Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 111

Twenty minutes later, Huang Shengan’s mother came and took him away with her ears.

Ye Cheng helped Lu Xiao to take a taxi. He was so thirsty that he didn’t get the address from this guy.

Forced by helplessness, he had to take him back to his place first.

Last time, after I went to province a with him, I had an affair there and resolutely told him that I couldn’t go back to Nandu.

Lu Cheng didn’t even have a place to sleep tonight. He wanted to have a room, but Lu Xiao threw up on the side of the road.

Recently, there was a news about a drunk suffocating due to vomit. Ye Cheng didn’t dare to let him live outside alone. In case of an accident, it would be over.

He pulled himself out of the car. The man looked thin but surprisingly heavy.

Lu Xiao put an arm over his shoulder and half of his body was pressed on him.

“You, don’t touch me, I’ll go myself!” He said vaguely.

While talking, a breath of wine rushed to the forehead.

Ye orange helped him to the door of the elevator, sweating all over. Even if it’s heavy, it’s still full of wine. It’s so hot.

Thanks to Lu Xiao being his boss, if he were someone else, he would have left it by the side of the road.

“… what? You’re home? Why? This one? Come on… No, it’s not like my door.” Lu Xiao vomited once, sobered up a little, and began to say, “Hey, your password is wrong, it’s 314…”

“Be quiet.” Ye orange was upset and said unbearably.

At ordinary times, Lu Xiao must roar back when he is fierce.

But he was so drunk that he was killed by leaf orange that he bowed his head wrongfully and stopped talking.

Ye Cheng opened the door and pushed him in. Lu Xiao screamed again: “it’s so dark! I can’t see. Ah, what did I step on…”

Leaf orange slapped the light on. Lu Xiao didn’t know what to use, displacement skills. In a flash, he jumped from the porch to the living room, kicked over the trash can accurately, and the garbage spilled all over the floor.

Thinking guest


“Where is this?” Lu Xiao took two steps to himself.

Ye Cheng shouted, “little heart!”

Before the words fell, he stepped on the can and fell earthshaking.

The fall was really heavy, and even the tea table shook slightly.

Ye Cheng was afraid of where he hit, so he hurried to check if he was hurt.

In the company, Mr. Lu, who looked like a dog, was almost thrown to tears by this one. Holding his little leg, he sobbed and wailed: “pain… I seem to have broken my bone, pain…”

Ye orange also became nervous. He broke his hand and saw a piece of red on his leg.

He pinched the surface and it didn’t look like a fracture.

Lu Xiao was still crying for pain. He had to be patient and said, “all right, all right, don’t cry. There’s no broken skin.”

Lu Xiao opened his eyes, which were covered with tears, “but it hurts. You help me breathe, but my mother said it won’t hurt.”

Leaf orange looked at him with a black face for two seconds. Lu Xiaoli looked at him in a straight, strong and pitiful way. His eyes took water vapor and looked more and more painful.

Leaf orange had to lower his head and blow a few breaths on his leg, “all right?”

“Yes.” Lu Xiao shrunk his legs. Although it still hurt a little, he was barely quiet.

Ye orange pulled him up, took him to the bedroom and said, “you stay here for a while, and I’ll clean up the living room.”

He turned around, but was caught by the corner of his clothes.

“Will you come back?” Lu Xiao looked at him in confusion.

“Of course, this is my home.” Ye Cheng couldn’t laugh or cry. “Don’t walk around, just in the room.”

He was worried that when he was about to put it away, Lu Xiao would kick it like that again, and he would really go crazy.

Lu Xiao nodded wisely, took back his hand and pulled his clothes.

Ye Cheng didn’t expect that he was drunk like a little friend. He couldn’t see the same thing as the little friend, so he had to go to clean the garbage.

After cleaning up the living room, he washed Lu Xiao a cup of sobering honey water and went to the guest room to make a quilt.

When all this was done, he opened the bedroom door.

If time could go back ten minutes ago, ye orange would never leave him alone in the bedroom.

No, if he could go back to a few hours ago, he would never let Lu Xiao go to dinner with him!

The bedroom floor was a mess, full of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Ye Cheng is a person who likes to wear jewelry. He usually bought a lot of necklaces and rings. When he saw these things intertwined, he collapsed on the spot.

The door of the wardrobe was half open and there was a rustle inside.

Leaf orange’s chest fluctuated up and down, walked forward three steps and two steps, and suddenly opened the wardrobe door.

The culprit was sitting foolishly in the wardrobe, wrapped in a pile of his clothes.

The string called reason in Ye orange’s brain snapped. He was so angry that his hands trembled, pointed to Lu Xiao and said, “come out! Otherwise I’ll throw you out now!”

Although Lu Xiao was drunk, he still understood people’s words.

He also knew that ye orange was angry, so he pursed his lips and reluctantly got out of the wardrobe. When he looked up, he knocked off several large clothes.

“I…” he opened his mouth. Before he could explain, he saw Ye orange looking at his head and blushing.

Previously, his face was also a little ruddy, which was red with anger.

But the blush at this time is obviously not angry, but ashamed and annoyed. This face, including ears and neck, becomes red.

Lu Xiaoqi opened his eyes wide and thought that his red face was very funny, like a lobster cooked by Lu Xiaoqi. The lobster still stared at him angrily.

“You… You take the things off your head!”

Ye orange pointed to his head in shame and anger, and almost shouted out this sentence.

Lu Xiao grabbed his head suspiciously and grabbed a red one Pants.

He just saw this thing hidden in the pile of clothes and brightly colored, so he played with it.

“Ah, this is a mask. Hey hey… Do you like it? I’ll show you how to wear it.” He tried to make a gesture with leaf orange, trying to make him understand the purpose of this thing, and covered his face with it.

Ye orange’s body shook and almost fainted.

In the year of his birth, Gao Qiulan bought him some red necklaces Pants, he doesn’t like this color, so he didn’t wear it once. If he hid it directly in his clothes, he would be lucky.

He was very grateful that he didn’t wear it, otherwise

Ye orange pulled down the things on Lu Xiao’s face and said fiercely, “now you’re going to the living room! Don’t move when sitting on the sofa. If I find you move, I’ll throw you at the entrance of the stairs immediately!”

Lu Xiao was stunned by him, showing a lost expression, and reluctantly glanced at the red inside in his hand Pants, slowly returned to the living room step by step.

Ye Cheng took a deep breath and pressed the sore temple for a long time.

It’s okay. He’s drunk. Maybe he’ll forget tomorrow.

He hypnotized himself again and again until his nerves became numb. Subconsciously think that even if Lu Xiao still remembers, as long as he pretends not to be embarrassed, it is the other party who is embarrassed.

After a grand mental construction, ye orange was able to summon up the courage to go out of the room.

This time, Lu Xiao didn’t make any more noise. She sat on the tea table skillfully.

Seeing ye orange’s calm face coming out, he looked at it with his eyes.

Leaf orange thought he wanted to apologize, but Lu Xiaoxiao asked heartily, “can you return the mask to me?”

Also… Your mother

Leaf orange wanted to burst foul language and held his fist.

His hands clenched and loosened, clenched and loosened, repeated several times, and said to Lu Xiaoyan simply and comprehensively, “I’ll take you to the guest room to sleep.”

Look at the situation. He doesn’t need to take a bath today. He’s afraid that Lu Xiao will burst the water pipe and make no one sleep tonight.

Ye orange pulled Lu Xiao up and staggered to the guest room.

Lu Xiao looked at the bed and said, “this is small. I’ll kick you down.”

Leaf orange was speechless. “Who said to sleep with you? You sleep alone.”

“But… I’m afraid.”

“You’re afraid of a ball.”

“This is not my home… I’m not familiar with it.”

“Stop it, Lu Xiao. I can’t sleep with you.” Leaf orange frowned and looked disgusted. “I don’t like sleeping in the same bed with strangers.”

Ten minutes later, Lu Xiao got his wish and lay on the big bed in the master bedroom.

“Hello -” he turned around and looked at Ye Cheng’s side face with bright eyes.

The light in the bedroom is off, leaving only a dim yellow wall lamp.

Leaf orange pressed the uncomfortable feeling, closed his eyes and said coldly, “sleep.”

Lu Xiao said to himself, “although you yelled at me and stole my mask, you are willing to sleep with me, which shows that you are a good man.”

Tick, tick, the wall clock moves slowly.

Five seconds passed, ten seconds passed

Leaf orange finally couldn’t bear it. He kicked him out of bed and said angrily, “don’t lift the mask again! I’m not a good man. Get out of the living room and sleep by yourself!”


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