Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 109

“President Lu, President Lu?”

Ye Cheng shouted several times in succession and waved twice in front of Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao woke up. A flash of panic flashed in his eyes. He looked at him and said, “cough, um, what did you just say?”

Leaf orange looked at him suspiciously and said, “I asked you if you are free on Wednesday. Thank you for your care these days. I want to invite you to dinner.”

He wanted to invite Lu Xiao to dinner, which was an explanation to Xu Weiqiang.

In case of another encounter in the future, he will be a little confident.

However, Lu Xiao patronized and looked at his mouth opening and closing. What he heard was probably “I ask you… BLA… I want to invite you to dinner.”

Oh, have a meal.

Wait, wait, have a meal?

Ye orange asked him out to dinner?!

Even if Lu Xiao is a single mother, he knows that all relationships begin with eating.

Are 0’s so direct now?

“I…” he hesitated for a moment and felt that he had to be reserved. “I may have a meeting on Wednesday. Let’s talk about it then.”

Ye Cheng said indifferently, “Thursday and Friday are OK. I can do anything. It depends on your arrangement.”

Lu Xiao: ”

Fuck, it looks like he’s playing real.

Lu Xiao was not chased by the same sex. For a moment, his mind was in a mess. He hurriedly left a “I’ll think about it” and ran away with a cake.

Leaf orange looked at his hasty back in fog. I don’t know what kind of moth this guy is dealing with.

Lu Xiao drove home from the parking lot until he opened the door of his house. His heart beat and he calmed down.

All the way, I was wondering whether ye orange wanted to catch up with him and how he could refuse to hurt each other.

Yes, he thinks he is a straight man. In that case, he shouldn’t give ye orange a chance.

When he got home, he paced in front of the French window.

I don’t know how long it took. It was dark outside.

Lu Xiao shook his head.

No matter what he wants to do, just don’t go to the appointment on Wednesday.

But just as he was going to take a shower and calm down, he saw the mango thousand layer on the table – the mango thousand layer that ye orange bought for him.

biquge. name



After struggling silently for a few seconds, he finally picked up his mobile phone and dialed You Xin’s number.

You Xin is the only one of his good friends.

When Lu Xiao called, he was flirting with a new boy.

You Xin smiled and answered the channel: “what’s the matter, brother Lu? Aren’t you talking about overtime in the group today?”

Without beating around the bush with him, Lu Xiao said bluntly, “I have something to ask you.” He paused and added, “don’t tell others, especially Zhou minhao.”

The boy said, “let go of that question. Let me ask you quickly.”

Lu Xiao took a deep breath and said, “there is a… Gay who has been very good to me recently. He praised me in front of others, gave me gifts, and asked me out to dinner. What do you think he meant?”

“Poof!” You Xin almost choked with saliva and said in surprise, “Hey, praise you, buy you something, and invite you to dinner? Fuck, it’s his mother who wants to catch you!! is it 0? How old, how tall, how handsome, what do you do?”

Lu Xiao was blocked by a series of questions and hesitated: “it should be, I don’t know.”

“But I remember you like girls,” You Xin said decisively. “Why don’t you introduce me? Fat water doesn’t flow to outsiders.”

The boy next to him smiled.

Lu Xiao immediately blackened his face and said, “get out.”

Hearing his reaction, you Xin said with deep interest: “no, will you? No, brother Lu, do you have feelings for him?”

“How is it possible,” Lu Xiao’s eyebrows tightened more. “I just think it’s too embarrassing not to go.”

In an instant, you Xinwu.

Lu Xiao on the other side was still confused, but he immediately grasped the problem.

Lu Xiao, who always goes his own way, when will he take into account the face of others?

You Xin smiled.

Come on, the reason why the brother called was to find an excuse for himself, but he didn’t know it yet.

He cleared his throat and simply advised: “yes, since people sincerely invite you to dinner, it will be very embarrassing for him if you don’t go. And you don’t know that those 0 hearts are more delicate. If you don’t go once, he won’t call you a second time.”

Lu Xiao got nervous: “true or false?”

You Xin picked the chin of the man in his arms and said, “of course, it’s true. Xiaoxu, do you think so?”

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything. He didn’t even wait for the reply from the other end. After hanging up, he dialed Ye orange.

Doodle, doodle, doodle.

No answer at all.

Lu Xiao began to panic. Will he? Is he really angry?

You sina is all over the southern gay circle. He has soaked 0 less than Lu Zhanyang and half of him.

What he said must not be false.

Aware of the seriousness of the situation, he immediately sent a wechat to Ye Cheng: [why not answer the phone? Wednesday is right, I’ll just go.]

He clattered his typing, but there was still no movement there.

Finally, Lu Xiao reluctantly threw away his mobile phone and lay down on the bed.

It turned out that 0’s gas was so small that he just felt that they were not suitable. Before they refused him, he was so angry that he didn’t even return the news from his boss.

When ye orange came out of the bathroom, there were 12 missed calls and 9 wechat messages on his mobile phone.

He opened the news and looked more and more outrageous.

Suspect X: [Hello -]

Suspect X: [“pat me and call dad”]

Suspect X: [WOC you take a picture, it’s poisonous!]

Suspect X: [I called your father for free, are you still angry?]

Suspect X: [I said I would go. What are you doing?]

Suspect X: [as a leader, I order you to call back and not deduct your salary!]

Suspect X: [OK, OK, I’m kidding. You have a word to say.]

Ye Cheng couldn’t bear typing: [your nervous disease…]

After typing, I thought about it, deleted it, and patiently replied: [what?]

Half a minute later, Lu Xiao’s voice call came.

While wiping his hair, he turned on his hands-free and said, “President Lu, what’s up?”

Lu Xiaoxin gave a click.


[what’s up?]

This tone is angry at first sight.

After all, Ye Cheng was angry because he was hurt by his hesitation. Lu Xiao had a complex feeling of pity mixed with guilt.

So, he put down his voice very rarely and tried to soothe him gently: “it’s nothing important. Did you see my message? I’m free on Wednesday night. Let’s go to dinner after work.”

Leaf Orange: “Oh.”

Lu Xiao: ”

The air was quiet for a while. Ye orange wrapped his head in a towel and said indifferently, “is there anything else? No, I’ll hang up.”

I called haw at 10:30, and his patience was exhausted.

Lu Xiao blinked: “it’s all right…”

Before he could say the word “Le”, he hung up over there.

He froze for two seconds in a daze.

Then I felt able to understand.

Ye Chengxin’s theory is quite delicate. It will not relieve his anger for a while. He should be tolerant. He said to himself in his heart.

After confirming her appointment on Wednesday, Lu Xiao thought about what clothes to wear.

Men like to show off in front of people who like themselves. In particular, he thinks that nine times out of ten leaf oranges are color conscious, because you Xin said that 0 all like his one.

At one o’clock in the middle of the night, Lu Xiao turned the cloakroom upside down.

He sat in a pile of clothes, tried them on one by one, took photos, sent them to you Xin and asked him how he was.

You Xin didn’t intend to commit sin. He cheated himself and just accompanied him to two points.

The next day was Tuesday. When ye orange arrived at the station, Tao Juan said that President Lu didn’t come to work today.

He didn’t take it seriously.

After work in the afternoon, I received the news from Huang Shengan that he would go back abroad tomorrow and asked him to meet him in the evening.

Ye Cheng and he grew up together almost from childhood. Later, Huang Shengan went abroad and seldom played together.

He thought for a while and sent a message to Lu Xiao, saying that he had a temporary appointment with someone else tomorrow and wanted to cancel the meal.

A few minutes later, a phone call came from Lu Xiao.

“Did you ask someone else?” His voice sounded very unhappy.

Ye Cheng said frankly, “well, I’m a friend.”

Lu Xiao lived for more than 20 years. For the first time, he was so smart that he asked, “the friend who drove Bentley last time?”

Ye Cheng was stunned. It took him a long time to react. Who did he say? He nodded and said, “yes, his name is Huang Shengan. It’s me.”

“Oh, I’m still a childhood sweetheart.” Lu Xiao sneered, “so you’d rather stand me up for him?”

Ye Cheng didn’t expect to have a meal. He would react so much that he opened his mouth to explain.

Lu Xiao said, “don’t say anything. I understand. You don’t want to come back to me in the future. I don’t want to be the kind of person who comes and goes at once. Let’s go our own way. We don’t use anyone. Bye!”

Then he hung up.

Leaf Orange: “……”

What the hell?


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