Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 105

“So that’s why you didn’t drive? Poof, haw, haw -” Zhou minhao choked a mouthful of wine into his throat, laughing and coughing.

Lu Xiao moved his cup away to prevent him from splashing into it.

“Go away, I didn’t drive because I wanted to drink.” He said without a word.

Zhou minhao couldn’t laugh. “That boy is really a hard bone. He dares to challenge his boss.”

There is a gay in their card seat, named you Xin. Hearing the speech, he smiled and said, “it’s hot enough. Does brother Lu have his contact style? Push it to me.”

“I Pooh, how are you? Is your brain OK?” Lu Xiaoyi’s face is disgusted.

Zhou minhao smiled more happily: “no, he likes this kind of lofty.”

You Xin echoed his voice and begged him not to waste resources and introduce Ye orange to himself. He promised to tame the little wild cat.

The smile on Lu Xiao’s face completely disappeared, frowned and said, “it’s just that I often go to nightclubs. Where do you expect him to go? Don’t his mother make trouble for me.”

Seeing that he really hated the man, you Xin stopped asking questions and went to clink a glass with him.

Lu Xiao raised his wine glass and swallowed it.

I don’t know why. Although he repeatedly spoke ill of Ye orange and subconsciously thought he was a nightclub coffee, you Xin wanted to know him just now, which really made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Lu Xiao stared at you Xin angrily, feeling that he was unhappy because his brother didn’t work hard.

You Xin scratched his head for no reason.

It’s all about men. Women are always the last topics to talk about.

Zhou minhao was recently dating a female student from an art college and showed them beautiful photos of her circle of friends.

Lu Xiao glanced at the picture with interest, and his eyes stayed on the picture for a moment.

“Wow, my sister-in-law’s legs are so long.”

“No, she’s seven or eight meters tall and has a great figure.”

Lu Xiao touched her chin. Although she had seen many girls wearing this JK short skirt before, it seemed that this skirt was not exclusive to young children. Today, after looking at it, I found that tall people seem to have more flavor.

One meter seven eight, like one meter eight?

It’s really high.

Zhouminhao pushed him, “Hey, don’t keep staring at my girlfriend his mother.”

Lu Xiao sneered disdainfully, “who looked at her? I didn’t even remember what she looked like.”

“What are you thinking when you stare at the picture?” Zhou minhao asked aggressively.

Lu Xiao interrupted him irritably: “you take care of me. It’s awesome for you to fall in love.”

Zhou minhao said proudly, “of course, falling in love is awesome. It’s not like your mother and fetus solo. Other girls are scared away by your temper…”

Before the voice fell, Lu Xiao hammered him.

Ye orange worked overtime for a week, and each time he had a different reason.

Either Lu Xiao didn’t finish his work. As soon as he wanted to go out, Luo Ming stopped him with a look, which means “your boss hasn’t finished work yet. What do you think of after work now”.

Either Lu Xiao temporarily added tasks to him, or found reasons to say that he wanted to try the company’s food and had to go to the downstairs canteen for dinner. In this case, he had to accompany him.

From 7788 to 788, he had dinner with Lu Xiao for four days.

Obviously, they are disgusted with each other. I don’t know how the second ancestor could eat when he saw him.

After two meals, ye orange probably knows his taste – he can’t eat spicy food.

Out of revenge, ye orange poked some dishes that seemed not spicy, but actually used millet spicy or Chaotian pepper.

Lu Xiao was sweating all over his head. He drank water and asked him angrily, “you deliberately treat me. You order so spicy every time.”

Leaf orange innocently showed him his lunch box, “no, we eat the same.”

Lu Xiao looked at him awkwardly for a while, but didn’t say anything. He bowed his head and ate the food clean.

He wiped his mouth, pushed the empty lunch box and said, “today Friday, you can get off work after you’re busy. I’ve done a good job these days. I’m public and private. I’ll tell Luo Ming what you’ve done well.”

Originally, he just wanted to make it difficult for a leaf orange, but he didn’t expect to really choose the right person. It is preliminarily estimated that the project will take two weeks to complete. Ye orange helped him finish it in only one week.

Although Lu Xiao didn’t want to see him, he still had a clear distinction in this matter.

He will not deny his personal ability because of his view of a person.

This is the first time that Lu Xiao has given him a good face in recent days. There is no change in Ye orange’s expression. He said faintly, “there is still some finishing work. I’ll go back after I finish.”

Lu Xiao tilted his lips. It seems that he is not only noble, but also stubborn.

He picked up his coat on the sofa and said, “then I’ll go and remember to lock the door.”

His office was connected by two rooms. This one used to receive guests and work. There were basically no important documents, so he walked away with his car key.

Ye orange looked at wechat and received a message.

Huang Shengan: [I drove here. Shit, Nandu is really blocked for ten years.]

He is half a child and is studying abroad. He just came back yesterday.

Ye Cheng replied to him with a “don’t worry”, and then began to deal with the work at hand.

The documents in his hand have been revised by Lu Xiao three times. It has to be said that this second ancestor is not without merit.

Tao Juan said that he only came to the company last year, but whenever Ye orange asked him a question about the company, he knew it like the back of his hand and could see that he had made some efforts.

Of course, after all, his diploma is a piece of water injected pork, otherwise he won’t need Ye orange to help in a slightly more professional place.

Lu Xiao made an appointment with a friend tonight and went to the villa in the suburbs for dinner.

He drove a Sao Bao convertible and received a call from Zhou minhao before he left the mountain and sea.

“Brother Xiao, remember to bring your jewelry box.”

Lu Xiao slammed on the brake. “Fuck, you said earlier, I forgot.”

Zhou minhao said anxiously, “where have you been? Can you go back and get it? Today is Miao Miao’s birthday. I promised to give her that necklace.”

yyxs. la

Lu Xiao had to turn back, “OK, OK, I’ll go back and get it.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.”

Two days ago, Zhou minhao asked him to buy a diamond necklace. He slipped it into the safe and had to return to the office.

When his car drove downstairs, he saw Ye orange come out of the gate, go straight to a Bentley, open the door and get on the bus.

Lu Xiao narrowed her eyes and saw a young man sitting in the driver’s seat.

The two hugged each other before they fastened their seat belts.

He could not help but clench the steering wheel and the tip of his tongue Top cheek, showing a meaningful expression.

Oh, I’m still a Bentley driver.

Lu Xiao waited in place for their car to leave. Then he went upstairs and took down the necklace.

In the evening, Zhou minhao staged an idol play in the villa. Miao Miao was so moved that she covered her mouth and cried.

Lu Xiao sat alone by the window, drinking cup after cup.

He didn’t know how much he had drunk, but vaguely remembered that he was helped into his room later.

You Xin whispered with a man at his door,

“What happened to brother Lu? He pulled his face all night.”

“It is estimated that the project is not going well. Lao Han said that he works overtime every day these days.”

“Then find a girl to relax him.”

“Don’t die. His obsession with facial cleanliness is serious. Brother Hao didn’t do it last time…”

Lu Xiao turned over and covered her head with a quilt to isolate the conversation.

That night he dreamed of his mother Meng Li.

To tell the truth, he hasn’t seen Meng Li for a long time. To be exact, she hasn’t called him since she left him without saying a word.

Every time Lu Xiao called, she hung up in a hurry after two perfunctory sentences, as if she didn’t care about his son at all.

The old man kept urging him to take people home, but he didn’t know. Every time he mentioned the word marriage, Lu Xiao would think conditionally of his parents’ marriage.

Unfortunately, quarrel, fall apart.

These three words are the best description.

From the beginning, he was full of misfortune, so that his childhood ran through his father’s quarrel and his mother’s madness, and finally watched them fall apart and come to an end.

And he is an unknown supporting actor in this farce.

He once thought that Meng Li hated Lu Yaoshan and thought that he was a hero who could protect her and escape Lu Yaoshan’s control with her. However, the reality gave him a slap – Meng Li still compromised.

After that day, he hated Lu Yaoshan even more. The reason why he promised the old man to come back and inherit his family business was precisely because he wanted to step on Lu Yaoshan under his feet.

He wants to ask Meng Li a question many years later. Do you regret it? Regret marrying him, betraying the agreement with me, leaving me to go abroad with him

He felt that he would never touch feelings in his life. Just look at Meng Li and you will know that feelings can’t be touched.

Perhaps it is these deficiencies that make him born not to love a person.

When Lu Xiao opened his eyes, it was already dawn.

The pillow was a little wet, and the fresh air in the mountains floated in through the half open window.

He rubbed his head with a hangover headache and struggled to get up to wash.

After spending the whole weekend in the mountains, I feel a little more comfortable.

On Monday, Secretary Zhang sent a message that the old man was about to return home and planned to take him to visit an old friend and ask him to prepare some gifts suitable for the old professor.

Lu Xiaoyi is two big.

His only impression of the old professor was the old man who stuck his graduation thesis.

Give him a woolen gift and a collection of his graduation thesis?

He sat at his desk worrying for a long time and asked Zhu Min, “is there a graduate from a university in our company? The old man is a professor from a university. He is very arrogant.”

Zhu Min looked at her list of gifts and nominations for the morning and hurriedly said, “I’ll ask about personnel.”

Five minutes later, she put down the phone and said, “Mr. Lu, we have two employees of big A. one is in Australia and the other is a new intern in finance, named Ye orange.”

Lu Xiao: ”

He gave up his struggle. “Call him up.”

Ye orange just finished a week-long tour of the general manager’s office and was called again.

He looked warily at landing Xiao. He didn’t know what medicine he sold in his gourd.

Lu Xiao threw the paper in front of him and said, “help me pick a gift. The other party is a 50-year-old professor of finance at a university. He has a weak personality and doesn’t like those vulgar things. Well, don’t pick shampoo. He’s bald.”

Leaf orange looked at the list and twitched at the corners of his mouth.

Oil painting, ink painting, sculpture… Are you serious? Why do you give him these when teaching finance?

He took a pen and didn’t find a place to sit, so he bent down at his desk to think.

From Lu Xiao’s point of view, I happened to see his slightly open shirt collar.

Leaf orange’s skin is whiter than that of female colleagues in the office. A man doesn’t have any body hair.

The delicate clavicle is exposed under the collar, just like two small bowls with inverted buttons. There is a mole under the clavicle, and then there is faint powder down

Lu Xiao’s index finger and thumb collided and rubbed gently.

He stared at Ye orange and suddenly said, “is that your boyfriend who drove Bentley that day?”

“Ah?” Ye orange was caught off guard and the nib cut the paper.


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