Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 116

Thunder rumbled across the border, and rain poured outside the window.

The TV in the living room is playing a boring variety show, occasionally mixed with a little funny sound effects.

Ye Cheng was nestled at one end of the sofa, and Lu Xiao was sitting cautiously at the other end, separated by 108,000 miles, as if to separate a galaxy.

Neither of them paid attention to what was on the screen, and looked down at their phones.

The suite Ye Cheng bought by himself was not very big. One room had no bed for the time being, and the other was converted into a study. He was too embarrassed to let Lu Xiao sleep in the living room, so he let him sleep with him, Lu Xiao blushed and agreed.

Lu Xiaofei typed quickly: [Aaaaaah, what should I do, he asked me to sleep with him! 】

Zhou Minhao: [Wow, worthy of a battle-hardened 0. 】

Lu Xiao: [Don’t talk nonsense, what should I do now? It was embarrassing to sit face to face with him for half an hour. 】

Zhou Minhao: [Calm down, if you can stay overnight, you are half done, and you still share a room with him, and you are about to go to bed after rounding up. Did you drink at night? 】

Lu Xiao: [No, I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing when I’m drunk. 】

Zhou Minhao hates iron for not becoming steel: [Are you saying that you are stupid! I’ve stayed overnight and still don’t drink, don’t let the ducks in their mouths, I really appreciate it! 】

Lu Xiao: [But there is no wine for dinner, it would be weird if I said that I want to drink. 】

Zhou Minhao didn’t want to worry about this matter, he went straight to the point and said:

[In this way, you can chat casually, and then tell him that you are sleepy and ask him to take a bath first. Note, it is best to let him wash first, so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of the beauty out of the bath. Don’t think it’s too cool to look at him wet when you’re well-dressed. What should I do after taking a shower, I don’t need to teach you? 】

Lu Xiao swallowed nervously, raised his head and looked at the opposite side.

Ye Cheng was focusing on playing the game and didn’t pay attention to the situation here.

He replied: [No no, you misunderstood, we haven’t determined our relationship yet, I’m chasing him. 】

Zhou Minhao: […………]

He finally understands now that why Lu Xiao has been single for so many years is all because of his own abilities, which is amazing.

Ye Cheng looked at the news on the phone in a panic, not knowing where to put his hands and feet.

Shi Jiaxu: [Seduce him and see if he can hold it! 】

[It’s not that I said you, such a bad excuse can make him stay, can you be a little bit more stubborn? 】

[This is the end of the matter, you might as well count it. 】

[Let him take a shower first, and then pretend to wear the wrong clothes after you take a shower to see how he reacts. 】

[If you are really an LSP and want to applaud you before establishing a relationship, it is recommended to kick it directly. 】

Ye Cheng frowned and said: [But, shouldn’t you wear pajamas after taking a shower? He’s wearing a shirt, will I look deliberate if I’m wearing the wrong one? 】

Shi Jiaxu was speechless: [My dear monitor, my dear calligraphy association president, my dear top scholarship scholar. Do you understand the word “seduce”? It’s all “seduced”, and it’s not deliberate, so why is it deliberate? 】

He comforted: [Don’t panic, men understand these subplots. That is to say, what we pay attention to is not the progress of a process, that is to say, we must pay attention to the results as a whole. 】

Ye Orange: […]

Well, he believed that Shi Jiaxing was right.

If Lu Xiao was really someone who just wanted to have a fresh night’s sleep, then there was no need to continue dating.

Ye Cheng took a deep breath, put down the phone and said, “Go wash first…”

At the same time, Lu Xiao also looked at him and said, “Why don’t you take a shower first…”

Both of them were stunned.

“You go first, I’m not in a hurry.” Ye Cheng thought to himself, I still want to seduce you in your shirt.

Lu Xiao quickly waved his hand: “You should go first, the master should wash first.”

Although Zhou Minhao was not a reliable person, admiring Ye Cheng who had just taken a bath was a big temptation for him.

He didn’t plan to do anything like Zhou Minhao said, but as long as it’s a little bit of welfare, it’s not too much, right?

“You go first, you’re welcome.”

“No, you go first.”

“You go first.”

They pushed back and forth, and eventually Ye Cheng got annoyed.

Damn, isn’t it just wearing a shirt, he should be able to have a similar effect wearing his own.

Then he suggested: “Or, rock-paper-scissors? Whoever loses will go first.”

Lu Xiao: “…”

Shouldn’t whoever wins first goes first?

This suggestion is very reasonable, he can’t object, the two of them are fighting against each other.

As a result, Lu Xiao lost, and he had to go to the shower in dismay.

Ye Cheng felt a little funny when he saw his dark face.

The thunderstorm was loud outside, and he usually felt a little scared at home alone, but today with Lu Xiao at home, he felt an indescribable peace of mind.

He sat on the bedside, looked for a book, and waited for Lu Xiao to come out of the shower.

Ten minutes later, Lu Xiao walked out wearing a bathrobe.

There was still a bit of water vapor at the tip of his hair, and his pectoral muscles were faintly exposed at the neckline, making his whole person look very sexy.

Ye Cheng read the book for a long time without turning a page. When he saw him approaching, he exerted uncontrollable force in his hand, and the pages were pulled into a crumpled mass.

“Are there any pajamas?” Lu Xiao asked as he sat down beside the bed without realizing it.

Ye Cheng said, “You… are too tall, you may not be able to wear my pajamas.”

Lu Xiao was about seven or eight centimeters taller than him. Unless he was pressed back to 1.8 meters, it would be impossible for him to fit properly.

“Okay, then I’ll sleep in my bathrobe, don’t you mind?” Lu Xiao asked.

Ye Cheng shook his head: “If you feel uncomfortable, you can also wear my clothes.”

“Forget it,” Lu Xiao is very self-aware, “I’m afraid it will make you bigger.”

Ye Cheng got up and said, “Then I’m going to take a bath.”

Lu Xiao lowered his head uneasily: “Okay.”

He saw Lu Xiao’s white shirt in the laundry basket in the bathroom, grabbed it and smelled it. After working outside all day, it would inevitably smell of tobacco and dust.

When he believed it, he praised the evil. He wore this dress to bed at night. Before he could seduce anyone, he smoked him first.

Ye Cheng decisively pulled out his white shirt, and specially chose an oversized one.

After showering, he wiped his hair and walked out of the bathroom.

Lu Xiao was sending WeChat when he heard the noise and looked up.

Seeing this, the nosebleed almost didn’t come out.

Ye Cheng’s hair was not dry, and it was even dripping. He was only wearing an empty white shirt, showing his long smooth legs, and no shoes.

Lu Xiao stuttered immediately: “You you…why don’t you wear pants?”

Ye Cheng pretended to be calm: “I’m used to sleeping without pants.”

“You you… or you should wear… put on your pants.” Lu Xiao couldn’t say anything at all.

Ye Cheng squinted at him: “What’s the matter, is there any problem?”

Could it be true, as Shi Jiaxu said, that he is indeed an LSP?

Lu Xiao didn’t dare to look at him: “No…no problem, but I don’t think it’s convenient…”

“I think it’s very convenient.” Ye Cheng Shi Shi Ran sat down beside him, Lu Xiao like a snake and a scorpion, he couldn’t help but leaned to the other side.

To hold back, to hold back, to hold back, he silently recited the Qingxin mantra in his heart.

Lu Xiao, Lu Xiao, you can’t be so unpromising.

Ye Cheng started wiping her hair on her own, and suddenly, the position next to her moved.

His hand stopped, and he sneered in his heart, he couldn’t help it.

But Lu Xiao jumped off the bed and ran away.

Ye Cheng put down his hand in confusion, where is the trouble?

Did it irritate him too much and scare him away?

After a while, Lu Xiao came back with the hairdryer.

He plugged in the hair dryer, but still stuttered: “…don’t sleep with your hair wet, that…you’ll get a headache.”

Lu Xiao took the towel from his hand and wiped his hair with gentle and jerky movements. Ye Cheng was stunned, letting him move.

It was the first time this guy served someone like this, and when he wiped it, he pulled the roots of his hair several times, causing him to bark in pain. But it’s not easy to show it. After all, people help you wipe you and pick faults, which seems a little ignorant.

The soft cloth rubbed against the scalp, Ye Cheng tilted his neck sensitively, feeling inexplicably numb.

Lu Xiao thought it hurt him, and quickly asked, “Does it hurt? If it hurts, I’ll take it lightly.”

“Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt.” Ye Cheng replied casually.

After finishing speaking, the two realized that the conversation was a bit strange, and invariably thought crooked.

Lu Xiao put down the towel with a red face, and consciously turned on the hairdryer to dry his hair.

Because he lost the barrier of the towel, his hand was much lighter than before, and he almost dared not touch his hair.

Ye Cheng’s hair is thin and soft, and the hair is thick and thick. It feels like touching flannel or cat hair, and it feels very comfortable.

Lu Xiao also became more and more gentle, as if he was dealing with some small animal.

Fragrant and soft, he had never associated this word with Yecheng before, and always thought he was as cold and untouchable as he seemed.

He said something, the sound of the hair dryer was in his ear, Ye Cheng couldn’t hear it clearly, and asked suspiciously, “What did you say?”

Lu Xiao leaned close to his ear and said loudly, “Can I keep blowing your hair in the future?”

Ye Cheng didn’t expect him to say this, “Blow your hair all the time”, the meaning of this sentence couldn’t be more obvious.

He didn’t answer or go to see Lu Xiao, and Lu Xiao didn’t chase after him for an answer, both of them became a little shy.

After blowing her hair, Ye Cheng had already left the task of “seducing him” out of the sky.

Lu Xiao put the hairdryer back in the bathroom and went to bed.

There was only a dim yellow floor lamp left in the bedroom, quietly illuminating familiar faces.

For some reason, after blowing his hair, he no longer felt restless and looked at Ye Cheng without blinking.

Ye Cheng asked him, “What are you looking at?”

“You look good.” Lu Xiao said honestly.

Ye Cheng smiled, “Have you thought about that question?”

He didn’t name the question, but Lu Xiao knew that he asked himself that night at the villa.

– Do you like me?

Before tonight, Zhou Minhao took him to a long class, and repeatedly told him not to be the first to confess. You can chase him, but don’t say you like him first, even if you sleep together, it’s best to hang him.

It is said that he used this method to make his little girlfriend give up.

Lu Xiao felt that he already liked Ye Cheng very much, so he took the initiative to learn these routines from him-because he also hoped that Ye Cheng would give up on him, preferably the kind that could not be separated from him.

But when Ye Cheng faced him and asked this sentence,

When the halo of the floor lamp spread all over him,

When they are so close that the curvature of the corners of their mouths is clearly visible.

Looking at his face reflected in his clear eyes, Lu Xiao suddenly felt that those methods and rewards were not important at all.

Even if Ye Cheng couldn’t give up on him because of this in the future, he would not be willing to tell a lie to those eyes.

“I like you.” Lu Xiao blurted out before he had time to think, “I want to understand, I like you as a lover. I want to hug you, hold your hand, and… kiss you.”

He expresses his inner fervor inexplicably, trying to make Ye Cheng understand that he is not a friend and brother’s “like”, but an impulsive “like”. Despite his rude words, he managed to make Ye Cheng blushed.

Seeing his shyness, Lu Xiao was even more encouraged.

He simply held Ye Cheng’s hand and asked seriously, “Will you be my boyfriend?”

Once upon a time, Lu Xiao’s plan was to chase him for a few weeks first, send flowers and gifts like in the TV series, and bring him to the door.

The first week, hold hands;

In the second week, kiss on the cheek;

The third chapter, formally confessed to him.

When making a confession, there must be flower balloons, diamond ring cakes, and it is best to take a hot air balloon trip, which is so romantic that he will never forget it.

However, this sudden confession happened while he was lying on the bed very simply, and no one could stop him.

After he finished speaking, he felt a little regret, regretting whether it would be too hasty.

Maybe Ye Cheng would say to consider it, or maybe he would reject him outright.

But what he never expected was that in the next second, Ye Cheng also held his hand and said, “Okay.”

Under Lu Xiao’s stunned gaze, he slowly smiled. Warm and bright, it hits people’s hearts directly, as if answering a question that made him own the whole world.

“That’s about it.” Ye Cheng said to the phone.

Shi Jiaxu was dumbfounded, “So he confessed to you and agreed immediately, and didn’t even endure the whole night? Then you two looked at each other affectionately all night, and did nothing??”

Ye Cheng said embarrassedly: “It’s not even looking at each other all night. We chatted a lot. About our feelings for each other, about his home, about my home, about the first impression…”



“Okay, okay,” Shi Jiaxu interrupted him, “no matter what you talk about, it can’t save the fact that you were confessed and agreed. Anyway, you should pay attention, it’s so easy to get it, he might blink in an instant. Change your face.”

“Okay, I have a call coming in.” Ye Cheng said nervously.

Shi Jiaxu sighed, feeling that the homework he had given him was all in vain.

Ye Cheng answered the call from Luo Ming: “Hello, Mr. Luo.”

“Little Leaf, what are you doing?” Luo Ming said.

Ye Cheng said, “Not long after I got up, I was looking at the information you sent me yesterday.”

Luo Ming said yin and yang strangely: “Is your feet better? If you are, you can come to the company to see.”

Ye Cheng understood what he meant, and he also rested for a few days. He really caused trouble for others. He said that he would go to the company later, Luo Ming said dissatisfiedly: “It seems that you are already well, if this is the case, don’t let me remind you, come quickly.”

This morning, when sending Lu Xiao out, Ye Cheng tried it and found that he could walk on both feet.

He took a taxi to the company, and more than half an hour had passed since the start time.

Colleagues in the office saw him coming, and they were concerned about whether he had recovered or not. Even those from the next department came to see him with snacks.

Luo Ming felt unhappy with him because of the previous incident. Seeing that he had a good relationship, he felt even more unhappy. He immediately arranged for him to put his work on hold for several days.

Peng Gushu secretly complained: “Is there something wrong with him? What does it mean for you to complete the two-day amount today, can’t you just do it slowly?”

Others followed suit.

Ye Cheng said: “It’s fine, I’ll work overtime, and you can help me with some lunch at noon.”

He skipped lunch and sat in front of the computer for hours, finally finishing half of the work.

In order to get off work early in the afternoon, Peng Gushu also brought supper.

Opening the lunch box, Ye Cheng found that there were actually his favorite Zhusheng noodles and a bowl of white fungus soup.

“Didn’t the cafeteria never make bamboo noodles?” he asked curiously while eating.

Peng Gushu said: “I met President Lu when I was cooking. He heard that it was for you, and he said that he was going to eat Zhusheng noodles and asked me to bring it to you.”

Ye Cheng had an ominous premonition in his heart and asked, “He knows I’m working overtime?”

“Well, he asked me.” Peng Gushu said, “By the way, I haven’t seen Mr. Luo this afternoon, what did he do?”

It may be sanctioned, Ye Cheng thought.

Peng Gushu simply packed the table, said hello to him, and got off work.

Ye Cheng hurriedly called Lu Xiao and asked him what he was doing.

Lu Xiao answered the phone and looked at Luo Ming who was ashes in front of him, and the resignation letter written on the table.

Luo Ming looked at him pleadingly, trying his best to plead for himself.

Lu Xiao glanced at him indifferently, but his voice was very gentle: “Take care of something, it will be fine soon. Do you want to have supper after get off work? I bought it for you to eat with you.”

Ye Cheng said, “Is Mr. Luo with you?”

Lu Xiao snorted: “Don’t mention this kind of person who looks down on others.”

Luo Ming’s face became even paler.

“Lu Xiao—” Ye Cheng reluctantly lengthened his voice, “Do you want the whole company to know about our relationship?”

Lu Xiao frowned and waved at Luo Ming, telling him to avoid first.

Luo Ming felt as if he had been granted amnesty, wiped his sweat and backed out.

“So what if you know, I wish they all knew, then no one would dare to ask you to do things.” Lu Xiao said when the door was closed.

Ye Cheng’s heart warmed, but he felt funny, “I’m a new employee who should have done my share of work. Boss Luo didn’t bully me, he just asked me to make up for the work for the past few days.”

Lu Xiao was unhappy: “Is it paid by me or by him? I didn’t ask you to make it up. Where did he have the courage to make it up for you?”

The hidden meaning is that I can’t bear to call my daughter-in-law, and you’re kicking your nose in the face.

Ye Cheng knew that he was distressed for him, so he could only coax him in a low voice: “Qingqi, why are you so flammable and explosive, just a little bit. Well, you scared him too, this matter is written off, don’t do it. Embarrass him. With such a mess today, he will definitely not do anything to me in the future.”

Lu Xiao reluctantly accepted his statement and agreed with a hum.

Ye Cheng could even imagine how reluctantly he was holding the phone, his eyes and nose were wrinkled, like a puppy who was aggrieved.

With a soft heart, he said softly, “I’ll get off work in ten minutes. Can you come and pick me up downstairs? I haven’t seen you for a day. I think I miss you so much.”

His tone was a bit coquettish, as if he really wanted to see Lu Xiao right away.

Lu Xiao never thought that falling in love with him would be like this.

He was so happy that he almost wagged his tail, and immediately said, “I’ll go down now. If you want to see me in the future, call me anytime, don’t hold back.”

After he hung up, he jumped up from his chair and rushed out the door.

Luo Ming, who was outside, hadn’t left yet, and seemed to want to wait for him to finish the call before going in.

Lu Xiao hurriedly left a sentence: “Go home, don’t stay in the company, and treat the employees better in the future.”

“Yes, yes, President Lu.” Luo Ming panicked.

Lu Xiao ran to the elevator door, waited for a while, and disliked that the elevator was too slow, and ran down the stairs directly.

He excitedly came to the finance department, panting heavily.

It turns out that office love is so exciting, he thought, no wonder there are still people who would rather leave to fall in love no matter how forbidden it is.

Through the crack of the door, he saw the light inside.

He knocked on the door politely and asked, “Can I go in?”

Ye Cheng said: “Please come in.”

Lu Xiao opened the door and smiled at him.

A young couple in love will feel uncomfortable even if they are separated for an hour.

They didn’t say much, and walked up to each other tacitly and hugged each other to recharge. Lu Xiao rubbed casually on his shoulder and muttered, “I miss you so much, too. I sneaked down twice when you were having dinner at night.”

Ye Cheng hugged him tighter.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps at the door.

Ye Cheng responded extremely quickly, pulling him into the pantry.

“Is there anyone?” Luo Ming’s voice came from outside, “Strange, why don’t the lights turn off after get off work.”

The two were huddled in the small pantry, breathing each other’s breath.

Lu Xiao gritted his teeth and said, “It’s him again.”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help laughing, pulled his tie and said, “Mr. Lu, don’t get angry and drink more tea.”

Lu Xiao looked down at him and took a punitive bite on his lips.

The atmosphere in the pantry became hot, Ye Cheng raised his head and responded to his kiss.

The night in the southern capital gradually elongated, melting the lingering of a room.

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The day after Li Xinghe was cheated on by her boyfriend, he went out in a disheartened way to find someone to shoot.

Friends Pao is a handsome little fresh meat with an angelic face, but he was so violent on the bed that he almost killed him.

Li Xinghe couldn’t afford it, so he picked up his pants and ran away. This morning is the freshman orientation day, and as the head of the student union, he has to pick up freshmen at the door.

Among the new students was a very famous junior named Zhao Qingbei.

Not because of anything else, but because he is the son of a leading man in the industry, and this boss is not only a well-known alumnus, but also just donated a building to the school.

Li Xinghe was hinted by the chairman that he should be included in the student union first.

However, Zhao Qingbei didn’t slap him, and every time he replied, he must not exceed two words.

【Um】【Oh】【Know】【Don’t go】

Li Xinghe gritted his teeth, thinking that this person was too pretentious.

On the day of school, under the scorching sun, a tall figure covered the sun.

A familiar deep voice sounded above his head, “Senior, how can I get to the administrative building?”

Li Xinghe raised his head, he was stupid – isn’t this the pao friend from last night!

Zhao Qingbei squinted his eyes, showed a pure smile, and took out something from his pocket, “Senior, what are you doing in such a hurry, the earrings are left with me.”

Everyone in the student council looked at them.

Since then, Gao Lengkuo’s younger brother has become a sticky green tea essence.

“Senior, your new hairstyle today is so pretty.”

“I envy your boyfriend, seeing you every day.”

“It’s all my fault, don’t fight because of me.”

Until one day, Li Xinghe’s parents took him to see his little bamboo horse who “fingered the marriage”. Zhao Qingbei emerged from the door, blinked his eyes and greeted, “Senior, we meet again.”

Li Xinghe: …?

*Yanba Judio Green Tea Junior Brother Attack & Dare to Love Dare to Hate bluffing senior

*It’s about the story of Gong’s secret love and secret poking, waiting for him to break up and take the opportunity to take the lead


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