Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 104

Half an hour later, Lu Xiao sat in the back of the business car.

The driver and his personal assistant Zhu Min were sitting in the front row. As soon as she got home, she received a call from the police station and rushed over without stopping.

Finally, the matter was private, but it was very ugly.

Lu Xiao and the clerk were so angry that they blushed and their necks were thick. In order to prove that they didn’t eat and drink for nothing, they waved their hands to buy all the things in the store.

Zhu Min was frightened and hurriedly took him away.

When she got on the bus, she was not able to breathe. She glanced at the rearview mirror from time to time.

Lu Xiao pulled his tie hard, and the smell of wine spread in the car.

“Call the head of the personnel department,” he said angrily. “I’m going to fry that leaf orange!”

Zhu Min dared not disobey. She dialed the Minister of personnel and handed him her mobile phone.

Lu Xiao leaned against the back seat and slowly breathed out, “well, it’s the new one… What’s the problem?”

The Minister of personnel said in embarrassment, “Mr. Lu, it’s like this. This new man, appointed by Mr. Lu Laoqin, said he was a student of his friend, and specially asked us to take care of him.”

Lu Xiao sat up straight, narrowed his eyes and said, “what do you mean? That means you can’t fire it?”

“… in principle, it’s not appropriate to drive him.” The head of the personnel department was trembling.

There was a loud bang from the back seat, like something broke.

Zhu Min and the driver were shocked. The driver almost slammed on the brake.

Lu Xiao directly smashed the mobile phone, angrily turned to the window and scolded “waste”.

Zhu Min almost fainted. It was her mobile phone, but she didn’t dare to mention a word.

Fortunately, before getting off the bus, Lu Xiao asked her to find the company for reimbursement.

After confirming Lu Xiao’s departure, she immediately called Secretary Zhang with the driver’s mobile phone and reported what had just happened to him as usual.

Secretary Zhang didn’t take it seriously. He comforted her and asked her to keep an eye on Lu Xiao these days. Don’t let him make trouble.

When ye orange came home, he was greeted with praise.

“How about dinner today? Are you handsome 1?” He asked eagerly.

“Meng 1 didn’t, but I met a fool.” Leaf orange said after drinking water.

He previously told Shi Jiaxu about meeting Lu Xiao in the company. Shi Jiaxu responded and said, “is that Mr. Lu? Shit, why does he always trouble you? He doesn’t like you?”

Leaf orange quickly put down the cup, “no, don’t, don’t answer me.”

Shi Jiaxu laughed: “shit, I may have watched too many TV dramas recently, but I somehow think you’re a good match.”

“You deserve it. Your whole family deserve it.”

It’s rare to hear that ye orange is so mean and is about to laugh and vomit. It seems that he really dislikes the president Lu.

After listening to what happened in the evening, he asked anxiously, “according to you, if he is very angry, won’t he give you little shoes?”

Leaf orange said pointlessly, “I don’t wear shoes. I’m ready to be dismissed.”

“I love you, baby, because it’s a pity that such people lose their jobs. But you’re so excellent that you can definitely find a better job.”

He said some comforting words, but they both knew that Lu was a great opportunity, and not every graduate could get such an offer.

With a broken jar, he took a bath and was ready to go to bed.

After lying down in bed, pick up the mobile phone.

At the moment of seeing the screen, ye orange bounced up from the bed.

He couldn’t believe staring at the wechat interface,

——Lu Xiao passed the friend application.



What does he want?

Leaf orange looked at the mobile phone incomprehensibly.

After adding friends, the other party did not send a message.

He stared at the screen for five minutes, but there was still no movement.

Fuck, I can’t sleep at all now.

The next morning, ye orange went to work with two dark circles under her eyes.

Peng Gushu kindly ordered him a glass of ice beauty and whispered, “president Luo seems very unhappy today. We’ll call a meeting later. Don’t fall asleep.”

“Is there a meeting in the finance conference room?” Leaf orange didn’t want to see the group. He drank a cup of coffee and asked.

Peng Gushu said: “not in finance, in the big conference room, I heard that President Lu is coming.”

Leaf orange’s coffee almost came out of his nose, covered his mouth and coughed.

Peng Gushu patted him: “it seems that President Lu wants to ask us to borrow someone and help him follow up a project. But it’s strange why he wants to borrow from us. Shouldn’t he ask someone from the marketing department like this?”

It’s over. Is it hard to come true? If he is praised, he will be put on small shoes?

Leaf orange has an ominous feeling.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, the crowd continued to the conference room.

When they were all seated, Lu Xiaocai came late.

Luo Ming took the lead to stand up, and then everyone else stood up.

Lu Xiao didn’t even look at Ye orange. He waved and asked them to sit down.

“I won’t disturb your internal meeting. Just say a few words and go.” He didn’t take his seat. He stood at the conference table with one hand in his pocket.

Luo Ming immediately answered, “Mr. Lu, just tell me.”

Peng Gushu looked at Ye orange with two words written on his face: dog leg.

Lu Xiao smiled and said, “I’m working on a big project these days. I’m too busy. I’d like to ask your finance department for someone to help me. May I, Mr. Luo?”

Stabbed, the chair scratched on the ground.

Luo Ming stood up and looked at him with bright eyes: “of course, why don’t I help you?”

Now even Zhou Haiqin couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

Lu Xiao stretched out his index finger and shook it. “How talented and useless it is. It’s just to deal with some trivial things. Just find an intern.”

His finger casually ordered the orange on time, “just him. He’s very good-looking. He should be more secure in doing things.”

When he said the first half of the sentence, the others had no reaction. As soon as the second half of the sentence came out, the people in the conference room looked different.

The slightly frivolous words made the female employees at the bottom blush.

Luo Ming was also a little embarrassed, nodded and said, “Xiaoye, you don’t have to do what you need to do these two days. Just listen to President Lu. President Lu, his name is Ye Cheng. He just came here these days… If you think he’s too tender, you can change it to…”

Before his voice fell, Lu Xiao interrupted him, “it’s all right. I like tender ones.”

Then he looked at Ye orange and hooked the corner of his mouth.

Leaf Orange: ”

The hairs on his arm are almost standing up.

Is there anything wrong with this man?!

After the meeting, Peng Gushu looked at him sympathetically.

The female employees came to talk to him with envy, and Tao Juan asked him to work hard to win the appreciation of President Lu.

Ye Cheng thought, it would be nice for me to come back alive if I got… Fart appreciation.

Want to go back, but in broad daylight, Lu Xiao can’t really do anything to him.

At 3:30 pm, he received the first wechat from Lu Xiao.

Suspect X: [Xiao Ye, come to my office and tell you something.]

Ye orange breathed out a breath and went up the 12th floor with his head hard.

In the office, Lu Xiao loosened his shirt button, put his long legs on his desk and smoked a cigarette.

Ye orange had allergic rhinitis and sneezed as soon as he entered the door.

Lu Xiao spit out a piece of smoke, smiled and said, “why, not used to it?”

Ye orange nodded coldly.

He raised his chin and spit out a few smoke circles in a long way, and the fog spread out.

Ye Cheng shook his fist and hypnotized himself in his heart that he should hold it. He should hold it. He can’t do it. Otherwise, it will make it difficult for his mentor to be a man.

“Here, take these.” Lu Xiao pointed to a stack of documents on the desk with his noble chin and glanced obliquely at the corner of the office. “Just sit on that sofa and look at it. Finish the form and give it to me before work.”

Leaf orange silently reached out to hold the document.

When touching the document, put one hand gently on the back of his hand.

With a thin cocoon on his belly, he rubbed the slightly raised green tendons on the back of his hand.

His eyes fell on the hand, with distinct joints, which was obviously one size larger than him, as if he could press him down with a little force.

As soon as ye orange’s heart tightened, he subconsciously shrank back when he felt dangerous.

Lu Xiao’s face sank and slammed his hand on the table.

The palm of his hand was pasted on the cold desktop. Ye orange felt that there was no reason to suffocate. He raised his eyes and looked at him. A trace of anger flashed in his eyes.

After seeing the flames in his eyes, Lu Xiao unexpectedly smiled.

From the moment he saw Ye orange, he felt that this man was very indifferent to everything, as if he were away from the world. Lu Xiao couldn’t help feeling a little excited that he could crack his iceberg face.

The more angry the other person is, the happier he is.

He glanced at Ye Cheng carelessly and said in a low voice, “when your superior ordered you to do the task, you should say ‘I see’, instead of being rude like a mute. Do you understand?”

The hand that only sticks to the back of the hand is strong and domineering. It seems that the next moment will burn his skin to the depths of his bones and burn him to pieces.

Leaf orange’s chest fluctuated up and down, bit his lips and said nothing.

Earth shaking shame A sense of humiliation came to his face, and his cheeks flushed rapidly.

Lu Xiao sneered. Without forcing him any more, he slowly released his hand.

Leaf orange, like a hedgehog, pulled back his hand and took away the pile of documents.

Lu Xiao’s voice sounded behind him,

“Remember, give it to me before work, or don’t cry when you deduct your salary.”

His tone of voice is full of ridicule and teasing. Ye orange almost smashed the document on the sofa.

Although he is not a wealthy family, he grew up spoiled and spoiled under the care of Gao Qiulan. After school, he has been excellent and popular. The tutor also appreciated him and used to holding him in the palm of his hand. How could he have been oppressed by this kind of oppression.

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It took him a long time to settle down and get into work.

As a result, Lu Xiao was not surprised. He didn’t finish the form before leaving work.

Approaching 5:30, Lu Xiao strolled behind him and looked at his two-thirds watch.

“Tut Tut,” he shook his head with contrived regret, “what should I do? It looks like I’m going to work overtime.”

Leaf orange was cold and ignored him.

Lu Xiao smiled and said, “well, apologize to me and I’ll allow you to take it home to finish it, but the money will still be deducted.”

Ye Cheng turned his head and said with no expression: “Mr. Lu, it’s easy to leave without seeing off. Be careful of the car on the road.”

Lu Xiao: “…”


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