Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 107

Ye Cheng didn’t do what he wanted. After all, he wasn’t about to decide who to go out with. It’s estimated that Lu Xiao was more depressed than him.

After getting on the plane, he sat with Luo Ming, and Lu Xiao sat alone by the window.

The commendation seat was behind them, and I glanced here through the magazine from time to time.

After arriving in da’a Province, Luo Ming first went to arrange vehicles and accommodation.

Ye Cheng is responsible for pushing the luggage. Fortunately, Lu Xiao didn’t want to squeeze him. He waved to him and said, “come here.”

They brought a total of three suitcases. Ye Cheng thought he would share one suitcase, but he didn’t think about it. He took two suitcases directly and pushed them forward from left to right.

When ye Cheng was a little grateful, Lu Xiao lowered his voice and said, “the man behind you on the plane has been following us. He can’t be a stalker.”

Leaf orange’s heart instantly mentioned his throat and looked back. When he praised, he looked away as if nothing had happened.

Lu Xiao smiled at the corners of his mouth and measured him through sunglasses.

“How is it possible… You think too much. It’s probably on your way.” Leaf orange said dryly, and his palm was sweating.

“Really, but he always looks at you.” Lu Xiao said.

“Probably… I’m probably looking at you. I think you’re handsome.” Ye Cheng talks nonsense and hopes that this topic will pass quickly.

Lu Xiao suddenly laughed and startled him.

“The way you make up the story is so funny. Were you so nervous just now? Hahaha.” Lu Xiao approached him and joked, “last time you went to the bar together, you forgot so quickly?”

Ye Cheng was stunned for two seconds, and then reacted – Lu Xiao had already recognized him when he praised him, which was clearly teasing him.

This naive little student!


“Boring!” He said a cold word and stepped forward.

Seeing that he had annoyed people, Mr. Lu hurriedly dragged two big boxes to chase him, “Hey, don’t run so fast! You dare not wait for your boss. Be careful that I deduct your salary… Hey, wait for me!”

Ten minutes later, the three got on the bus.

Luo Ming showed the way in the front row and Lu Xiao answered the phone.

“Grandpa, I’m here.”

“Don’t worry, it’s all ready. Six o’clock in the evening, isn’t it? OK.”

I don’t know what he asked. Lu Xiao picked his eyebrow and said, “no, I think it’s very interesting to stay in the company now. What are you doing in Canada?”

As he said that, he seemed to glance at Ye orange inadvertently, then smiled at his mobile phone and said, “colleagues are very interesting, especially the new subordinates.”

Ye orange frowned and looked at him, but Lu Xiao looked away at the moment he looked at him.

Ye orange is uncomfortable all over. He always feels that he is connoting himself, but there is no evidence.

When she arrived at the hotel where she stayed, Ye Cheng received a message while waiting for the front desk to register.

It was sent by Xu Weiqiang, a tutor of his university.

Have you arrived yet? Shall I send a car to pick you up

Yesterday, Ye Cheng told him that he would come to a to save his job. Xu Weiqiang was very happy. He said that he had a friend who was also a guest here and could meet with him for dinner.

Ye Cheng just remembered that he forgot to tell him when he got off the plane, so he typed back and replied: [no, sir, I’ve arrived at the hotel.]

Xu Weiqiang: [are you free tonight? I’ll treat you to dinner.]

Ye Cheng hesitates. He doesn’t know if he has a job tonight.

When you were having dinner together, he said, “I’ll have a good rest tonight.”

Luo Ming nodded and agreed.

Ye Cheng immediately returned to Xu Weiqiang and said, “OK, just send me the time and address.”

Xu Weiqiang made an appointment with him at 5:50 at a private restaurant 15 minutes away from the hotel.

Based on the understanding of the traffic in province a, Ye Cheng left the door ten minutes in advance.

Sure enough, in the rush hour, luckily he came out early and arrived at the private room on time.

When he pushed the door in, Xu Weiqiang and another old man in Tang clothes were already sitting in the private room.

Ye Cheng stooped down to say hello. Xu Weiqiang stood up and said, “little ye, this is the old friend I mentioned to you, Lu Lao, the founder of your company.”

Ye Cheng’s heart clicked. It seemed that he had heard the word “Lu Lao” somewhere.

“Lu Zonghao.” He didn’t have time to react and said in a loud voice.

Lu Jinnan smiled and said, “don’t call Mr. Lu, I’ve retired to the second line. You’re as big as my grandson, just call Grandpa.”

“There is no retreat to the second line. Isn’t Lu always your son?” Xu Weiqiang joked.

Ye Cheng suddenly thought, Tao Juan, who said that Lu Xiao is the grandson of a senior manager of the company… They happen to be all surnamed Lu, so his grandfather is the old Lu?

Previously, he had a fluke mentality and hoped that Xu Weiqiang’s old friend would never have anything to do with Lu Xiao. Well, I’ll directly offend others to death.

I just don’t know how Lu Xiao would feel if she knew about it.

“It’s too late for him to watch,” he said

In an instant, ye orange’s face was full of despair.

Shit, no wonder Lu Xiao said he had an appointment tonight. It turned out to be this meal

More than ten minutes later, Lu Xiao didn’t come.

Lu Jinnan was unhappy and asked the manager to serve the food first and eat it first.

Ye orange ate with vegetables uneasily. Every bite was like eating the last dinner.

Finally, they ate half of the food, and Lu Xiaocai came late.

The door of the private room was pushed open, and a burst of footsteps came, accompanied by Lu Xiao’s voice, “sorry, I’m late, the road is blocked…”

Before he finished the word “car”, he saw Ye orange. The word “car” stuck in his throat and couldn’t get up or down.

Holding a big gift box in his hand, he stood still.

Until Lu Jinnan put down his chopsticks and scolded, “it’s like not calling people when you come! I told you there’s a traffic jam here. Don’t you know if you leave the door ahead of time? Look at other people’s little leaves. They’ve already arrived.”

Leaf Orange: ”

Please, Mr. Lu, don’t boast at this time.

Seeing Lu Xiao’s face getting darker and darker, he stiffened his scalp and broke the embarrassment: “President Lu came to province a for the first time. I don’t know what’s going on here.”

Xu Weiqiang also followed him and said, “that’s the first time Xiao Lan came here. By the way, I suddenly remembered that you two should know each other.”

Lu Xiao said, “of course I know. I don’t see it when I look up and I don’t see it when I look down.”

“That’s good. We should help each other in the future.” Xu Weiqiang said with a smile.

Lu Jinnan Leng hum: “help each other. I think it’s Xiao Ye danfang who helps him. You don’t know. Our family is hot to do things for three minutes…”

Lujinnan began to roast, and seemed to regard Ye Cheng as “someone else’s child”, especially when he talked at the dinner just now, he looked down on his own smelly little son.

Ye Cheng is on pins and needles. He gets up to help Lu Xiao put the gift away and quietly looks at his expression.

Lu Xiao seemed to be used to it. He sat down and ate a bowl of soup by himself. It seemed that he was not interested in their conversation.

After three rounds of drinking, the topic of the two old men gradually turned to getting married and starting a business.

“Alas, although he looks good in my house, he just refuses to fall in love. I introduced him to several people earlier, either they don’t look good, or they don’t have inner, as if he has more inner…”

Leaf orange subconsciously looks at Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao had almost eaten. He met his sight without hesitation, as if to say “what you look at, I’m so demanding”.

Xu Weiqiang said: “Xiao Xie is the same. His grandmother and I urge him to fall in love. There are many girls chasing him in school, from the east gate to the west gate, but he is stunned and can’t see it.”

When Lu Xiao heard that “there are many girls chasing him”, he saw something complicated in his eyes. He touched Ye orange with his toes under the table.

Ye Cheng didn’t know what he meant and hid aside.

Lu Xiao is unwilling to let go, and continues to chase him to touch his feet.

Ye orange hid next to her again. She was not small and bumped into Xu Weiqiang’s foot.

“Today’s young people…” Xu Weiqiang said half way. The conversation suddenly stopped and turned to him strangely.

Leaf orange quickly apologized: “sorry, teacher, you continue.”

Lu Xiao clenched his fist to cover his mouth and secretly laughed in exchange for his white eyes.

After dinner, Lu Jinnan asked the driver to drive Xu Weiqiang back.

The two younger generation wanted to dissipate the wine and walked back to the hotel on foot.

Summer nights in province a are sultry and restless. There are many universities in this area. College students come and go on the streets.

The two stepped onto the overpass.

Lu Xiao put in his trouser pocket, looked at the college couple who passed by and said with emotion: “it’s good to go to school. Why do people always find this after work.”

“President Lu has just graduated.” Leaf orange said.

Lu Xiao shook his head. “I didn’t go to college and was forced to hang out outside China for two years. That article is just a piece of waste paper. In fact, I regret that I didn’t study hard in high school. I envy you Zhenger Bajing ti will live a college life.”

Ye Cheng didn’t know what to say for a long time. After a while, he said, “it’s just like going to college. The canteen, dormitory and library are at 3:00 a day.”

He doesn’t know whether this sentence is a comfort. Although Lu Xiao’s problem is that he doesn’t study hard in high school, the envy on his face makes Ye orange feel a little unbearable.

Lu Xiao didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at him and said tentatively, “it’s just three o’clock and one line. Isn’t there a pile of schoolgirls chasing you?”

Leaf Orange: ”

As if out of control, Lu Xiao asked one after another, “you’ve been in love for several times, aren’t you a sea king? No, you like men, so are there boys among those who chase you?”

Leaf orange suddenly stopped and looked at him with a cold face.

The next second, he left without saying a word.

Lu Xiao stayed in place for a moment and immediately understood his abruptness – he was used to going straight with those brothers, but ye orange was different. He was a person who didn’t like others to touch his private territory.

bqgxsydw. com

Lu Xiao discovered this from the very beginning.

In other words, he lacks a sense of security. If he is approached by unfamiliar people, he will retreat conditionally.

Lu Xiao didn’t think much about it. Xiao ran to catch up with him and grabbed his wrist.

“Sorry, I’m talking too much. Don’t be angry.” He blurted out.

After saying this, he and ye orange were stunned.

Neither of them thought that he would apologize. Even Lu Xiao himself was surprised. He just wanted to apologize to a small employee?

For a moment, the atmosphere fell into embarrassment.

Ye Cheng didn’t want to shake his face at first, but now the other party takes the initiative to apologize, which makes him a little embarrassed.

Lu Xiao looked around and saw an old lady selling flowers on the overpass.

“Wait for me.” He said to leaf orange.

He let go of his hand and went to the old woman and said, “I want all your flowers. How much is it altogether?”

Leaf orange didn’t understand what he was going to do. He went over and took a look. There was a basket of blue roses in front of the old lady.

“All, not for sale.” The old lady gestured, “keep one.”

Lu Xiao said cheerfully, “that’s OK. Wrap the rest for me except that one.”

The old lady smiled, wrapped the roses, handed them to him and said, “30 yuan a branch, 540 yuan, this blue one is a little more expensive…”

Lu Xiao took out his mobile phone to pay, took the flowers and stuffed them into Ye Cheng’s arms.

“Here, I’ll make amends for you. Don’t be angry.” He said casually.

With that, he deliberately turned his head and looked under the overpass. He didn’t seem to care about ye orange’s reaction.

This is the first time ye orange received the flowers. He was a little overwhelmed holding the bunch of broken ice blue roses.

It’s funny to say that there are many people chasing him, but none of them has sent him flowers. This thing should be given to girls by boys.

The gradually changing petals stretch out smoothly, just like a shy and timid dancer, secretively releasing a little flattery in front of him.

The night wind blew the petals and hair tips, and the leaf orange came up and smelled.

Lu Xiao turned his eyes and peeped at him with his remaining light.

At this time, a girl’s voice came from the side.

“Grandma, you haven’t left yet. I thought you closed the stall late after work today.”

Ye orange raised his head and looked at the last girl with long hair. The girl stared at him for a few seconds and blushed.

The old lady looked at them with a smile and said, “I’ve left one for you.”

The girl shook her fist, summoned up the courage to go to Ye orange and said, “well, my wechat transfer can’t be used. Can you pay for me? I’ll add you a wechat and go back to you.”

As soon as the voice fell, Lu Xiao sneered.

Good old-fashioned chat-up style.

The girl’s face is redder.

Leaf orange thought about it and said, “I’ll pay for it for you. You don’t have to pay me back.”

Say, scan the code and pay.

The girl lowered her head in disappointment, “well… Thank you.”

Lu Xiao smiled beside her. Ye orange nodded politely to her and walked down the overpass.

Lu Xiao followed him. After a while, he walked next to him, hit him on the shoulder and showed a bad smile: “why don’t you give that woman’s wechat?”

“I don’t like adding people casually.” Leaf orange said faintly.

Lu Xiao’s smile was more obvious, “then why did you give it to me?”


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