Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 13

Jiang Jin was waiting in the canteen under the scorching sun, and soon saw Lu Xiao approaching him.

“Brother Xiao, there is only pure water.” He raised the bag in his hand and said, “I bought three bottles.”

Lu Xiao took the water in silence, unscrewed the cap of the bottle and took a gulp.

Jiang Jin handed him the small fan and said with concern, “Fan it quickly, your face is getting hot.”

Maybe it’s really too hot, Lu Xiao thought to himself.

He picked up the small fan and blew it on his face.

After a while, the heat on his face dissipated a lot, but he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

It clearly sounded like a joke, but it made his heart feel like a blow, and he turned and walked away without even saying hello.

Thinking of the slightly embarrassing behavior just now, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Under the umbrella, Huang Shengan’s jaw almost dropped.

“You, do you really like men? You didn’t play with me, did you?” he stammered.

Ye Cheng calmly said: “What are you doing, you are not fun.”

Huang Sheng’an’s face turned red and white, and he seemed to be hit hard. It took five minutes before he regained consciousness.

He looked at Ye Cheng tentatively and asked, “So, the gossip on the forum is true?”

“What gossip?” Ye Cheng was puzzled.

Huang Shengan said, “It’s you and you at the same table… Are you together? I mean, no wonder he was jealous last time.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

“You two are really together?” Huang Shengan’s eyes widened.


“Impossible! There’s something wrong with your expression!”

“believe it or not.”

Under the shade of the tree, Xu Chao began to urge everyone to gather.

Huang Shengan was so curious that he could only go back to his class because of the roll call.

Before leaving, he glanced at Ye Cheng resentfully, as if he was certain that he was already in love.

Ye Cheng was aroused by him and wondered what the forum was discussing.

The troops started to leave.

The stairs on the mountain road are very narrow and can only accommodate two people walking side by side.

Before going up the mountain, everyone voluntarily lined up according to the seating order.

Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao were in the penultimate row, climbing the mountain side by side.

After about half an hour, we reached the halfway up the mountain.

Seeing that they were too tired, Xu Chao asked everyone to rest first.

All the places in the shade were occupied by the girls, and the boys sat around, exhaustingly blowing the fans.

Ye Cheng was sweating a lot, and the neck and collarbone exposed at the neckline were dripping with sweat.

The cold white skin has always been exposed to the sun, and his whole body is flushed with the blush after exercise.

The white T sticks to the skin and is very uncomfortable.

He tugged at his clothes to dissipate heat, and suddenly his eyes darkened.

A baseball cap was pressed down over his head, tightly covering his face.

Ye Cheng raised her head and met Lu Xiao’s gaze.

“It’s too hot to wear, let’s wear it for a while.” Lu Xiao avoided his gaze and fiddled with the sweaty Liuhai.

He stood in front of Ye Cheng, and his random movements attracted the attention of others.

Under the brim of his hat, the corners of Ye Cheng’s mouth raised slightly.

He clearly wanted to give him the hat, but he still had to make excuses. Is this an awkward high school boy?

Lu Xiao couldn’t see his expression clearly, and his eyes fell back on the loose neckline.

The pure white collar clings to the wet skin, and a small piece of collarbone is like an upside-down bowl, delicate and attractive.

Why do some people look so good even when they sweat?

The image in the dream reappeared in front of me.

Clavicles full of traces, slender white ankles…

Lu Xiao abruptly looked away, his Adam’s apple moved up and down.

He covered his forehead with his hand, feeling the sun seem to be getting bigger.

After resting for ten minutes at the mountainside, Xu Chao continued to walk up with everyone.

“Teacher, how long does it take to get to the top of the mountain?”

“It’s so hot, why do you want to climb the mountain this season.”

The crowd cried out.

Xu Chao cheered them on: “Come on! Hold on for a while, it’s almost there. Let’s sing a song to boost morale. What do you want to sing?”

No one cares.

Xu Chao saw that he was a little cold, so he threw a very attractive topic.

“There are bicycles and ropes on the top of the mountain, so you don’t have to walk when you go down.”

This aroused everyone’s desire to fight.

The Emperor’s Mausoleum was a few hundred meters away from the top of the mountain, but after coming up, everyone was paralyzed and didn’t want to move.

There are commissaries and car rental points on the top of the mountain, and the commissary is full of people.

Ye Cheng sat on the bench fanning, his mouth was dry from exhaustion.

In order to reduce the weight of his backpack, he put drinks on the bus before going up the mountain.

I originally thought of buying water at the top of the mountain, but I didn’t expect that the team had already lined up from the canteen to the door of the toilet.

“Is there still water?” he asked Lu Xiao next to him.

Lu Xiao turned to find Jiang Jin, another bottle of water was in his schoolbag.

However, Jiang Jin didn’t even have a shadow, so he didn’t know where he went.

Lu Xiao put half of the water in his hand on the chair, got up and said, “I’ll ask where Jiang Jin is.”

“No, I’ll take two sips.” Ye Cheng couldn’t wait, and picked up the water he put down.

Lu Xiao opened his mouth.

Before he could stop it, he saw his lips stick to the place where he had drank.


Ye Cheng looks thin everywhere, but his lips are a bit chubby.

The color is light and fresh, and the lines are smooth and beautiful.

To put it bluntly, it looks like a very kissable one.

He opened his mouth and drank the water from the bottle, gulping down his throat.

For a moment, Lu Xiao only felt that his whole body was on fire.

The unidentified shock that was too strong made his head numb.

That’s… I drank it.

The words that had reached his mouth were stuck in his throat.

Suddenly he couldn’t say a word.

Ye Cheng finished drinking the water, put down the bottle, and found that he had been staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked suspiciously.

Lu Xiao looked at him stiffly, and briefly glanced at the bottle in his hand.

In just a few seconds, Ye Cheng understood what was going on.

… No, he wouldn’t be shy.

Ye Cheng was a little shocked, he didn’t expect him to be so innocent.

Didn’t he just take a sip of his water?

Lu Xiao sat back in disguise, but the tips of his red ears revealed his inner thoughts.

For a time, a seemingly non-existent embarrassment spread in the air.

Mixed with the hot and humid temperature, it nourishes the inexplicable ambiguity.

Ye Cheng didn’t know why his reaction was so strong, but as the only adult in the audience besides Xu Chao, he subconsciously wanted to take the initiative to resolve this embarrassment.

Not far away, several girls were riding bicycles to play.

He broke the silence and said, “That car looks good to ride.”

Lu Xiao didn’t seem to want to stay here either, looked up and said, “Do you want to ride?”

Ye Cheng just said it casually, he said embarrassedly: “But I can’t ride a bike.”

It’s a bit hard to say, he has a poor sense of balance, and he can never handle this kind of two-wheeled.

However, there is basically no need to ride a bicycle, and the driver drives him.

“I’ll teach you.” Lu Xiao said.

His voice was lowered a little, not always impatient as usual, as if he suddenly became very patient.

Ye Cheng didn’t expect him to say this, “…No need.”

teach him?

Why does it sound like the kind of preschool children who have to be supported? It’s shameful to think about it.

But Lu Xiao said, “It’s okay, don’t you want to play, give it a try.”

At his invitation, Ye Cheng had no choice but to dig a hole and dance with tears, and bit the bullet and went with him to rent a car.

Lu Xiao supported the back seat in advance, patted the seat and said, “Come up.”

Ye Cheng was so ashamed, and felt more and more like a child, forced to learn to ride a bicycle.

What a pain in the ass.

A few girls gathered next to each other, and one of them was Tan Xiaoqi.

She covered her mouth and whispered, “Ah, ah, I’ll just say they are ambiguous! Family, did I talk nonsense?”

“My God, what kind of stinky couple throwing dog food is this. Will Guan Yu teach Zhang Fei to ride a horse?”

“One thing to say, I’ve never seen a brother so gentle. It’s scary. He was smiling just now.”

“…To tell you the truth, after Ye Meimei came to our class, this was the first time I saw him smile.”

“Are you talking, are you talking?”

The two parties had no idea that they had come out in public.

When Xu Chao calmly paced past, the three girls could not wait to rush over to block the cabinet door.

Ye Cheng originally thought that this would be a disaster, but then unexpectedly found it quite interesting.

He jerked around, leaving a mark like a winding earthworm.

Lu Xiao never let go of his hand, and followed behind him step by step, giving people a sense of security.

The wheel rolled over the uneven stone pavement, rolled over a stone, and the body vibrated.

Ye Cheng let out an exclamation, and reflexively wanted to stretch out his foot and step on the ground.

The man behind him stabilized the car with only one hand and said, “It’s okay, keep riding.”

The grass in the cracks of the slate was crushed down and stood up again, as if it couldn’t contain the throbbing that kept growing wildly.

“Don’t let go.” Ye Cheng’s voice was rarely trembling.

Lu Xiao suddenly thought of trying to tease him, and pretended to let go of his hand as a mischief.

“Hey!” The body shook, Ye Cheng lost his balance and fell to one side.

In the next second, Lu Xiao reached out and supported his waist.

The wide hem conceals the waistline.

Unexpectedly, he took a chance, and didn’t touch his thin abdominal muscles until the clothes were wrinkled.

I didn’t expect his waist to be so thin, Lu Xiao thought in a mess.

Ye Cheng’s waist has always been a sensitive zone, to the extent that a stranger will jump up when touched.

Being hugged so unexpectedly, he clenched his teeth subconsciously and didn’t shout.

“You!” He tilted his head slightly annoyed.

Seeing that he made people angry, Lu Xiao quickly retracted his hand and grabbed the back seat, and said in a slow voice, “I’m kidding you, don’t let go.”

The heat left in his palm was lingering, and the place where he had just stayed was on fire.

Ye Cheng took a deep breath and concentrated on continuing to ride.

Over time, his control became smoother and smoother.

This is probably the least challenging learning to drive without ever falling.

Lu Xiao gradually let go, and said with a low smile, “Look, you can learn.”

For some reason, the voice in my ear seemed to overlap with another voice.

In the past, whenever he completed a project well, Lu Xiao would say with praise and pride: “Look, we can always do it well, don’t put so much pressure on yourself.”

Ye Cheng felt a certain corner of his heart softened unconsciously.

When it was time to return, Jiang Jin finally appeared.

He went to Class 9 to find Jiang Yirong, but he forgot that the water he bought for Ye Cheng was still with him.

When he got into the car, he squeezed next to Ye Cheng and asked, “Brother Cheng, are you two reconciled?”

Xu Chao took the roster and read a name to get on the bus.

Ye Cheng glanced at Lu Xiao, who was walking at the back. Although there were many people in the middle, he could still see his size at a glance.

“Can you borrow me to copy the homework in the future?” Jiang Jin said eagerly, “I copied Brother Xiao’s English for a few days, and Sister Wang said that if I do this again, I will ask my parents.”

Before he realized that the two quarreled, he naively thought that Lu Xiao’s English was copied from Ye Cheng, so he copied it with confidence.

Who knew that it was almost all wrong for a few days in a row, and Wang Lili was so angry that he scolded him in the face.

Ye Cheng laughed and said, “Is it that difficult? Just memorize more words.”

Jiang Jin said bitterly: “Don’t mention it, I always forget it after memorizing it. Brother Xiao is better than me, I bet he can’t even play Unit1.”

Ye Cheng stroked his chin thoughtfully, no wonder he scribbled all the English exams.

Jiang Jin followed him into the car and sat down beside him.

The people behind got on one after another, until finally, Lu Xiao got up.

He stood in the aisle and looked down at Jiang Jin.

“Get up.” Lu Xiao said.

The people around looked up at him.

Jiang Jin thought he wanted to sit with him, so he glanced at Ye Cheng apologetically, for fear that he would be embarrassed.

“Brother Xiao, why don’t you sit with the monitor, there are no more seats left.” He pointed to the front row and said, it’s not good to leave Ye Cheng alone.

Who knows, Lu Xiao said impatiently: “You go to the front, I want to sit here.”

The others snickered and looked at Jiang Jin amusingly.

Jiang Jin was dumbfounded, and after a few seconds, he got up angrily and said, “The clown is actually me, sit down together! Very good!”

Lu Xiao sat down in his seat, and out of the corner of his eye saw Ye Cheng still looking at him.

“What are you looking at, haven’t you seen a handsome guy?” he said unnaturally.

Ye Cheng took out her phone and said, “Are you sleepy?”

Lu Xiao thought he wanted to play games, and immediately regained his energy: “Not sleepy, let’s start a game?”

Ye Cheng said: “Then let’s memorize the words, starting from Unit 1, I will beat you to memorize.”

Lu Xiao: “?”

So for an hour on the road, Lu Xiao was forced to memorize the words in the first four units.

He was not happy to find it himself, even if the blue veins burst out, he could only endure it all the way.

The words spit out from Ye Cheng’s beautiful lips were like a haunting spell that caused a headache, and he didn’t want to hear it a second time in his life.

How can this be.

After getting out of the car, Lu Xiao’s head was still confused.

Everyone went back to class and it was time for dinner.

I thought it would be possible to leave school early today, but Xu Chao said that he would go to self-study at night as usual.

The sudden bad news made everyone complain.

Xu Chao is like a scumbag who turns his face after playing, leaning on the podium and sneering: “I still have the heart to complain, and I don’t even want to look at the mid-term exam next week. The parent meeting of the last monthly exam was temporarily cancelled, this time is not the case. I’ll let you go again.”

“I can’t do it anymore, I’m really tired, teacher.” Li Junxiao fell on the table.

Xu Chao glared at him, “Are you still tired? What do you think you’re doing under my nose? I don’t know, right? You, Tan Xiaoqi, Zhang Tao, Ke Huimin, wait for a visit to my office.”

The names he reported were all made by the class.

The classroom was silent for a moment, and everyone looked at each other and made eye contact silently.

As soon as Xu Chao left, the class exploded.

Jiang Jin turned his head and said, “Fuck, Lao Xu’s eyes are so sharp, an autumn tour caught them all out.”

Ye Cheng walked for a day, holding his head wearily and said, “Puppy love is easy to get caught.”

Children think that they are well hidden, but the atmosphere between the two cannot be deceived.

“Brother Orange, you sound very experienced, have you talked about it before?” Jiang Jin smirked.

Ye Cheng said casually, “That’s right.”

Lu Xiao looked at him, the pen in his hand clenched tightly.

Because Xu Chao talked to a few people today, the atmosphere of the evening self-study was sloppy.

Everyone knows that he has no time to come to inspect, and after playing for a day, he has no intention of studying at all, and he is reading novels on his mobile phone underneath.

Ye Cheng didn’t rest well at noon, and lay on the table weakly and sleepy.

He rested his head on his arm and closed his eyes, facing the window.

The long eyelashes were reflected on the lower eyelid, and the sleeping appearance was completely absent from the usual arrogance and indifference, only a broken feeling that people dared not touch.

Lu Xiao didn’t know how long he had been looking at this posture.

The classroom was silent except for the sound of fans turning and paper turning pages.

The quiet environment made his thoughts more chaotic.

That specious joke has been lingering in my ears all day, accompanied by a strange and fresh feeling.

“Laugh to death, I’m not straight at all.”

So is it a joke, or is it serious?

If he doesn’t like girls, then the ones he talked about before were also boys?

The question rose and exploded in my mind like a bubbling soda in the sun.

Lu Xiao held a black pen in his right hand and rested it on his left in a relaxed posture.

He looked too intently and didn’t notice that the fountain pen was getting closer and closer to Ye Cheng’s school uniform cuff.

Through the half-opened glass window, the night breeze brought a faint scent of flowers.

He seemed to smell the bellflower, and it seemed to be just an illusion.

Ye Cheng moved suddenly, and the cuff of his cuff hit the tip of the pen.

Lu Xiao regained his senses and quickly moved his hand away.

But the black pen still left a scratch on the white school uniform.

He frowned, wondering if it was to wake Ye Cheng or to soil his school uniform.

Ye Cheng changed his posture unconsciously and continued to fall asleep.

Lu Xiao’s heart skipped a beat.

The ink marks on the school uniforms weave the biggest secret of this summer.

He stared at the dirty place, and there was a voice in his heart like a drum.

—What kind of boy would someone like Ye Cheng like?



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