Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 113

The manor is very large. In addition to fishing and planting places, there are also specially provided home stay.

Nandu is a city with a relatively fast pace of life. In their spare time, young people like to go to a home stay in the mountains for a few days to relax. Therefore, in addition to the people built by the company, there are also some small couples who are booked in advance.

Everyone dispersed, fishing, fruit picking and fruit picking.

Ye orange and Xu Xiaohui went to the forest to pick up branches for firewood.

Since seeing Lu Xiao at the door, he has become absent-minded and always distracted from doing things.

Xu Xiaohui summoned up her courage and chatted with him.

Ye orange dealt with it one by one.

Xu Xiaohui: “I heard from Xiao Wei that you like watching movies. What kind of movies do you usually like to watch?”

Ye Cheng: “yes.”

Xu Xiaohui: “what?”

Ye Orange: “I like Byron.”

Xu Xiaohui was stunned and asked carefully, “is it a film with the theme of Byron’s autobiography?”

Leaf orange just reacted: “movies? I don’t choose. I watch all kinds of movies.”

Xu Xiaohui blinked and asked, “are you free this weekend? I’ll invite you to see the new romantic film.”

Leaf orange rummaged around among the dead branches: “well, I don’t see much romantic films.”

Xu Xiaohui: ”

She thought Ye Cheng might not want to discuss the film, so she changed the topic: “which poem do you like best? Although I don’t read much, I still know some…”

Ye orange finally found a branch suitable for being a crutch and returned: “I like everything except love movies.”

Xu Xiaohui: ”

Leaf orange handed the branch to her: “here, go with the stick, don’t fall again.”

Xu Xiaohui almost fell down just now. Thanks to his help.

“Thank you.” Xu Xiaohui blushed and took the branch with a shy smile.

In the monitoring room, Lu Xiao’s face became more and more ugly.

The security guard looked at him nervously, wondering if there was something wrong with the security.

He stared at a man and a woman in the picture. From the beginning, when Xu Xiaohui fell into Ye Cheng’s arms, his eyes became very terrible. Until ye orange made a crutch for her, he patted heavily on the table.

Frightened, the security guard quickly took out the walkie talkie and asked, “President Lu, are those two people here to steal fruit? Don’t worry, I’ll send someone to catch it right away…”

“Shut up.” Lu Xiao angrily said.

The security guard didn’t dare to say anything.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Xiao found out all the information about Xu Xiaohui.

The Minister of human affairs stood trembling in front of him, afraid of being implicated, and asked him, “President Lu, I need to resign her after I go back…”

President Lu sat at the table, waved his hand, pinched the bridge of his nose, half closed his eyes, as if thinking about something.

The Minister of human affairs looked at him without any control.

“Go out and don’t bother her.” Lu Xiao exhaled, as if trying to endure.

“… yes.”

When he came to the door of his study, he was stopped by Lu Xiao.


“Anything else, Mr. Lu?”

Lu Xiao raised his head and said, “listen to Luo Ming. Are you going to have a dance downstairs in the evening?”

“Ah, yes, we want to make a bonfire in the yard. Mr. Lu, do you want to play?”

Lu Xiao said, “I don’t have to go. Pay attention to safety when making a fire.”

“OK, we understand.”

From then on until the evening, Lu Xiao never left the study again.

Several times, he wanted to go to the monitoring room or go downstairs to see what they were doing, but he held back.

As night fell, the yard began to shout.

He looked down from the window of his study and just saw a group of people making a bonfire.

Ye orange, with his back to the window, bent over to fiddle with the branches. He didn’t come to change his clothes yesterday. He was still wearing shirts and trousers. When his waist collapsed, the hem stuffed in his trousers was tight, revealing the tight waist line and hip curve.

Lu Xiao loosened her neckline slightly and felt a little breathless.

He was looking at it intently when suddenly Xu Xiaohui appeared and wiped Ye orange’s sweat with a paper towel.

Click wipe——

Lu Xiao had a pen cap that was out of control and crooked.

Leaf orange’s hands were full of soil and ash. Without hiding, she wiped her sweat and whispered, “thank you. I can come by myself.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Xu Xiaohui with a smile. “I just like to help you.”

She didn’t have the guts to pick up oranges.

Others are busy with what they are doing, and no one notices here.

Leaf orange thought for a moment and said to her, “Xiaohui, I want to concentrate on my work these years and don’t plan to fall in love.”

If he hasn’t noticed Xu Xiaohui’s thoughts up to now, is he pretending to be stupid or really stupid.

Ye orange is not stupid and doesn’t like to pretend to be stupid.

For people who don’t feel it, he’s always straightforward.

Xu Xiaohui’s face suddenly turned pale, and his hands shaking to wipe his sweat.

Leaf orange gently gave her a step down: “a few days ago, sister Tao always wanted to introduce me to someone. Next time she wants to ask you what type I like, you can return her for me.”

Xu Xiaohui stared at him and gradually realized that he was making up for himself. Her eyes couldn’t help moistening. It was really life. The boy was so gentle that he would take the initiative to take into account the girl’s face.

Since he first entered the company, she felt that this man was so cold that she didn’t dare to say a word to him. But later, the more I understood, the more I was trapped.

xiaoshuting. org

How could there be such a gentle boy.

She lowered her head and almost cried.

After a while, Xu Xiaohui sucked her nose, looked up and said with a smile, “OK, I know. There’s no way. You’re so popular.”

Ye Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, smiled at her and continued to bow his head and busy building branches.

After dinner, everyone roasted meat and fresh fish soup.

After dinner, everyone chatted and played games around the campfire.

I don’t know who started it. I played a song on the stereo and everyone began to dance to the music.

Soon, the atmosphere became very lively.

Xu Xiaohui danced in front of Ye orange with people and took his hand to turn around.

Ye orange danced with her a few steps along her trend, and the people next to him began to coax.

Xu Xiaohui smiled at him silently, released her hand and returned to the crowd.

This dance put an end to her unknown secret love.

Everyone danced until midnight, and Luo Ming also played hi. Later, he finally remembered that he could not disturb the residents, so he asked them to put out the campfire.

From beginning to end, Lu Xiao didn’t appear, and the window of the study was closed.

Ye Cheng had a good time with them, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

Someone is there, someone is not, but the person who is not has affected his whole mood.

In the evening, he and Peng Gushu were assigned to a room and led a family After the guide said hello, they walked to the accommodation together.

Their room was on the third floor. When they got to the second floor, Peng Gushu said that his mobile phone was lost on the first floor and asked Ye orange to go back to his room first.

Ye orange walked alone to the third floor. The light line in the corridor was dim. He took two steps and stopped.

At the door of their room, there stood a man, as if he had been waiting for a long time.

Lu Xiao looked at him and said in a deep voice, “let’s talk.”

Perhaps his expression is too calm, and ye orange has been restless for him all day. This contrast instantly angered Ye orange.

He is upset about Lu Xiao, but Lu Xiao has nothing to do with it. His mother doesn’t care about anyone.

Ye Chengli ignored him and went straight to the door to get ready to go in.

When he reached out to open the door, Lu Xiao grabbed his wrist.

He had never treated him so vigorously. The hot palm was attached to the wrist bone, as if to burn the skin of leaf orange.


As soon as ye orange said a word, he was rudely dragged and staggered.

Standing unsteadily, he threw himself on Lu Xiao, and his eyes were black.

The sound of the room card opening the door came to his ears. Then he was pushed into the house and hit his back heavily against the wall.

“Why do you have a room card for our room?!” Ye Cheng asked in surprise and anger.

After asking, he remembered that the Chuang Tzu belonged to Lu Xiao. How could he not have it.

Lu Xiao pinched his chin before he could blame him.

The thumb and index finger fell into both sides of his cheek and forced him to look up. It was a very aggressive and ashamed Humiliating posture.

Ye orange’s reason was burned out by anger and looked angrily at the man in front of him.

Lu Xiao trapped him at the corner of the wall, and the anger in his eyes was thousands of times greater than him.

“You don’t want to talk to me, do you? I think you just want to dance with that Xu Xiaohui!”

Ye orange is trying to get back.

“Shit, after you sleep, I’ll treat you as if nothing has happened. Are you gay, sexual and romantic so casual?!” Lu Xiao’s eyes were red and he looked at him angrily.

Leaf orange can’t speak.


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