Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 114

“Do you… Remember everything?” Leaf orange asked in disbelief with a trembling voice.

For a long time, the man put it here to play with him.

Ming Bao Ming Bao has no fragments and pretends to know nothing.

Lu Xiao’s anger accumulated as long as he waited for him at the door. Hearing his words, he sneered: “of course, I can remember every night how I took off your clothes one by one, and how you responded enthusiastically to me…”

He was so excited by the scene of the bonfire party that he said without hesitation.


A crisp sound broke the last peace in the room.

Both stopped.

Lu Xiao’s head tilted to one side, and a palm print clearly appeared on her cheek.

Ye Cheng was so angry that he trembled all over. After beating his right hand, he squeezed the palm of his hand uncontrollably.

“Enough.” He said, “if you want to tease me with this, you succeeded.”

With that, he pushed Lu Xiao away and rushed out of the door.

Lu Xiao was puffing and panting, and his head was in a mess.

Does he really want to tease Ye orange? Or take the opportunity to insult Insult him?

No, he knows very well that he is not for this purpose.

When he woke up that day, he wanted to test with expectation, but he got a negative answer from Ye Cheng, as if it had happened with him Off What’s the shame of the Department It’s the same thing you can’t mention.

Lu Xiao has lived for more than 20 years, and his self-esteem has never been so frustrated.

Before meeting Ye orange, he never knew what tolerance was. Being treated with such a cold face, he naturally has a temper.

OK, if you pretend to be garlic, I’ll pretend to be garlic too.

See who can consume who, anyway, did not suffer.

It turned out that he was the one who couldn’t afford it first.

After seeing ye Cheng ignore him continuously and flirt with female colleagues, his jealousy, possessiveness and all negative emotions roared like a tsunami, swallowing him in an instant.

He doesn’t know if this is what he calls love, but in a word, ye orange can’t be with anyone until he knows the white.

Dong Dong Dong.

Peng Gushu knocked on the half open door, looked at him and stammered, “President Lu, why are you here?”

Lu Xiao took a deep breath, said nothing and walked out around him.

Peng Gushu glanced inside the room and didn’t see leaf orange. He scratched his head in fog and water.

After Ye Cheng came out of the guest house, he ran along the stone road of the villa for a while. When the breath was completely messy, the messy thoughts in his mind slowly dissipated.

The moon crept up the branches, shining on the pebbles along the road.

The villa was silent, with only occasional bird calls and insect calls.

The woods during the day looked a little scary at night, and the branches were ghostly by the full moon The shadow of charm stretches its muscles and bones.

At night, the wind blew around coolly, and ye orange finally calmed down.

As he walked, he kicked the branches gloomily. Lu Xiao, a dog, is really not a man.

He didn’t understand the joke just now, because he didn’t want to speak so late. He didn’t really know it.

At the thought that he had been sad for him for a long time, ye orange was very angry.

He took the branch under the ground as Lu Xiao’s face and kicked it several times.

Suddenly, the shoe stepped on something stronger.

Just as he was about to retract his foot, there was a sound in the air, the spring stretched and retracted heavily, and the thing suddenly pressed on the back of his foot.

Ye Cheng screamed in pain. His other foot didn’t stand firm and sprained for a while. Then he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

The pain from the left foot can be clearly felt through the shoes.

He quickly turned on his flashlight and found himself stepping on a rat trap.

Fuck! It’s been a bad time recently. I’ve stuffed my teeth when drinking cold water. A rat trap has been discarded in the forest!

Ye orange endured the pain and broke it with his hand, but it didn’t get the point. Instead, he made it clamp more tightly and hurt more when he moved.

He worked hard for ten minutes, so that his head was sweating, his other foot couldn’t stand up, and the ground was swollen and high.

His mother, it’s all Lu Xiao’s fault.

If it weren’t for his appearance, he wouldn’t have come into the woods at all!

Ye Cheng gave up the struggle and took up the machine to call Peng Gushu and asked him to bring someone to get it back. Now, the league construction doesn’t need to participate. Just call a car to the municipal hospital.

Filled with anger, he saw that there were several more phones in his hand and didn’t answer the phone.

As soon as the address book is opened, the screen lights up and the caller shows the other person’s remark “it’s a real dog”.

——It’s Lu Xiao.

Ye Cheng doesn’t want to see him at the moment. Even if he asks for help, he doesn’t want to find him. Yu is dry and crisp. He hangs up.

Less than a few seconds later, Lu Xiao called again.

He continued to hang up and fight there, falling into a dead circle.

Because there has been a phone call, he can’t call Peng Gushu.

Finally, Ye Cheng couldn’t stand it anymore. He connected the phone and scolded, “are you sick? If you are sick, go to the doctor. Don’t come to his mother’s house every day to find fault!”

This is Lu Xiao’s first time to listen to his dirty words, and his concern is stuck.

After scolding, Ye Cheng hung up.

A moment later, Lu Xiao called again.

This time he didn’t wait to be scolded. He asked first, “where have you been? The guard said you were out. Don’t run around at night. If you really don’t like me, I’ll drive back to the city. Come back to bed first.”

Ye Cheng was already mad. “Who is unhappy with who? You don’t want the wicked to sue first!”

He blushed and his neck was thick. He was angry at the hand machine. His right foot accidentally knocked on the ground, which made him cry with pain.

Tomato novel

“Hiss -”

Lu Xiao was acutely aware of something wrong and immediately asked, “what’s the matter with you? Are you hurt? Where are you? Tell me the location and I’ll find you.”

“It’s none of your business.” Leaf orange said angrily and hung up his phone again.

He called Peng Gushu, told him he had twisted his foot and asked him to come over and give him a hand.

Peng Gushu had just finished taking a bath and hurriedly said that he would come in a dress.

Before Peng Gushu arrived, Lu Xiao rushed into the monitoring room and found the location of Ye orange. The security guard was wondering what he was looking for. The next second, the man ran out without saying a word.

Ye orange waited in place for more than ten minutes. Seeing the light of a flashlight in the distance, he quickly waved and shouted, “here!”

When the man ran close breathlessly, he found that it was Lu Xiao who came, and suddenly he was silent.

Without saying a word, Lu Xiao squatted down to check his feet.

The crus was pressed down, but the crus was uncomfortable.

“Don’t move, give me a light.”

Lu Xiao’s voice was not as overbearing as it was just now. It was much lower, as if the wound was not on Ye orange, but on him.

Ye Cheng didn’t want to suffer, so he had to give him a light.

Under the warm white light, Lu Xiao’s eyebrows were locked, his eyes were full of self blame and annoyance, and his back teeth were slightly clenched.

With a little effort, he broke off the clip and carefully moved the leaf orange’s foot out.

“Ah!” Ye orange’s hand shook and the hand machine almost hit the ground.

The moment the clip was released, the numb right foot was as painful as a needle.

Lu Xiao quickly said, “it’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Let me see.”

He used to quarrel with people and went to the hospital every three or five times. He knew something about the fracture of the bone.

“Looking at the bone, it should be all right. I’ve called the doctor and will arrive in half an hour.” He gently turned Ye orange’s right foot and said soothingly.

Ye orange’s forehead was sweating with pain, and his hand holding the machine was too soft to breathe.

Lu Xiao turned his back to him and said, “can you come up?”

Leaf orange reacted. He wanted to carry himself, lower his head and said, “you’d better hold me…”

At ordinary times, Lu Xiao should be in a hurry. He turned his head. Although his tone was hasty, he was much softer than usual: “you can’t go. Listen to me, come up quickly.”

As he turned his head, leaf orange caught his eye.

Different from before, he felt distressed, guilty and begged a little. I hope he can go back to treatment as soon as possible.

Ye orange bit his lips, didn’t make any more noise, and put his hand around his neck.

Lu Xiao immediately supported his legs, raised them slightly, and carried the man steadily on his back.

Ye Cheng has never been recited since he was young. Maybe he was recited by Gao Qiulan before he was three years old, but this is beyond his memory.

He fantasized countless times about how it would feel if ye Gaoyang walked on his back in the street like other fathers. But fantasy is always fantasy, and he has not been able to really realize it.

Lu Xiao’s back is wide and warm. The thin shirt fabric can’t cover the body temperature. The temperature is a little higher than him, which makes his flustered heart get ironed.

He has a very light smell of men’s perfume, mixed with the smell of tobacco. This smell is not very good, but it can make people feel at ease inexplicably.

Ye Cheng thought that he must have smoked before he came to find himself.

Why smoke? Is it because you don’t know how to face him?

As a straight man, he can’t stand what happened with men.

In that case, just say it, and he won’t stick around.

He felt a little wronged.

“Does it hurt badly?” Lu Xiao suddenly asked.

Ye orange’s heart has miscellaneous thoughts. The pain has been dispersed a lot. He shook his head when he heard the speech, “it’s OK.”

Lu Xiao said, “don’t turn on the light. Put the hand machine in my pocket. I can see the way.”

The electric light in Ye orange’s hand is shaky, and his hand is sour and soft, so he can’t basically shine on his feet. Without objection, he turned off the flashlight and put the flashlight into his pocket.

Without the interference of the light source, the moonlight becomes more pure, quietly plating a layer of silver on the branches and leaves of the ground, like water waves infiltrating the ground.

“I’m sorry,” Lu Xiao said dully. “If it weren’t for my recklessness, you wouldn’t run out and get hurt.”

Leaf orange thought to himself, what should I say? Does it matter?

Without waiting for his reply, Lu Xiao continued, “but I don’t regret coming to you tonight. I want to tell you that I don’t like seeing you close to other people and the way you don’t care about anything.”

Leaf Orange: ”

“If you really hate me, you can beat me up. I will never fight back.”

Leaf Orange: ”

“But don’t ignore me anymore. I can’t stand it.”

His voice was bitter and confused. He didn’t even know what he was talking about.

Ye orange gradually turned white. He lay quietly behind Lu Xiao and listened patiently to him finish his words.

“I’m waiting for your news every day. I hope you can take the initiative to talk to me about that night.”

“I’ve been watching the bonfire party upstairs in the evening. When I see you dancing with others, I feel like I’m going crazy.”

“After you ran out, I was very worried. I was afraid of what would happen if you were in a bad mood.”


Finally, Lu Xiao turned his head and said again, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t yell at you. I won’t do it again next time, I promise.”

He didn’t realize how intimate and warm this sentence was for “friends” Ignorance.

Ye orange wants to laugh and cry.

It is difficult for him to describe his heart at the moment, cold and hot, sad and happy.

“Lu Xiao,” he folded his hands and arms, hugged each other’s neck, and asked the sentence he had always wanted to ask, “do you like me a little?”

In the moonlight, Lu Xiao’s ears and neck were flushed.

He didn’t know whether he could give a definite answer, because the palpitation was strange and never happened, so he didn’t know whether he liked it or not.

He opened his mouth and didn’t know how to answer.

Before he hesitated, Ye Cheng said, “don’t hurry to tell me until you think it over.”

The string of tension in his heart finally fell down. I see.

Maybe even Lu Xiao didn’t find out. He has fallen in love with him. I don’t know when to start. Maybe it’s the first time to meet, maybe it’s inadvertently close.

Leaf orange raises the corner of his mouth. Well, is that true for straight men? Or is it just because this guy’s emotional experience is white?

Stupid enough.

Half an hour later, the nearby doctor rushed over.

In the lobby on the first floor of the B & B, Lu Xiao and Peng Gushu stood aside and watched the doctor check Ye orange’s feet.

“It didn’t hurt the bone, but the other foot twisted badly.” The doctor said, “I brought you medicine and try to walk less these days.”

Lu Xiao asked for some other precautions and asked someone to take the doctor to rest.

Peng Gushu didn’t know what to do and said, “Xiaoye, do you want to get you a crutch or wheelchair? I haven’t told President Luo about this. You have to ask for leave in the next few days.”

“It’s too exaggerated not to use a wheelchair.” Ye Cheng said, “you find a branch and I’ll just walk on it.”

Peng Gushu was about to promise. Lu Xiao said, “go upstairs and sleep first. Give me the leaf orange.”

“Hey.” Peng Gushu looked at him and leaf orange. He didn’t know where to go.

Ye Cheng thought for a while. Now it’s better to trouble Peng Gushu than Lu Xiao.

“Then go up first. Thank you.” He said to Peng Gushu.

Peng Gushu said, “well, call me whenever you have something.”

Lu Xiao dismissed the security guards who came after hearing the news, leaving only the two of them in the hall.

“Go and find me a crutch… Ah…” halfway through Ye Cheng’s words, Lu Xiao came over and grabbed him horizontally.

He quickly grabbed Lu Xiao’s shoulder, opened his eyes and said, “what are you doing?”

Lu Xiao looked down at him and said, “I’m not better than crutches and wheelchairs?”

Leaf orange was held by him in this way, and his face quickly turned red. He thought in disorder, what kind of thing is this now? What is his relationship with Lu Xiao? What if he is seen like this?

Lu Xiao carried him up to the second floor with ease. His room was on this floor.

When he put Ye orange on the bed, took off his shoes and wanted to spray him, ye orange asked, “I… Want to sleep here at night?”

Lu Xiao knelt in front of him on one knee, rolled up his cuffs and looked up. “Otherwise, you’ll have to sleep with another man when I die?”


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