Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 115

According to the doctor’s instructions, Lu Xiao sprayed Ye Cheng’s feet, and carefully wrapped them with gauze to prevent him from rubbing against the wound when he slept.

After washing his hands from the bathroom, he opened the closet and took out the spare bedding in the homestay.

Ye Cheng was a little confused: “What are you doing?”

“Make the bed and sleep,” Lu Xiao said naturally. “There is a sofa outside, don’t worry, I sleep here for your convenience at night. You can call me if you want to drink water or go to the toilet.”

Ye Cheng understood, he misunderstood his meaning, “Well… I mean, don’t you sleep with me?”


Lu Xiao’s face flushed red, and the hand holding the quilt folded involuntarily, “Not so… not so good.”

He didn’t dare to look directly at Ye Cheng, and glanced at him secretly from the corner of his eye.

On the way back just now, he finally realized that Ye Cheng didn’t hate him anymore, and he could even say he liked him a little. Although he has not officially confessed, in his heart, the two are in an extremely ambiguous state, no different from those little lovers in life.

There are still two hurdles in his heart.

One is the company’s system that does not allow office love, and the other is that he has been proud of himself for more than 20 years, but suddenly turned curved, which made him a little unacceptable, and it took time to digest.

Ye Cheng’s initiative made him feel embarrassed.

“Since you mind, then forget it.” Ye Cheng didn’t insist any longer and said, “But I can’t sleep alone, can you sleep in the room?”

Lu Xiao was stunned on the spot, why forget it? How can it be counted?

In fact, he doesn’t really mind! Sleep together, sleep together!

Why not keep inviting him? ?

Ye Cheng wondered: “Is it okay?”

Lu Xiaogan laughed twice, and said embarrassingly, “Of course there’s no problem, then I’ll make a floor next to your bed.”

He bent down depressed and spread out the quilt, secretly annoyed at why he had to be reserved just now, his brain was sick.

Ye Cheng took a panoramic view of his small expression, smiled slightly, and calmly covered the quilt to sleep.

“Good night, Lu Xiao.” He said softly.

This was the first time he called him by his first name, but for some reason, there was an inexplicable sense of intimacy.

It seems to have the confidence of “others dare not shout but I dare to shout”, and it seems that he is no longer simply regarded as his boss.

“Good night…” Lu Xiao murmured back.

After saying good night, the person whose name was called couldn’t sleep at all.

It turned out that he could say “good night” to someone so tenderly. It turned out to be the feeling of being valued by him, just like Ye Cheng didn’t leave him alone even though he was drunk that day.

Lu Xiao tossed and turned on the ground, thinking, do I want to fall in love?

He is already in front of me, within reach, and it is a fool not to talk about it. But will that cause him to be gossiped by his colleagues? If someone talks nonsense, how to deal with it is better…

His thoughts climbed rapidly, and he had completely forgotten about straight men and not straight men.

The dimension of thinking ranges from how to fall in love, what to do when falling in love, to how to tell family members if it is made public in the future, and how to deal with the conflicts between Ye Cheng and colleagues.

Etc., etc……

Until the sky turned white and the sky was bright, Lu Xiao even thought about the names of the children they would adopt in the future to inherit the family business.

After marriage, if Lu Jinnan doesn’t like Ye Cheng very much, they can move away from the old house. I don’t know if Ye Cheng likes to live in the mountains or not. You can also buy a bigger house near the company, which will be more convenient to commute to get off work.

If Lu Jinnan still likes Ye Cheng as much as he does now, it will be better.

Anyway, Ye Cheng is the young lady, and he doesn’t need to go to the company every day, just live in the old house. As a husband, he has to work a little harder. He comes to the company by car every day.

By the way, it just so happened that Ye Cheng was studying finance, so it would be no problem to hand over the financial and political power of the family to him.


The phone alarm on the bed rang, Ye Orange turned over, turned off the alarm and continued to sleep.

Lu Xiao yawned, picked up his phone and glanced at it, only to realize that it was seven o’clock.

He hadn’t slept all night, he was just thinking about it.

The sky outside the window filtered in, and he sat up tiredly, wanting to give Ye Cheng a good morning kiss to wake him up.

When he was getting closer and closer to the person on the bed, he realized that they had not yet reached the stage of confessing and establishing a relationship.

Fuck, I fantasized about it all night, and I was a little lost.

Lu Xiao hurriedly woke himself up, rubbed his eyes and called the front desk to deliver the meal.

Don’t worry, take your time, he encouraged himself in his heart, don’t eat the raw rice before it’s cooked.

After the group came back, Ye Cheng asked the company for a few days off.

His feet couldn’t touch the ground, Luo Ming saw that Lu Xiao had asked him to rest at home, so he didn’t say anything, he could only approve paid leave.

Ye Cheng lay on the bed and called Shi Jiaxu.

Shi Jiaxu went to province a first, saying that his ex-boyfriend was looking for him to get back together.

Hearing what he said, he immediately wanted to take the high-speed rail back: “Damn it, I just got on the train not long ago. You wait, I’ll buy an afternoon ticket and go back.”

“No, what are you doing back here?” Ye Cheng put the washed cherries in her mouth, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Shi Jiaxu said anxiously, “Then who will take care of you? Has your grandma passed by?”

Ye Cheng said, “I didn’t tell grandma, er… Lu Xiao will come over to help me clean up the house.”

Shi Jiaxu people were dumbfounded: “What? That young master Lu Xiao of the Lu family who is possessed by the second disease and does not touch the spring water to see people with their nostrils?”

Ye Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Where did so many inexplicable prefixes come from, when did he use his nostrils to look at people?”

He simply explained to Shi Jiaxing what had happened that night.

“My mother, this is a scumbag!” Shi Jiaxu suddenly exploded and said solemnly, “You know, I always persuade me to make peace…”

Ye Cheng interrupted him: “He shouldn’t be scum, just plain stupid.”

Shi Jiaxu: “…”

“It’s very complicated. He thought homosexuality was very casual at first. Maybe his friends gave him this impression.” Ye Cheng explained, “So he thought I was trying to get rid of him on purpose. He said that he has no emotional experience, and probably won’t go anywhere.”

Shi Jiaxu covered his mouth with tears in his eyes, “I’m Cao, little chick, man! You’ve earned a lot of money, Ye Zi! They said that chick’s first time was short, is that true?”

Ye Cheng: “…We can skip this topic.”

“No! You can’t skip it!” Shi Jiaxu was unforgiving, “I’ve never slept with a baby! My boyfriends are all veterans, damn it.”

Ye Cheng bit his head and said: “It’s okay, we didn’t do the whole set, I don’t know for the time being.”

Shi Jiaxu wanted to continue the chat, but he decided to diverge, “Actually, I don’t really believe that he was his first love, because from the way he’s chasing me, it doesn’t feel like he’s never been in a relationship.”

“He’s chasing you? You, you, listen to me, don’t rush to agree.” Shi Jiaxu said quickly.

Ye Cheng said, “I know, I’m observing.”

Shi Jiaxu said in a familiar tone: “You won’t cherish what is too easy to get. Don’t you know what kind of virtue a man is?”

Ye Cheng sighed, he had never thought about the hard-to-find means in love, but Shi Jiaxu was right. A person like Lu Xiao doesn’t seem to be obedient to his wife’s words. He is so good on his own that he has been chased by many girls before, so how could he have never talked about it.

“By the way, you said just now that he didn’t fall in love for the first time, did you find something?” Shi Jiaxu asked.

Ye Cheng said thoughtfully: “It doesn’t mean that he found anything, he just thinks it’s very strange. He has used his mobile phone to order meals for me for three meals a day these days, and he buys a bunch of flowers in the living room every day. I bought a lot of gadgets to make me happy, good morning and good night, do you think this kind of chasing attitude looks like Xiaobai?”

“It’s not like, a liar.” Shi Jiaxu snorted coldly, “As expected, it’s all like this. Either you use your ex to treat you badly to sell yourself off, or you pretend to be a little white flower who has no experience in the world.

Ye Cheng felt a little headache.

To be honest, he didn’t talk about it. The basic theory was taught by Shi Jiaxu, so how complicated is the relationship?

Shi Jiaxu instructed earnestly, “Be careful, let me fill the probationary period, and carefully examine his every move. Once there is a clue, you must thoroughly investigate it. Trust your sixth sense!”

Ye Cheng: “Okay… okay.”

“Your business is my business, your relationship is mine, and I will help you without saying anything!” Shi Jiaxu said angrily.

At this moment, WeChat received a message.

Ye Cheng opened the door and saw that it was from Lu Xiao.

Suspect x: [I’ll go to you after get off work, do you want to eat steak at night? 】

“He sent me a message saying that he would come over after get off work and asked me if I would eat steak.” Ye Cheng subconsciously read it out.

Shi Jiaxu said, “I came here after get off work because I wanted to stay at your house and not leave. In the middle of the night, dry wood and fire… tsk tsk tsk, his heart can be punished!”

Ye Cheng: “?”

“Just take it lightly. You deliberately don’t answer the question of where you live at night, and ask him which steak… No, ask him playfully if he made the steak by himself.” Shi Jia Xu pondered.

Ye Cheng replied: [Steak? Did you fry it? 】

It was quiet for a while that day.

Lu Xiao took a sip of coffee, and the moment he saw the news, he spit it out with a puff, spraying the face of Zhou Minhao on the opposite side.

“Fuck! You want to ruin my appearance?!” Zhou Minhao cried.

Lu Xiao hurriedly grabbed a tissue and wiped it for him: “He called me back, what should I do? He asked if it was my fried steak, and he didn’t even mention the night’s stay!”

Zhou Minhao said angrily, “I’ll help you chase people, but you still spray me with coffee, can you be any more heartless?”

Lu Xiao comforted him perfunctorily: “Okay, don’t be angry, I didn’t mean it. Look, the plan failed.”

“This Ye Cheng has something.” Zhou Minhao wiped his face and squinted his eyes. “He seems to understand these hints. It’s definitely not the first time he’s been chased like this. Brother, you’ve run into someone like this. Experienced 0.”

Lu Xiao’s eyes dimmed and said, “I don’t mind, as long as he doesn’t mess around in the future.”

Zhou Minhao shook his head: “You are really deeply rooted in love.”

He thought for a moment and suggested, “You can say to him, ‘If you want to eat what I make, I’ll bring it over to eat with you.’ I feel that I have troubled you, so I am sorry and thank you in my heart.”

“But I can’t cook.” Lu Xiao said worriedly.

Zhou Minhao laughed: “Go to the restaurant and order two cents, I know there is a restaurant that tastes great…”

However, Lu Xiao rejected his proposal: “I can’t lie to him, why don’t I ask Zhu Min to buy steak and fry it in the cafeteria downstairs.”

Zhou Minhao opened his mouth and looked at him as if he was mentally retarded.

Suspect x: [If you want to eat, I will bring it to eat with you. 】

When Ye Cheng read the news, Jiaxu laughed even more sarcastically, “He knows how to cook? Could it be that he bought it at a restaurant? He is talking in such a tone to make it clear that he wants you to feel that he treats you. Well, I’m sorry to drive him away at night.”

After his analysis, Ye Cheng also felt that it seemed reasonable.

He does know that Lu Xiao can’t cook, which shows that the authenticity of this news is not high.

Alas, it doesn’t matter, Lu Xiao also wanted to stay with him. Although the words were not very pleasant, the original intention was correct.

Shi Jiaxu said, “Don’t let him succeed. Since this is what he asked for, you can accept it. Let him bring his steak over for dinner, and then turn his face away at night, because he didn’t do it anyway. ”

Ye Cheng typed: [Then you come. 】

Before he sent it out, Shi Jiaxu said again, “You can add more oil and vinegar. You said that you also cooked a few dishes for everyone to eat together. Then order takeout and get two green vegetables.”

Ye Cheng said: “This is not good.”

“What’s wrong, didn’t he lie to you about making steak?” Shi Jiaxu held his grievances for him.

Ye Cheng thought about it for a while, but still replied: [Then come here, I also cooked a few dishes, and we will eat together. 】

Zhou Minhao looked at the news and felt that he had met a master.

Master tricks, tricks fatal.

“He can cook?” He asked Lu Xiao suspiciously.

Lu Xiao remembered that Ye Cheng only helped to spread the oil and set up the charcoal fire during the barbecue at the homestay, and said hesitantly, “I don’t know, maybe it will.”

Zhou Minhao said sternly: “Anyway, you remember to act as I said, pretending that you didn’t bring your home keys, or that the car ran out of gas and couldn’t go back. The act is over, his expression is pitiful, and the other party is easy to soften.”

“My house has a combination lock. Also, can’t I take a taxi when the car is out of gas?” Lu Xiaozhinan thought online.

Zhou Minhao hates iron and steel: “Nima is a normal person, you know it! Are we talking about logical and reasonable issues now? You talk about a fart love if you are rational, you can go straight to being a monk.”

He looked up at the ceiling and talked eloquently: “People in love are absolutely incapable of judgment. It is the basic principle to play stupid tacitly. If he notices that you don’t need a key and can get a car, it means that He’s sober, he doesn’t love you at all.”

Lu Xiao realized in a trance, and listened to the nonsense again in a trance.

He didn’t waste any more time, let Zhu Min buy the ingredients, and really went down to learn how to fry steak with the cafeteria aunt.

Zhou Minhao looked at his busy figure regretfully, feeling that it would be useless to teach him what he had learned all his life. This guy is destined to be a wife slave.

[What is Mr. Lu doing in the back of the canteen? Does anyone know? 】

[What the hell, did you see him in the back kitchen? 】

[Gossip, I just saw Sister Zhu Min go to buy a bunch of things, Mr. Lu seems to be learning to cook…]

【real or fake? God, what big beauty made him turn? ! 】

The company’s gossip group exploded.

Ye Cheng didn’t pay much attention to the group chats that he blocked. He bought some vegetables with the app and chose to have them delivered to his door.

It didn’t take long for the dishes to arrive.

His left foot has recovered, and his right foot is not quite able to walk, so he hopped on one foot and went to the door to get vegetables.

Although Shi Jiaxu asked him to order takeout, and Lu Xiao also fooled him with those words, he couldn’t get past the hurdle in his heart. No matter what, cooking for the people you like will not make people feel troublesome.

He bought the easiest-to-make peppers, baby vegetables and tomatoes, and planned to make a pepper fried pork, a salted egg yolk baby vegetable, and a tomato scrambled egg.

There are salted duck eggs and lean meat brought by Gao Qiulan in the refrigerator. He usually doesn’t eat spicy food, but considering Lu Xiao’s taste, he must have at least one spicy dish.

He searched the Internet for recipes, and called Gao Qiulan again to ask her what she should do.

Gao Qiulan smiled and said, “Why did you suddenly remember to cook? Did you secretly make a girlfriend and want to cook it for her?”

Ye Cheng made a sloppy look and fooled the past.

He had never been in the kitchen since he was a child, because Gao Qiulan’s cooking was so delicious, and he despised him for getting in the way.

The first operation today, almost blew up the kitchen.

After the peppers went down, the whole kitchen choked.

The range hood and the windows are fully open, and it is of no use at all.

Ye Cheng coughed wildly, and half of the peppers turned black. Gao Qiulan shouted over there: “It’s been frying for too long! Don’t be afraid of the oil, turn it over with a spatula… oh, why don’t I go over and help you.”

Ye Cheng quickly rejected her, and when she entered the kitchen for the second time, she fully armed herself.

Wearing a hat and mask on his face, wearing a high collar and long sleeves, he vowed to prevent oil from splashing on his body.

He tossed for more than an hour before he came up with three dishes that looked much better than the first time. Although the lean meat was a little charred, the baby cabbage was a little raw, and the tomato scrambled eggs had a little more shell.

Near six o’clock, the doorbell rang.

Ye Cheng jumped over to open the door, and saw Lu Xiao standing at the door holding a bouquet, with a lunch box in the other hand.

“Hey, off work?” For some reason, he felt a little reserved.

This seems to be their first official “date”, and the place is actually at his house.

Lu Xiao seemed to be in the same mood as him, and asked nonsense embarrassingly: “Can I go in?”

I don’t know how many times he has come here in the past few days, but it’s not just nonsense.

Ye Cheng smiled and let him in.

Lu Xiao sniffed: “It seems that something is mushy.”

“Ah, it’s the smell of coffee.” Ye Cheng blushed and made an excuse.

Lu Xiao knew that he liked to drink American-style food. In his opinion, American-style did have an unpleasant smell. He put the lunch box on the table, saw the three dishes, and said in surprise, “You made all these things. of?”

Ye Cheng thought to himself that this is another fucking nonsense. Can a meal do this?

Lu Xiao continued: “It smells so good, it must be delicious.”

…Are you serious, Ye Cheng thought to himself, you just said something was mushy.

Lu Xiao didn’t expect that he really dragged his injured leg to cook for him. Feeling distressed and happy, he hurriedly moved the chair to let him sit down, and went to the kitchen to get cutlery.

After he came out of the kitchen, he went straight to the three dishes and couldn’t wait to taste a few mouthfuls.

Ye Cheng asked nervously, “How is it? Is it salty?”

Lu Xiao brought the baby vegetables and fried pork with peppers to his side, and said, “It’s so delicious! I’ve packed these two dishes, don’t rob me.”

Ye Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “If you don’t rob you, you can get the steak too.”

Lu Xiao patronized and tasted his dishes, and had already forgotten that he had cooked steak all afternoon.

“One medium rare, one medium rare, you see which one you want to eat.” Lu Xiao put the steak on the plate and said.

Ye Cheng’s eyes fell on his hand and exclaimed, “What happened to your hand?”

Only then did he see that Lu Xiao’s left index finger had a cut, which seemed to be quite deep.

“When I was peeling the garlic, I accidentally scratched it.” Lu Xiao shrugged embarrassedly, “I haven’t done that stuff before, I thought I would use a knife to cut off the skin, but I did something stupid.”

Ye Cheng said in surprise: “You made this steak? Where did you make it?”

Lu Xiao seemed to remember something and said angrily, “Don’t mention the cafeteria downstairs. Those aunties laughed at me for a long time, and then I forced them to eat the half-finished products.”

Ye Cheng thought, it seems that Shi Jiaxu also has a time when his car overturned.

Under Lu Xiao’s gaze, he cut a piece of steak and stuffed it into his mouth.

Tender and juicy, it looks like it has gone through several failures.

“It’s delicious, I like it very much.” He looked at Lu Xiao with bright eyes and said.

Lu Xiao blushed and smiled, “As long as you like it.”

He lowered his head and shoved the salty baby cabbage into his mouth in large gulps, for fear of being caught by Ye Cheng accidentally.

The meal was unusually quiet, and the two of them were shy as if they had met for the first time, and immersed themselves in their food with concentration.

In the middle of the way, Ye Cheng wanted to get some salt and pepper, but Lu Xiao handed it to him. His hands touched each other, and at the same time they bounced off quickly.

Although there are no candles and red wine, the atmosphere is ambiguous like a candlelit dinner.

After dinner, Lu Xiao got up to clean up the dishes.

There was a thunderstorm outside, and it didn’t take long for it to rain heavily.

In August, the southern capital is rainy, which heralds the arrival of summer.

Lu Xiao looked out the window, remembering the tricks Zhou Minhao taught him, and stumblingly said, “Well, it’s raining too much, and my car will be damaged. Otherwise, I’ll stay here for the night. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, he realized what he had said.

Help, it’s better to say that you don’t have the key! What the hell is it that is damaged in the shower, his car is not made of paper!

Just when he was about to die, Ye Cheng clenched the corner of his clothes and said, “Okay, I happen to be afraid of thunder.”

Lu Xiao’s heart touched his throat, his heartbeat was more deafening than the sound of thunder.

Sure enough, Zhou Minhao is right, love does not need logical judgment.

Fuck sane.


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