yourself.

But this kind of disobedience to the boss can’t be said, so she had to say with a dry smile: “I’ll take him well, President Lu.”

Seeing that he couldn’t find anything, Lu Xiao snorted coldly and turned into the glass door.

Tao Juan wiped her cold sweat and said, “what’s the matter with President Lu today? It’s like taking fire and medicine. Xiaoye, your professional ability is really good, but sometimes you need to move a little in front of your superiors and something will happen. Do you know?”

“I know, sister Tao.”

Ye Cheng didn’t want to explain more and nodded perfunctorily.

He can’t move or cause trouble.

Otherwise, Lu Xiao should feel that he fell in love with him at first sight in the bar and came to apply for Lu’s job for him.

——What a wicked fag.

Ye Cheng himself is also a man. He can’t understand a man’s mind better. Just now, Lu Xiao looked into his eyes with three points of contempt, three points of dislike, three points of vigilance, and one point of narcissism of “you won’t like me”.

Dinner was eaten in a large private room. At the beginning of serving, the waiter brought up two bottles of red wine and said it was invited by Mr. Lu upstairs.

Zhou Haiqin repeatedly praised: “juan’er told me that you met President Lu when you came here. Look, people are good at being a man. Even our children are taken care of attentively and carefully. Xiaoye and Xiaopeng, you two should especially learn something.”

Ye Cheng and Peng Gushu looked at each other and despised each other.

Peng Gushu whispered, “it’s just a trick of the rich second generation to coax people.”

Leaf orange corrected him: “his family has been rich for at least three generations.”

Tao Juan smiled and said, “I told Xiao Ye at the door just now. Take your time. Newcomers, where can you compare with Lu Zong.”

“Although Mr. Lu is a little grumpy, he is still good to his employees.” A little girl said.

“It’s masculine to have a hot temper. Do we always have a girlfriend? It’s said that old Lu has been urging him to get married.”

“How long have you been married? What do rich people think?”

Tao Juan gave Zhou Haiqin a bowl of soup and said, “it’s normal that my college classmate has a listed company at home and got engaged when she was a senior. Most of their children in this family must marry for the sake of family interests.”

“Yes,” said the little girl holding her cheek. “Two days ago, the front desk said that Bai Fumei came to President Lu.”

“What Bai Fumei? I want to listen, I want to listen!”

Tao Juan said sarcastically, “Cai Mengyuan, the daughter of President Cai Qitian next door, she hasn’t been posted to President Lu for two days. Didn’t she get kicked out that time?”

“Woo woo, if I have that kind of family, I also want to paste President Lu upside down.”

“Yes, it’s full of hormones. Who doesn’t like it.”

Zhou Haiqin laughed and scolded: “go home after dinner and dream. There’s everything in your dream.”

Ye orange shook his head while listening to their jokes.

In my heart, I put a label on the president Lu: attract bees and butterflies.

Because we had to go to work tomorrow, we didn’t arrange follow-up activities. After eating, we took a taxi back home.

During the dinner, ye orange drank some wine, so he went to Rosen convenience store across the street and planned to buy a cup of yogurt to wake up.

As night fell, the shadows of lights and people crisscrossed the streets.

The air was filled with the smell of early summer. Leaf orange pushed the door open and the doorbell rang several times.

The dinner was light, so he didn’t have enough, so he bought xinla noodles and some small snacks, and slowly picked things in front of the shelf.

The doorbell rang again.

A man came in and walked with long legs to the shelf opposite him.

There were few people in the shop, only two of them.

Ye Cheng inadvertently raised his head and saw the tip of the man’s hair opposite. He looked very tall.

The next second, the man turned around and met him.

——It’s Lu Xiao.

Ye orange felt that there must be three black lines hanging on his forehead, speechless.

He saw that Lu Xiao had the same yogurt in his hand, a suit coat on his arm, a few buttons on his shirt collar and a loose tie.

This reminds him of the words of those female colleagues, “hormones are distributed all over”

Fuck, it’s like this.

Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows and said in a strange way, “what a coincidence. I can really meet you everywhere. Won’t you follow me all the time?”

The hormone bubble “poof” broke to the ground, and ye orange wanted to punch him in the face.

He grinned and said patiently, “I’m ahead of you, Mr. Lu. Do you want to set up a monitor?”

Lu Xiao choked and looked at him calmly.

Leaf orange didn’t care about him and turned to the bread rack.

When he chose the bread to check out, Lu Xiao had already taken one step ahead of him.

There were several bottles of yogurt on the cashier. When the clerk checked out, Lu Xiao unscrewed the bottle cap and poured a few mouthfuls. It was obvious that she was thirsty.

After drinking, he handed it to the clerk for scanning.

Leaf orange waited quietly behind him.

“Fifty eight in all.” The clerk said.

Lu Xiao reached into her trouser pocket and took out her mobile phone, and then her face changed.

In disbelief, he touched the trouser pockets on both sides and the suit coat.

absolutely empty.

Ye Cheng waited for a long time and looked at him suspiciously.

The clerk also looked at him without expression.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath, smiled awkwardly and said, “my mobile phone fell in the rice order on Shanhai road. I’ll get it. You wait a minute.”

The clerk said, “sorry, please don’t do this.”


“What I’m saying is true. Look at what I wear. Is it necessary to take some bottles of yogurt for free?”

The clerk didn’t buy it at all: “please pay.”

“How can I pay without my cell phone? I’ll be back in five minutes.”

“You can call your friends from the phone in the store and ask them to deliver them.”

“Does anyone remember a friend’s mobile phone number these days? Don’t embarrass me.”

“Don’t embarrass me either.”

Lu Xiao was dizzy with anger. He didn’t look back and knew what the expression of Ye orange behind him was.

He simply said, “forget it, I don’t want it.”

The clerk picked up the phone and said, “you’ve already drunk a bottle. I’ll call the police again.”

Lu Xiao: ”

He probably hasn’t experienced such absurd things in his more than 20 years of life.

Young master Lu has no choice but to let his secretary go to the police The leader of the bureau had to bend his head and say awkwardly to Ye orange, “Hey, can you help me pay the money and return it to you.”

He thought that Ye Cheng was at least Lu’s employee, so he wouldn’t even lose face.

However, he is still too young.

Leaf orange looked at him, smiled and said, “does Lu always have my wechat? If not, how can I pay it back?”

One shot.

Lu Xiao seemed to have been splashed with cold water and stared at him.

How can this person keep a grudge?!

I didn’t add wechat!

Ye Cheng pushed him aside and went to check out. Finally, he said with a little apology, “sorry, Mr. Lu, I lent money to my friend before, but he ran away. Since we don’t have contact information, we’d better not borrow money at will, don’t you think so.”

Bang bang.

Lu Xiao’s small universe exploded in a straight line.

He! Yes! Inside! Han! He!

He means, is he the kind of person who can’t afford 50 yuan!


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