Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 106

Lu Xiao saw that he was unstable in holding his pen and made it clear that he was guilty.

He sneered and said, “a boyfriend is still giving others contact information in the nightclub. Xiaoye, you should pay attention to this style.”

Clearly against a young man’s face, but with an old collar Guide style.

Ye Cheng laughed angrily. “Mr. Lu, is there anything wrong with your ears? When did I say he was my boyfriend? Besides, what does it have to do with you?”

This is one of the few places Lu Xiao has seen him talk so much except for his work.

It seems that there is only one way to make this guy talk, that is to annoy him.

Lu Xiao not only didn’t get angry, but also showed an innocent expression. He elongated his voice and said, “Oh – so he’s not your boyfriend, so he’s your suitor?”

Leaf orange was speechless. He put down his pen and said, “President Lu, please don’t pry into the private life of employees. Thank you.”

With that, he didn’t want to help him choose the gift, so he turned and walked out of the office room.

Lu Xiao touched his chin and picked up the piece of paper to check.

Zhu Min, who had been silent all the time, finally couldn’t help saying, “President Lu, do you want me to find him back? Otherwise, the gift…”

Lu Xiao raised his hand: “no, he wrote almost. Tut, it’s really breathless. Just say a few words and you’ll be as angry as that.”

Zhu Min thought, is this the question of “say a few words”!

Why do you look so much like the bad student who liked the front seat girl and pulled others’ braids in junior high school! Why did you just seem to be trying to attract each other’s attention with your own stupidity!

Everyone will be unhappy if their lifestyle is questioned, okay!

“According to what he wrote, choose some to buy.” Lu Xiao threw the paper at her and got up to pick up his coat. “I won’t receive anyone in the afternoon. I’ll go around the Department.”

Zhu Min was too busy to answer and said, “yes.”

Every month, Lu Xiao takes one day to inspect the work at the lower door.

Originally, he didn’t go to the finance department very often, because there was nothing good-looking, and he couldn’t understand it.

Today, he specially left his financial affairs to the last one, brought a cup of coffee with Luo Ming, leaned against the glass door and looked at a group of afternoon tea drinkers in the conference room.

xiaoshuting. cc

Luo Ming said, “some of us are busy with work this week, so we let them do group construction in the conference room. Each of us brought some snacks made by ourselves and played games in the spare time of work.”

He looked at Lu Xiao with a look of gratitude, because at the meeting a few days ago, he said that we should pay attention to relieving the psychological pressure of employees and engage in league construction every month. He came to meet with Fengshi rudder, and immediately took advantage of Lu Xiao’s inspection today and made a wave of small moves.

Lu Xiao didn’t understand his eyes, but stared at a figure in the glass door.

Luo Ming followed his eyes and looked at Ye orange.

Wearing gloves, Peng Gushu took a piece of salmon to feed him. He thanked him and took the salmon with chopsticks.

“That’s a leaf orange. It looks very popular.” Said Lu, pinching a cup of coffee.

He still couldn’t resist and began to spy on the privacy of employees.

A few days ago, Lu Xiaocai praised Ye orange with Luo Ming, saying that he was very efficient in doing things.

Luo Mingli of course felt that they had turned fighting into friendship, and immediately borrowed landing Xiao’s words to say: “that’s, the atmosphere in our department is very good. Xiaoye is not only popular with boys, but also popular with girls. Hey hey, after all, he is handsome and popular everywhere.”

Lu Xiao’s face sank bit by bit. He drank his coffee with his head up and slammed the cup on the table.

Luo Ming was startled by the sudden sound and looked at him tremblingly.

Lu Xiao stared at the meeting room indefinitely and said, “director Luo, do you know that the company does not advocate office romance?”

Luo Ming’s head buzzed. It’s over. Flattering seems to be on the horse’s feet.

He hurriedly explained, “don’t worry, Mr. Lu. There is absolutely no office love in our department. I dare to use my personality to guarantee. They are just friends. All the girls have objects.”

Lu Xiao glanced at him with a cold face and said, “the best thing is, don’t engage in some recreational activities that affect your work all day.”

Luo Ming: ”

Ah, isn’t that what you said at the meeting that you would do league construction?

Oh, my God, lead The heart guide is really a submarine needle.

After Lu Xiao left, he couldn’t feel his collar clearly Luo Ming, who guided the mind, had to go in and stop and let everyone clean up the mess.

Penggushu inexplicably complained to Ye Cheng, “is he out of his mind? Yesterday, he told us to bring each of us a dinner, which made me specially ask my mother to Roll Sushi, and let me go back to the office before I had two bites. I’m crazy.”

The girl next to also scolded: “zhennima is crazy. I’m afraid she didn’t escape from Qingshan hospital. She has the bed next to President Han.”

The group went back to work swearing until they got off work.

Before leaving work, Luo Ming called Ye orange to the office room and said to him, “Xiaoye, do you have any work this week?”

Leaf orange said the rest of the task again. He listened absently. Finally, he said, “give these to Xiao Peng. Next Monday, you go to a to save a job.”

In their business, it’s common to go on a job.

It’s just that Ye Cheng doesn’t quite understand why he is allowed to go as a newcomer instead of Peng Gushu.

He asked subconsciously, “am I alone?”

Luo Ming said, “and me, and another boss.”

“OK.” Leaf orange nodded, “what do you need me to do?”

Luo Ming simply told him the materials to be prepared, but he didn’t mention anything to another boss.

After returning home, Ye Cheng told Shi Jiaxu that he was going to be away for a few days.

Shi Jiaxu asked the same question as him, “there are so many people in the finance department, why do you want a newcomer who doesn’t understand anything?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Cheng replied while preparing materials on the computer.

Shi Jiaxu frowned and felt that things were not simple. “Didn’t you say that Luo always hated you? He shouldn’t be a gay. Take you out of his clothes and think about you!”

Leaf orange almost rolled his eyes. “Don’t guess so wildly. He has children.”

“That doesn’t prevent him from being a double!” Shi Jiaxu thought more and more and was afraid, “there is another person. He doesn’t say who it is! It’s too suspicious!”


As soon as ye orange said three words, he interrupted, “so, anyway, I have nothing to do. I’ll go to province a first. You keep in touch with me at any time. Once you find something wrong, give me a secret signal, and I’ll take someone to rush over to beat those bastards.”

Leaf orange covered his forehead and was unable to correct him. “I think you’re bored at home.”

Early Monday morning, Shi Jiaxu pushed his suitcase to the airport.

Around eight o’clock, ye orange also arrived at the airport.

As soon as he entered the waiting room, he saw it and praised him.

“Hey, didn’t you go to my class earlier?” Leaf orange walked past him in surprise and asked him.

Shi Jiaxu’s eyes flashed, “I bought the wrong ticket. Oh, I pretend I don’t know you. Don’t worry.”

Ye Cheng said reluctantly, “then you must hide it. Don’t be found by president Luo. Otherwise, they will think I have murder paranoia.”

“Sure, sure!” Shi Jiaxu Baozheng said.

Soon Luo Ming came.

As the two men approached, ye orange slowly widened his eyes.

Shi Jiaxu covered his face with a magazine and glanced at the side. He was so surprised that his eyes were almost staring out.

It’s Luo Xiaoming.

Lu Xiao was wearing a very casual black T-shirt with sunglasses. He walked to Ye orange with his pocket in his pocket and raised his mouth and said, “Oh, isn’t this Xiaoye? I didn’t expect Luo to bring you. What a coincidence.”

Leaf Orange: ”

Luo Ming lowered his head secretly and thought to himself, “what the hell is this man doing? Didn’t you ask me to take him?”


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