Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 22

Ye Cheng didn’t expect him to ask such a question, and he didn’t even think about his sloppy words.

“Answer me.” Lu Xiao stared into his eyes, pressing him step by step.

He seems to have a natural insight into the timidity of his prey. Once the opponent shows timidity or panic, he will firmly grasp his handle.

For example, now, he was satisfied to see a moment of helplessness in Ye Cheng’s eyes.

Rare and fun.

After a brief stagnation, Ye Cheng quickly calmed down.

He said lightly: “Take care of your roommate, can’t you?”

Lu Xiao seemed to be prepared, and lengthened his voice: “Oh, that’s it.”

“Then what did you mean when you told others that you were not straight?”

Ye Cheng: “…”

He also wondered why this person was so weird after the spring outing. It turned out that he heard what he and Huang Shengan said.

Ye Cheng didn’t want him to climb Kongtong Mountain overnight, so he found a reason: “I’m Kai…”

“Don’t use this kind of joke to fool me.”

Ye Cheng finally couldn’t hold back: “…Fuck.”

It was rare for Lu Xiao to see him on the verge of being out of breath, but he thought it was a little funny, so he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Ye Cheng raised the review book with a sullen face, “Do you still want it?”

Lu Xiao hurriedly surrendered with both hands: “OK, I won’t ask. All right, don’t make fun of the review.”

“Copy it yourself.” Ye Cheng threw the review book into his arms, got up and left in a huff.

Lu Xiao saw the dense handwriting on it, the font was thin and handsome, like a gentleman like the owner.

When he was a child, he saw the characters in his grandfather’s study abroad. It was said that they were written by someone. The heroic skin was wrapped in vigorous and powerful bones, and it was similar to Ye Cheng’s characters.

The old man spoke like a man, and he really didn’t lie to him.

Involuntarily, he pushed his tongue against his top teeth and became confused.

For some reason, Ye Cheng’s cold and angry look just now made him feel very cute.

The more dignified, the more he wants to bully him.

It’s like teasing a cat who ignores you. You have to get angry and give you a paw to fill the emptiness in your heart.

I want to tease him, and I want to be beaten by him.

…What the heck, Lu Xiao shook his head mockingly.

Half an hour later, the people taking the computer class came back one after another, and Zhu Yufen walked in from the front door with a bag of things.

She looked pale, with heavy dark circles under her eyes, and her hair was not well groomed, and she looked exhausted.

“Ye Cheng, come and share something for everyone.” She beckoned to the back row.

Jiang Jin was showing off his cloud pet to Ye Cheng, and he quickly put away his phone for fear of being seen.

However, Zhu Yufen didn’t bother to pay attention to him at all, and said to the crowd, “Didn’t our class have a class meeting this afternoon? We originally chose the one with the theme of fire prevention, but I have something to do in the afternoon, so you can change the class meeting into a tea party. I bought some snacks, and everyone can sit and chat and exchange learning experiences.”

There were small cheers from below, all in favor of the decision.

Originally, Zhu Yufen had scheduled a class meeting in the afternoon. Everyone secretly said that it was a criticism meeting. After finishing the theme meeting, they criticized the atmosphere of their class as usual.

Now she has something to do temporarily, and finally doesn’t have to suffer.

Ye Cheng went up to take the bag, which was full of various small snacks.

After he scored seven, seven, eight, eight, he returned to the back row with the remaining bag.

“Damn, she’s willing to buy us food, isn’t she bribing?” Jiang Jin immediately turned around to divide it up.

Zhu Yufen explained to several class committees and asked them to help keep an eye on the order, and then left in a hurry.

As soon as she left her forefoot, everyone immediately began to chatter, making a lot of noise.

Jiang Jin opened a pack of spicy sticks, and properly ate the faces of the crowd: “It’s over, I think Zhu Yufen has to take the blame. You can see how anxious she is, she doesn’t even wear stockings on one foot.”

“Isn’t this normal?” Lu Xiao said expressionlessly.

“Are you talking about taking responsibility or not wearing stockings?” Jiang Jin asked.

Lu Xiao was about to roll his eyes: “Bear, blame.”

Ye Cheng looked at him and said, “Do you think it is because of her that Hu Jiawei jumped off the building?”

Lu Xiao folded his arms and said nonchalantly, “I was in the dean’s office, and I heard them say that Zhu Yufen called one by one for home visits, and probably complained to his family.”

His last sentence was somewhat disdainful.

“Fuck, if you don’t tell me, I don’t even remember it!” Jiang Jin put down the spicy sticks he didn’t eat and said angrily, “She told my mother that I couldn’t concentrate in class, and she also said that I had ADHD, which made me suffer. My mother gave me a meal of fried pork with bamboo whip on the spot.”

Ye Cheng remembered what Hu Jiawei had said about the situation at his home, and thought, “If that’s the case, it might be because of this.”

The front row suddenly became quiet, and the three of them looked up together and saw a round head popping out of the front door.

– It’s the principal.

The principal glanced around the class, fixed his eyes on the back row, and said loudly, “Lu Xiao, come out.”

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what he was going to do.

Lu Xiao stood up lazily and went out with his trouser pockets in.

The class immediately began to chat in whispers.

“Damn, why is the principal here?”

“Why is he looking for Brother Xiao, it’s not because of the morning thing!”

“My God, is it possible to talk to us one by one? No, I hate this the most.”

Ten minutes later, Lu Xiao came in.

The principal stuck his head out again and said, “The one in front of Lu Xiao, come out too.”

Jiang Jin was startled, hurriedly swallowed the snacks in his mouth, and went out with an uneasy expression.

“What is the principal looking for you for?” After Lu Xiao sat down, Ye Cheng asked him.

The people in front all looked over here, not knowing what they were talking about.

“I asked a few random questions,” Lu Xiao said casually, “I don’t usually have a lot of homework, how is the teacher’s lecture, and how is the class atmosphere.”

Ye Cheng nodded thoughtfully and said, “The opinion polls really have something to do with Zhu Yufen.”

Lu Xiao didn’t care about it.

He rummaged through the bag and found that there was only one packet of spicy sticks left, so he pushed Jiang Jin’s bag to him.

“Eat, you’ve been watching.”

Ye Cheng was a little embarrassed for a moment. In fact, he really wanted to eat it a little bit, but this thing looked so… naive.

In his eyes, only elementary school and junior high school students would like this thing.

When I grew up, I never touched it again.

Lu Xiao thought he was out of reach, and pushed him in front of him again.

Unable to resist the temptation, Ye Cheng picked up the package of spicy sticks resignedly.

More than ten minutes later, Jiang Jin also came back, and the principal called someone casually.

Jiang Jin said with a lingering fear: “I was scared to death, I thought the principal was going to torture me to extort a confession… Hey, wait, where is my spicy tiao?”

He searched all over the table, and finally found that his treasure was missing.

Ye Cheng’s mouth was red and smeared with chili oil, and he licked his lips in a daze.

Jiang Jin reacted immediately and complained loudly: “Brother Orange, you finished my spicy sticks?!”

Ye Cheng looked away embarrassedly, and Lu Xiao frowned, “What a big deal, what are you yelling about?”

Jiang Jin was aggrieved to death, holding his head in his hands and wailing: “Is there any reason for heaven, Brother Xiao, your **** is crooked to your grandma’s house! Woohoo, Shike can’t kill without spicy strips!”

Lu Xiao took out a box of pudding and smashed it on him: “Eat this.”

“I won’t eat it!” Jiang Jin held the box with a strong backbone.

“Then don’t eat it.” Lu Xiao quickly grabbed the pudding from him and handed it to Ye Cheng.

Jiang Jin: “?!!”

Changed, completely changed.

Lu Xiao was not like this before, how could it be like this.

He had tears in his eyes, and his eyes were blank.

Ye Cheng glanced at the pudding and returned it to Jiang Jin, saying, “I’m allergic to mango, so give it to him.”

Lu Xiao looked at him with dissatisfaction.

“Really allergic.” Ye Cheng said.

Jiang Jin snorted and said, “Brother Cheng is better, Brother Xiao is now abandoning me! I have been severely puaed!”

The corners of Ye Cheng’s mouth twitched: “…Idioms aren’t used like that.”

They were gags, but Lu Xiao didn’t participate.

He touched his chin, and suddenly asked Ye Cheng without thinking, “Has your family always lived in Bai Ze?”

Ye Cheng was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Have you lived there since you were a child and haven’t moved?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

Lu Xiao smiled unnaturally and said, “It’s okay, just ask.”

He looked at Ye Cheng from the side, and there was an intriguing flash in his eyes.

In the same area, children who are allergic to mangoes seem to have seen them somewhere.

Just as Ye Cheng wanted to examine his expression carefully, Jiang Jin pulled him over to complain again.

Lu Xiao quietly looked at his helpless profile, the corners of his lips raised little by little.

The matter of Hu Jiawei was finally stabbed out.

Although Tao’s post on the internal forum was banned, it was still spreading around the school.

For this reason, Zhu Yufen was also transferred from Class 20 and replaced by the Dean of Education.

In this way, Class 20 has become the focus of the whole grade.

It is also rare for a class to change two head teachers in the second year of high school.

There were two deans in the second year of high school. The deputy was the one who handled transfer procedures for Ye Cheng when the school started. He was honest, honest and easy to talk.

The real name is Hua Wangchun, who once caught Lu Xiao fighting on the spot.

Before the new head teacher showed up, everyone was praying frantically.

No Hua Wangchun, no Hua Wangchun.

Do not Hua Wangchun, otherwise the future will be more difficult.

In the sound of prayer, Hua Wangchun walked in. With his bald forehead, and the uniform striped shirt of the eternal teaching.

This striped shirt has also been ridiculed. They bought it wholesale, and each of them has one.

“Damn, how could it be him!” Jiang Jin fell on the table in pain.

Hua Wangchun, it can be said that he had a holiday with half of the people in his class.

After all, Class 20 was originally a bottom class, so nearly half of them were on his blacklist.

Lu Xiao was wearing a bluetooth headset unsurprisingly, and he didn’t pay attention to who was coming in in front.

Hua Wangchun talked a lot above, and set a lot of rules and regulations for them, and even explained the words “not allowed to go to the rooftop at will”.

The people below have different expressions, wanting to speak but not daring to speak.

After finishing his speech, he asked, “Who is the study committee of your class?”

“It’s the monitor, I’ve already applied for a leave of absence.” Li Junxiao replied.

Hua Wangchun nodded and said, “What about the math class representative?”

Every time something happens, the first thing all teachers think of is the representative of the math class, as if the representative of the math class is omnipotent.

Everyone turned their heads, Ye Cheng raised his hand with a dark face.

Lu Xiao seemed to have heard his slander, and secretly laughed beside him.

“It’s you, very good, then let Ye Cheng temporarily act as the squad leader.” Hua Wangchun said.

Lu Xiao said in a schadenfreude, “Congratulations to the squad leader—”

Ye Cheng wanted to destroy in an instant.

Squad leader, whoever wants to be whoever, he doesn’t want to.

Being a monitor means that he has to go up to read with him every morning, and he can’t freely eat breakfast underneath and write questions.

In each self-study class, you must manage discipline on the podium, and you can’t be lazy and play games below.

Every time you go out, you must be responsible for the organization, and you can’t sneak in halfway through troubled waters.

There is also a monthly general meeting to record attendance.

Mr. Ye’s occupational sequelae, it came back.

Ye Cheng has a clear understanding of this position, so there is no joy.

However, Lu Xiao didn’t realize this until the evening self-study.

He propped his head in boredom and swiped on the phone.

Jiang Jin turned his head and said, “Brother Xiao, start a game?”

Lu Xiao glanced at the empty seat next to him, showing no interest at all.

“not open.”

He raised his eyes and glanced at Ye Cheng, who was on the podium, bowing his head to answer a question, and finally came to his senses. He shouldn’t be too happy during the day.

Jiang Jin wanted to convince him again, but Lu Xiao buried his head and went to sleep, just about to write “Don’t look for me, I’m very depressed” on the back of his head.

After the first evening self-study was over, Ye Cheng didn’t move, and was still doing the questions on it.

I don’t know why, but Hu Jiawei usually sits on it, and everyone speaks their own words.

But after being replaced by him today, the classroom miraculously quieted down, and the whole evening self-study was very peaceful. Even Hua Wangchun, who was secretly watching from the back door, nodded with satisfaction.

Perhaps, people with good grades are inherently deterrent.

Lu Xiao fell asleep for a class, and when he woke up, he wanted to go outside and have a hair dryer.

As soon as I walked out the door, I saw a girl standing at the back door.

It looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it.

Just as Lu Xiao was about to bypass her and continue walking, she was timidly stopped by her: “Classmate, can you help me call Ye Cheng from your class?”

“Why?” Upon hearing Ye Cheng’s name, Lu Xiao suddenly became alert and looked at her defensively.

Once he lowered his face, he looked very oppressive, and the girl was so frightened that she took a half step back.

“I-I want to give this to him…” After she said this, she saw Lu Xiao’s face stinks even more.

That posture, as if she was holding explosives and trying to blow up the 20th class.

Out of her survival instinct, she explained casually, “My cousin was at the same table with him when he was in the attached middle school. Yes, he asked me to give it to him.”

She tremblingly raised the bag in her hand, which was a cup of milk tea.

It’s milk tea again, can’t you do a different trick?

Lu Xiao sneered in his heart, Cousin bullshit, only ghosts believe it.

It was only then that he recalled that this girl was from Class 19, and she seemed to be really close to the people in the attached middle school. She used to gossip on the forums.

Lu Xiao rolled his eyes and said, “He’s busy, why don’t I get it for you?”

His attitude suddenly improved, and the girl asked cautiously, “Is that okay? I’ll trouble you then.”

“Of course.” Lu Xiao twitched the corners of his mouth and reached out to take the cup of milk tea.

The girl said gratefully: “Thank you! Please give it to him.”

After Lu Xiao took the milk tea, he turned around and entered the classroom.

Ye Cheng on the podium stood up, ready to come down and get the book for the next class.

Lu Xiao couldn’t hold back his curiosity, opened the bag and took a look.

It’s a mango smoothie.

Oh, no wonder he was.

Mango-flavored, Yecheng can’t drink.

He unhurriedly opened the package and poked the straw in, as if it belonged to him.

He took a big mouthful as if venting, and grinned from the ice.

“Damn it, Brother Xiao, you secretly order takeout!” Jiang Jin envied, “Give me a drink.”

“Go away.” Lu Xiao took the milk tea in his hand and wouldn’t let anyone touch it.

Ye Cheng came over and looked through the exercise book beside him.

Li Junxiao came in from the back door, smiling like a chicken thief: “Brother Xiao, did the girl give you this cup of milk tea just now?”

Lu Xiao’s body froze, and he felt Ye Cheng’s movements stop beside him.

His eyes flashed, and he said generously, “Yes.”

Saying that, he quietly glanced at Ye Cheng.

Coincidentally, Ye Cheng was also looking at him.

The eyes of the two met, and Lu Xiao’s heart suddenly jumped wildly.

What kind of look is this, shouldn’t he be jealous?

This thought caused an unspeakable excitement in his chest, and the blood brushed on his head.

Li Junxiao gossips: “Wow, this is the first time I see you accepting things from girls! Are you in a bit of a situation?”

“What what, which girl?” Jiang Jin immediately came over.

Lu Xiao had automatically excluded their voices, completely ignoring what they were saying.

Ye Cheng looked at the milk tea in his hand and said, “This is for you from the next class just now?”

Lu Xiao was even more excited, as if the conjecture had been verified.

His brain was short-circuited, and he didn’t even think about why Ye Cheng knew who sent it.

“Hmm, what, do you have an opinion?” He raised his eyebrows and looked directly into the other’s eyes.

If you have an opinion, just say it.

The smile on his lips was ready to go.

Ye Cheng looked at him with a strange look, and said slowly, “It seems like it’s for me, right?”

Lu Xiao was stunned, and immediately sneered, “What are you kidding me, I’m just giving it to me, I’ll stop being narcissistic.”

His tone was rude, but he couldn’t hold back his guilty conscience.

Ye Cheng said, “My former tablemate lost a bet with me and ordered me a cup of milk tea. It happened that his cousin was in class 19, so he brought it to me. Are you sure it’s for you?”

Lu Xiao caught a breath in his throat, and his face turned red and white.

Li Junxiao walked away silently, and Jiang Jin turned around, his shoulders shaking frantically.

Seeing that he was about to explode, Ye Cheng reassured: “It’s okay, I’m also allergic to mango anyway, so drink it.”

Lu Xiao took a deep breath and gritted his teeth aggressively: “It’s funny, your friend doesn’t know you are allergic to mangoes? It’s not necessarily what he ordered for you, right?”

Ye Cheng looked at his embarrassed eyes and suddenly smiled.

He rarely shows such a smile, his eyes are curved like a crescent moon, his pupils are soft and crystal clear, and there is temptation in the coldness.

Like a sly little fox, he can easily hold people in the palm of his hand.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiao was 100% hit every time.

He briefly forgot his shame and anger, his eyes glued to that smile.

Ye Cheng glanced at Jiang Jin who was eavesdropping, leaned towards him and said in a low voice, “He knows, but I ordered it for you.”



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