Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 110

At work the next day, Ye Cheng got up early in the morning to avoid meeting Lu Xiao in the elevator.

As we all know, Mr. Lu’s working hours are called a card point. It’s like one more minute for the family business can kill him.

But whatever he was afraid of, Lu Xiao stood directly at the gate waiting for him.

Why wait for him instead of others? Because as soon as ye orange showed up, he turned around and walked to the elevator.

Ye Cheng didn’t want to provoke the chicken belly man too much, so he had to lower his head silently and pretend to be blind.

When the elevator reached the finance department, he was about to go out, but Lu Xiao shouted, “Xiaoye, come up with me and get a document.”

Peng Gushu looked at him sympathetically and silently hinted that he “asked for more blessings”.

Others left one after another, and finally the two walked to the general manager’s office together.

Lu Xiao opened the door, threw his belongings on the sofa and said, “are you going to see that Bentley man tonight?”

Ye Cheng was worried that he should come or not. He knew that Lu Xiao asked him to come up. No, it was so simple to get the documents.

“His name is Huang Shengan.” He cautioned cautiously.

Lu Xiao snorted coldly. After a night of calmness, he has calmed down.

“Where do you eat?” He looked at Ye orange and wrote on his face, “don’t tell me the one you invited me. No, but I’ll really get angry.”.

Ye Cheng had an instant insight into his mind. Originally, he was guilty, but he didn’t act wisely. At the moment, he naturally didn’t want to annoy Lu Xiao again. He deliberately reported a place far away from the restaurant. Lu Xiao’s face was a little better. He looked at it a little.

“You know,” said Lu Xiao, handing him a folder and saying, “this is what your department will use for the group meeting tomorrow. President Luo left it with me.”

I didn’t expect there were documents.

Ye orange received the document, said hello to him, and quickly turned downstairs.

I don’t know what’s going on today. Luo Mingyi called him several times. He was too busy to open his body all morning.

In the evening, about half an hour before getting off work, Luo Ming suddenly informed everyone to prepare for the group meeting.

The crowd got up swearing.

“No, it’s agreed to open tomorrow. Come here every hour.”

“It’s annoying. I have to pick up my daughter from school.”

Ye Cheng looks at his cell phone. He asks Huang Shengan to come from work. Now he has to send a message to Huang Shengan to tell him not to come.

He was very sorry and said he might be an hour late.

OK, there’s nothing wrong with Huang Shengan. Let Ye Cheng rest assured that he will go to the place to eat and wait for him.

As usual, the group will ask everyone to report on their work. Luo Ming chattered a pile of nonsense, and fifty minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Several people were looking at their watches. Luo Ming saw the situation and criticized several people by name.

Others dared not speak, put down their mobile phones, looked down and exchanged glances.

“You have to look like you’re at work. I’ve found you guys playing games in the bathroom several times…”

Luo Ming is still talking. Ye Chengxin raises his head absently, but sees Lu Xiao outside the glass door.

Lu Xiao was looking over here. After looking at his sight, he nodded his head.

Ye Cheng understood in an instant – he was the one who made the advance of today’s group meeting! He just doesn’t like Huang Shengan and doesn’t want to be punctual.

The fire in his heart suddenly arched up, and his face turned red with anger.

Ye Cheng asked himself that he is not prone to emotional fluctuations, probably because he was brought up by Gao Qiulan since childhood. Many times, he has a relatively calm response to some conditions.

But since I met this guy, Lu Xiao, I’ve had a little anger in three days and a big anger in five days.

Because this guy is really hateful!

Ye orange glared at him, lowered his head and poked the notebook with the tip of his pen.

Lu Xiao was inexplicable and didn’t know what he had done wrong.

He stopped by the finance department to check when he got off work. In fact, he just wanted to confirm whether ye orange had gone to the appointment. As a result, when he saw that they were having a meeting, he stood at the door and waited for a while.

Twenty minutes later, the meeting was finally over.

Everyone went out to see Lu Xiao and greeted him one by one.

Lu Xiao nodded perfunctorily. When ye orange came out, he asked him, “aren’t you going to eat? Why didn’t you go?”

Leaf orange looked at him coldly, didn’t speak, and went straight to the elevator.

“Hello!” Lu Xiao shouted behind him and wanted to ask him why he ignored people. But there were too many people around, and they looked at them with a strange look.

Lu Xiao stifled his words and chased him into the elevator.

After walking out of the gate of the company, ye orange waited for the car on the roadside.

Lu Xiao didn’t give up and asked, “why don’t you ignore me? Shit, you stood me up and I didn’t say anything. What kind of anger are you angry with?”

“Group meeting,” leaf orange stared into his eyes, “did you make president Luo temporarily transferred to today?”

Lu Xiaoren sat at home and the pot came from heaven. He immediately laughed angrily.

“Me? In your heart, I am such a person?” He pointed to his nose and said in disbelief.

Ye Cheng said, “I know you hate my friends, but there’s no need to make this bad. Don’t worry, Mr. Lu, I’ll definitely invite you for that meal. Please stop playing these boring tricks.”

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Lu Xiao was so angry that he stuck his neck and couldn’t speak for a long time.

The more you think about it, the more angry you get.

He was pigeoned before, and he thought he should be more generous. Now I’ve been misinterpreted and misunderstood again. It’s a big fart!

Ye Cheng turned away from him and waited for the bus attentively.

After a while, the car came.

He sat in the back seat, fastened his seat belt and said, “master, go to Huapu road.”

The driver answered and was about to drive away.

Suddenly, the door of the rear seat was opened.

Lu Xiao pushed in without politeness and said with a black face, “master, I got up with him.”

Ye orange opened his eyes and looked at him angrily.

Lu Xiao also showed no weakness. “What are you looking at? Don’t you mean I hate that Bentley man. OK, I’ll prove to you that I have no problem with him. I’ll have a meal from now on. Master, drive a car.”

Ye Cheng didn’t expect him to do this. He was speechless for a moment.

The driver shook his head and laughed and drove into the traffic.

On the way, neither of them paid attention to the other, staring at the windows on both sides in a daze.

At the meal point, ye orange finally woke up a little.

Maybe he was too preconceived and always felt that Lu Xiao’s eyes were not simple. If it really had nothing to do with him, wouldn’t it be very embarrassing?

He tried his best to maintain his apparent composure. After getting off the bus, he deliberately provoked Lu Xiao with words, “are you sure you want to eat with us? If I invite you today, I won’t invite you for the next meal.”

Lu Xiao suddenly turned around, and Ye Cheng took a step back from the ground.

“This meal doesn’t work. Please, I’ll invite!” Lu Xiao said angrily.

With that, he entered the hotel without looking back.

Ye Cheng reluctantly breathed a sigh of relief. He subconsciously felt that he was too childish, but he vaguely felt that he was a little cute.

Huang Shengan has ordered a private room and ordered some favorite dishes of leaf orange.

When he saw Lu Xiao coming in, he got up in doubt and asked, “who is this?”

“Mr. Lu of our company.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao looked at him from head to toe.

Small flat head, thick eyebrows and big eyes, wearing sports department.

Do today’s small 0 people like this kind of non trimming style? It doesn’t look very good. Just drive a Bentley.

He held out his hand and shook hands with Huang Shengan. “Hello, Lu Xiao.”

Huang Shengan felt that the man’s eyes seemed to dig a hole in his body. He looked at Ye orange strangely and introduced himself politely.

Lu Xiao opens the chair for Ye Cheng and lets him sit next to him. He sits between Ye Cheng and Huang Shengan.

Huang Shengan: ”

Ye Cheng intuitively felt that the meal would not be better, and secretly rubbed the swollen and painful temples.

“It’s said that Mr. Huang and Xiao orange are young. Have you known each other since primary school?” Lu Xiao smiled like a mask and asked politely.

Ye orange got goose bumps when he was called by the “little orange”. He didn’t understand what he wanted to do.

Huang Shengan said, “strictly speaking, we should know each other in kindergarten. It’s only in primary school that we become familiar.”

Lu Xiao bit his teeth and said with a smile, “really, you went to primary school in Jiulong?”

“No, yes, we are in baizeshi primary school.” Huang Shengan said.

Lu Xiao was surprised: “it’s such a coincidence that I’m from this school, too. However, I transferred after only two years.”

They communicated with each other and found that they were in the same class.

Lu Xiao looked at Ye Cheng and said thoughtfully, “why didn’t I know you in primary school? It’s a pity.”

The waiter came up with drinks and dishes. Huang Shengan poured him a glass of wine and said, “it’s not too late to get to know each other later. It’s fate to get to know each other. President Lu, I’ll go abroad tomorrow. In the future, I’ll trouble you to bring more leaflets at work.”

Since childhood, Huang Shengan has been wandering around various wine tables with his mother. He knows these worldly sophistication very well.

From the moment he entered and opened the door, he realized that Lu always had a vague hostility to him, and this hostility was not malicious. It’s like when ye Cheng suddenly had another playmate in primary school. He would also have such hostility and grasp each other’s root problems.

Therefore, Huang Shengan feels that Lu Xiao should like leaf orange very much, just as he did to leaf orange.

He raised his glass and said boldly, “here’s to you. I’ll do it first.”

Leaf orange didn’t come and stop him, so he raised his neck and drank a cup.

Lu Xiao always drinks cheerfully. When others respect him, he won’t let people go down and come to Taiwan, so he did it.

Let’s go, three, let’s go.

Huang Shengan narrowed his eyes and said, “our Xiaoye, everything is good. It’s just that he’s always alone. There’s no one around to take care of him. I’m worried for him.”

Ye Cheng: “… You drink too much.”

“I didn’t drink much. These are just a few cups.” Shengan waved him goodbye.

Lu Xiao’s eyes brightened and asked, “is he still alone now?”

Ye Cheng thought to himself, is there nothing wrong with you his mother? You asked me this question in front of me. What do you mean?

Huang Shengan drank another cup. “When it’s natural, he must tell me first.”

Lu Xiao said bitterly, “your relationship is so iron?”

“Well, we are good brothers all our lives.” Huang Shengan shook his glass and said, “my first girlfriend was introduced to me by him.”

Lu Xiao grabbed Hua Dian and almost clenched his arm: “man, are you a straight man?”

Ye orange choked when he drank water, covered his mouth and coughed.

Huang Shengan said with a smile, “I must be straight. It’s straighter than this chopstick.”


Ye Cheng thought that the dinner would be so embarrassing that he pulled his toes.

In fact, in the end, he really scratched his toes, but it was not because the two men were at gunpoint, but because they were fucking drunk and shouting in the street shoulder to shoulder.

“Hello, aunt… Yes, we’re on Huapu road… OK, OK, please. We’ll wait for you by the side of the road.”

Ye Cheng hung up the phone with a headache and looked at the Two Drunkards snuggling up on the road teeth.

After Huang Shengan is settled, what should Lu Xiao do?

He walked over silently and asked, “Mr. Lu, where is your home? I’ll take a taxi to take you back.”

Lu Xiao is whispering around Huang Shengan’s neck.

“You… Do you have a picture of him naked? Burp, ha ha ha, I’m fine…”

Relying on his unconsciousness, ye orange gave him an unbearable kick: “no, it must be wonderful! If I ask you, where is home?”

“Ah? What… It hurts. Why do you kick people…” Lu Xiao looked up drunk.

His eyes are deep and dark black. His thick eyelashes cover part of his pupils. When he looks up at people, he is a little innocent and wronged.

Wet, like a dog in the rain.

Leaf orange felt a slight tremor in his heart.


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