Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 2

A month later, the Academic Affairs Office of No. 13 Middle School.

“Well, all right. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him.”

Director Li, wearing a striped shirt, nodded and bowed to the phone while wiping sweat quickly.

The Academic Affairs Office of No. 13 Middle School is much simpler than that of the Affiliated High School, with peeling Haier brothers sticking to the old air conditioner.

The two desks were put together into one, and A4 paper and computers were piled up in a mess.

Ye Cheng was wearing a white school uniform, and the color of the shoulder line was no longer the iconic blue of the attached middle school, but turned into black together with the pants.

He wears the school badge of No. 13 Middle School on his chest, as well as a nameplate engraved with his name.

He stood in front of Director Li and patiently listened to him on the phone for ten minutes.

After Director Li hung up, he raised his head and looked at him with a simple smile: “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Ye Cheng nodded slightly.

Director Li rubbed his hands and said, “Since your parents have no problem, then you can go to class. Well, also, our school is also applying for recommended places this year. If there is any news, I will notify you as soon as possible. yours.”

Ye Cheng let out a “hmm” indifferently, only to hear him say again: “However, are you sure you want to go to class 20? There are two good ones in the science class, you can choose as you like.”

“No, thank you Director.” Ye Cheng said.

Director Li looked at him with a strange look, and said embarrassingly: “Well, if you want to change classes in the future, you can apply to the school.”

Ye Cheng doesn’t need to guess to know, he must now feel that his brain is flooded.

From the attached middle school to the thirteenth middle school, I have to go to the worst twenty classes.

When he came out with a stack of new books, a lot of people had gathered in the corridor to watch the fun.

Opposite the office is the teaching building, Ye Cheng looked up and found that the opposite side was full of people.

This posture is like watching monkeys in a zoo.

…really idle.

Class 20 was on the fifth floor, he could hear chattering on every floor, and there was a faint smell of smoke in the corridor.

The ground is dirty, and I don’t know how long it took for the on-duty students to be lazy and not clean it.

A group of boys came towards them, fighting and shoving each other.

Ye Cheng frowned calmly.

This kind of atmosphere can never appear in the attached middle school.

He seemed to break into a whole new world, a world full of fireworks.

Two girls followed him all the way, leaning their heads to cover their mouths and talking small talk.

“Really? Is he really attached to the high school grass?”

“My friend from the high school attached to me said, damn, I must have saved mankind in my last life. How can He Dehe be in the same school with two school grasses!”

“He’s so innocent, who do you think is more handsome than a brother?”

“Different types, the first brother’s hormone called walking… Grass, he turned around!”

The Siyuan Building of No. 13 Middle School is divided into two buildings, connected by a passage in the middle, dividing the science class into two parts.

Ye Cheng turned his head and asked politely, “Hello, how do you get to Class 20?”

The girl with Qi Liuhai blushed and said quietly, “I’m from Class 18, I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you.” Ye Cheng nodded.

Qi Liuhai took advantage of the situation and walked beside him.

Two girls pinched each other’s arms, you squeeze me and I squeeze you.

Qi Liuhai accidentally bumped into Ye Cheng midway, and quickly apologized in a low voice, but Ye Cheng didn’t care too much.

Coinciding with the recess time, people came and went in the corridor, and from time to time someone turned to look at them.

At the end of the corridor, the sign of Class 20 was rusted and hung shaky on the door frame.

Ye Cheng walked into the class, and the classroom was silent for a moment.

He almost effortlessly, without any interruptions, saw Lu Xiao sitting in the last row.

The classrooms of No. 13 Middle School are not equipped with air conditioning, and the fans on the roof are blowing the test papers everywhere.

The broken hair on the boy’s forehead was curled up, revealing a small piece of full forehead and a handsome brow bone.

Ye Cheng never denied that the first time he saw Lu Xiao, he was attracted by that handsome face.

After accepting his sexuality since college, he knew exactly what he liked.

Lu Xiao is the kind of celestial dish that grows in his aesthetics.

The outline of the face is deep and sculpted, the eyes are long and narrow, dark, and the standard eyebrows are pressed against the eyes; the bridge of the nose is straight and pulled up, and the lips are upturned with a strong sense of scum.

Unluckily, he has dimples when he laughs, and this kind of childish look can’t be controlled by people or ghosts.

Ye Cheng looked in his direction for two or three seconds. He seemed to notice something, and looked up sharply.

Across the noisy classroom, the eyes of the two collided.

If it were seventeen-year-old Ye Cheng, he might avert his eyes out of courtesy or shyness.

But he was past the age where he would be shy when looking at each other, so he frankly swept Lu Xiao from head to toe.

He looked thinner than he was in his twenties, but his arm muscles could still be seen through the school uniform.

As far as sitting height, it should be less than one meter eighty-nine.

It is estimated that it looks like 1.83 meters.

Like a little kid, eh.

Normally, after being stared at by a stranger for more than three seconds, it will arouse a sense of vigilance in the heart.

Lu Xiao’s eyes sank visibly.

Fortunately, he didn’t have the ability to read minds, so he didn’t know what Ye Cheng was thinking, otherwise he might have gone berserk on the spot.

The head teacher standing on the podium saw Ye Cheng coming, and immediately waved to him and said, “Why did you arrive so soon, didn’t you tell me to wait for me in the office? Come here.”

The head teacher was a middle-aged male teacher named Xu Chao, who always looked flushed and radiant.

He briefly said a few words to Ye Cheng, and then let everyone go back to their seats.

There are still a few minutes to go to class, and the next class happens to be his math class.

The classmates reluctantly returned to their positions, looking at Ye Cheng curiously one by one.

In this class, many people have their ears pierced and their hair dyed. The little sister who just walked over has tattoos on her fingers.

Ye Cheng glanced at Lu Xiao again. Fortunately, her hair was black.

Xu Chao patted the podium and said loudly, “Quiet, ready to go to class. Before class, let me introduce to you, this is Ye Cheng, a new transfer student in our class.”

He glanced at Ye Cheng and motioned for him to say a few words.

Ye Cheng instantly received countless attention and said calmly: “My name is Ye Cheng, I came from the monastery opposite, please take care of me in the future.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he burst out laughing.

Xu Chao looked embarrassed.

“Monastery” is the nickname attached to the middle school.

In the Nandu United Forum, every school cannot escape being nicknamed.

The Thirteenth Middle School was “kindly” called the “garbage dump”.

Xu Chao cleared his throat, turned to him and said, “Go find a vacant seat and sit down. After the monthly exam, the seat will be rearranged, so you can make do with it for two days.”

Looking around, only the second-to-last row of the entire class has vacancies.

This position is diagonally in front of Lu Xiao.

When Ye Cheng walked over, unsurprisingly, he met his eyes again.

This time, there was a hint of coldness in the other party’s eyes.

The coldness of the male high school student being provoked.

Ye Cheng turned around and sat down.

Lu Xiao’s tablemate was a tin foil, and asked in a low voice, “Brother Xiao, do you know this newcomer?”

“do not know.”

“Then why do you keep looking at him?”

“Are you sick? When did I see him?”

“Ah? I… I just thought you guys knew each other.”

Ye Cheng quietly curved the corners of her lips, took out the textbooks one by one, and put them on the desk.

After starting the class, he soon discovered that the reason why No. 13 Middle School was so bad could not be entirely to blame for the poor source of students.

The idea of ​​Xu Chao’s lectures is completely “morning reading”, and a chapter is read from beginning to end, with concepts and topics not falling out.

There are not many people listening, those who want to sleep and those who want to play with their mobile phones.

At the same table, Ye Cheng was pulled into a group chat, and the above message prompts continued.

Tang Yuxuan: [Why is Duke Guan still talking, I’m so sleepy. 】

Jiang Wei: [Why, you stayed up all night again last night? 】

Tang Yuxuan: [Ali treats guests for the night, tsk, I don’t think he’s sleepy. 】

Ye Cheng looked at Xu Chao, well, he looks like Guan Gong.

After a while, he received several friend requests, and all the pictures were girls.

Most of the girls in this class belong to the bold and unrestrained type, and a few have been staring at him for a long time.

He slid down and saw James’ head, nicknamed “Suspect X.”

Suddenly, a thought moved, and he tilted his head back.

Luckily, Lu Xiao was caught and looked straight into his eyes.

I don’t know how long he watched.

The two of them didn’t seem to expect that Lu Xiao’s eyebrows were obviously lowered.

Ye Cheng turned back as if nothing had happened, and the pen in his hand accidentally scratched a line on the page.

He was all too familiar with this expression, and was obviously a little annoyed.


One minute before the end of class, the class was already chaotic.

Xu Chao raised his voice, trying to keep the last bit of silence: “Remind everyone again, I must pay attention to tomorrow’s monthly exam! Go back to study hard at night, and cheating is not allowed! Cheating is definitely not allowed! Did you hear?”

Everyone dragged their voices: “I know—”

There was a frenzy in the class between classes.

The same table stretched and asked Ye Cheng, “Have you moved all your books?”

Ye Cheng said: “The teaching materials are different, so there is no need to move them.”

“Are you commuting or living on campus?”

“Day reading.”

The same table is like a curious baby: “Are you from Jiulong?”

“Bai Ze’s.” Ye Cheng answered briefly.

“Oh, Line 2, Sanzhan Road, it’s pretty close.”

They chatted for a while, then got up at the same table and said, “Go to the toilet?”

Ye Cheng wanted to get acquainted with the environment, so he stood up and went out with him.

Lu Xiao in the back row was long gone, and you don’t need to think about it, 80% of the time he went to smoke in a corner.

Regarding the issue of his smoking, Ye Cheng said many times without changing it, and he always smoked secretly behind his back.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help squinting his eyes.

Ten minutes later, the class bell rang twice.

The physics teacher slowly walked into the classroom holding the textbook.

Five minutes later, Lu Xiao also walked in slowly.

The physics teacher said a few words to him, then turned to continue the lecture.

Lu Xiao glanced to the side, and there was no one in the transfer student’s position.

Tin foil iron came over mysteriously and said, “Brother Xiao, the newcomer was blocked in the toilet by Zhou Kai!”

Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows: “?”

“Jiang Jin, don’t whisper.” The physics teacher called by name.

The tin foil was hot and immediately silenced.

After a while, Lu Xiao tapped on his desk, “Go on.”

Jiang Jin hurriedly shared information with him: “Zhou Kai is a jerk. He said that the newcomer would give him a cuckold and walk with him. I don’t know if it’s true, or I just want to find an excuse to pick things up.”

“Brother Xiao, should we sneak out to watch the fun?” Jiang Jin asked.

“What’s there to see?” Lu Xiao said angrily.

He made a few strokes on the book, making the paper dirty.

Jiang Jin pursed his mouth regrettably, and continued to eat melons in the group.

A minute later, the person next to him stood up.

“Brother Xiao?” he asked suspiciously.

“Go out and smoke a cigarette.”

Taking advantage of the teacher’s writing on the blackboard, Lu Xiao walked away from the back door without looking back.

Jiang Jin scratched his head and said to himself, “Didn’t you just smoke it?”

At the corner of the corridor on the fifth floor is their smoking settlement.

Next to it is the toilet.

As soon as Lu Xiao approached, he heard a lot of movement inside.

It was far from the classroom, there was no one around, and the men’s toilet door was tightly closed.

He casually lit a cigarette and walked past the toilet door with his pocket in his pocket.

The yelling and scolding inside gradually became clear, mixed with the sound of fists and feet colliding.

With smoke lingering, Lu Xiao put the cigarette between his fingertips and slowly exhaled.

The toilet door slammed open, and a person flew out from inside and fell right at his feet.

Lu Xiao stopped and glanced down.

Lai Zi from Class 18, Zhou Kai’s younger brother.

Lai Zi covered his face and mourned, looking up at the toilet in horror.

Lu Xiao followed his gaze.

A tall and thin figure rushed out, unable to stop, and almost collided with him.

Ye Cheng had a face-to-face with him.

This was the third time he had seen this face today, and the first time he had gotten so close.

The complexion is even whiter than that of a girl, there are hardly any pores under the light, and light blue blood vessels stretch out on his forehead, which seems to be emotionally unstable.

A few strands of sweaty hair stuck to his cheeks, making people feel even more shockingly white.

Thick eyelashes cover the light brown eyes, with a slight arc at the end, and there is a delicate tear mole under the left eye.

In just a few seconds, he only had time to remember these eyes, there was a fragile beauty there.

Ye Cheng braked the car with his feet and stopped in front of him.

The distance between the two was only ten centimeters, and he smelled a faint smell of tobacco.

Lu Xiao’s fingers curled up a little bit.

There seemed to be a slight shake in his chest.

At this moment, he saw Ye Cheng’s pupils tighten.

A violent roar came from the toilet: “Fuck you! You dare to beat me, let’s see if I won’t ruin you today!”

The next second, Ye Cheng suddenly became tense, bent over and squatted down.

Lu Xiao was immersed in the bewitchment of the scene just now, and stood there in a daze.

Before he could figure out what was going on, he saw that behind Ye Cheng, Zhou Kai threw his fists at him.

With a muffled thud, he was punched in the face.



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