Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 108

Ye orange stopped. Lu Xiao looked at him without hesitation and picked his eyebrows.

“Bet with your friends and lose.” Leaf orange said without changing his face.

Lu Xiao was stunned and his face collapsed. “You’re so rude.”

The corners of Ye orange’s mouth rose slightly, ignored him and accelerated his pace with flowers. Lu Xiao walked behind him. He seemed a little annoyed and deliberately didn’t stand side by side with him.

In fact, this guy’s bad character aside, from head to foot, he really grows according to Ye orange’s preferences. It’s a pity that he looks like he’s pulled to heaven and blinded this good bag in vain.

So losing the game is just one thing. In the final analysis, he doesn’t reject accepting such punishment.

But this fact, leaf orange will never tell him.

The two returned to the hotel one after another. Luo Ming asked Ye Cheng what he was doing. Ye Cheng only said that he had a meal with his friends.

Luo Ming had a simple meal alone in the hotel. When he heard the speech, he felt that the subordinate was too blind. In addition, he was arrested by Lu Xiao police last time because he said good words for Ye Cheng Yes, so he didn’t show any good face. He threw all the information he needed for tomorrow to Ye orange and asked him to sort it out tonight.

The next day, Lu Xiao took them to meet the customer.

The process went smoothly. It is said that after winning the order, the projects on the rear side will be unimpeded.

Lu Xiao waved his big hand and gave Ye orange and Luo Ming a red envelope. The next day, they set off for Nandu.

This matter soon spread in the company. Everyone felt that ye orange had taken a lot of luck. As soon as he entered the company, he inadvertently participated in major projects and was appreciated by President Lu.

At lunch on Monday, Lu Xiao came to the staff restaurant.

As soon as he came in, everyone in the restaurant looked up and whispered with tacit understanding.

Tao Juan whispered, “I’m Cao. The young master has come to the canteen. Luo Minggang is not here today. If the flatterer knows, he will regret to death.”

Privately, they changed Lu Xiao’s name after a while. First, they called her “Prince”, which would turn her into a “young master”. They didn’t know what her name would be in a few days.

“He’s so handsome today!” Yu Xiaowei successfully sneaked into the finance department, covered his mouth and shouted, “but he didn’t take Zhu Min with him. Is it difficult to eat alone?”

Zhou Haiqin said in disgust: “you two keep your voice down for fear that others won’t hear you.”

Lu Xiao looked around the restaurant and fell on the long table of the finance department.

In the company, people from one department usually sit together. Of course, people who have a good relationship also visit each other. For example, Yu Xiaowei and Tao Juan rent together, so she often runs to the finance department.

“Oh, Mo, why does he look at us? Help! He’s coming!”

Yu Xiaowei stared, then pretended to concentrate on eating and saw nothing until Lu Xiao came to their table and stood still.

“Is there anyone here?” Lu Xiao asked with a tray.

The whole restaurant looked over.

After all, Zhou Haiqin was old and did not mess up in the face of danger. “No one, Mr. Lu, just sit down.”

Lu Xiao put down the tray and sat down next to her.

Yu Xiaowei, who is opposite, suffocated in an instant and had a meal face-to-face with the senior management. Who knows.

It’s not about him being handsome. It’s also about him being handsome!

Lu Xiao raised his hand and motioned them to continue eating.

“Why did President Lu think of coming to the canteen today?” Zhou Haiqin chatted with him while eating.

“I have a dull headache in the office. Come down for a walk.” Lu Xiao said, “did your department just get off work? Why didn’t Ye orange come?”

Yu Xiaowei’s hands trembled. Tao Juan touched her leg under the table to calm her down.

“Xiaoye still has work to finish. He’ll come down in a minute.” She answered with a smile.

Yu Xiaowei also stammered in agreement: “yes, yes.”

Lu Xiao frowned and said to Zhou Haiqin, “try not to always let employees work overtime in the future. Pay attention to this.”

Zhou Haiqin glanced at Tao min, nodded and said, “we seldom work overtime. It’s only because Xiaoye has been working with president Luo recently that she is busier than some time ago. I’ll react with president Luo.”

Biqu Pavilion

While talking, ye orange and Peng Gushu came down.

Lu Xiao looked over there, and Tao Juan and Yu Xiaowei followed.

Ye Cheng finished his meal, but didn’t come to the finance department. Instead, he found a table with Peng Gushu and sat down.

Lu Xiao said imperceptibly, “did I disturb your dinner today?”

Tao Juan thought carefully and immediately saw that he was unhappy because ye orange didn’t come, so she responded quickly and said, “why? We usually sit in two shifts and can’t sit at a table.”

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything and picked up the rice grains with chopsticks.

Tao Juan noticed that he was still not happy, so she smiled and said, “although our department didn’t have as much contact with President Lu as the marketing department, everyone likes you. After Xiaoye came back from work, he told us that you are very considerate of your subordinates and have great courage at work.”

She’s too bright. She has a white collar What the director likes to listen to is a compliment in the name of leaf orange.

Sure enough, one move worked.

Lu Xiao’s eyes brightened. “Does he really say that?”

Tao Juan bumped into Yu Xiaowei again under the table and hinted at her with her eyes.

Yu Xiaowei immediately answered: “no… that’s right… Xiaoye also said that you were very considerate. You not only arranged the car in advance, but also gave him and Luo a big red envelope.”

Luo Ming showed off this in the office, but she didn’t want to say good things about Luo Ming. Naturally, she buttoned her hat on Ye orange’s head.

Lu Xiao coughed and tried to hide his smile. He hummed, “I didn’t expect him to show off. These are just small things.”

The three women looked at each other, and Zhou Haiqin nodded approvingly.

As long as Lu Zong is comfortable, they have nothing to lose.

“Well, what else did he say about me? Do you often talk about me in private?” Lu Xiao was curious and asked in a low voice.

This question seems easy to answer, but in fact it is full of traps. Zhou Haiqin interrupted: “we seldom talk about leading. Leading, but Xiaoye adores you very much, so he couldn’t help but mention it in the office.”

Lu Xiao was satisfied, smiled, waved his hand and said, “well, you can eat. You can’t eat when I sit here.”

Said, carrying the plate to the leaf orange table.

Yu Xiaowei breathed a sigh of relief and gave Zhou Haiqin a thumbs up. “Sister Qin, it’s you. The answer is too tight.”

“You’re still crazy about flowers one second, and you’ll be counselled the next.” Tao Juan gave her an arm.

Yu Xiaowei said with a sad face, “no matter how handsome he is, I dare not be a face-to-face flower maniac! I just say hi and say I want to be a young grandmother. You don’t see how fierce he was at the meeting. As soon as he stood in front of me, I didn’t faint. It’s lucky, okay?”

Tao Juan “cut” and said, “but don’t say it yet. The online constellation blogger is really accurate. Libra men really care about other people’s opinions. Just praise him for his feelings.”

After work in the afternoon, Ye Cheng and Peng Gushu ordered a fried chicken takeout.

I don’t know why Lu Xiao is crazy. He came to have dinner with them at noon, so that they didn’t have enough to eat.

Not because of anything else, but because he kept asking about some work-related topics, ye orange had to rack his brains to deal with him. Peng Gushu was too scared to eat. He didn’t get the same from the director or above The director had dinner together and shouted out that he couldn’t stand it after a meal.

Ye orange vaguely found that Lu Xiao seemed to be making friends with him.

Probably because I had a meal together in province a and learned about the relationship between Xu Weiqiang and Lu Lao, I decided to turn fighting into friendship.

At this point, ye orange thinks he is still very powerful. Children from such a large family seem to be born with the strength to endure humiliation and bear heavy responsibilities in social life. As long as there are interests, even if you are not pleasing to your eyes, they will maintain superficial harmony.

Ye orange naturally accepted the olive branch he threw without any face.

In fact, in province a, he thought about whether to invite Lu Xiao to dinner, because he opened the red envelope and found that there were ten thousand in it. It was too much, and he didn’t help much.

Near the end of work, Yu Xiaowei came in with two small cakes and gave them to Ye orange and Peng Gushu.

She grabbed the table and said, “someone in the next office has a birthday and ordered a lot of cakes. I’ll lose weight with Su Su Su and give it to you.”

It may be for the convenience of cutting. The small cake is a kind of mango thousand layers, each packaged separately. This store is opposite the company, and the taste is always good.

Peng Gushu blushed and said, “thank you.”

Yu Xiaowei smiled at him and turned away.

Leaf orange pushed the cake to him: “eat it, I don’t like sweets.”

He never eats sweet food and is allergic to mangoes.

“No, I have one.” Penggu Shuxin bumped into the deer and hid his head shyly to eat the cake.

Leaf orange put the cake on the table for no reason.

At half past five, Luo Ming gave him another document and asked him to finish it before he went home.

Others clocked in one after another. Finally, Luo Ming locked his office and left.

After six o’clock, ye orange finally finished his work, stood up, stretched, drank coffee and moved his shoulders.


The glass door opened.

He turned his head and unexpectedly saw Lu Xiao come in.

“President Lu, what can I do for you?” Leaf orange put down the cup and said.

Lu Xiao looked at the empty office and his face became not very good-looking. “I saw the light on this floor. Come and have a look. You’re working overtime alone?”

Ye Cheng said, “I have urgent work temporarily.”

“Luo Ming gave it to you?” Lu Xiao’s eyes sank.

Ye Cheng didn’t know, so he nodded.

Lu Xiao’s expression was even colder, as if he was going to get angry at any time.

Ye Cheng didn’t know what had happened to him. Based on the principle of calming people down, he changed the topic and said, “President Lu, do you eat cake?”

He jumped so fast that Lu Xiao didn’t react and looked at him strangely.

Ye orange picked up the mango cake from the table and handed it to him: “here, it tastes good and can be used as dessert.”

Lu Xiao stared at the cake and asked, “did you… Buy it for me?”

Ye Cheng is afraid that he won’t eat the rest of others, but in fact, no one has moved the cake. Isn’t it a waste to throw it away.

He said from Shanru, “well, I bought it for you.”

Lu Xiao took the cake and the tip of her ear quickly turned red.

He knows it——

Ye orange should have deliberately pinched some when he got off work. He bought a cake and wanted to give it to him, but he was embarrassed to take it upstairs.

Also, he knows that he likes mango flavor.

At that moment, he seemed to touch the sour and astringent heart of leaf orange in a short dialogue.

He must be very tangled about whether to give it to him or not.

Send or not?

Send or not?

He said that he might repeat it repeatedly in his heart until he came downstairs.

Fortunately, he came down and took a look. If he didn’t come down, ye orange must have planned to hide the cake silently, so he wouldn’t inadvertently pry into a corner of his heart.

Lu Xiao’s mind was in a mess, and there was a reasonable and unexpected conjecture.

Is leaf orange really interested in him?


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