Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 15

Xu Chao did what he said, and immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a red envelope to the two.

Everyone was drooling with envy, Jiang Jin tried to grab a piece of the pie.

After returning to his seat, Ye Cheng didn’t talk much to Lu Xiao again.

Both of them chatted with the people next to each other, occasionally looking at each other and looking away.

This delicate atmosphere continued until the end of the class.

After everyone went home, they reluctantly said goodbye.

Ye Cheng took a taxi home, took a shower and started doing homework.

Because the second semester of high school is going to take the exam, the teachers of the associate subjects are crazy to assign homework.

During the National Day holiday, the papers were piled up like a hill, and it was impossible to finish the papers without spending five or six hours a day.

I wrote until after twelve o’clock and finished all the geography papers.

After lying down on the bed, Ye Cheng couldn’t sleep.

From the moment he got home, he tried desperately to find something to do for himself, trying to forget some pictures.

But once I lay down, those scenes couldn’t help but come to my mind.

He remembered that when he covered Lu Xiao’s eyes, the focus was attracted by the tall nose bridge and thin lips.

It was those two lips that inadvertently brushed against his earlobe.

The ears and neck are the two most sensitive parts of his upper body.

When in bed, Lu Xiao also likes to kiss him the most.

Maybe it’s been too long since he vented, Ye Cheng couldn’t help but feel a little confused, and his head was in a mess.

Lu Xiao is the best at kissing and the best at oral sex, and it makes him dizzy every time.

This is also one of the reasons why Ye Cheng doesn’t believe in life and death, and he says he has no experience.

This technique can’t be learned without talking about a few.

After thinking about it, he had a reaction, a reaction that a man would have.

But at the same time, he felt a little guilty, so he couldn’t stop covering his eyes with the back of his hand, trying to ease this urge.

She bit her lip and lay down for more than 20 minutes, but the anger still couldn’t go away.

He had to get up and go to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

It was already one o’clock when he lay back on the bed again.

Sleeping and unable to sleep, Ye Cheng frantically turned on his mobile phone to browse the circle of friends.

As soon as I opened it, I saw a message posted by Lu Xiao five minutes ago.

Suspect X: Damn, insomnia.

The comments of Jiang Jin, the little prince staying up late, appeared very quickly below.

Jiang Jin: What’s the matter, Bao, do you miss me?

Suspect X: Go away.

Ye Cheng withdrew, hesitated for a moment, or sent a message to ask: [What’s wrong? 】

It was quiet for a while, and replied: [It’s nothing, I had a nightmare. 】

Ye Cheng: [What nightmare? 】

He waited for a long time, but he didn’t receive any news from Lu Xiao, and even thought for a while that the wireless network at home was broken.

It wasn’t until his eyelids started to fight up and down that the phone vibrated.

Suspect X: [Go to bed early, good night. 】

Ye Cheng: “…”

No return on a good deed.

He silently turned off the phone and closed his eyes to sleep.

In the dark night, Lu Xiao sat alone by the bed.

There was no light on in the bedroom, only the sound of his slightly heavy breathing could be heard.

After the protagonist of the nightmare finished caring about him, he fell asleep.

After many days, he dreamed of Ye Cheng again for no reason.

The same dream as before.

The same sofa, the same picture.

This time, he could clearly see the tattoo on Ye Cheng’s ankle—foreverlove.

The seven-day vacation passed in a flash, and on the first day of school, there was a self-study early, and the class was rarely full at six o’clock.

“Help ah ah ah, who can show me the physical answer?”

“Where is Ye Shen, where is his English test paper? I’m going crazy!”

“What time does homework close? Is it nine o’clock?”

Half of them were scrambling to copy homework, and the other half were scrambling to answer the questions.

With two dark circles under his eyes, Lu Xiao calmly copied the two-meter-long English test paper.

Jiang Jin looked back with a sad face and said, “Brother Xiao, how are you copying? Give it to me when you’re done.”

Lu Xiao said calmly, “It’s just the beginning.”

“Isn’t it, how long will it take?” Jiang Jin was dying of anxiety. “My God, where is my brother Orange? I want to ask him to borrow history.”

Lu Xiao didn’t lift his head, his writing speed was flying fast: “Five minutes.”

And Ye Cheng, who was highly anticipated, was squatting on the toilet with a bad stomach at the moment.

The hallway is eerily quiet today, and no one has time to run out to smoke and go to the toilet.

After he washed his hands and came out, he passed by the smoking settlement.

When he came to the corner, he heard a muffled whimper.

Ye Cheng’s footsteps stopped, and her ears moved.

The voice became clearer and clearer, accompanied by a low growl and the sound of hitting the wall.

He frowned, thinking that someone was bullying the students, and immediately turned around and walked there.

However, when he walked to the entrance of the corridor, he saw a familiar figure.

It is Hu Jiawei.

He was pounding the wall with his fists as he cried, his face contorted with pain.

Sobbing until his shoulders twitched.

The books in the schoolbag on the ground were scattered all over the place, and a few were torn by violence, and a paper cutter lay beside it.

Coincidentally, Ye Cheng happened to meet his eyes.

Hu Jiawei choked, and before he could take back his tears, he looked at him with blurry eyes.

Ye Cheng had to bite the bullet and say, “…Are you all right?”

After being asked this, Hu Jiawei’s tears welled up again.

He took off his glasses, wiped his face, lowered his head and said, “Thank you, I’m fine.”

For some reason, seeing him like this, Ye Cheng suddenly remembered hearing about someone jumping off the building in the 13th Middle School before.

Although it is gossip, it seems to be caused by school violence.

Hu Jiawei usually has no friends in the class, and he doesn’t talk much. He looks a little autistic.

Ye Cheng looked at the paper cutter on the ground, and his heart skipped a beat.

He dismissed the idea of ​​leaving, walked over slowly and said, “Are you in a bad mood, has someone bullied you?”

Perhaps because he had a good impression of him before, Hu Jiawei did not reject his approach too much.

Ye Cheng walked in front of him and took the opportunity to kick the paper cutter a little further away.

Hu Jiawei still lowered his head and shook it silently.

“Don’t be afraid, if anyone bullies you, just say, I’ll help…” Ye Cheng paused and chose a more powerful way of persuasion, “I’ll let Lu Xiao help you beat him.”

Hu Jiawei sniffed and said, “Thank you, Ye Cheng. But no one bullies me, it’s my own problem.”

Ye Cheng looked at him and said, “If you want to say it, I promise not to tell anyone.”

It is not the first time for him to do this kind of psychological counseling work. In the past, when employees of the company were depressed, he would solve it one-on-one.

Hu Jiawei was silent for a while, and finally relaxed his vigilance.

His voice was muffled: “Mr. Xu talked to me just now, saying that I was bad in the test this time.”

“The results are out?” Ye Cheng asked.

“Hmm.” He nodded.

“My family’s conditions are not good, and my parents have worked so hard to support me to study. I feel so sorry for them.” Hu Jiawei’s tears came out again, and he quickly wiped it away.

Ye Cheng took out a tissue and handed it to him.

“Although they are poor, they have never been short of me since childhood.” He sobbed, “Thirteen Middle School is the cheapest high school in the city, but since I came here, my grades have gotten worse and worse. There are not many people in the class. The teachers don’t pay much attention to me when I study… Of course, it’s mainly my problem, it’s because I’m too easily influenced.”

His current deskmate is a boy who plays games in class all day long.

Xu Chao felt that his grades were good when he first came in, so he arranged this person for him.

Ye Cheng patted him on the shoulder: “It’s not your fault, most people are affected by the environment.”

Hu Jiawei sighed in disappointment: “If only I were like you, you are the first here.”

Ye Cheng said: “Who said that, I am also easily affected. Lu Xiao sleeps every day, which makes me feel sleepy in class.”

Hu Jiawei smiled reluctantly, and his expression softened a little.

“By the way,” Ye Cheng asked nonchalantly, “Zhang Qi and those people really don’t bother you anymore?”

He is well aware that the source of many school violence is the cowardice and unspokenness of the victims.

Hearing this, Hu Jiawei’s face changed: “Actually, they haven’t looked for me since the second year of high school. It used to be because…because I got close to Chen Zhen.”

“Who is Chen Zhen?” Ye Cheng wondered.

Hu Jiawei paused and said, “It’s Brother Xiao’s friend, but he transferred and left.”

Ye Cheng remembered what Jiang Jin said before, and it turned out to be him.

Hu Jiawei said: “Because of Chen Zhen, Brother Xiao covered me in the first year of high school. You don’t have to worry, I’m really grateful.”

Ye Cheng comforted him for a long time, and Hu Jiawei’s condition improved a little, so he went back to the classroom with him.

As soon as they entered the door on the front foot, Xu Chao came on the back foot.

He appeared at the back door with a dignified expression, and almost didn’t scare Jiang Jin to death.

A few people in the back row hurriedly covered the homework they were copying and pretended to start their morning reading.

However, Xu Chao didn’t pay attention to them at all, he walked straight to the podium and said solemnly,

“What else to read, put all the books down.”

Whispering began from below.

“It’s over, looking at Lao Xu’s face, it is estimated that our class is countdown again.”

“Then what should we do, this time we’re really going to hold a parent-teacher meeting.”

“Have you heard that someone in our class didn’t write a word of math.”

“Isn’t it, who is it? I’m pretending anyway…”

Xu Chao glanced around the class sharply, and called by name: “Hu Jiawei, take the vacation homework.”

After speaking, he received a call and walked outside the classroom.

Ye Cheng followed his line of sight and saw Hu Jiawei walking to the front of the stage with a promise.

Everyone was whispering, and no one paid any attention to him.

“Fuck it, I haven’t finished copying it yet!”

“Help, I didn’t write the big history topic, the old nun will shark me, she’s too scary!”

“What the hell, Lao Xu, you are so cruel!”

Hu Jiawei stood bewildered, with his hands down, his voice was like a mosquito humming: “Everyone, hand in your homework.”

The class was noisy and no one could hear it.

His face flushed red.

Ye Cheng looked at him.

Then he picked up his math paper, walked to the last row and said, “Lu Xiao, please help me collect the first and second sets of math homework.”

His voice was not too loud or too small, just enough to overwhelm those noises.

Everyone was quiet, and Lu Xiao’s expression stiffened little by little.

Three seconds later, he resignedly dropped the pen and got up to collect his homework.

Several other class representatives saw Ye Cheng taking the lead, and they all stood up to help collect the papers.

Hu Jiawei breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Ye Cheng gratefully.

Lu Xiao stood in the aisle expressionlessly and said, “Hand in the homework.”

Jiang Jin whispered in horror: “Brother Xiao, have you finished copying?”

“Not a word,” he said angrily.

Jiang Jin was about to burst into tears. He pressed down on the test paper and said, “Give me another five minutes! I haven’t written too many big questions, and Lao Xu will slap me!”

Lu Xiao said coldly, “Three, two, one.”

Jiang Jin’s face was ashes, and he could only let him take the test papers away.

Because Lu Xiao’s face smelled like something, no one dared to delay.

Finally, when everything was collected, he slapped a stack of test papers in front of Ye Cheng.

The other class representatives were still dawdling, and it was much more difficult than what he received. Everyone was trying their best to delay the time.

Xu Chao waited impatiently, and raised his voice to Hu Jiawei: “I have collected everything and bring it to the office. I will give you ten minutes in the end.”

Hu Jiawei responded repeatedly.

As soon as he left, Lu Xiao gritted his teeth next to Ye Cheng and said, “You are really good, I can only give a blank.”

Because Xu Chao was a math teacher, most of the first things everyone filled in were math, and only he didn’t move a word.

Ye Cheng curled the corners of his lips and turned the corners of the stack of test papers calmly.

After a few seconds, he took out the blank paper and pushed it to the person next to him.

“Ten minutes, hurry up.”

He kept his voice down when he spoke.

Lu Xiao’s eyes instantly darkened, and he said with interest, “Abusing your authority, class representative.”

Ye Cheng squinted at him, “Why, you don’t need it?”

After all, take the paper back.

Lu Xiao hurriedly reached out his hand to stop it, and placed it on the back of his hand impartially.

The warm fingertips gently brushed the skin, mixed with the thin calluses left by playing basketball all the year round, itching like an ant crawling over.

Ye Cheng shrank back secretly, but was held down by Wei Wei’s force, and the palm of his hand slammed against the cool paper.

“It’s so necessary.” Lu Xiao’s voice was a little hoarse, staring at him.



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