Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 19

The whole class was silent, and the air was eerily still.

Ye Cheng turned his head and looked at Lu Xiao with a frown.

As the grade director, when has Zhu Yufen been treated with such a tone, not to mention that the other party is still a student.

She couldn’t hold back her face immediately, and looked at him and said, “Your name is Lu Xiao, right? It seems that Lao Xu asked me to focus on you for no reason.”

She used to talk with a gun and a stick. If she changed to a thinner-skinned student, she might not be able to stand it.

However, Lu Xiao did not belong to the category of thin skin.

He laughed and said, “What do you care about me? Are you handsome?”

The people below didn’t hold back, and burst out laughing.

Zhu Yufen’s face was even more ugly, she glanced around angrily, and said sternly: “Is it funny? Whoever laughs again will stand outside for me!”

Only then did everyone realize the seriousness of the matter, and they all lowered their heads and kept silent.

Taking advantage of Zhu Yufen not paying attention, Ye Cheng touched Lu Xiao with his hand, motioning him not to go too far, and then explained, “Teacher, I’m too tall, sitting in front will block other people.”

This is the most appropriate reason.

Lu Xiao didn’t respond to his hint, didn’t evade Zhu Yufen’s gaze, and still stared straight at her.

Seeing his dissatisfied look, Zhu Yufen laughed angrily: “Why is it so difficult for me to change positions, there are so many excuses.”

Hearing her talking to Ye Cheng like this, Lu Xiao’s expression changed immediately.

“You two better not be caught by me when you talk small words, or I will definitely transfer you away.” She had an expression of “what are you pretending to be, thinking I don’t know”.

Lu Xiao moved, Ye Cheng reflexively wanted to stop him, but he was still a step too late.

“Teacher, what do you mean by small talk? Does raising your hand count?” He asked innocently.

Ye Cheng took a deep breath and saw Zhu Yufen’s hair curled up in anger.

“Try to speak up again! I think your class is going to be turned upside down!” Zhu Yufen slapped them and made them stand for ten minutes before falling down, “All the class committees for morning exercise stay here for the meeting. ‘, and left in a huff.

As soon as she left, Ye Cheng said, “Why are you messing with her, what’s wrong?”

He was really sweating just now, after all, Zhu Yufen is not Xu Chao, and Lu Xiao is not a soft persimmon that she can handle. There was a hint of reproach in his tone.

Lu Xiao turned his head and faced out the window, as if sulking.

Jiang Jin said cautiously: “Brother Xiao was looking forward to coming to school last night. He saved up a few grammar questions and said that he would ask you during self-study early. He also said that it is good to be at the same table with you, it is a question bank for walking. ”

“I didn’t say it.” Lu Xiao immediately denied it.

Ye Cheng seemed to understand something, this guy was so rushing just now, could it be that he just didn’t want to change seats…

He looked at the back of Lu Xiao’s head, stretched out his hand and said, “What grammar problem? Let me see.”

“I said no, are you annoying?”

Jiang Jin turned his head silently, hiding his merits and fame.

Lu Xiao stubbornly didn’t want to turn his head, put his index finger against his lips, and silently looked at a little bug wandering around the window.

Suddenly, he felt a heat on his shoulders, and a warm body leaned over.

Ye Cheng’s probe crossed the thirty-eighth line and sniffed with his nose.

“Did you use that perfume?” he asked.

Obviously he didn’t put it on completely, but Lu Xiao still felt the numbness in his left shoulder.

His profile turned forty-five degrees, and he said angrily, “You just found out.”

Ye Cheng sniffed again, and boasted with a smile, “It smells good, it suits you.”

Lu Xiao’s face turned back completely, he shrank his shoulders a little embarrassedly, and lowered his head to smell himself again.

After a while, Lu Xiao asked again, “Is it too thick?”

“No, just right.”

Ye Cheng looked at his bright eyes and couldn’t help feeling angry and funny.

Still a kid, what a coax.

Jiang Jin glanced at them and silently replied to Tan Xiaoqi’s WeChat.

She jumped up and down in a hurry.

[Hurry up and comfort Brother Xiao, the puppy Gou is going to die of grievance, is that Aunt Zhu seriously ill? ! 】

Jiang Jin: […What kind of puppies, can you speak normally? I’m afraid. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [I think he seems angry? Woohoo, can you let Brother Orange coax him? 】

Jiang Jin: [If they see this chat record, I may not see the sun tomorrow. 】

Tan Xiaoqi was still worried, Jiang Jin had no choice but to tell her: [Coax, fuck, I’ve never seen Brother Xiao look so worthless, he’s asking questions there again, look back for yourself! 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Well, I’m just worried about qaq. In return, I’ll ask Sister Rong out for you next time. 】

Jiang Jin: [Fuck, benefactor! Don’t worry, I’ll give you first-line information at any time! 】

The two of them met head-to-head to explain English topics, unaware that they had been sold.

In order to avoid the high temperature around ten o’clock, the summer recess exercises were moved to after the morning self-study. Except for the class committee, everyone else left the classroom.

Zhu Yufen found a conference room and called all class cadres together for a meeting.

This kind of meeting Xu Chao usually only holds once a semester, this teacher just came up with it.

Zhu Yufen sat in the center of the long table, glanced at the messy seats, and said with dissatisfaction: “You all sit according to the subject categories, I can’t recognize people in this mess. The monitor and the representatives of foreign language and mathematics courses are sitting in the seats. Here, the exam students sit on the left, and the other subjects sit on the right.”

There’s so much shit.

Everyone looked at each other silently, then stood up and sat down with a pen and paper.

Lu Xiao lazily got up from Ye Cheng’s side, walked to the corner with the art committee and sat down.

Only then did Zhu Yufen feel a little more pleasing to the eye. She pushed her glasses and said, “I called you here today because I want to get to know you in advance, so as to facilitate the next month’s work. Now, starting from the monitor, everyone will introduce themselves. as well as……”

She paused for a moment, raised her chin and said, “Everyone tell me about this mid-term exam and their grade rank.”

As soon as the words fell, there was a commotion in the conference room, and everyone began to whisper.

Zhu Yufen seemed to have anticipated their reactions, squinting at the crowd and said, “Don’t talk about it, I also want to know more about your situation. In addition, the representatives of each class report their scores for this subject.”

“I’m going, why is she so annoying? Is it possible that I need to be in the top 100 in my grade when I become the literary and art committee?” The literary and art committee whispered.

Lu Xiao sneered disdainfully.

Hu Jiawei lowered his head silently, and beads of sweat dripped down his cheeks.

Zhu Yufen glanced at him and said, “Let’s start.”

Hu Jiawei blushed and muttered, “I… I’m the monitor, my name is Hu Jiawei…”

He stopped, and several of the main subjects next to him looked at him.

Ye Cheng frowned calmly, although he knew that Zhu Yufen wanted to use high-pressure means to get rid of the horse, so as to facilitate the follow-up management. But when I think about the situation of Hu Jiawei last time, I don’t agree with such an approach from the bottom of my heart.

Hu Jiawei clenched his fists and said bravely, “I, I didn’t do well in the midterm exam, the grade ranking… 376th.”

The meeting room was very quiet, and everyone’s faces were not very good-looking.

Zhu Yufen said solemnly: “As a monitor, you should also lead by example in your studies. Your score is not right.”

Hu Jiawei buried his head even lower: “I see, teacher, I will work hard.”

In fact, his foundation is not bad. Last time he was in the top 100 in the monthly test, but this time because of the blank paper in mathematics, his total score plummeted.

Zhu Yufen didn’t care what his secrets were, she waved her hand and said, “Next.”

Everyone reported their results one by one, more or less reluctantly.

After all, many people don’t want to expose this kind of thing to the public.

Among them, Li Junxiao and Lu Xiao ranked the lowest. Li Junxiao’s deputy department of Waterloo this time, several subjects are hovering on the edge of the passing line.

Zhu Yufen couldn’t believe it, “You are a geography class representative, and you scored 71 in the geography test? I think you don’t want to pass the test!”

She tapped the table hard and said, “Does anyone know how many days there will be exams? Squad leader, answer me.”

Hu Jiawei stammered: “There are three or three months left.”

Zhu Yufen’s eyes were sharp, she turned her face and said, “Ye Cheng, you say it.”

“January 16.” Ye Cheng said lightly.

Zhu Yufen glanced at him, “To be precise, it was January in previous years. You don’t even know when you will take the exam, and you still feel like baring your teeth all day and having fun? It’s really hopeless!”

Lu Xiao yawned and played with his pen.

The art committee member whispered: “The time has not been announced. She is so excited. Isn’t she just trying to say that our class is trash? Why be so circumspect.”

Zhu Yufen raised her voice: “Also, the teachers of other subjects told me that your class has a very high probability of speaking in class. If this is still the case in the next few weeks, I will consider re-ranking you based on your grades in each subject. seat.”

Lu Xiao stopped yawning in the middle of his yawn, trying to keep his mouth shut.

The art committee said bitterly: “Help! When will Lao Xu come back? I’ve already started to miss him.”

Zhu Yufen talked about the end of the morning exercise, and let them go back after her mouth was dry.

After the meeting, everyone walked together in twos and threes and frantically complained about the new head teacher.

“I’ve taken it, what happened to my Geography 71? You don’t need to curse me for failing!” Li Junxiao was about to die of anger, “The geography teacher never said that to me!”

The chemistry class representative comforted him: “Don’t pay attention to her, just a menopausal aunt.”

“But if you take the 71 test, if the paper is too difficult… it’s really hanging.”

Li Junxiao said angrily, “No, I can’t stand her contemptuous face.”

The representative of the chemistry class sighed: “Then what can be done, our class really counts down.”

Li Junxiao thought about it for a while, and said unwillingly: “I’m going to slap her in the face next time in the exam, I have to find someone to help me make up for the geography.”

He saw Ye Cheng who was walking at the front, and he hurriedly passed through the crowd and walked to the other side.

The art committee member walked beside Lu Xiao and complained, “What is she doing, she actually asked me to go to a Chinese teacher for supplementary lessons during my evening self-study, is it crazy? We are not a liberal arts class.”

Lu Xiao stared straight at the two backs in front of him.

Literary and Art Committee member: “I also said that I want to sit with Zhu Qi, but I don’t want to sit with him!”

Halfway through she said, just as she was about to see Lu Xiao, she felt a cool wind blowing beside her.

Lu Xiao dumped her and strode forward.

“Dad Orange, woohoo.” Li Junxiao tugged at the hem of the school uniform next to him, “Aunt Zhu said that I might not pass the exam.”

Ye Cheng said helplessly: “I heard it.”

Li Junxiao said miserably: “Didn’t she say that she might rearrange the seats, can you come back and sit with me again? Your geography is almost full, teach me.”

Ye Cheng said politely, “It’s not up to me to decide.”

Who knows what Zhu Yufen will do on a whim, maybe let him go to the next to the bottom to help the poor.

Li Junxiao blinked and said, “If you talk to her, she should respect your opinion. Dad, please have pity on me, I really can’t live without you!”

His expression was about to cry, like an abandoned woman who was about to be dumped, pulling Ye Cheng to twitch.

Suddenly, someone squeezed between the two of them.

Like a chicken, Lu Xiao pushed Li Junxiao away with one hand and inserted himself between them.

Li Junxiao looked at him in shock.

Just as Ye Cheng raised her head, a large hand grabbed her shoulders.

Lu Xiao’s displeased voice came from above his head.

“Aren’t you at the same table yourself, why do you keep pestering me at the same table?”



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