Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 14

After the autumn tour, the school started the mid-term exam preparation mode.

This time the exam is the joint entrance examination of Nandu University, and it is also to ring the preparatory bell for the college entrance examination in advance, so the school leaders attach great importance to it.

For a school like No. 13 Middle School, it’s not the top students who want to be caught, but the bottom group.

As long as the countdown isn’t too stretched, the school’s overall ranking will improve.

In gym class on Tuesday afternoon, there was the first spectacle since enrollment.

—Lu Xiao didn’t go to play basketball, but sat opposite his desk, sitting under the shade of a tree to endorse.

All those who passed by had to take a peek and drop their jaws.

The discussion in the melon group is in full swing.

Soymilk rice mochi: [What’s the situation, the first brother and Ye Meiqiu are fighting the landlord? 】

Little Tang Chuan’er: [Have you ever seen two people fighting the landlord? They both looked like they were about to settle down. 】

Jiulong Wu Yanzu: [Things are different, the first brother is no longer the first brother I know, and he refuses to play basketball with me! 】

Fleeing to Happy Planet overnight: [According to Xiaoqi’s reliable information, she passed by just now and heard the two of them betting, it seems that whoever can’t memorize it will call the other party’s father. 】

Human disqualification:【? ? ? 】

Xiaodoubaoer: [? ? ? 】

Jiulong Wu Yanzu: […You don’t **** black a brother! What is this set of Homo sapiens [cry]]

Ye Cheng casually flipped through the electronic notes in the phone and asked: “Mother, the first eldest maid is also the second grandmother, the first concubine cares deeply. Translate it again.”

Lu Xiao’s face was not very good-looking, and he said mechanically, “Grandma, the maid of the deceased grandmother, has been breastfeeding for two generations, and her mother was very kind to her.”

“You still have this problem, you are too blunt.” Ye Cheng frowned, “First eldest mother-in-law, that ‘also’ was eaten by you?”

Lu Xiao corrected irritably: “grandmother, she is—the maid of the deceased grandmother.”

Ye Cheng said coldly, “Will the teacher listen to your explanation during the exam? If you lose 0.5 points for one ‘also’, keep calling.”

Lu Xiao’s face was full of dissatisfaction, and he hesitated.

Under his cool gaze, he still gritted his back molars and shouted unwillingly, “Dad.”

“It’s your time to ask.” Ye Cheng gave him the phone.

Lu Xiao regained his energy and vowed to make a comeback, and began to bombard him indiscriminately.

“What do you mean by different fathers?”

“Wait until the uncles and uncles split up.”

“Chen Yi provides for the ownerless ‘Yi’, translation.”


“It’s the length of the day that the minister is devoted to His Majesty, what sentence pattern?”

“Prepositional phrase postfix.”

Lu Xiao was annoyed: “I have called you a dozen times, but you didn’t call out a single one. You all stole it in advance, right?”

Ye Cheng said calmly, “Not only did I memorize it in advance, but I also know the sentence you asked just now, which is on page 37 of the textbook.”

With his face “If you don’t agree, hold it back”, Lu Xiao choked.

Ye Cheng said contemptuously, “Caiji, can you pass this time?”

Zhang Qi, who was passing by and looking at them with a gloomy face, overheard these two words.

His legs were weak, and he almost stumbled and fell.

Vegetables, veggies?

There was someone who dared to call Lu Xiao, a rookie…

Zhang Qi looked at them blankly.

Lu Xiao didn’t throw a right uppercut as he thought, but clenched his fist and snorted heavily.

“If I don’t pass, I’ll take your surname.”

Zhang Qi’s people are all stupid, and the three views are broken into pieces.

The examination room for the mid-term examination is based on the ranking of the monthly examination.

Ye Cheng was also well-known in No. 13 Middle School. Even between exams, there were people who took advantage of the toilet to take a look at the first seat in the first exam room.

Li Junxiao even took the lead in coaxing, announcing that Ye Shen once again ascended the throne, and this seat will be the throne of God since then.

After the exam, he brought people from Class 20 over and touched the stools that Ye Cheng sat on one by one, saying that he wanted to feel happy.

After the last door, we ushered in a seven-day National Day holiday.

Before the festival, Xu Chao organized a class gathering.

As soon as the bell rang, everyone rushed out of the exam room impatiently.

There was a lot of noise in the classroom, all discussing the evening meal.

Lu Xiao and Jiang went in and took a taxi, Ye Cheng sat in his seat and packed his schoolbags unhurriedly.

He received half of it, his eyes darkened, and a figure flashed by.

“Ye Cheng, can I ask the answer to this question?”

The squad leader stood in front of him, holding the scratch paper and looking at him expectantly.

Hu Jiawei wears a pair of glasses, looks simple and honest, and is usually silent except for management discipline.

I heard that he was a poor student when he was a freshman in high school, and he was bullied by Zhang Qi and the others for a while.

Ye Cheng wasn’t in a hurry, so he did the math on the scratch paper for him to see.

The first time Hu Jiawei didn’t understand, but he didn’t dare to ask.

Seeing his confused eyes, Ye Cheng explained it to him in detail again.

Hu Jiawei suddenly realized, and said repeatedly: “Thank you, you are such a nice person.”

Although everyone in the class regards Ye Cheng as the **** of learning, few people ask him serious questions.

The atmosphere of this class is like this, just copy without asking.

Ye Cheng was quite fond of classmates like him, nodded to him, and went out with his schoolbag on his back.

The restaurant Xu Chao booked was a Cantonese restaurant ten minutes away from the school by car.

There were 26 people in their class, and they asked for a large private room with three tables.

After everyone sat down one after another, they began to pass the menu to order.

Ye Cheng was sitting between Lu Xiao and Li Junxiao. Since the last incident between Li Junxiao and Tan Xiaoqi was discovered, Xu Chao hit the couple with the killer stick.

The hard-working couple could only be separated by a table, and Tan Xiaoqi sat at Xu Chao’s table.

Ye Cheng looked at the Cantonese food on the menu and didn’t know what to order.

Although he is not a picky eater, he has never been able to eat sweets, so he glanced at the menu and passed it on to Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao picked up the pen and ticked a few times.

After ordering, the waiter came to collect the menu.

“For the seasoning of the crispy pigeon, please add salt and pepper and chili powder.” Lu Xiao told her.

“Okay.” The waiter nodded while remembering.

Lu Xiao glanced at the menu and said, “Get another black pepper.”

Ye Cheng glanced at him, and Lu Xiao said to him, “You can sprinkle some black pepper into the pork bone soup, it tastes very good.”

“How do you know I like spicy food?” Ye Cheng asked with his chin up.

“You eat crayfish too spicy.” Seeing the look in his eyes, Lu Xiao explained immediately, “The lady boss said it, not me.”

Ye Cheng smiled.

While waiting for the dishes, we suggested to play a game for a while.

Jiang Jin was very excited as soon as he arrived at this kind of stage, and he said: “Let’s warm up with a ‘Every Seven Pass’ first, how about drinking a cup of dark food for the loser?”

Li Junxiao couldn’t sit with his girlfriend and became very immoral: “How about we put three cups, one of which is white vinegar, and the loser chooses a cup with his eyes closed.”

“This is good! Just play like this!”

Their table is usually very active boys, began to expectantly try to push each other into the pit.

In the first round, it just hung up at 56.

Amid the noise, Hu Jiawei drank pure water.

“Fuck, you secretly opened your eyes!” Jiang Jin shouted unconvinced.

“That’s right, I must have peeked!”

“The people next to you in the next round help cover your eyes, otherwise it will be too shameless.”

After a few laps, almost everyone had a bad turn once.

Only Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng, these two were so compelling that they didn’t even pause for a second.

Others began to sit still.

“Brother Xiao, Brother Cheng, it’s boring like this.” Jiang Jin said, “You two don’t take it so seriously, anyway, it’s difficult to be the same.”

Lu Xiao laughed and scolded: “Being the same as your mother, I hate the smell of vinegar the most.”

Ye Cheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, eh? I hate vinegar the most.

The waiters began to serve dishes one after another, and everyone continued to play while eating.

Ye Cheng and Li Junxiao looked at each other, and the two of them suddenly felt blessed and exchanged glances with each other.

Li Junxiao cleared his throat and said, “The last one, start with me, 47.”

Ye Cheng: “48.”

Lu Xiao calmly clapped his palm.

Jiang Jin: “50.”

As the numbers passed, everyone was distracted by the food, smiling and waiting for the last lucky one to appear.

Ye Cheng touched Lu Xiao with her leg under the table, and said, “Help me grab some shrimp dumplings, I can’t reach them.”

Lu Xiao was hit by his leg, his heart tightened, and before he had time to think, he raised his hand first.

He stretched out his arms and clamped the shrimp dumplings, wanting to put them in Yecheng’s bowl.

When the pair of chopsticks were still in the air, Ye Cheng reached out and took the shrimp dumplings away with his hands.

Lu Xiao’s movements froze for a moment, and the whole person froze in place.

Li Junxiao was there again, he smiled and said, “55.”

Ye Cheng piled the shrimp dumplings on his right cheek, forming a packet to chew slowly, raised his hand and patted his palm.

Lu Xiao’s mind was short-circuited for a while, and he didn’t pick up the next number.

The air was quiet for two seconds, and Jiang Jin immediately patted the table and shouted, “Brother Xiao! Hahahaha, it’s finally your time!”

The whole table was boiling.

“Brother Xiao! Drink! Brother Xiao! Drink!”

Usually, these people would dare to be presumptuous in front of school bullies, but now they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, all of them are like sloppy monkeys.

The other two tables looked over and laughed at them.

The corner of Ye Cheng’s mouth also showed a smile, and his eyes met Lu Xiao’s.

Lu Xiao instantly understood what he was saying, but he wasn’t even angry. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Okay, just wait.”

“Come on, Brother Xiao.” Ye Cheng put the three cups in front of him.

He has always called him by his first name, but at this time, he called him “Brother Xiao” just like them with a bit of teasing.

Lu Xiao glanced at him lightly, the look in his eyes was a little unclear, but it looked like a person’s bones were crisp.

Jiang Jin didn’t think it was a big deal to watch the fun, and said without fear of death: “Close your eyes, we’re going to be jealous!”

“Do you hear me? Close your eyes.” Ye Cheng repeated his words calmly.

Although it was well concealed, there was still a hint of schadenfreude.

How can I describe the feeling of seeing Lu Xiao deflated in my lifetime.

He leaned forward decisively and covered Lu Xiao’s eyes with his palms.

The girls at the next table took a deep breath.

As soon as Lu Xiao closed his eyelids, he was covered by a thin and soft hand.

The fingertips were attached to the ends of his eyes and the bridge of his nose, and the delicate lines of the palms covered his eyelids.

The skin was warm, and the fingertips seemed to be beating with a pulse.

Lu Xiao once carefully looked at Ye Cheng’s hand.

The reason is that one day in class, the teacher read a poem.

“Both knives are like water, Wu Yan wins over snow, and his hands break new oranges.”

High school students are very sensitive to homophonic stalks. When Jiang Jin heard this, he turned his head and winked: “Slim hands broke new oranges, new oranges, orange brothers.”

Lu Xiao followed his line of sight and landed on Ye Cheng’s hand supporting his head.

Light white as jade, with slender fingers, neatly trimmed and rounded fingernails, and a pen casually tucked between his fingertips.

At that moment, he thought of the kind of movie he had seen before.

The heroine’s hand slid from top to bottom, and it was also Bai Shengsheng’s hand.

Now, the hand is covering his eyes.

Ye Cheng’s clear voice rang in his ears, pulling his thoughts back.

“Choose a drink.”

Lu Xiao licked his lower lip, vaguely feeling a little thirsty.

He pointed casually and said, “This cup.”

Jiang Jin hurriedly said, “Are you sure? Don’t think about it anymore?”

“Just this cup.”

The table was full of sighs, and everyone showed expressions of disappointment.

Jiang Jin said angrily, “Brother Xiao, go buy a lottery ticket, it’s a pity not to.”

“You still want to **** me off, who gave you the guts.” Lu Xiao took the water cup Ye Cheng handed over and sneered.

The hand on his eyes was taken away, Lu Xiao opened his eyes, and did not look at Ye Cheng who was staring at him.

He picked up the water glass and drank it all at once, but the heat on his eyelids lingered.

After eating half full, the other two tables also began to play games.

The living room of the private room is very large, and there are even people playing with three legs, and the atmosphere immediately becomes lively.

Xu Chao smiled and said, “You two or two, whoever wins will give me a red envelope of 100 yuan.”

Everyone howled immediately, and the boys ran around in excitement.

“Brother Xu is proud! Brother Xu yyds!”

“Ah ah ah, who is with me? I want to win, I want to win!”

“Love you! Brother Xu!”

Xu Chao said, “Has anyone signed up?”

Everyone raised their hands and shook, and the voices were deafening.

Xu Chao smiled and said something random: “You two come here, you two come too, only the same sex, not the opposite sex.”

He saw two people in the distance who didn’t raise their hands, and said, “Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao, don’t get along with each other, you guys come too.”

Everyone made a voice of envy, jealousy and hatred, and someone said, “Teacher, you are partial to the representatives of the math class.”

“He usually doesn’t help me with my work, what’s wrong with being eccentric.” Xu Chao took care of the calf for granted.

Xu Chao said: “If you don’t play with two and three legs, you will be easily injured. Let’s guess the object blindfolded. Whoever guesses correctly will win.”

Everyone was even more annoyed: “So simple?!”

Tan Xiaoqi and a few girls found some cloth strips and came over to cover their eyes.

Li Junxiao wanted to take advantage of the chaos to talk to Tan Xiaoqi for a while, and reached out to pull her, but she was thrown away.

She stood unswervingly between Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao, holding an orange in her hand, with a “don’t want to disturb the old lady’s CP” attitude.

Xu Chao happily commanded: “If you guess it, tell the answer, get ready – start!”

Everyone rubbed their faces against the things in the middle.

Tan Xiaoqi put the orange between them, took a deep breath, and said, “It’s time to start guessing.”

Ye Cheng slowly leaned to the right, and his cheek touched a cold and round object.

He moved his lips, and just as he was about to guess whether it was an apple or not, he heard an exclamation from the girl behind him.

As soon as the sound came, a soft object swept across his earlobe.

With a little human body temperature, the two petals are stacked together, like… lips.

Ye Cheng trembled all over, as if a wave of electricity swept from the earlobe to the heart.

What is this guy doing.

Tan Xiaoqi covered her mouth with her hand and almost rolled her eyes.

Ye Cheng didn’t dare to move, the familiar and unfamiliar breathing sound was clearly audible.

After a while, Lu Xiao’s low and slightly hoarse voice sounded in his ears: “It’s an orange.”

Tan Xiaoqi tried her best to stabilize her emotions and said, “Congratulations, congratulations, you answered correctly…”

Jiang Jin applauded frantically: “Awesome! We are the fastest!”

“These two guys are cheap.” Xu Chao smiled and shook his head.

Lu Xiao took off the cloth strip in a round of applause, out of some kind of revenge, he just kept close on purpose.

At the time of the mess, and I don’t know where the rubbing was, Ye Cheng couldn’t even move.

He turned around with a bit of pride, “It’s too simple…”

Halfway through speaking, he stopped.

Ye Cheng was struggling to remove the cloth strip, and looking from the side, his face and ears were red as if he had a fever.

Not only that, but the arm under the sleeve of the school uniform was also red.


Lu Xiao couldn’t help but cursed in his heart.

I’ve never seen anyone before, and when I’m embarrassed, my whole body is red.



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