Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 18

Ye Cheng responded very quickly, and immediately got up from the chair and said, “It’s not like this…”

Huang Shengan reacted faster than him, slammed the door and ran away.

The force was so great that the door frame shook and a few strands of white ash fell.

This is good, the misunderstanding is directly engraved into the DNA.

Ye Cheng propped her forehead, and the dressing room was terribly quiet.

It took more than ten minutes for the two to calm down.

The atmosphere is very solid.

There was an urging from the field control outside.

Lu Xiao stood up, straightened his clothes, and said unnaturally, “It seems like it’s our turn.”

Ye Cheng exhaled.

“Let’s go.” He adjusted quickly and stretched out his hand, “When the show is over, help you celebrate your birthday.”

Lu Xiao looked at his flat palm and asked, “Is this also a birthday present?”

He didn’t say it explicitly, but both knew it was referring to the stage.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Of course not, I’ll give you a present later.”

Satisfied, Lu Xiao put his hand on his and said, “Let’s go.”

When the announcement was over, there was a commotion in the audience, and it was obvious that the expectations were not very high.

The lights dimmed, the iconic prelude sounded, and screams erupted from below.

The light beam splashed down from the top, and two figures, one black and one white, came out from behind the dancer.

The auditorium was instantly boiling, and everyone in class 20 stood on the chairs and waved and shouted.


Accompanied by the verse, the two of them twisted their bodies half against each other. If it is very close, it is not completely posted. If it is far away, it is obviously next to each other.

In an instant, the sound wave soared again, and the dean couldn’t help but look back.

“Ahhhh! Xiaocheng’s eternal god! Mom, I got it for real!”

“Where is the first brother’s hand? Help, this Nima is a stage doi!”

“He’s still laughing, he’s still laughing!”

The music in the venue was deafening, followed by two solo parts.

When Ye Cheng appeared in the middle of the backup dance, everyone understood why this “popular” program passed the trial.

In the original dance, the woman danced so **** that she felt flying.

On the basis that Ye Cheng’s actions did not change too much, he actually jumped out of an abstinence and ambiguous atmosphere.

Every time he raised his head and raised his hand, he was relaxed and easy, and the line of his neck was as beautiful as a sculpture.

Coupled with the ambiguous white tassels, the whole person is shockingly beautiful.

It’s like a high mountain flower looking at you from a distance, making people fearful and want to bully and ravage him.

Under his interpretation, this part lacks a lot of exaggerated communication, and becomes more and more provocative without knowing it.

As soon as the melody changed, Lu Xiao stepped forward from behind.

Two completely different styles were laid out in front of the audience.

All black makeup, from head to toe.

Unlike Ye Cheng’s typhoon, Lu Xiao’s almost every movement is full of strength, and the muscle contours of his arms are looming under the impact of the dance.

From the figure to the expression, including raising his eyebrows and smiling at the audience, he almost wrote the word “scumbag” on his face.

The girls below were almost hoarse.

There was a crazy delusion of being pushed against the wall and wanting to be trampled underfoot.

When Lu Xiao pulled Ye Cheng over and made a neck-biting ending pose, the atmosphere reached its peak.

The roof of the entire venue will be lifted by screams, and the cultural performance will enter the highest point tonight.

– These two people are too **** willing.

In the darkness of the curtain call, the applause was deafening.

The two ran off the stage panting and clapping each other excitedly.

Obviously, this is a stage to blow up the scene.

As soon as they walked to the backstage, a group of people gathered around.

Jiang Jin held a handful of Michigan crushed ice blue roses, rushed over and shouted, “Brother Xiao, happy seventeenth birthday—”

Everyone shouted in unison, “Happy birthday, Brother Xiao!”

Lu Xiao took the bouquet and scolded with a smile, “Who bought the roses? I’m going to beat someone up.”

Zhou Minhao said, “Brother Orange bought it! I want to beat him up!”

“Yes, Brother Orange bought it, it’s none of my business!” Jiang Jin raised his hands to clear the relationship.

Lu Xiao turned his head and saw Ye Cheng who smiled lightly.

He lowered his head and sniffed the bouquet, and said, “Well, it smells so good.”

“Brother Xiao, don’t be too double-standard!” Jiang Jin said dissatisfiedly.

Everyone was noisily going to have a big meal. Before leaving, Ye Cheng went to the dressing room and brought the gift bag with him.

Because of the biggest birthday today, Ye Cheng didn’t persuade them to drink less when they got to the bar.

Jiang Jin took the lead in pouring Lu Xiao wine, as if he would not give up until he got down on it.

Originally, Lu Xiao could handle the amount of alcohol completely, but when Jiang Jin raised the glass to Ye Cheng, he pressed the glass down with one hand.

“Drink with me, just drink with me, don’t **** respect it.” His voice was a little drunk.

Except for Yecheng, everyone drank a lot.

Jiang Jin said with a big tongue: “Brother Xiao, you, you can’t be partial, you say, hiccup… Who is your longest brother?”

As he talked, he became aggrieved and accused: “I can’t even drink with him? I’m going to drink!”

Zhou Minhao laughed drunkenly: “Why are you crying, it’s not worth crying for a scumbag! Take back your tears!”

Lu Xiao rubbed his temples and had a headache: “You scumbag, your entire household is scumbag, and your entire community is scumbag.”

These boys were drunk and a little more childish than usual.

Ye Cheng endured a hard smile, took the wine glass and said, “Okay, I’ll drink it.”

He was about to sigh, but was snatched by Lu Xiao.

“What are you drinking?” Lu Xiao poured the glass of wine into his mouth and wiped the corner of his mouth without changing his face.

Ye Cheng looked at him.

Jiang Jin was even more aggrieved: “Don’t bring this! Brother Xiao, it’s boring for you to do this. Is there anything else you can do?”

“Let’s go.” Lu Xiao pushed him away.

Jiang Jin cried and plunged into Zhou Minhao’s arms: “Fuck! He murdered me! He murdered me for others!”

Zhou Minhao hugged him and muttered, “Bye bye bye, the next one will be more obedient.”

Everyone began to sing and sing, drunk and crazy, standing on the sofa and dancing wildly.

Ye Cheng ate a few peanuts, thought about it, and said, “Actually, I’m not bad at drinking.”

Lu Xiao looked at him blankly, as if he didn’t understand.

Ye Cheng added: “You don’t need to stop me from drinking next time, you won’t get drunk after a few drinks.”

Lu Xiao squinted at him for a while, and finally said, “I’m happy, you take care of me.”

Every time he loses his temper, his tone becomes very aggressive and can’t be more obvious.

Ye Cheng was inexplicable, and didn’t know where he provoke him.

Lu Xiao drank cup after cup, but the thought that popped into his head just now lingered.

If Ye Cheng is drunk, will he turn red all over like the last time he played the game?

From the face, neck, has been red to the arms, collarbone.

Even the fingertips can become bloodshot and red.

Just this momentary thought made his awareness of blocking alcohol go ahead of all reason.

I don’t want others to see him like this.

Very, very, do not want to.

Lu Xiao thought depressedly while drinking.

After coming out of the bar, everyone came to the intersection with each other crookedly.

Lu Xiao took out his mobile phone and helped them get a taxi one by one.

While waiting for the bus, Ye Cheng felt that it was better to coax him, lest Shou Xing go home with dissatisfaction.

“Here, a birthday present.” He handed the bag in his hand.

Lu Xiao took it with a cold face, but couldn’t hide the anticipation in his eyes, and asked casually, “What is this, can you take it apart and see?”

“Of course, I gave it to you.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao took out the gift from the bag, but stopped when he saw the box.

Ye Cheng observed his reaction and asked, “What’s the matter, don’t you like it?”

He wasn’t 100% sure whether boys of this age would like this kind of gift.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath, raised his head and looked at him, his eyes brightened by the alcoholism were stained with a slightly imperceptible sense of aggression.

Like a surprise, like a danger signal.

He didn’t say anything until he saw Ye Cheng panicking, “Do you know what it means to send perfume on your birthday?”

And, still your favorite flavor.

Orange blossom perfume.

Ye Cheng turned his head away, avoided his gaze, and calmly pretended to be stunned: “I just thought this one smelled good, so I bought it for you, it doesn’t mean anything.”

He said that even he believed it, and even forgot the hidden wisp of **** when he placed the order.

On their first birthday together, Lu Xiao gave him this orange blossom perfume, of course it was one of the gifts.

Light and sweet with a touch of woody fragrance, soft and healing.

Just like the indefinable “A Orange”.

Later, they gradually used it together, and they were complained about by their subordinates when they went to work. How come the two CEOs have the same taste.

This little-known selfishness, perhaps it is hope… He also has his own taste on him.

But this reason was too convoluted for Ye Cheng to say no matter what.

During the conversation, the car called just now stopped by the roadside.

Ye Cheng took a few steps back, waved his hand and said, “I’ll go back first.”

He turned around and left without hesitation, and Lu Xiao’s voice came from behind him: “Stop!”

Ye Cheng’s heart thumped into a mess as the night wind blew up his hair.

He took two steps, then turned around and said, “Happy birthday.”

Lu Xiao stood there, showing a smile that could not be concealed by the night, and his bright white teeth were very eye-catching.

“See you tomorrow, Lu Xiao.” Ye Cheng, whose hair was ruffled by the wind, called to him from a few meters away.

“See you tomorrow.” There was a hint of gentleness in Lu Xiao’s tone, which drifted away with the night wind.

After Ye Cheng left, Lu Xiao put the others into the car one after another.

Finally, dragging Jiang Jin back to his home.

Before drinking today, Jiang Jin told Lu Xiao not to send him back, otherwise his parents would definitely have a mixed doubles match.

Lu Xiao lived in Jiulong’s villa area. The house was so big that there was no one in the dark.

He threw Jiang Jin into the room and took a shower on his own.

After coming out, Lu Xiao picked up the perfume that Ye Cheng had given, and put it in the palm of his hand to study it carefully for a while.

Jiang Jin on the bed let out a wailing sound, covered his head and sat up, “Brother Xiao, is there any water?”

Lu Xiao turned a deaf ear, pressed the lid, and sprayed twice on his body.

The faint smell of orange blossom filled the room, Jiang Jin sniffed, “What smell?”

Lu Xiao put down the perfume bottle, turned around and said, “What time will you be studying for your self-study tomorrow morning?”

Jiang Jin was half awake from the wine, and his face was blank with his chicken coop head: “Isn’t it all seven o’clock in the morning for self-study?”

“Is that so, then go to bed early and go to school at seven tomorrow morning.” Lu Xiao nodded.

Jiang Jin opened his mouth wide: “Are you going to go to morning self-study? Am I hallucinating from drinking too much? I have never seen you go to early-morning self-study!”

Lu Xiao lay down on the bed, looked at the ceiling with his arms on his back, and murmured, “I suddenly feel that going to school is quite interesting.”

Jiang Jin: “…”

He touched his forehead, and then Lu Xiao’s, to confirm that neither of them had a fever.

“Sleep, turn off the lights when you go out.” Lu Xiao closed his eyes and pulled the quilt to his chin.

Jiang Jin looks in disbelief, but turns off the light for him before going to the guest room.

He wasn’t really impressed…

The next morning, Lu Xiao really overslept.

It was not until half past seven that Jiang Jin was dragged in through the back door while eating the buns.

Ye Cheng was reading English when a bag of soy milk fell on the table, and the unopened cup of coffee was taken away.

“Let’s drink it instead, it’s not good to drink coffee all the time.” Lu Xiao sat down beside him.

After last night, the atmosphere of the two of them was a bit indescribable, like natural and unnatural.

Ye Cheng glanced at him, “Are you used to drinking?”

Lu Xiao has always been fond of sweets. After taking a sip of coffee, his face immediately wrinkled.

Ye Cheng laughed.

The front door flickered, and someone walked in.

Everyone thought it was Xu Chao and didn’t care until the man knocked on the blackboard.

“Wake up, why are there still people sleeping in the morning self-study?” A sharp female voice sounded.

After seeing who it was, everyone’s faces became splendid.

Standing on the podium is Zhu Yufen, the head teacher of Class 11, and the leader of the math group in the second grade.

She looked in her early forties, with short curly hair, glasses on the bridge of her nose, and a mean face.

As we all know, this menopausal aunt is notoriously difficult to deal with.

“Tell everyone, Mr. Xu’s family has something to do temporarily, let me take the class for a month.” Zhu Yufen looked at them with undisguised disdain in her eyes.

From Class 11 onwards of No. 13 Middle School, all are science classes.

Class 11 is the best class among science classes, and class 20 is also the worst class.

Everyone’s faces collapsed, but no one dared to make a sound, which was very different from when Xu Chao was there.

Lu Xiao continued to eat xiao long bao regardless of himself, and by the way, he stretched his paws to Ye Cheng’s English homework.

Zhu Yufen said, “Who is the monitor? And the math class representative, stand up and let me recognize it.”

Hu Jiawei and Ye Cheng both stood up.

Zhu Yufen looked at Ye Cheng and said, “Yo, it’s you, the ‘first grade’ transferred from the opposite side.”

As soon as she finished speaking, many people groaned in their hearts.

Although Xu Chao never said it clearly, it was rumored in the school that Ye Cheng was the first in the grade twice in a row, which made the teachers in the top class have different attitudes towards him.

After all, the worst class has the best students, and it’s unpleasant to leave anyone alone.

Ye Cheng didn’t react much, but Lu Xiao stopped chewing and looked at the podium with a bad expression.

Zhu Yufen looked around and said, “Let’s sit in front of the class representative, change your seat with this classmate, and help me clean the blackboard later.”

Ye Cheng didn’t expect her to change positions as soon as she came, and subconsciously said, “Huh?”

“I told you to come to the third row, you…” Zhu Yufen said halfway through, and suddenly there was a harsh sound of a stool scraping the ground.

Everyone looked back.

Lu Xiao stood up, stuck in his pocket and said, “Teacher, he doesn’t want to change.”

The author has something to say: Lu Xiao: I suddenly feel that going to school is very interesting, and Ye Cheng is also very interesting.

Jiang Jin: 120? Here is a patient…



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