Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 112

The next morning, Lu Xiao was awakened by a headache.

I wonder if the wine was not very good last night. His head was bursting with pain.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a strange bed. The plain curtains are pulled tightly, and the surrounding layout is a simple gray tone, which is not where he lives.

Lu Xiao looked down and then widened his eyes – he didn’t have any clothes on him!

“Fuck!” He shouted and quickly wrapped himself in a quilt.

Where the fuck is this? He won’t be drunk X and robbed by strangers?!

There was a sound of footsteps outside the bedroom, and then someone pushed the door open.

At the moment of seeing ye orange, Lu Xiao’s eyes widened.

Leaf orange glanced at him and said faintly, “the clothes are dry. In the bathroom, come to dinner after washing.”

Lu Xiao sat on the bed blankly, and the remaining memory gradually floated in his mind… His face turned red inch by inch, and finally climbed out of bed to wash.

More than ten minutes later, he walked out of the room while fastening his buttons and saw Ye orange sitting at the table. There was a pile of breakfast takeout on the table. It was obvious that he couldn’t cook very well.

Lu Xiao walked over unnaturally, looked around and said, “this is your home?”

“Rented house.” Leaf orange peeled an egg and said.

“I… slept here last night?” Lu Xiao asked uncertainly.

Leaf orange divided the egg in two and threw the yolk aside, “otherwise.”

Lu Xiao thought silently that he didn’t like eating egg yolk. Remember.

Seeing his expression, Ye Cheng knew what he was going to ask and explained, “you threw up yesterday and got your clothes on… Don’t look at me like this. Although I’m gay, I won’t do anything to you.”

“Oh, that’s it.” Lu Xiao lowered her eyes slightly lost.

The next second, I didn’t try to ask him, “we really didn’t do anything?”

Leaf orange didn’t answer him again and reached out to push the porridge in front of him.

Lu Xiao didn’t continue to ask, and silently lowered his head to drink porridge. I don’t know why, the air pressure around him seemed to be much lower, and the whole person was tired.

After eating quietly, Lu Xiao asked, “did you ask for leave today?”

“Well,” leaf orange cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks, “please for a long time.”

Lu Xiao nodded: “I’ll tell Luo Ming not to count your attendance.”

“No.” Leaf orange replied.

He received the garbage together and didn’t look at Lu Xiao in the process of doing things. As if overnight, their atmosphere returned to the time when they first met, even a little more rigid than that time.

Lu Xiao shook his fist and said, “do you want to go to the company together?”

Leaf orange straightened up and said, “no, you go first. I’ll go there in the afternoon.”

“… OK.”

Lu Xiao walked to the door, stopped and said, “thank you for your care last night.”

Leaf orange bit his lips in place.

After waiting for a long time, Lu Xiao didn’t hear his response or retention. He bit his teeth slightly, but pushed the door and left.

It was not until he closed the door that ye orange sat on the chair as if he had let out his breath.

As soon as I loosened my hand, the things in the garbage bag fell to the ground.

His beating heart suddenly seemed to lose its shackles and hit his chest more madly. Plop, plop, it’s so loud that he doesn’t even think it’s noisy.

Just now I tried my best to cover up. Fortunately, Lu Xiao didn’t see the clue. At this time, he suddenly relaxed his vigilance, and his hands were trembling gently.

Yesterday’s picture appeared in front of us again.

After Lu Xiao was kicked down by him, he climbed up with his hands and feet. This time, he was obviously a lot more clever and stopped mentioning the violation of “mouth mask” Ban Words.

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He was parched with alcohol Hot, unable to sleep, he touched Ye orange’s cheek with his hand.

Ye orange was a thrill and looked at him with a cold face.

Lu Xiao swallowed the water and said, “when you’re not fierce, you’re actually pretty.”

If this sentence comes out of someone else’s mouth, ye orange won’t be a little surprised, but it comes out of the mouth of a straight man with high requirements for blind date in legend, it’s not a bit weird.

Lu Xiao shook his head again and denied himself: “no, it’s not ‘pretty’, you’re the best looking person I’ve ever seen… Shit, it’s so strange. Is it because you’re beautiful that I dream of you one after another?”

Ye Cheng was stunned. It took a while for her to react. It turned out that Lu Xiao thought he was dreaming.

“You…” he said helplessly, but stopped.

——If he thinks he’s in a dream, what’s the matter with “dreaming of him one after another”?

“Do you often dream of me?” Leaf orange asked suspiciously.

Lu Xiao looked at him vaguely and said, “well, I had a dream when I saw JK. I had another dream after the convenience store that day, and I had a dream a few days ago. Today… Look, you still asked me, I’m not dreaming now.”

Ye Cheng didn’t know what JK was going on, but when he said this, his heart beat faster.

“You… Dream about what we did?” He asked tentatively.

Lu Xiao licked his dry lips and said cunningly, “guess.”


Ye orange racked his brains and thought of an answer. He opened his mouth and was about to speak.

Lu Xiao suddenly put his index finger against his lips, “Shh – when you don’t talk, I think you don’t hate me so much.”

The hot fingertips touched his cool lips, which seemed to be accompanied by his heartbeat for a moment. He looked at Ye Xiaoxiao blearily.

“Since I’m in a dream, I should do whatever I want.”

“Don’t exclude me as usual, be good.”

“You smell sweet, orange…”

Ye Cheng’s eyes opened wider and wider, and his eyelashes trembled like wings. Finally, he closed slowly and hugged him with his backhand without hesitation.

Everyone says that drinking is easy to cause accidents, but the one who loses reason and wisdom should be the one who gets drunk.

And he, he wasn’t drunk, but he didn’t stop it.

When night falls, it is the most impulsive moment.

When he raises his hand, he can refuse. When he knows that the other party likes the opposite sex, he can maintain the last boundary

Leaf orange sat at the table, holding his forehead, his heart in a mess.

That afternoon, he didn’t go to the company.

Lu Xiao probably knew that he didn’t go, but he didn’t call to ask.

From that day on, the two people were completely strangers, as if they didn’t know anyone.

Lu Xiao never used the same elevator with him again. It was a long time before Ye Cheng knew the road leading to the high-rise collar There is an exclusive elevator on the floor where he leads. The elevator broke down the day he first met Lu Xiao.

But every subsequent encounter was due to Lu Xiao deliberately taking the ordinary employee elevator.

As long as Lu Xiao doesn’t want to, they will never have the chance to “encounter” again.

In the following days, until ye orange got his diploma, they didn’t have too much intersection. Canteen, office, meeting room, almost never encountered.

Leaf orange also gradually figured it out. Maybe Lu Xiao was really afraid At the same time, he doubted what he had done to him that day, otherwise he wouldn’t hide from him like this.

On the surface, he went to work step by step, completed his graduation defense, and bought a house near the company. Life seems to be going on unharmed.

But one day, Jiaxu came to Nandu and asked him out to drink.

After ye orange drank too much, he felt a numb pain in his heart.

It felt like he deliberately ate mango when he was a child. He was sent to the hospital because of his allergy. As a result, he still didn’t wait for ye Gaoyang to feel uncomfortable.

Very painful, very painful, as if the heart had been hollowed out.

He held the bottle and covered his face. After a long time, his fingers were wet.

Shi Jiaxu just got dumped by his boyfriend and began to cry.

At last, they held their heads and cried bitterly by the river. At one time, passers-by thought they were going to jump into the river, so they were scared that they almost reported Police.

Ye Cheng thought that he probably liked Lu Xiao.

Maybe it was the first time I saw him in the bar. He pretended not to care, but actually met his eyes several times.

Perhaps when he learned that he was his superior, he was worried on the surface and deliberately ignored the secret joy at the bottom of his heart.

Maybe he heard that he declined many girls. The uncontrollable joy made him unable to deceive himself.

He has never been a tolerant person. If others cross the line a little, they will fight back decisively. For Lu Xiao, he made too many concessions and connivance, and enjoyed it.

When this concession and connivance disappeared, it was not the person who was connived, but the one who connived at him.

How absurd, how ridiculous.

I didn’t expect his first love to end so hastily.

He indulged for a while and finally lay in bed, looking at the ceiling, feeling that it was time to move on.

The next morning, he was awakened by the set alarm.

That’s when I remembered that today, the company organized the group construction, which was jointly organized by several departments.

Ye orange hurriedly dressed and washed. After giving a few words of praise, he quickly took a taxi to the company.

Fortunately, I was only a few minutes late and caught the company’s car.

Luo Ming scolded him and asked him to get on the bus quickly.

Ye Cheng didn’t sleep well last night. After sitting down, he closed the curtain and went to bed.

The regiment was built far away, in a mountain manor, so I had to stay there for one night.

After getting on the bus, he remembered that he didn’t bring clothes or charger.

Forget it. I can only borrow it from my colleagues.

Ye Cheng was sleepy. He heard a girl say two words to Peng Gushu next to him, and then his shoulder was moved.

He didn’t care and went on sleeping.

When he got off the bus, he found a girl from the personnel department, Xu Xiaohui.

The girl was introduced to him by Yu Xiaowei and said she wanted to add him to wechat. Ye Cheng didn’t do what he thought. He didn’t talk much after adding her.

Xu Xiaohui blushed and said to him, “you’re awake. Did you sleep well?”

“OK.” Ye orange nodded politely.

She got off after him, and Yu Xiaowei made a “refueling” mouth for her.

The company chartered three buses, and everyone happily discussed going to barbecue and pick vegetables later.

Xu Xiaohui followed Ye Cheng excitedly and said, “president Luo, they said they would make a bonfire. Why don’t we go and pick up firewood together?”

Leaf orange followed everyone to the villa and gave a casual “um”.

As soon as he reached the gate of the villa with wooden plaque, he suddenly stopped. Xu Xiaohui didn’t stop and almost hit him.

I saw a familiar figure standing at the door.

Lu Xiao wears casual clothes and is staring at him straight in his pocket. After seeing Xu Xiaohui next to him, his eyebrows are deeply tangled.

I wonder if it is the illusion of leaf orange. I always feel that he has lost a lot of weight and there is no meat on his cheeks.

Luo Ming smiled and turned back and said loudly, “President Lu asked us to come to his villa to build the regiment today. Don’t make yourself at home and let go.”

The crowd cheered: “thank you, President Lu!”

“Wow, this Chuang Tzu is owned by President Lu. Is he so powerful?”

“It’s too beautiful here. The air is good.”

Lu Xiao did not move, but looked at Ye orange without saying a word, and occasionally glanced at Xu Xiaohui.

Leaf orange was a little hairy by his eyes, but on second thought, it was Lu Xiao who ignored him first. What’s the meaning to stare at him?

He looked cold and passed him without squinting.

Lu Xiao clenched his fist secretly, and the green tendons in front of his forehead jumped.


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